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Menace to Sobriety

English, Comedy, 3 seasons, 70 episodes, 2 days 23 hours 21 minutes
Daniel O'Reilly (AKA Dapper Laughs) Provides interesting & funny stories in this no holds barred real talking rollercoaster of a podcast!
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Sober trainer Adam 'Lubbs' Lubbock fights Industry Silence!

Dan chats with personal trainer Adam 'Lubbs' Lubbock about taking a stand against the fitness industry's silence on alcohol. Adam shares why he feels compelled to speak out, even if it means losing clients and followers. He provides insight into sobriety, discipline and the connections between mental and physical health. Listen as Adam inspires people in the fitness realm and beyond to have the courage to address society's unhealthy relationship with alcohol and prioritise true well-being, from physical health to mental strength. KEY TAKEAWAYS The fitness industry stays silent on alcohol to retain popularity and relatability, despite the harm this causes. True health/fitness ambassadors must speak out. Sobriety requires internal discipline fuelled by self-respect. It translates to success in other areas like fitness. Helping people grapple with sobriety issues has an immeasurable positive impact. Silence perpetuates harm.</
21/09/202353 minutes 2 seconds
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From Prison to Life Coach with Lewis Raymond Taylor

Dan chats with inspirational speaker Lewis Raymond Taylor, who shares his unbelievable story of transforming from a violent criminal and diagnosed psychopath to a successful entrepreneur and life coach. They dive into Lewis' traumatic childhood, descent into alcoholism and addiction, multiple stints in jail, and eventual road to recovery. Lewis explains how rehab and self-development changed his life trajectory, leading him to build a massively successful coaching business. He offers honest insights into living with psychopathic traits and provides hope for anyone seeking major life changes. KEY TAKEAWAYS Lewis endured childhood trauma like an alcoholic father and sexual abuse, leading to violent outbursts and addictions. Jail time only worsened his mental state. A singular traumatic rejection triggered Lewis' shocking suicide attempt, slitting his own throat. He constantly sought attention and significance through violence. <l
14/09/20231 hour 19 minutes 16 seconds
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The Real Danger of the Come Down: Suicide by Addiction and the Role of Cocaethylene with Nicola Abraham

This episode will challenge the way many of us think about drink, cocaine and the comedown. Dan is joined by Nicola Abraham to talk all about Cocaethylene and its role in suicide. They discuss the rise in male suicide, the lack of knowledge about this side effect of using and Nicola’s own tragic story. Nicola also talks about what she wants to achieve now she knows better and discusses the many barriers the foundation is trying to break down and the current help out there. Now Dan has learnt about this cause, he wants to help raise awareness by any means necessary, so watch this space. KEY TAKEAWAYS  Cocaethylene Is a substance that is created once you’ve taken alcohol and cocaine. It creates a chemical substance that can cause psychotic symptoms. Cocaethylene impacts the neurological and metabolic systems so much it puts them into overdrive and the side effects of this are often aggression, s
08/09/20231 hour 10 seconds
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Menace To Sobriety LIVE: Baring Souls: Men Get Real About Addiction

Get tickets for the next show! ready for an unforgettable night of laughter, camaraderie, and open discussions as "Menace II Sobriety Live" takes the stage!  Hosted by the dynamic trio of Daniel O’Reilly, Kirk Norcross, and Elliot Ward, this up-and-coming podcast comes to life in front of a live audience of 100 dedicated listeners. No topic is off-limits on this thought-provoking journey where humour meets real-life stories and the issues that resonate with both the hosts and the audience. Daniel's driving force behind launching the podcast was to create a safe space for people to openly discuss their struggles, and he expanded on this mission with his M.A.T.E (Men Actively Talking &amp; Engaging) Facebook group. Now, he's bringing this same spirit to the stage for all to experience.  The Menace II Sobriety podcast was born out of Daniel's personal battles with sobrie
03/09/20231 hour 59 minutes 23 seconds
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Why I Wanted to End My Life with John Connelly

Content Warning: Suicide In this episode, Dan wants to talk about a topic that is frequently intertwined with addiction, so much so that he sees it consistently in his mental health group and receives DMs about it daily: suicide in men. He is joined by John Connelly who talks about his own experience of almost taking his own life, what led him to that decision and what they both agree needs to change. KEY TAKEAWAYS On the outside everything appeared normal about John’s life. He had a loving family, a good childhood and a stable home life but he felt numb most of the time. Men need to be given knowledge and education on the reality of life and what depression and other mental struggles can feel like. If we can teach people, men especially, to speak up when they are struggling with their mental health it would save a lot of lives. There is immense pressure on men by society to be ‘strong’ and alongside that
01/09/202351 minutes 49 seconds
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Let's Have A Quick Chat

Last week’s episode with Edie Cob (S3EP34 ) gave Dan new insight into his own stories of addiction and why he sometimes acted the way he did, particularly in regards to the birth of his children. It meant he spent the weekend unpicking his emotions and thoughts around why he acted the way he did. In this solo episode, he talks through this process and talks about the difficulties when being so open about his personal experiences with addiction. Dan also talks about why drink and drugs are never the problem in the beginning, they are a solution to the real underlying problem. KEY TAKEAWAYS For everyone, including men, talking and beginning to understand the emotions you have and why they are there is the start to being able to heal. When Dan relapsed previously, he didn’t recognise it for what it was. His addict mentality woul
29/08/202323 minutes 40 seconds
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If You Want to Know Why You’re Using Drugs, Stop Using Drugs with Ex-Addict and Founder of ADAPT Eddie Cob

Kirk and Dan are joined by Eddie Cob, founder of ADAPT a charity which helps addicts seek recovery from addiction free of charge. Eddie started using drugs at a young age and shares in this episode her own experiences of addiction, recovery and life after drug addiction including life with her heroin-addicted partner. Eddie, Kurt and Dan explore the reasons behind addiction including the inability to deal with emotions, and feelings of shame but why ultimately it is always very complicated and difficult to understand addiction, regardless of who you are, where you’re from and what you’re addicted to. KEY TAKEAWAYS Eddie founded ADAPT in 2019, firstly as a single dry house, ADAPT now has 10 dry houses. Recovering addicts often crave structure and so this is something Eddie incorporated into the houses including counselling sessions. Eddie’s support and help come from a unique place of having experienced drug addiction, she h
25/08/20231 hour 22 minutes 41 seconds
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How Joe Sealey Got Clean

Dan is joined by Joe Sealey, ex-West Ham footballer who is currently starring in the Housewives of Cheshire. Joe is also the son of late Manchester United goalie Les Sealey, Joe lost his father and his football career at the same time which is what led him down the path of addiction. Joe talks to Dan in this episode about the role of his father and football in his life and addiction and how his wife helped him on the road to recovery. Joe opens up about what addiction and sobriety have been like for him including many of his lowest moments, the failure of rehab and what life looks like now he has been sober for many years. Joe also talks about his number 1 bestselling book which is about his addiction, sobriety and also features chapters from his dad’s book project that was started many years before. KEY TAKEAWAYS Identifying himself as his fathers’ son and later as a West Ham player, meant Joe never discovered his own true identity wh
18/08/20231 hour 7 seconds
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What You Need To Change To Live Sober

In this episode of Menace 2 Sobriety, hosts Daniel O'Reilly and Kirk Norcross discuss the importance of recognizing the need for change and taking the first steps towards sobriety. They share personal stories and experiences, including Kirk's hilarious and bizarre encounter with delirium while on drugs. The hosts emphasize the significance of paying attention to signs that indicate a problem, such as changes in behavior and strained relationships. They also touch on the potential dangers of mixing alcohol and drugs, highlighting the importance of raising awareness about the risks. Dan &amp; Kirk also talk about the benefits of reaching out for help and finding support from groups like Cocaine Anonymous.  KEY TAKEAWAYS Recognizing the need for change: It's important to be aware of signs that indicate a need for change, such as changes in behavior, strained relationships, or negative feelings associated with certain habits or actions.
04/08/20231 hour 9 minutes 16 seconds
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When I Want to Get Smashed

Dan shares his personal experience of feeling the urge to get drunk and use drugs, even after months of sobriety. He reflects on a recent event where he was surrounded by people drinking and how it made him question his own sobriety. Daniel discusses the importance of analyzing his thoughts and emotions in real-time to understand the triggers that lead to cravings. He also talks about the impact of being judged and criticized for his sobriety journey. Dan offers advice on managing the mind and finding purpose during the recovery process. KEY TAKEAWAYS Sobriety is a day-to-day journey that requires managing thoughts and emotions in real-time. Understanding the underlying reasons for addiction and cravings can help overcome them. Focusing on the freedom and benefits of sobriety rather than feeling like one is missing out can shift the mindset. Childhood experiences and trauma can contribute to addictive behaviors an
06/07/202344 minutes 36 seconds
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With Majestic! Banter & Bangers! It’s A Naughty Sesh!

This week I sit down and have a proper catch up with my good pal Majestic! The Kiss 100 DJ, producer, writer &amp; MC chats the music industry, making music with me, how we came up with “naughty sesh”, working with Tyson Fury &amp; loads more! As usual is deep &amp; fun &amp; full of laughs! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.Sobriety Podcast #wedorecover # recoveroutloud #addicitonrecovery #addiction #recoverytok #sobriety #sober #sobertiktok #sobertok #soberlife #sobercurious #soberliving: for privacy information.
02/04/20201 hour 24 minutes 23 seconds
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With Mc Harvey! Fighting Each Other, The So Solid Crew & Mad Stories!

This was intense, last time I was with Mc Harvey we were squaring up in the octagon! We talk about our fight, our friendship,families, his past as part of So Solid, we compare big brother stories, his roots and have some general quality banter! It’s a deep one! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.Sobriety Podcast #wedorecover # recoveroutloud #addicitonrecovery #addiction #recoverytok #sobriety #sober #sobertiktok #sobertok #soberlife #sobercurious #soberliving: for privacy information.
28/03/20201 hour 47 minutes 49 seconds