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McKinsey on the Middle East

English, Finance, 1 season, 6 episodes, 2 hours, 36 minutes
Conversations with leaders in McKinsey’s Middle East office on some of the most pressing issues of the day, including insights for business and government leaders, practitioners, students and anyone who is curious to learn more about topics such as education, sustainability, inclusion, business growth and many others.
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Forward goes global

Forward is a free, ten-week online learning program offered by McKinsey to equip individuals at different stages of their work life with practical skills to succeed in the future of work. It started in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia and is now expanding to Europe and United States. Listen to find out why 350,000 people have signed up for Forward.See for privacy information
5/15/202434 minutes, 43 seconds
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COP28 - reflections and impact

COP28, the United Nations Climate Change Conference wrapped up in Dubai on December 12. How do governments, organizations and companies around the world respond to the issue of climate change? We are seeing impacts of it globally, from floods to droughts to rising sea levels. Listen to learn what is being done to help combat this pressing issue. See for privacy information
12/18/202348 minutes, 57 seconds
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The evolution of the fintech ecosystem in the region - conversation with Hisham Al-Falih, Co-Founder & CEO of Lean Technologies

In this episode Sheinal Jayantilal - partner at McKinsey - sits down with Hisham Al-Falih, Co-Founder & CEO of Lean Technologies, MENA-based open-banking platform, to discuss the evolution of the fintech ecosystem in the region over the years and the next frontier for the company.See for privacy information
10/5/20239 minutes, 9 seconds
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The State of AI in the GCC

Conversation with Vinay Chandran, Partner at McKinsey and co-author of the "State of AI in GCC" report. Research suggests that AI uptake remains low and points to how companies in the region can overcome the hurdles delaying the capture of AI’s potentially high rewards. Listen to learn the cause of the challenges, what can be done to overcome them, and the broader role of AI in today's world. See for privacy information
10/5/202325 minutes, 56 seconds
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Employee wellbeing in the GCC

Despite leaders’ best efforts, worldwide employee health is a global challenge. Mischa Zielke talks about report that took a closer look at employee health and well-being in GCC in a first-of-its-kind study that surveyed 4,000 people. By identifying factors that are affecting well-being of workforces, leaders can take actions to move the needle in support of their employees at three levels—organizational, team and individual – to improve employee health and well-being in the region.See for privacy information
4/4/202316 minutes, 32 seconds