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English, Religion, 1 seasons, 20 episodes, 8 hours 29 minutes
A show dedicated to teaching and activating your voice in the prophetic. Join Apostle John Eckhardt from stage, live streams, private meetings, recordings, and more — all centered around mastering the prophetic realm!
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The Importance of Fasting In The Prophetic

09/01/202317 minutes 22 seconds
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Unusual Prophetic Words

04/01/202323 minutes 4 seconds
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School of Wisdom

Wisdom is the principal thing. Wisdom is the master key that unlocks all the doors. The father told his son in the beginning of the book of Proverbs to stay away from fools. Stay away from people who will bring you into the council of the wicked. A life without wisdom leads to destruction. A life with wisdom brings eternal blessings.
28/12/202222 minutes 13 seconds
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Are You In A Controlling Church?

Leaving a controlling church can be difficult for many. People invest time, money, feelings and when they realize that they have been taken advantage it will make it very hard for someone to break free from those type of places. When someone is under the influence of a leader that is controlling is really a demonic stronghold. There are many leaders that control nations, organizations, and large groups of people. It is impossible in our human nature to be able to have control over that many people. People who have this type of control are under the control of a demonic power.
21/12/202222 minutes 29 seconds
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How To Confront A Bad Prophetic Word?

Apostle John Eckhardt talks about how to confront a "bad or false" prophetic word. The enemy comes to take your peace and to destroy your stability. When you receive a word that is not from God it is very likely that you will not have peace. The word tells us that you will know them by their fruit. Join us for this conversation as we discuss how to deal with this scenarios.
14/12/202220 minutes 25 seconds
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The World Cup 2022

14/12/202220 minutes 19 seconds
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Prophetic ministry teams

17/11/202227 minutes 38 seconds
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Prophets are watchmen

15/11/202233 minutes 24 seconds
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Releasing the song of the Lord

Prophetic ministry also paves the way for miracles. Prophecy makes it possible for a change to come in the lives of people. The prophetic worship that goes forth in the praise service even before the speaker ministers creates a change in the spiritual atmosphere. A flow of glory begins to come. By the time the speaker gets up to minister the Word of God and build the faith of the people, the place is already so filled with the glory of God that the next step is to enter right in to miracles, signs, and wonders. You’ve probably seen it yourself. That’s why, many times, God has to bring the prophetic flow first, before the miracles occur.
10/11/202230 minutes 49 seconds
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When The Heavens Drop

The heavens “drop” at the presence of God. What does that mean? Drop is the Hebrew word nataph, meaning to ooze, to distill gradually, to fall in drops, to speak by inspiration—in other words, to prophesy.One of the ways God inspires us is by dropping His word upon us. This usually happens during corporate worship when the presence of God is strong. The word of the Lord falls like rain, and there are usually many in the service who get inspired to speak. Some will be inspired to sing prophetically as God drops a song upon them.
08/11/202227 minutes 54 seconds
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Excel In The Prophetic

Every believer should operate in the prophetic realm in one or more of these prophetic levels. But our levels of grace differ. When the spirit of prophecy is strong in the local assembly, more believers will be able to operate in the different levels of prophecy.You must discern your measure of grace and operate within its boundaries. All believers can prophesy, but all will not be able to operate in the highest level of the prophetic anointing—the office of the prophet. It is the highest and strongest level, and it will usher God’s people into a greater degree of glory. It is this higher degree of the prophetic anointing that we will discuss at more length in this book. 
03/11/202237 minutes 48 seconds
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Despise Not Prophesying

Those who experience the manifestation of tongues can also prophesy. The Holy Spirit will inspire the believer to do both. The key is yielding to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to inspire you to speak not only in a tongue that you do not comprehend and have not learned but also in your native language.We believers can also pray by the inspiration of the Spirit. We can sing by inspiration. We can teach and preach by His inspiration. All results of the Holy Spirit’s inspiration are different types of prophetic manifestations in action. We should welcome and cultivate all forms of the Spirit’s inspiration.
01/11/202236 minutes 21 seconds
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Prophets Who Protect

This word shamar emphasizes the protective element of the prophet’s mantle. The preserving and guarding aspect of the prophet’s ministry is needed in every local church. Many well-meaning pastors have suffered unnecessarily due to the lack of understanding this aspect of the ministry of the prophet. The shamar aspect of the prophet’s ministry is one of the most important ones, and it will benefit the church greatly.
27/10/202234 minutes 32 seconds
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The Power Of Personal Prophecy

The Bible (logos) expresses the general will of God for every believer, but a personal prophecy is more specific to the needs of individuals.I have received hundreds of prophetic words in my lifetime. These words have brought greater clarity to my life concerning my destiny. These words have encouraged me in times of discouragement. These words have imparted strength and gifts to my life. I highly value personal prophecy, and I desire that every believer benefit from receiving the word of the Lord.God is a personal God, and every person has a destiny in His plan. He wants each of us to choose to hear from Him. In our church, we have developed prophetic teams in order to meet the needs of many believers who desire to receive words of personal prophecy. In particular, every new member and new believer has the opportunity to receive personal prophecy. Many individuals request personal prophecy, so we have built our church to meet this need. Is it right to seek personal proph
25/10/202228 minutes 28 seconds
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Releasing God's Plan

God has a plan for our life. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that He has a future and a hope for us. The prophetic word releases His plan for us and it gives us hope for where we are going regardless of what is happening in our life. Don't be discouraged and know that God has something so special for you and where He is taking you. Be encouraged. The best is yet to come!
20/10/202223 minutes 37 seconds
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The Attitude Of The Prophet

Prophets are appointed and set in their wards by God. They are responsible to take their place as watchmen and protect the church. They must stand continually upon the watchtower. They must be faithful to their assigned posts. They cannot vacate their wards. They must understand their importance to the safety and protection of the church. They must set themselves in a posture of prayer and intercession. They must not move from their set position. Satan will attempt to cause prophets to move out of their places. He will attempt to discourage them and prevent them from taking their places in the watchtower in the first place. For their part, prophets must take on an attitude of being unmovable. They must accept their assignments, stand in their assigned places, and fulfill their ministries.
12/10/202227 minutes 12 seconds
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The Doorway To The Prophetic

“The Holy Spirit “gave the disciples utterance,” which in Greek is the word apophtheggomai, meaning to enunciate plainly, declare, say, or speak forth. The first thing that happened when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in the Upper Room on the Day of Pentecost was inspired utterance, which is prophecy. In other words, the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the doorway into the prophetic realm. The well-known prophecy of Joel emphasizes the release of prophecy among the sons, daughters, servants, and handmaidens. The believers spoke with tongues on the Day of Pentecost, and Peter quoted the prophecy of Joel to identify what was happening. Those who spoke in tongues were inspired by the Holy Spirit: And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: and also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spi
09/10/202228 minutes 44 seconds
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Known & Unknown Languages | John Eckhardt

When Moses could no longer bear the weight and burden of ministry, God told Moses to choose 70 people and that he would place the burden on them. When Moses chose the people, they all began to prophesy.In this episode we talk about how when the spirit of God falls on us, we have the ability and inspiration to not only speak in our language but in an unknown language (just like in Acts.)Even if you do not have the "gift" of prophecy, if you speak in tongues, you are already operating in the prophetic realm. Tune into this episode as we discuss known and unknown languages!
02/02/202219 minutes 18 seconds
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The Prophetic Advantage | John Eckhardt

In this episode, we continue our drive into the prophetic — today we are talking about the Prophetic Advantage. Paul addressed this in Romans when the Jews and the Gentiles were both in sin — the Jews with the law were to be condemned and the Gentiles without the law were to be condemned.The question was asked, "what advantage then has the Jew?""...for unto them were committed the Oracles of God." The word "oracle" means the prophecies.The difference was that the Jews had the prophetic word of God. That grace gave them what I refer to as the "prophetic advantage."
01/02/202213 minutes 21 seconds
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The Prophetic Grace | John Eckhardt

In this episode, Apostle dives into the derivative of a believer's ability to tap into the prophetic: God's grace. There are far too many people who believe they aren't qualified, have enough experience, have sinned too much, or just can't be used in the propehtic.This simply isn't true...God's grace is sufficient enough and in this episode, we learn all about the grace of God as it applies to the prophetic realm.
28/01/202214 minutes 41 seconds