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English, Education, 9 seasons, 67 episodes, 1 day, 15 hours, 16 minutes
Mastering Money: The Educators Edition. An original podcast from Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. This podcast is different from other financial podcasts as it will take a business to business perspective, speaking directly to financial educators as opposed to providing tips directly to the consumer. The podcast will bring up key issues, trends and tips as they relate to financial education for many different audiences. The podcast will kick off with recordings completed at the Mastering Money Conference.
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S8 Teaser: The future of labour is here

Join host Doretta Thompson and PIVOT Magazine Associate Publisher, Douglas Dunlop, as they discuss what is upcoming in season 8 of our mastering money podcast. The future of labour is here, are you ready?  Hungry for more? Join us for our Mastering Money Conference happening in Calgary, Alberta on November 9-10 as we showcase some of our season 8 speakers, in real life!  Download transcript This season is proudly brought to you by Pivot Magazine.     
6/20/20232 minutes, 35 seconds