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MBA Made Simple - Tamil Business Podcast

Tamil, Finance, 3 seasons, 234 episodes, 5 days, 5 hours, 51 minutes
A bunch of Non-IIM grads on a mission to share MBA knowledge to the common man with podcast, memes and movies they grew up watching. . This Tamil podcast is for Students who want to learn something new, Entrepreneurs who want marketing ideas and Businessmen who wants to stay updated with the current marketing and business trends. . We discuss various business news, marketing tips, data insights, case study analysis and CEO talks. . Got any topic ideas / suggestions / feedback : . This podcast is managed by Drug Lord, Cat and Robo.
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πŸ“Š C3E5 - Deepan Siddhu : Adhyayam Ondru - Performance Marketing | Naangala Andha Kaalathula

Deepan Siddhu’s Linkedin Profile - Deepan Siddhu’s Twitter Profile - Deepan Siddhu's Recommended Course for Digital Marketing ( Beginners ) - Book recommended by Deepan Siddhu - How Brands Grow, This is Marketing, Steal Like an Artist, Atomic Habits, Building a story brand, Breakthrough Advertising, Obviously Awesome, Fast Cheap Viral Time Management tools recommended - Slack, Notion 2 days Performance Marketing Kickstarter Workshop  Link - We would love to receive your feedback and reviews after taking this 2 days / 8 weeks Performance Marketing workshop (in case you do it!) --- Send in a voice message:
9/21/2021 β€’ 2 hours, 8 minutes, 39 seconds
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πŸ“Š C3E4- Mr. Sathiya Narayanan - Founder and CEO of YetloSocial And Muviereck Technologies | Naangala Andha Kaalathula

Get to the Founder and CEO of YetloSocial And Muviereck Technologies Mr.Sathiya Narayanan. His company Yetlosocial is Indias First subscription-based Digital marketing agency which is featured in  The Forbes article. Experience the success story of Yetlosocial and the journey behind it. --- Send in a voice message:
11/18/2020 β€’ 36 minutes, 20 seconds
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πŸ“Š C3E3- Mr. Vasanth Anirudh Prabhu - AI Being Software Tech | Naangala Andha Kaalathula

Get to know about the youngest business manager and chief marketing officer of AI BEING software technology who shares his wonderful journey of starting a Startup and running it successfully in Madurai. He really inspires a lot. Hear and enjoy from the young talent. --- Send in a voice message:
11/4/2020 β€’ 37 minutes, 31 seconds
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πŸ“Š C3E2- Mrs. Shveta Vishwanath - Nippon Paints | Naangala Andha Kaalathula

Girls out there who are specializing in Marketing, get to know the Women Assistant General Manager of Nippon Paint and the power of women in the marketing field and know what an Assistant General Manager expects from a fresher and get an idea what a huge company like Nippon Paint expect from a fresher, Grab the opportunity to learn from the experience of  Mrs.Shevta Vishwanath and her successful journey in the field of Marketing and Sales.  --- Send in a voice message:
10/21/2020 β€’ 37 minutes, 32 seconds
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πŸ“Š C3E1 - Fr. Casimir Raj - Founder of LIBA | Naangala Andha Kaalathula

And finally we have started the new chapter in our podcast series named Naangala Andha Kaalathula. In this chapter we are going to learn from the experiences of some Marketing giants in Tamil Nadu. Classrooms, Blackboards, Case Studies and Books can't teach us stuff like Power Politics, Strategies and Leadership and we'll cover all those in this series. We badly wanted to have our Superstar Rev. Fr. Dr. N. Casimir Raj as the first guest in this chapter and after nearly 3 months of trail we pulled off this episode! We actually started the Note Panra Chapter after getting inspired by closely watching his daily activities (Reading Newspapers) We wouldn't have gotten into where we are today if he hadn't given us the platform to make mistakes and learn back in college. This is a small tribute to this humble man! Β Love you Thalaiva! Keep inspiring us as always! Wishes from MBA Meme School Team! --- Send in a voice message:
9/21/2020 β€’ 1 hour, 3 minutes, 6 seconds