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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 7 seasons, 60 episodes, 1 day, 34 minutes
Mastering Mindset is a training platform to help individuals learn how to master their thoughts, their emotions, and their performance in life. This podcast is an effort to unpack the mindset of some of the world's greatest leaders and performers, and learn more about their strategies to shape and influence our own lives.
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What Golf Taught Me About... with Bobby Foster PGA and Mental Golf Workshop Profile

Bobby Foster is the creator of the Mental Golf Workshop Profile Assessment. He is a dear friend and works with many professional around the world. I personally use this assessment for my academy as I believe it has helped my students really get to understand themselves in a simple, yet unique way.In this episode, Bobby and I break down the personality types inside the assessment and you will pick up why it is so effective and why many tour pros are using this assessment to begin their inner work.If you are interested in taking the assessment for yourself, it is a part of my ADVANCED MEMBERSHIP program and every student will get their own tailored profile with me debriefing the different styles with them.For more information please
2/17/202249 minutes, 47 seconds
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My story and my journey in mental training... THE WHY

Welcome to the Mastering Mindset Season 3. This is a kick off intro to my journey with mental training and why I got into this field in the first place.Click here to listen to other episodes from previous Seasons on the Mastering Mindset.Enjoy! Mat
7/13/20214 minutes, 5 seconds
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What You Believe... You Become!

Have you heard of a term called "Learned Helplessness?" It's a term coined by Dr. Martin Seligman in his research on depression and early signs of depression. Now why are we talking about depression in mastering one's mindset? The reason is simple... "what you believe, you become." It's scientific that you can believe your way into being and the language you use in your head, determines your life.Napoleon Hill said it best, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."Pay attention to your thoughts. Because thoughts are simply the words we use plus the picture we create in your head. If you don't like the thoughts, change your internal language and change the picture you craft in your mind.For more episodes, visit us: for tuning in.-Dr. Mat
2/2/20214 minutes, 52 seconds
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Change ANY behavior with these 4 steps!

Even great leaders have a hard time articulating what “success” would look like at times. When we get stuck inside a problem for so long, it’s hard to find clarity and an alternative way to see things. Self awareness is doing the work of recognizing what it is we want to change AND what it is we want to change into. Step #1: Self-AwarenessStep #2: Focused AttentionStep #3: Deliberate PracticeStep #4: Relational SupportThis episode covers the Personal Development Leadership model we all can learn from and apply to help create positive behavioral change for yourself, for others, and for your team.  For more episodes, please visit us:
1/26/20216 minutes, 59 seconds
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Making Sense of Grief

David Kessler, a researcher and expert in grief discussed how it is important for us to try and find meaning from the grief we experience in life. January 6, 2021 will go down as a day we will always remember. A day of collective loss and grief. In this episode, we unpack the range of emotions that we experience in life and how not to run away from it... but rather, to use it, make meaning of it so that we can better our lives.Learn to manage your emotions so that your emotions don't manage you.For more, visit us
1/7/20215 minutes, 38 seconds