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Men Speaking Out

English, Cultural, 8 seasons, 41 episodes, 1 day, 17 hours, 48 minutes
Men Speaking Out is a podcast where men can openly share their positives, problems, concerns, and secrets. All our podcast shows are done in an interview/round table format. Meaning, although we welcome guests that have a background in the subject matter of discussion, we also bring on guests that do not. This gives our audience multiple perspectives. Our goal is to create an environment that promotes healthy relationships, truthful expressions and honest conversations for men.
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Understanding Love by Experiencing Hurt

Most of us have been in love at some point in time in our lives, but did we really know what love was at that time. Also, did we appreciate it? Well maybe some of us have to experience HURT in order to appreciate LOVE. Yea, I know it sounds crazy, but yet so real...I speak from experience.So listen in with Bazz, Ricardi and Shawn as they talk through how to appreciate love when experience is the best teacher. Another great show! Men Speaking Out...Talking to reveal, not conceal!
4/25/202454 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Value of Friendship

Well once again the fellas and I fellowshipped for the 2024 SuperBowl Weekend (as we do every year). This is a time when come together and work on our "Men Self Care".  We've done a few podcast from this location in the past and now we kick this Super Bowl Weekend with the subject "The Value of Friendship".I decided to create this topic to share with the listeners some of the history with me and the guys. I've know some of these gentelmen for over 35+ years and friendships like that don't come to often. So join us (Eric, BJ, Joe Dilla and myself - Bazz) as we talk about the value of friendship. Another great podcast!Men Speaking Out...Talking to reveal, not conceal!
2/25/202456 minutes, 54 seconds
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Is It easier to Blame than Claim and Second Chances

This is a special edition of Men Speaking Out...why? Because we have seven people on this podcast in two different segments. In the first segment we discuss "Is it Easier to Blame than Claim" that includes our guests (SpringTime, Mr. D and Rick). Our second half of this podcast talks about "Second Chances" which inclues (Mat, BJ and Brad), and of course I (Bazz) am on both segments. These are a great group of guys and listen in as they give their perspectives on both topics as we connect and have fun in the process. Another dope podcast!Men Speaking Out...Talking to reveal, not conceal!
2/16/202454 minutes, 48 seconds
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What Am I Becoming?

Listen while we discuss the conversation of "What Am I Becoming".  What exactly does that mean. life we deal with hills and valleys. Everyone experiences challenges, but how do we come out of them? Also, what do we learn while going through to get through. I am joined with my brother (DBazz) and my nephew (Nasan) as we - the Shabazz men discuss how we can be better for our family, friends and loved ones while being in the valley.Another great podcast.Men Speaking Out...Talking to reveal, not conceal!
2/4/202455 minutes, 49 seconds
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Practice Makes Permanent, Not Perfect

The great Vince Lombardi - one of the most inspirational american football coaches to ever live coined the phrase "Practice Makes Permanent Not Perfect".  As I was researching the history of that phrase, I decided to share my thoughts around it and how it has an impact in our daily lives. I am joined with the Twins Brothers Network (Shawn and Ricardi) on this podcast (Episode 72) and we discuss the meaning behind this phrase and dealing with the committment it brings. This is a great podcast - check it out!Men Speaking Out...Talking to reveal, not conceal!
1/13/20241 hour, 1 minute, 23 seconds
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What Does Worse Look Like?

Happy New Year! We kickoff 2024 with the podcast title "What Does Worse Look Like?" When we get married the common vow is "For richer or poorer, in sickness and health and for better or worse". Most of us run out on worse. So what does it really look like? Well first of all it's very subjective and we talk about it on this podcast with my two of my dear friends and guests (Mika and BJ). Also in this podcast Bazz reveals his current relationship situation for the first time on the MSO platform. Check it out, another great show! Men Speaking Out...Talking to reveal, not conceal!
1/3/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 13 seconds