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The only constant in life is change. Organizations are dealing with constantly changing competition, new insights, innovation and even culture. The term "business agility" has taken a huge surge, in order to mitigate risk and focus more on delivering value. Frameworks like Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, and a whole lot more were created to provide ways to deliver this value. To inspire you, Mastering Agility discusses everything related to business agility with the biggest names in the industry.
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S05 E04 Sociocracy 3.0 with Serge Beaumont

For questions or requests that you would like us to check on, please drop a message on LinkedIn or join the Mastering Agility Discord community!Participate as an audience memberMastering Agility MuralSander DurSander Dur is a Professional Scrum Trainer at, podcast host of Mastering Agility, Professional Scrum Master and Lead Agile Consultant, and trainer at Xebia. Besides this, he's an avid writer for predominantly Serious Scrum on Sander has a major passion for the human side in complex domains. Ensuring a high level of psychological safety, therefore, is a critical part of his work. Organizations in complex domains can only survive when innovating. Innovation can only take place with the right balance between low social friction and high intellectual friction. While most organizations now understand how to apply Agile frameworks, they struggle with the delivery of value. Psychological safety is the next step in this evolution and Sander has a huge drive to help organizations reach that step.   Sander is enthusiastic, open-minded, and ambitious. He finds interpersonal relationships and intrinsic motivations very important in team dynamics. Besides his work, Sander loves to spend time with his family, enjoys sports and eating healthy, barbecuing, riding his motorcycle, and traveling.Jim SammonsMy passion is helping people to:Do more of the right work (and less of the wrong work).Create more actual teams than just groups of people who work together.Learning how to improve themselves, their team, and their organization incrementally.Understand that less, not more, is usually part of the answer to some of the hardest questions we all face.See their workplaces, teams, and their sphere of influence as something that is evolving, which requires an evolution of all of its parts to adapt.Throughout my career, I have worked with clients of all sizes, industries, and technologies.  Whether it’s leading a transformative strategy at a Fortune 100 or helping a new startup understand its unique value proposition the common focus I bring to each role is “making people better.”The Business Owner's Guide to MONEY"The Business Owner's Guide to MONEY" is at the intersection of a business owner's...Listen on: Apple Podcasts   SpotifySupport the showContact us at:Masteringagility.org
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