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Mastering Reality Creation and Manifestation

English, Personal/Lifestyle/Family, 1 season, 7 episodes, 3 hours, 43 minutes
You're smart, intelligent, practical and hard-working. You've accomplished a lot but for whatever reason, still feel like you're not enough. Not successful enough... Not doing enough... Not happy enough... You did everything you thought you were supposed to and yet, despite all that you've done, and accomplished, you feel lost. You keep trying to escape that empty feeling and find yourself waking up in the morning, looking at your day and asking the question, "is this it, is this what it'll feel like for the rest of my life?" I'm here to tell you that there's much more to you and your life than meets the eye. Once you get clarity on that for yourself, not only will you continue to be successful in whatever you choose, but you'll finally discover the happiness and fulfillment that you've been searching for. If you're ready for it, then it's time to create the next chapter in the Evolution of You.
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Manifesting with the Moon and Zodiac Signs

You can only receive what you believe you're capable of, consciously if you're fully aware and enlightened - subconsciously otherwise. What's your subconscious self-worth dialogue sound like? DO you think it's helping you attract millions of dollars or whatever other amount you seek to manifest? How are you supposed to receive more from the universe, if you're telling it that you're "not worth that much?" Tune in to discuss self-worth and what might have been standing in your way of attracting more money, happiness, fame and influence all along...
5/30/202024 minutes, 13 seconds
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Debunking misguided manifestation teachings

Many practitioners of manifestation get accused of "being in denial." Why? Because it could seem to some that people just don't face reality when they're seeking to manifest something new. On this episode we explore how to talk to others living in a different reality, address the question of momentum and how agreement for reality is the key determining factor for how much energy it takes to manifest. Tune in to learn more.
5/25/202031 minutes, 9 seconds
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The Power of Harmony in Manifestation

Harmony, you know what it is and how it relates to manifesting right? As in how it ties to the law of vibration? Did you know that your entire conscious experience is in harmony now? Did you know that it's wildly difficult to attract anything into your experience that's out of harmony with your environment? Dive into these questions and more on this podcast. As always love to hear your feedback and leave a review (good, bad or awesome). Go out and live the life you love!
5/13/202023 minutes, 57 seconds
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Playing with the Universal Law of Gestation

Have you been frustrated lately because what you've been trying to manifest hasn't been coming? Starting to doubt whether or not "this stuff even works" or if "you're doing it right"? Have you begun to lose faith or even your own self-confidence in your ability to manifest effectively? Fret no more. On this episode we dive into the law of gestation, what it is, how to use it so that you no longer get frustrated by the time it takes to manifest your desires - and turn it into a fun game instead. Additionally, you'll hear about an exercise I recommend to anyone who currently feels stuck in their manifestation practice and how to start measuring the consistency to boost your self-confidence (which enhances your manifesting prowess!). Love y'all - leave ratings, feedback, etc on whatever platform you found this on. Appreciate you and all that you create.
5/13/202031 minutes, 2 seconds
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Identifying and Releasing Resistance to Manifesting Money

On this episode you'll learn techniques to identify subconscious blocks to money, get to hear a real example of this process (through me), how to transform these limiting beliefs and be free of any resistance from your past. After all, if everything exists now (you think of the "future", think of your "past", Now - and you live and be Now) follows then that what is keeping you from having what you wanted, is that some part of you is resisting your new reality by holding onto your old one. (Think the story of the monkey whose hand gets trapped in the cookie jar - the freedom to live the life you intend comes from letting go) Learn to let the resistance from the past go, create new decisions that empower you and enjoy the wonderful life that you've been creating all along.
4/6/202037 minutes, 30 seconds
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Clarity and how to effectively use the Law of Polarity

On Today's show talk about the Clarity and the Law of Polarity: "Where there is dark, there is Light." Since what you focus on expands...learn to see the Light in any situation and you'll live an Enlightened Life. The Law of Polarity is an often overlooked and unnecessarily feared Universal Law. Learn to leverage this Law to find the benefit in any situation in your life.  Seems especially relevant as the world continues to deal with Covid-19, social distancing and the economic transformation.
4/4/202042 minutes, 6 seconds
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Fundamentals of Reality and Reality Creation

Maybe you've heard of manifestation, through the work of Bob Proctor, Abraham - Hicks, Napoleon, the Secret and others and wondered, "how does this really work?" In this episode we go into the physics behind reality creation, how the law of vibration works and the practical ways to start implementing it today. (P.S. also cover why "affirmations" typically don't work)
3/27/202033 minutes, 39 seconds