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Meditation for Children and Teens

English, Children-Kids, 1 season, 6 episodes, 1 hour, 9 minutes
Guided help for the children and teens in your life. These guided meditations are made especially for young people, to elicit imagination, relieve stress and assist in relaxation.
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Test Anxiety

This is 100% for you if you need help to stay calm and manage stress during test taking. It has never failed, and neither will you once you learn how to relax and take tests the right way. Share this with someone you know that needs it.
5/20/202211 minutes, 42 seconds
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Sleep LIttle Person

The best thing about being human is the body's ability to restore itself every night. The only reason your kiddo should use a device at night is to help them sleep. Press play.
5/7/202215 minutes, 9 seconds
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Inner Calm-Affirmations for Growing Up in a Turbulent World

Growing up isn't easy. This guided meditation will give you confidence and help you feel more peace. All of us need help with our thoughts. Here are some great ones to help any time you feel afraid. Recorded by Tatiana age 12.
4/30/20225 minutes, 18 seconds
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Children's Meditation for Strength

Practice being strong on the inside so they can be strong whenever they need to be. Life is hard. This will help.
4/23/20229 minutes, 58 seconds
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Chakra Relaxation Inner-Adventure

The very best quiet time is filled with a bit of inner adventure. This guided meditation is perfect for littles to help them better relax or sleep or activate their superpowers. Designed to help kids feel safe, self-confident, self sufficient, compassionate, and speak their truth
4/15/202214 minutes, 21 seconds
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Stop Fidgeting--For Adults and Kids

Help for keeping your hands still
4/8/202212 minutes, 42 seconds