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Membership Site Lab: Actionable Tips & Advice on How To Build & Grow your Membership Site! Cover
Membership Site Lab: Actionable Tips & Advice on How To Build & Grow your Membership Site! Profile

Membership Site Lab: Actionable Tips & Advice on How To Build & Grow your Membership Site!

English, Finance, 2 seasons, 34 episodes, 10 hours, 18 minutes
Membership site model is THE most profitable business model. Your membership site can power your ENTIRE online business, provided it has the right foundation. Add in an upsell funnel and 1-click upselling, the possibilities are truly limitless! Recurring income from your Membership Site will make it easier to grow your business and with the predictable recurring revenue from existing customers, you don't have to worry about finding new customers to sell your products every single month. It reduces the pressure of having to make continual new sales month after month to pay the bills. And at the same time, the recurring income will give you the budget, the funds that you need to expand your team and spruce up your marketing efforts to bring in new members into your membership program. I'm the co-founder / co-developer of (DAP), a premium Membership Plugin for Wordpress. We launched DAP back in 2008. We've generated millions of dollars in revenue from DAP and our other plugins. In the last 9 years, i've worked with several membership site customers. I've seen people struggle for months and never launch a thing and seen others setup things in 1-2 days and just launch. Now I'm ready to share my experiences with you, to advise you on things that can help, and things you stay away from. I'm also the author of an Amazon best selling book on Upsells called "Upsells Unleashed", so yes, funnel building is going to feature heavily in my podcast! My goal with this podcast is to share my 9 years of Membership Site knowledge and experiences with you, to help you take your business to the next level, using Membership Sites. ==>
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How an automated notification helped him save $800 in recurring revenue - Episode #34!

Action takers always win! Being at home now more than ever means... more time to work on my passion! I didn't have any plans to record a podcast episode this morning but I received an email from a customer this morning where he shared an email to show how something he did recently created an $800 sale that you can do very easily as well. Be sure to take a listen to find out what this customer of our membership plugin - (DAP) said and why it was important for me to share this message with you today!  Episode Link:
3/14/20207 minutes, 33 seconds
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How to Minimize Failed Payments with PayPal, Stripe & Authnet – Episode #33!

Involuntary churn does not just impact your revenue, it negatively impacts your relationship with the customer as well because they lose access to the product or service they are actively using without even realizing that their payment failed or their subscription was suspended or terminated. You can easily minimize involuntary churn using the right tools and strategy. Each payment processor is different and they deal with failed payments differently. Take a listen to this episode to learn how you can automate failed payment management that will allow you to minimize the friction customers may encounter during subscription renewals and will help drive down involuntary churn.
3/9/202012 minutes, 41 seconds
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A Simple & Easy-to-Implement Rewards-Based Membership Model - Episode #32!

Recently one of our DAP customers contacted us as he wanted to know if there was way to implement a rewards-based membership model. Here's what he wanted to do... When users click on his facebook ad and land on his opt-in page, he wanted to gift those users 100 points. And he wanted to allow these users to use their points just like coupons on the checkout. A simple rewards-based model that's sure to help you increase your opt-in conversions. Because not only are you giving away a valuable freebie when they opt-in but on the top of that, they get a free gift that's extremely valuable because they could use it towards purchase of ANY products/services on your site. This is simply the kind of reward your customers will value the most. So how do you implement a simple rewards-based membership model like this? Take a listen to this episode to find out step-by-step how I helped this user implement this model in his membership site and how you can do the same.
3/1/202018 minutes
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Membership Models: The Magazine Subscription Model - Episode #31!

Recently we received a pre-sales email from a user who asked some great questions about magazine subscription model. She said: I'm looking for a membership plugin that will do the following: - Person purchases a membership and gets access to the current month's content, but not previous months content. - As long as they are a member, they get ongoing content that is published each month on the first of the month. - I would want to have a Member's Area or Dashboard where they can view all the content that they have available to them. - I need a place like a Shop or a store page to show them previous month's content that they don't have access to, that they could purchase each one separately. Does your plugin support these features? Take a listen to this episode to find out my responses to her questions, what other membership plugin she had shortlisted, why she ended up choosing DAP over other plugins, and step-by-step how to implement this in your membership site!
2/22/202017 minutes, 26 seconds
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Cross-site Product Chaining - How to connect different Membership Sites - Episode #30!

You probably already know what is Product Chaining in DAP. With Product Chaining, you can set up rules in DAP to say, if a member buys Product A, also give them access to Product B. This is for 2 products on the same web site. Now imagine doing Product Chaining across two different web sites, each with its own DAP installation. It is basically cross-site product chaining. And this is exactly what you can do using DAP2DAP! You can have users automatically registered on the destination DAP site when they make a purchase on the source site or signup for free membership on source site. You can have users automatically removed from product on your destination site when they cancel their membership on the source site. You can also have DAP2DAP sync password / profile from one site to another! Take a listen to this episode to find out how I use DAP2DAP on my sites to deliver bonuses, upsells, order bumps and how you can do the same!
2/16/202014 minutes, 51 seconds
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How to Verify Email on the Checkout Page and keep your Email List Clean- Episode 29!

Users mistyping their email address on the checkout page is a big problem for online business owners. As mobile ordering is becoming common, this is becoming a huge problem as people have typos in the email more than ever before. So users complete purchase without realizing that they mistyped their email. After purchase, they look forward to getting started and expect some kind of purchase confirmation or a welcome email but that email never arrives. This obviously results in poor customer experience and often results in refunds and cancellations. Some may share their negative experience with others in the community. This can have an impact on your brand and can lead to lost sales. The good news is that we did our research and found a solution to this problem! Take a listen to this episode of "Membership Site Lab" to find out what I found from my research and how we've solved this problem for our users!
2/9/202018 minutes, 46 seconds
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Simple Tips to help you troubleshoot all PayPal IPN Issues - Episode #28!

Today's episode is all about Paypal Instant Payment notification referred to as IPN. Paypal uses IPN to notify 3rd party systems such as (DAP) when there's a successful subscription payment. It also uses it for several other events such as cancellations, refunds, payment getting suspended, failed payments. IPN is a critical part of subscription automation. If you run a membership site from where you sell subscriptions and offer Paypal as a method of payment on your site, you've probably run into IPN challenges from time to time. Problem #1: Users say they made the payment. You try to find the user by the name and by their email, but nothing shows up in Paypal. Problem #2: You can see that users have made the payment but they didn't get access to the membership product in your membership site. If membership automation worked as expected, access to membership should get unlocked automatically but sometimes even though subscription / recurring payment is successful in paypal, it does not connect with your membership platform, and as a result, users prematurely lose access to the product, resulting in upset and frustrated customers. When this happens, how do you figure out the root cause? PayPal definitely does NOT make it easy to troubleshoot IPN issues. So in this episode, I've broken down the solution to this problem in simple, easy steps that will certainly save you time and effort while dealing with PayPal IPN challenges. Episode Link:
2/2/202018 minutes, 27 seconds
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5 Key Membership Site Metrics that you must Track and How To Calculate it - Episode #27!

I'm the co-founder of (DAP) - a Membership Plugin for Wordpress. The higher is your Average Order Value (AOV), the more revenue you earn per customer. And AOV is just one of the "4 key metrics" you need to calculate before you can even get to CLV for your one-off products.  The CLV calculation for subscription products is a bit different than one-off products. And when you run a membership site from where you offer all sorts of products, you can't apply the same formula to calculate these numbers for different types of products. In this episode, I've broken down the CLV calculation (for one-off products and payment plans) into smaller, easy-to-understand, digestable chunks and explained each component used in the calculation in detail. Be sure to take a listen to this episode for all the details!
1/27/202014 minutes, 38 seconds
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How to calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for your Subscription Products - Episode #26!

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a critical metric as it'll give you insight into how much a customer will spend over the course of their relationship with your business! It'll help you figure out how much you can afford to spend on customer acquisition and customer retention. The calculations are tricky when you have a membership site, and you sell both subscriptions and one-off products. The formula to derive these numbers for one-off products, subscriptions, payment plans, free/paid trials, etc, are all different.  Take a listen to this episode to learn why it's critical for you to monitor your CLV closely, how it can help you find your most profitable products and user base, and the formula that you can use to calculate it for different types of products.
1/20/202015 minutes, 50 seconds
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Overview of all the LMS features we have added in our membership plugin - (DAP) - Episode #25!

In the past 10 years, I've worked with hundreds of membership site users. One of the questions that people often ask us is: "Can I use your membership plugin to deliver my courses or do I also need purchase a LMS?". Membership plugins and LMS have some distinct features and they also have some overlapping features. So my answer used to be... "Use both LMS and a membership plugin as it'll allow you to maximize your profits and scale your business". My answer is different now... We have now added several amazing online course management features in DAP! Listen to this episode to find out what features we have added, why we added these features, how it's different from a full-fledged LMS platform, and the pros and cons of using a LMS vs using just DAP to create, manage and deliver your online courses! 
1/6/202018 minutes, 50 seconds