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English, Health / Medicine, 1 seasons, 19 episodes, 7 hours 46 minutes
What does Fiona do as a teenage gap year medic who is talkative but has nobody to listen? She opens a podcast. Thank god for that - her sister is so sick of hearing Grey’s Anatomy rants and boring medical chatter anyway. Here on ‘Medic Mornings’ Fiona talks everything medicine - from giving premed advice to debunking stigmas in Asian communities. Listen to this podcast on your way to placements, with short 15-25 minute episodes perfect for the busy medic’s life. New episodes every other Monday. IG: @medbyfio
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S1E16 - job ideas for med reapplicants (on your gap year!)

it&#39;s that time of the year again - everyones&#39; receiving their offers, working hard to attain their grades... but there&#39;s some that fall short. maybe it&#39;s your UCAT, maybe it&#39;s your interview performance - there&#39;s no time to dwell on that now, because the next application cycle is about to begin. if medical school is what your goal is, then you will need to take a gap year! and an excellent way to get work experience to plump up your application as well as earn some cash on the side is to get. a. job. this episode is all about jobs - both within the NHS and the private sector.☆ SOCIALS ☆my website: themediocredoctor.square.siteinstagram: @medicmornings @medbyfiotiktok: </strong
17/04/202320 minutes 4 seconds
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S1E14 - why you should start a studygram

this episode branches out from the traditional &#39;medicine&#39; topics, and i discuss my instagram journey - from starting out as a hardcore, academic studygram and transitioning into a wellness and lifestyle page, i&#39;ve learnt a lot along the way. tune in if you want to know exactly why you should start a public page today &lt;3☆ SOCIALS ☆my website: themediocredoctor.square.siteinstagram: @medicmornings @medbyfiotiktok: @stinkybluebellsemail: [email protected]: <a href="
27/03/202324 minutes 55 seconds
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S1E13 - spilling all the tea on my gap year so far

this is the most unplanned episode i&#39;ve ever done. no planning, no researching, just straight vibes. you&#39;re going to hear about EVERYTHING i think about my gap year, from making new friends to realistic travel to starting my social media... you&#39;ll hear it all in this episode.☆ SOCIALS ☆my website: themediocredoctor.square.siteinstagram: @medicmornings @medbyfiotiktok: @stinkybluebellsemail: [email protected]: @medbyfio
13/03/202323 minutes 30 seconds
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the person behind the microphone

hi guys!! just a little reintroduction as we&#39;ve got loads of new friends here. please remember to leave a rating on spotify, apple podcasts... wherever you&#39;re listening it from. thank you so so much for y&#39;all&#39;s support and so excited to give you guys some new content!!☆ SOCIALS ☆my website: themediocredoctor.square.siteinstagram: @medicmornings @themediocredoctortiktok: @stinkybluebellsemail: [email protected]: <a href="" rel="nofoll
27/01/20231 minute 35 seconds
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S1E8 - [q+a] a-level biology

in this episode, i answer ALL of your questions about a-level biology - how to answer application questions, how to revise effectively and more. hope i gave good advice!! if you have any questions, feel free to message me on all platforms! i&#39;d love to hear from you &lt;3timestamps[0:42] best online resource for biology?[2:32] what to do after getting past paper questions wrong?[4:10] how to revise all a-level content before the exam?[7:04] best tips for revision? i understand topics but struggle to get marks[9:11] maths + application in biology?[11:39] how did you revise?[14:37] how to identify what the examiner wants you to say?[15:52] are notes or mindmaps efficient?[17:37] another episode on chemistry / maths?[18:08] how to answer application questions[20:32] exam techniques?[21:14] how to revise effectively? i spend so long revising but it doesn&#39;t pay off</p
16/01/202325 minutes 26 seconds
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S1E7 - unrealistic + unethical scenarios in grey's anatomy

why do some premeds hate on people who watch grey&#39;s anatomy? in this episode, i answer this question alongside my own personalised list of the unrealistic (i.e would never happen in the NHS) and unethical (i.e the GMC would catch you faster than you can say &#34;i did CPR on a DNR patient&#34;) scenarios. hope yall love this little fun ramble i put together &lt;3☆ SOCIALS ☆my website: themediocredoctor.square.siteinstagram: @medicmornings @themediocredoctortiktok: @stinkybluebellsemail: [email protected]<str
09/01/202326 minutes 15 seconds
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S1E6 - what i wish i knew before becoming a medical student... with Chloe Jones and Naabil Khan

in this episode, i am joined by Chloe and Naabil, two second-year medical students. we talk about what it&#39;s like studying medicine at Exeter, what you should and shouldn&#39;t buy before starting, the expectations vs reality of studying medicine and so so much more!! i had so much fun talking with these two and you should 100% check them out - links below.☆ SOCIALS ☆my website: themediocredoctor.square.siteinstagram: @medicmornings @themediocredoctortiktok: @stinkybluebellsemail: [email protected]
19/12/202242 minutes 30 seconds
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S1E5 - asian parents and stigmas in medicine

this was an episode that i have wanted to record ever since i started this podcast. absolutely loved sharing my thoughts and opinions with yall. as per usual, make sure you give it a rating if you enjoyed!☆ SOCIALS ☆my website: themediocredoctor.square.siteinstagram: @medicmornings @themediocredoctortiktok: @stinkybluebellsemail: [email protected]: themediocredoctortranscript (auto generated so WILL ha
05/12/202220 minutes 27 seconds
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S1E4 - the EPQ

in this episode, we talk everything EPQ - why it is beneficial for medicine, how you should approach your topic idea, how to start lab research (for those artefact students) and towards the end, i talk about what i wish i knew before starting the EPQ!websites that may help you which are referenced in the pod:what statistical analysis should i use? --&gt; generator --&gt; + downloads --&gt;☆ SOCIALS ☆my website: theme
21/11/202221 minutes 59 seconds
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S1E3 - professionalism + social media

hi, hello and welcome to this week&#39;s episode! today i do a deep dive into discussing why social media is (and isn&#39;t) bad for medicine. i talk about how it potentially tarnishes the reputation and image of future doctors, how it could lead to issues with confidentiality, but also see the positives (such as improving health resource access to the younger generation). i&#39;d love to hear any feedback - comment on instagram @medicmornings!☆ SOCIALS ☆my website: themediocredoctor.square.siteinstagram: @medicmornings @themediocredoctortiktok: @stinkybluebellsemail: <a href="mailto:themedioc
07/11/202217 minutes 29 seconds
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S1E2 - [q+a] interview advice

In this episode, I answer some of your questions on med school interviews! Thank you to everyone who submitted a question - you can too by following @medicmornings on instagram and keeping an eye out for my stories. Q+A&#39;s will be done every two weeks!timestamps:[0:28] how to answer &#39;why medicine? why not nursing?&#39;[3:30] if you had to reduce funding in an area in the NHS, which area would you choose?[5:18] tips for online interviews - i hate them because i have to watch myself talk[6:42] why choose to be a doctor rather than a pharmacist?[7:47] how did you answer &#39;why medicine?&#39;[10:07] how to move on in an MMI after a station that didn&#39;t go well[12:38] how to approach acting and roleplay stations☆ SOCIALS ☆my website:</
31/10/202214 minutes 18 seconds
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S1E1 - introduction

Welcome to the very first episode of Medic Mornings! This is a safe space I created to have genuine and raw conversations about anything medicine with y&#39;all. I felt really constricted by the time limits on Instagram and TikTok, not being able to really explore any topics in depth. It also felt too formal - my ideas and perspectives on medicine were restricted to a caption on a one-minute-long video. Here on Medic Mornings, we get down to the nitty gritty, welcoming imperfections and uncut conversations. Each episode will be 15-25 minutes long, perfect for every busy student while commuting, cooking or any morning get-ready activities! New episodes every Monday.Be sure to subscribe and rate this podcast! If you have any questions or feedback, make sure to direct them to @medicmornings on Instagram. I&#39;d love to hear from you!☆ SOCIALS ☆my website: themediocredocto
22/10/20222 minutes 9 seconds