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Marketing and Mindset for Wellness Coaches is a podcast for health and wellness coaches who are building a business, making the world a healthier place, and designing a first-class life. Each week we’ll talk about what it takes to achieve success and reach the next level of freedom and abundance in business (and life) through a blend of success mindset and marketing strategy. Hosted by Kim Foster, M.D. and certified business coach.
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Hiatus Announcement

I wanted to share some important news with you all. After much thought, I've decided to take a temporary hiatus from the podcast. This break is not permanent, but it's necessary for me to focus on some exciting priorities. Listen to this short episode to find out what they are. In the meantime, I will still be active on Instagram and YouTube, so connect with me there.
3/11/20245 minutes, 34 seconds
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167: Upgrade Your Life In 2024

This is NOT another New Year resolution-setting podcast episode! I know that at this time of year, you’re being inundated with content on setting resolutions and goals. But did you know that over 80% of New Year resolutions fail? So, in this episode, we’re taking a different, more unconventional outlook on upgrading your life in 2024. Rather than sharing vague goal-setting strategies, we’re getting to the core of personal growth.  You’ll learn: The reason why your goals and resolutions have failed in the past The two concepts you MUST focus on to bring true transformation into your life How having solid values determines your self-identify How to overcome limiting beliefs by upgrading your standards Why setting firm boundaries is crucial to stepping into your power  So, if you’re ready to try a fresh, out-of-the-box approach to personal transformation, hit play now! Full episode notes:
12/27/202316 minutes, 38 seconds
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166: Intermittent Fasting and Women’s Hormones

Have you heard bad things about intermittent fasting for women? Do you want to try it but worry it will mess up your hormones? As an MD and long-term IF practitioner, I can tell you that intermittent fasting CAN be incredibly beneficial for women as well as men. But… Due to fluctuating hormones, we ladies do have to take a more mindful and flexible approach to fasting. In this episode, I'm explaining how to do just that. You'll learn: The key differences in fasting between men and women  The top benefits of IF for women How hormone fluctuations can alter your fasting experience  How to adjust your IF method during the different phases of your menstrual cycle Intermittent fasting isn't dangerous or complicated when you understand the basics around women's hormones. So, if you're an experienced IF practitioner or looking to get started, press play now to learn how to fast correctly as a woman. Full episode notes:
12/13/202320 minutes, 26 seconds
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165: Doctor Explains How to Break Bad Habits (That Are Ruining Your Health)

Have you been trying to cut out sugar for what feels like forever? Do you battle with yourself every evening to resist the tempting wine in your fridge? Breaking negative health habits can feel disheartening, frustrating, and sometimes downright impossible.  But while it is undoubtedly challenging (and for a scientific reason), it is totally doable - if you know how. In this episode, I'm sharing the 5-step process I've personally followed AND successfully coached my clients through to break bad health habits for good. You'll learn: Why setting a goal is NOT the first step, and what you should prioritize instead How the way you frame your goals can affect the likelihood of success How to fill the void left by a bad habit (and why this is crucial) The power of making small, incremental changes Effective mindset techniques you can use to stay on track When and how to seek support So, are you ready to finally take control of your health and overcome those bad habits? Press play NOW! Full episode notes:
11/29/202316 minutes, 47 seconds
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164: How to Create Freedom with a Side Hustle

Burnout is like a disease that slowly drains every last drop of your energy. It’s easy to get caught up in the fight, trying harder and harder to stay in control. But what if, instead, you could pause, re-evaluate, and see it as a catalyst for change? In this episode, I’m revisiting my experience with burnout and sharing the 3 steps I took to go from a burned-out doctor to a fulfilled wellness coach. You’ll learn: The self-reflection tools you can use to work through your feelings and acknowledge your burnout The power of seeking support Ways to reconnect with your passion (or find a new one) Why you should build a side hustle rather than quit your job straight away The 4 things you should focus on when creating your new business  So, if you’re ready to leap out of the corporate world and into a life of freedom, press play NOW!  Full episode notes:
11/15/202316 minutes, 3 seconds
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163: Unconventional Ways To Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

Have you been losing weight steadily, but now, it has suddenly stalled? If so, you're likely experiencing what is known as a "weight loss plateau." It's not as scary as it sounds, I promise. And once you understand what causes it, overcoming it isn't too tricky.  In this episode, I'm explaining: What a weight loss plateau is - and why it can be a good thing The first thing to do when you encounter a plateau The attitude you need to cultivate to overcome it How to identify and move past the mental blocks keeping you stuck  Press play NOW to discover my proven 3-step process and say goodbye to all confusion, frustration, or discouragement around weight loss plateaus! Full episode notes:
11/1/202320 minutes, 15 seconds
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162: Should I Take Vitamins? MD Advice On The Best Supplements For Women

Wondering if vitamins are really worth it and which ones you should take? Then press play NOW! In this episode, I draw from my knowledge as a family doctor of 20 years to banish your overwhelm and confusion around supplements. You'll learn: What supplements are for and what they are NOT for The best supplement for boosting brain power The vitamin that almost half the population is deficient in! The number one anti-aging supplement A common deficiency in women - which may be causing your fatigue and low mood How probiotics impact much more than our gut health Factors to consider when choosing a supplement Tips for correct dosing And much more! Full episode notes:
10/18/202319 minutes, 43 seconds
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161: Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s What To Do Instead To Live A Healthier Life

Despite popular belief, willpower is NOT something you should rely on when attempting to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Willpower is fleeting, limited, and in some cases, self-sabotaging. In this episode, I'm sharing exactly why we should not solely focus on will when building healthy habits and what to do instead. You'll learn: How our willpower gets depleted The link between willpower and self-image The SHOCKING truth about how willpower reliance keeps us stuck Tips for building a healthy habit when willpower is lacking The attitude you need to cultivate to achieve your health goals How working on your beliefs and self-identify will improve your success   If you frequently struggle to stay on track and resist temptation, this episode will be an absolute GAMECHANGER! Full episode notes:
10/4/202317 minutes, 9 seconds
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160: 4 Intermittent Fasting Myths

Is it ok to skip breakfast? Can intermittent fasting slow your metabolism? Will you lose muscle from fasting? Will IF cause my body stress? These are all common concerns of people considering intermittent fasting for the first time. And if you google these questions, you will find a LOT of contrasting information! So what is the truth? Is intermittent fasting safe, or are there risks you should be aware of? In this episode, I'm exploring the four most common intermittent fasting myths to reveal what science says about them. You'll learn: The SHOCKING truth about the common belief that breakfast is non-negotiable The weight loss method responsible for slowing metabolism (proven by science) How to increase muscle mass while fasting The effect intermittent fasting has on your body and cortisol levels So stop googling yourself into a rabbit hole, take a breather, and hit play for the TRUTH about intermittent fasting! Full episode notes:
9/20/202313 minutes, 31 seconds
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159: 5 Mistakes You're Making With Your Health Habits

Forming new habits involves a complex rewiring process in our brains. But how we approach habit building can hinder or optimize this. If you struggle to make your healthy habits stick, this episode is for you. I'm sharing the most common (yet unconscious) ways we self-sabotage our success and what we should do instead. You'll learn: How attempting to overhaul your entire lifestyle overnight is a recipe for failure The SHOCKING truth about willpower How to rewire your limiting beliefs Tips for choosing the right health habit for YOU How being more flexible is the missing ingredient to habit-building success Ready to master your mind and experience a healthier, happier lifestyle? Hit play NOW! Full episode notes:
9/6/202313 minutes, 49 seconds
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158: Why Am I Not Losing Weight? | The Real Reasons Your Diet Failed

The weight loss journey is full of bumps and setbacks. Whether it's regaining weight straight after your diet ends or struggling to resist temptation, feeling defeated and helpless is not uncommon. But this doesn't mean you're doomed for failure. Hope is on the horizon! In this episode, I'll share the five most common reasons why diets fail and what you can do to overcome them. You'll learn: Why you shouldn't focus solely on tactic, and what you should prioritize instead The self-sabotaging perspective that is preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals How being hard on yourself for minor hiccups may do more harm than good The two most damaging emotions you need to let go off How avoiding responsibility for your situation is holding you back The most effective way to overcome these five challenges and finally find weight loss success! Full episode notes:
8/23/202315 minutes, 53 seconds
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157: My Top 5 Anti-Aging Skincare Tips & Ingredients

Nowadays, we're blessed to have a wide range of anti-aging products at our fingertips. However, with so many choices, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for skincare products.  In this episode, I aim to reduce that overwhelm and equip you with the knowledge needed to optimize your skincare routine, reduce signs of aging, and prevent skin damage. You'll learn: Why we should take advantage of the incredible developments in the skincare industry - and not feel bad about it! The powerhouse ingredient that stimulates collagen and elastin production The incredible compounds that neutralize free radicals to prevent disease AND premature aging How to get that freshly exfoliated smooth skin sensation without scrubbing your skin raw (and how exfoliants can reduce signs of aging) The most effective ways to reduce the appearance of dark spots, age spots, and melasma (including natural options) Why protecting your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays is an ESSENTIAL component to youthful skin Full episode notes:
8/9/202314 minutes, 9 seconds
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156: 5 Natural Ways To Relieve Stress

Is it possible to reduce stress holistically? Absolutely! If you're feeling stressed, there are many natural ways to manage it, many of which are backed by science. In this episode, I'll share how you can better handle stress without resorting to medication.  You'll learn: Why you should seek to manage stress better rather than eliminate it completely How spending time with animals can lower your stress levels The best stress-relieving bath recipe  A little-known technique that could bring you instant calm The stress benefits of exercising The science behind meditation (and how this mindfulness practice can change how you perceive stress) If you're sick of stress affecting your mindset, energy, and physical health, this episode will be an absolute game-changer! Full episode notes:
7/26/202315 minutes, 58 seconds
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155: What Is Autophagy? 6 Incredible Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

If you practice intermittent fasting, you may have heard the term 'Autophagy.' Autophagy helps regulate metabolism and, therefore, can assist in weight loss. However, there are many other surprising benefits of this natural process. Never heard of Autophagy before? No worries, as in this episode, I'm explaining: What Autophagy is 6 incredible health benefits of Autophagy 7 ways to stimulate Autophagy  If you want to live longer and look younger, you won't want to miss this one! Full episode notes:
7/12/202314 minutes, 57 seconds
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154: Life update (I’m moving & writing a book!)

Listen in for a short and sweet update on what's happening in my world, including a couple of juicy pieces of news!  If you're curious about what's happening behind the scenes for me, this one's for you. Full episode notes:
6/28/202314 minutes, 18 seconds
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153: How To Fall Asleep Faster

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Do you lie there tossing and turning…and staring at the clock but you just can't get to sleep?  If that's you, then stay tuned because in this episode I'm going to help you. I'm going to share 20 different strategies that you can try to help you fall asleep faster, so that you can get all the sleep you need and wake up feeling rested and refreshed…and several of these tips are ones that I bet you've never heard before so I want you to stay tuned all the way to the end. Full episode notes:
6/21/20239 minutes, 55 seconds
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152: Does Intermittent Fasting Work For Weight Loss?

Does Intermittent Fasting work for weight loss? And more importantly, does it work LONG TERM? Is Intermittent Fasting just another fad diet?  These are questions I get asked all the time, and in this episode, I'm going to answer all of these questions and more, to give you a really solid understanding of how Intermittent Fasting works so that you can decide whether it's right for you or not, and whether it's a good idea for you to try it or not.  Full episode notes:
6/14/202313 minutes, 46 seconds
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151: How To Create An Online Course w/ Melissa Guller

If you have an area of expertise, then you have an asset that you can use to make money online and create freedom for yourself: you can take that expertise and turn it into an online course. An online course is a wonderful way to not only share what you know, and bring it to a wider audience and help people anywhere in the world, but it's also a way to make money online, no matter where you are or what else you've got going on in your life. Whether you already have a business or not, creating an online course is something that anyone can do, but I completely understand that the process of creating a course can feel very daunting. Where do you start? How do you choose the right course idea? What tech pieces will you need? How do you build it? How do you sell it? In this episode I have a guest with me who is going to answer all of these questions and more. Melissa Guller is a course creation expert and the Founder of Wit & Wire, where she helps business owners expand their income and impact by selling top-rated online courses. Previously, Melissa worked full-time for Ramit Sethi and Teachable, and she's a top-rated instructor at General Assembly NYC and online on Skillshare. Melissa has become a sought-after speaker and educator in the course creation industry, and in this episode you'll get to sit with me as I pick Melissa's brain about how to create online courses. Full episode notes:
6/7/202338 minutes, 39 seconds
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150: Morning Routines: Healthy Habits To Do Everyday

Would you love to have a morning routine that sets you up for success all day long? In this episode, I walk you through the process of crafting your very own morning routine. A lot has been said about morning routines (in books, blogs, YouTube videos, etc), and a lot of that content showcases the very specific morning routine of an individual creator. While those are definitely fun to listen to and watch, when it comes time to create your own morning routine it's unlikely that you're going to just copy/paste the exact morning routine of your favorite influencer.  So, what do you do? How do you put together the perfect morning routine for YOU? And perhaps more importantly – how do you make it a habit that you will actually stick with? Listen to this episode to find out! Full episode notes:
5/31/202311 minutes, 26 seconds
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149: Can You Drink Coffee While Fasting?

If you're doing Intermittent fasting, can you drink coffee during your fasting window? A lot of people have this question! Especially if you choose to have a fasting window in the morning - does that mean you have to forego coffee forever? In this episode, I'm going to tell you exactly what you can, and cannot, drink during your fasting window. Full episode notes:
5/24/202310 minutes, 6 seconds
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148: How To Get Motivated | Healthy Living & Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Do you struggle with staying motivated to lose weight (or eat better, or exercise regularly)? In this video, I give very specific steps to help increase motivation so that the next change you want to make in your lifestyle is going to stick. Most of us struggle with finding the motivation to make various healthy lifestyle changes. It's common to be really committed to something at the beginning…and then, we quickly lose motivation. This can be really frustrating, and many people will think there's something wrong with them for not being motivated enough. But it doesn't have to be such a struggle. If any of this sounds familiar, then stay tuned because I'm going to help you. Full episode notes:
5/17/202319 minutes, 58 seconds
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147: What Is Human Design and Can It Optimize Your Health? w/ Kelsey Abbott

Can Human Design help improve your health and well-being? The field of Human Design is an interesting topic that I really didn't know much about, to be honest, before having this conversation with my guest today. Kelsey Abbott is an intuitive Human Design and Money Coach who uses science, spirituality and play to help people welcome more ease, abundance and joy into their lives. Kelsey has a scientific background, like me, so it was interesting to hear about her journey into this more spiritual world, and the difference that it has made for her, personally, as well as her clients.  In addition to being a coach, Kelsey also lives a wonderful life in Florida, as she is also an accomplished triathlon racer and takes plenty of time to play in nature with her husband and her dog, Zumi. One of the things that we talk about in this episode is the various ways that Human Design can influence your health, and how you can use it to optimize your well-being, if you feel called to go further down the path with Human Design. We talk about the fact that we are all different and we are all unique, and how what works for one person is not going to work for another person – something that I know to be true from my many years in the medical field. What I enjoyed learning about, in terms of Human Design, during this conversation with Kelsey, is the permission to be unique, and the permission to listen to your intuition, which I think are things that so many of us have had drummed out of us. Full episode notes:
5/10/202334 minutes, 24 seconds
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146: How To Increase Metabolism | Intermittent Fasting Benefits

When you're trying to lose weight, one of the things you might want to do is work on boosting your metabolism. After all, if you can train your body to burn more calories, it'll be easier to lose the weight you'd like to, right? Well, there are definitely ways to do this, but it's not exactly as simple as it sounds. In this episode, I explain to you what it means to boost your metabolism and share 4 practical ways to optimize your metabolism so you can more easily reach your weight loss goals. Full episode notes:
5/3/202315 minutes, 55 seconds
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145: Why Do I Feel Tired All The Time?

Do you feel tired all the time? Maybe you feel like you can't exist without coffee. You have no energy during the day, and you have no idea why. SO many of us feel like this. And there are a lot of potential reasons why someone might be feeling tired all the time.  But there's one reason not a lot of people know about, and it's possible that this reason is at the root of your constant lack of energy. Your gut. In this episode, I explain the connection between our gut and our energy, and teach you why your gut may be causing this constant feeling of fatigue – and that's even if you don't have any digestive symptoms at all. Even if you're thinking right now "I don't have any gut issues"'s possible that you still have trouble that you just don't realize. I also give you 8 specific action steps that you can take right now to improve your gut health (and your energy levels, as a result). I hope you find it helpful! Full episode notes:
4/26/202314 minutes, 31 seconds
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Change Is In The Air

It's spring, and we're ready for some changes around here! Listen to this quick bonus episode to hear my exciting announcement about what's next for the podcast.
4/19/20232 minutes, 25 seconds
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144: How To Recession-Proof Your Business w/ Stacy Tuschl

You may not want to think about this, but I want to ask you: how ready are you for times of crisis, like a recession? Specifically, if you're building a business, how ready is your BUSINESS for unforeseen challenges? Today I have a guest with me who is an expert at creating systems so that your business can run like a well-oiled machine not only so that you can grow, but also so that you can weather the storms that might be coming your way. Stacy Tuschl started her own business at the age of 18 in her parents' backyard and turned that company into a multi-million dollar business she still runs today.   Stacy is a bestselling author and founder of Well Oiled Operations, where she helps small business owners around the world create systems that facilitate growth. Her podcast, Well Oiled Operations, now has over 2 million downloads and she has interviewed guests like Suze Orman.   Stacy was also named the 2019 Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year by the United States Small Business Administration. It was my pleasure to bring Stacy on to the show and sit down with her and pick her brain about how business owners can prepare and pivot even during hard times… and I think you're going to find her advice really reassuring for one, and very actionable, for another. Full episode notes:
4/12/202333 minutes, 59 seconds
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143: How To Create Lifestyle Freedom With A Product Line w/ Katie Hunt

Have you considered developing a product line? Whether you run a business currently and you'd love to offer products alongside your existing services, or you're thinking about starting up a brand new side-hustle or business, selling products can be an amazing way to build a new stream of income and chart a path to financial freedom. And to me, freedom is a big part of wellness. Whether it's financial freedom, lifestyle freedom, geographic freedom, time freedom… whatever it is. It's difficult to be truly well, in the broader sense, if you feel like a prisoner in your own life in some way. So that's why I feel like anything that can help you achieve more freedom, autonomy, independence, and agency in your life, will help you achieve that fuller picture of wellness that we're all striving for. So in today's conversation I'm chatting with a woman who specializes in helping people build and grow product-based businesses, which in my book, is helping people create freedom for themselves. Katie Hunt is the founder of Proof to Product. She's also a podcast host, a business strategist, and a community builder for product-based business owners.  Since 2011, Katie has helped thousands of brands get their products on the shelves of retail stores big & small. Her alumni's products are sold in Target, Nordstrom, the Container Store, and Starbucks, as well as independent boutiques around the world. During this episode, Katie and I talk about: How to decide whether a product business is right for you The importance of starting small and strategic The danger of trying to sell ALL THE THINGS The pros and cons of physical products vs. digital products The importance of defining your goals and your WHY, before developing your product line …and lots more! Full episode notes:
4/5/202340 minutes, 21 seconds
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142: SEO Tips: Content Marketing Strategy w/ Meg Casebolt

If you're building a business, you may be feeling burned out with the social media hamster wheel that requires you to be constantly churning out posts (that are here today and gone in a matter of hours). Or maybe you never really loved social media anyway, but you're wondering "how else are people going to find me?" How are you supposed to get in front of the people who you can help, and the people who will become clients? Well, the strategy that my guest and I get into today has nothing to do with social media, and in many ways is far more effective than social media. For one thing, this strategy will help you get in front of people at the exact moment that they're looking for the solution you provide. This strategy also has a way longer shelf life, meaning the effort that you put in now will continue to pay off for a long, long time… like we're talking months or years, rather than the hours that you get with a social media post. My guest today is Meg Casebolt, the founder of Love At First Search and the host of the Social Slowdown podcast.  Meg specializes in helping businesses spend less time trying to hack the algorithms and instead create SEO content that attracts their ideal audience to their website while helping entrepreneurs cut their dependency on social media for their business visibility.  Meg's clients are entrepreneurs who are too busy changing the world to worry about things like website conversion rates and search traffic. I think you’re going to love sitting in on my conversation with Meg! Full episode notes:
3/29/202334 minutes, 55 seconds
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141: How To Optimize Your Health Coaching Website w/ Jenny Belanger

Is your website doing the job you need it to be doing? Specifically, is it acting as a client-attracting machine? Because I have to tell you, having a "nice" looking website is not enough. Websites are very important when building your business, but there's very little point to creating and maintaining a website if it's not doing what you need it to do. So how do you make sure that your website IS a client-attracting machine? What needs to go onto a website that's doing the work of attracting your dream clients and bringing them along a journey toward becoming an actual client, or customer? My guest on this episode helps us answer these questions, and more. Jenny Belanger is the CEO and Creative Director of JennyB Designs, a website design studio, and she helps entrepreneurs and small businesses build websites that communicate and connect with visitors and attract their ideal clients.  With Jenny's background in nonprofit and corporate marketing + communications, she has been designing websites for 20 years, and in this episode I pick her brain about all her experiences and the wisdom she's gained when it comes to website function and design. Full episode notes: 
3/22/202333 minutes, 37 seconds
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140: What Stops You From Living An Active Life? w/ Nicola Mercer

What does being healthy really mean? And perhaps more importantly, how can we each start to pursue our own version of wellness? This is exactly what my guest and I get into on today's episode. Nicola Mercer is one of the coaches on my team - she works with me inside the Wellness Coach Academy, supporting all our students and new coaches as they're building their businesses - and before coming onto my team, she was actually a student herself inside my program, and became a certified coach through WCA. But before THAT, she was a corporate girl, working for Nike for 20 years. Nicola learned a lot when she worked at Nike, about the power of taking care of both your body and mind, and also why, as adults, we have a responsibility to normalize healthy living for the younger generation. We get into all of these topics and more in today's conversation. Full episode notes:
3/8/202355 minutes, 39 seconds
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139: Changing Careers From One Industry To Another w/ Jenn Trepeck

Are you currently working in an industry that's not related to healthcare or the wellness field, but you would really love to make a change and start building a career in wellness? If you're like many people I talk to, you might have some doubts about your ability to do that. You might have questioned whether it's something you can even do, or you might have thought things like "who am I to talk to people about their wellness?" because you don't have a background in it. And if that sounds familiar, then you definitely need to stay tuned for this episode. My guest today, Jenn Trepeck, runs a thriving business in the wellness space, and has a terrific podcast of her own, called Salad With A Side Of Fries. But she didn't start out that way. In fact, Jenn started moving into the wellness field and started her company as a side hustle, while working full time in hedge funds in New York City. The wisdom that Jenn shares in this episode can actually apply to anyone who is contemplating a career change, but has some fears and hesitations that are holding them back …no matter what industry you're starting in and what industry you're looking to pivot into…but of course it especially applies if you're feeling called to the wellness space. Full episode notes:
3/1/202349 minutes, 22 seconds
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138: How To Build Coaching Skills And Find Your Tribe w/ Sara Dunbar

Building a tribe is such a key thing for us all, especially when we’re doing something new, or different, or scary. Having a supportive community that has your back can be the difference-maker you need, in terms of your success and your happiness. It’s also a key element of living a healthy life, although it’s often not given the importance it deserves. After all, we humans are social creatures. We’ve always depended on our social structures for survival…and we still need them today.  My guest for this episode, Sara Dunbar, is a member of my team inside the Wellness Coach Academy. She works with our students to support and mentor them as they go through the program, and especially to help them build their own coaching skills, which is something you’ll hear us talk about a lot during this conversation. A key thing for Sara, one of her core values, is this idea of connecting with other people and building a tribe of supportive people as you’re going through this journey of life. And this is another thing you’ll hear us talk about during this conversation – not only about the importance of creating a community for yourself, but also how to find that community, if it’s something you feel is lacking in your life. Full episode notes:   Resources Mentioned: Apply for the Wellness Coach Academy today:   Connect with Sara Dunbar: Websitte: Instagram:   More Helpful Resources:   Download my FREE Marketing Checklist for Health Coaches: 12 Ways To Get Clients My Free Class: How To Build A 6-Figure Health Coaching Business Using One Signature Program Kim on Instagram:
2/15/202342 minutes, 17 seconds
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137: How To Grow On Social Media And Turn It Into A Business w/ Kat Chao

Let’s talk about the things that hold us back in business. If you’re building a business in the health and wellness industry, I’m willing to bet that the things that you THINK are holding you back aren’t the things that are actually holding you back. This is true for many of us, but it’s especially true for my guest today, Kat Chao, who has built a huge amount of success growing her social media audience on TikTok and Instagram (to over 100K followers on each of those platforms)…but is still not where she would like to be, business-wise. And you’re going to get to sit in as I coach her through this issue in real time. You’ll hear us discuss the reasons behind that amazing success on social media and find out how she managed to accomplish this feat – and I think you’ll be surprised to learn how easily she was able to do it, especially since Kat is a mother of two young kids. And you’ll also hear as I dig into her business and her mindset around monetizing, and see if we can uncover what’s going on for her and what’s holding her back from taking things to the next level, and I think you’re going to find it fascinating. Full episode notes: Where to find Kat:  IG: TikTok:   More Helpful Resources: Download my FREE Marketing Checklist for Health Coaches: 12 Ways To Get Clients My Free Class: How To Build A 6-Figure Health Coaching Business Using One Signature Program Kim on Instagram:  
2/1/202351 minutes, 57 seconds
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How To Stop Worrying About Critics w/ Julie Doan

If you’re building a business, do you worry about your critics? When you’re putting content out there or creating a new offer, do you find yourself obsessing over what people might say and think? Are you worried that people are going to come out of the woodwork and criticize your ideas and poke holes in them, and make you feel inadequate, inexperienced, or wrong? I know a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with this, and I have also seen this fear of criticism hold a lot of people back from doing their good work in the world. If that sounds at all familiar then you’re going to love this episode because I’ve got a guest with me today who has been struggling with this exact issue, and you’re going to get to sit in as I coach her through it, in real time. Julie Doan is a previous client of mine, and she has built a very successful health coaching business. She is a pharmacist by training, and she is also a health coach with a very busy and successful practice helping people with their metabolic and hormonal health. But Julie has been thinking about a new direction for her business for quite some time, and the time is ripe right now for her to start building out this new project, but there are a few things that are standing in her way – probably the biggest is her mindset around this new venture. So the format of this episode is going to be a little different because I’m going to be coaching Julie on this issue and I think you’ll be really interested to see how it all plays out, and what Julie discovers as we dig into her mindset about her new project for her business.  Full episode notes: Where to find Julie: Website: IG: More Helpful Resources: Download my FREE Marketing Checklist for Health Coaches: 12 Ways To Get Clients My Free Class: How To Build A 6-Figure Health Coaching Business Using One Signature Program Kim on Instagram:
1/18/202351 minutes, 41 seconds
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135: How She Built A 7-Figure Health Coaching Business w/ Amanda Nighbert

I talk to a lot of people who would love to become a wellness coach and build their own business, but a lot of them really struggle with a lot of doubt. They doubt whether this is really possible. They're maybe even skeptical, because, let's face it, it sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? When you run a successful business as a wellness coach, you are your own boss. You set your own hours, go on vacation when you want, work from home if you want, or really work from wherever in the world you like. And, even better than all that, you get to wake up every day with the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping people to improve their lives. I mean, it just sounds amazing, right? So I don't blame people for being skeptical. Because it does sound too good to be true. Which is why I'm so excited to share with you today's conversation with my guest Amanda Nighbert… because Amanda is a registered dietitian who specialized in weight loss nutrition – and she has built, no joke, a 7-figure business out of her area of expertise. Amanda used to work at a hospital making $66K a year, before following her passion and starting her own business, which is now more successful than she could have possibly imagined when she first started out. In fact, you'll hear us talk about this during the interview, that all she really wanted to do when she started out was make $1000 extra each month. That was her initial goal. But she has gone way beyond that goal, obviously. And it's all because she made the decision that she just wasn't going to settle for the status quo. She was willing to try something new, and she has given herself permission to try, and see what happens … instead of worrying about what might go wrong, and thinking that this isn't really possible. And I'm saying this because I know those doubts and worries are what are stopping a lot of YOU from jumping in and getting moving. So without further ado, to show you just what is truly possible for you, if you are willing to show up for yourself – here's my conversation with Amanda Nighbert. Full episode notes:
12/14/202245 minutes, 38 seconds
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134: How To Make Your Mistakes Your Greatest Successes w/ Steph Tuss

Are you afraid of making mistakes? Are you afraid of taking risks because you're worried that you might do it wrong, or mess up, or lose money, or be embarrassed … and whatever other terrible consequences you think might happen as a result of making a mistake. In this episode, we're going to flip mistakes on their head, and we're going to talk about why mistakes aren't something to be feared – but to be welcomed. And, as my guest will tell you, mistakes are required for building a business. Steph Tuss is the CEO of multimillion-dollar global consulting company Life Is Now, Inc., and frequent stand-in cohost of Business Daily News' top-ranked podcast - The Successful Mind. The first business Steph started was when she was a holistic nutritionist, and as she was building that business, she hired David Neagle and his team at Life Is Now, Inc., to help her grow her business. As she continued to scale her business, her love for entrepreneurship really took center stage and so she sold her business and joined Life Is Now, Inc. as the Director of Sales in 2009 before taking on the CEO role in 2016. In her six years at the helm of the company, Steph has become the primary driver behind all of Life Is Now's marketing, business development, and brilliant team culture. Full episode notes:
11/30/202237 minutes, 33 seconds
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133: How To Answer "What Do You Do?" When You're A Health Coach w/ Kris Jones

If you're building your business, whether it's a side hustle or your main gig, someone has probably asked you: "So, what do you do?" And this one, seemingly innocent question, can cause a lot of people to feel paralyzed and like a deer in the headlights. It's so awkward, right? I mean, you want to talk about what you're doing because you know that it would be beneficial for you in terms of networking and getting the word out, but how do you answer this question in a way that is going to actually sound interesting to people? Well, if this is something you struggle with, if you DREAD being asked the question "what do you do?" then this episode is definitely for you. My guest today is Kris Jones, and Kris is a StoryBrand guide & the Founder of Red Door Designs, a website design company. Kris was mentored by the StoryBrand founder - Donald Miller himself, and she has over 20 years of experience and clients like Nike under her belt. Here are some of the things you'll learn: Why it's so important to have your messaging already ready to go so you can confidently communicate what you do in a clear, engaging & compelling way The fundamental parts you have to figure out before you create your messaging around "what do you do" Kris's 3-question formula for clearly communicating what you do in a way that has people responding, "OOOh, tell me more!"? …and lots more! Full episode notes:
11/16/202237 minutes, 9 seconds
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132: How To Create A Memorable Brand Voice w/ Lucy Bedewi

When you're creating your website or building a sales page, you need to write the words that will go on those pages. The official term for the words that go on your website or sales pages is: copy. And copywriting is a skillset that most of us are not born with. But the good news is that you can learn how to write effective copy, and copy that connects and converts! In fact, you need to learn how to do this. Because if your words and your marketing language are not crafted to connect with people and motivate them to take action, then your business will really struggle. To help us with this I have a guest on this episode who is an expert in this field and she's got a lot of great tips and tricks to share. Lucy Bedewi is a personality-driven copywriter who specializes in crafting copy for businesses that want to stand out and scale. She has worked with a variety of companies, ranging from growing solopreneurs to multi-million dollar brands. In this episode I sit down with Lucy to pick her brain on a number of topics related to copywriting, like cultivating your brand voice, connecting with your prospects on an emotional level, and the common mistakes she sees people making with their copy – and the very simple fixes that you can do right away. Full episode notes:
11/2/202237 minutes, 38 seconds
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131: Referral Marketing For Coaches w/ Dallas Travers

When you're building a business as a health or wellness coach, one of the main things you need is clients. Everyone needs clients, whether you're just beginning, or if you've been at it for a while. If you're a coach, you need clients. But where do you get those clients from? To help answer that question, I have a guest with me today – Dallas Travers – who is going to walk us through a very specific, and very effective strategy for getting clients, and that is: referral marketing. Referral Marketing is the perfect starting point for new coaches who don't have a list or an ads budget. And if you're a veteran coach and you don't use referral marketing, you're leaving money on the table. Here are some of the things we talk about: A breakdown of Dallas's referral marketing process A new perspective if you hear the term "referral marketing" and think. "Oh. I've already tried that." How referral marketing works for business owners who have a small network The best way to follow up after you've made a referral request but haven't heard back yet Whether referral marketing is something veteran coaches should also be paying attention to …and lots more! Full episode notes:
10/19/202235 minutes, 58 seconds
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130: How To Stop The Entrepreneurship "Hustle" w/ Kristy Robinson

When you're building a wellness business, eventually what can happen is that you start getting very busy, and very overwhelmed. My guest on this episode calls this the "messy middle" and that's absolutely what it is. It can be stressful and hard to know what you need to do to scale to the next level. At this stage, you also might be battling a lot of the noise that's coming at you externally, especially through social media, about the stage that you "should" be at, and how much you "should" be making, at this stage of the game, and a lot of other toxic expectations and pressures. You might be feeling a lot of comparisonitis, and feeling like you're not doing things right. If any of that sounds familiar, if you're feeling like you've become a slave to your business and you've lost track of why you're even doing this in the first place, then this episode is for you. My guest is Kristy Robinson, and Kristy is a coach who helps Small Business Owners wade through the messy middle to create a sustainable business they genuinely love. Kristy is a mum of 2, like me, she's a wife, and also the founder of two businesses. She knows first-hand the entrepreneurship rollercoaster: doing all the things and working all the hours, with too much overwhelm and too little fulfillment. Full episode notes:
10/5/202234 minutes, 52 seconds
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129: How To Use Storytelling In Your Marketing Strategy w/ Carolyn Stine

Marketing your health and wellness coaching business online can be really challenging. One of the challenges is dealing with the lack of human connection that's inherent when everyone is sitting behind their computers. When you're trying to market to people online, it can be tough to really make that human connection. So how do we get past that? How do we break through that anonymity, and the distance and the barriers that are created when we're all viewing things and consuming things through a screen? Well, one of the best ways is through storytelling. Storytelling is how we humans have connected since the beginning, and it's how we still connect today. And if you can tap into that, then you have a much better chance of connecting with the actual humans who make up your audience and connecting with them on a deep, emotional level, not just a surface level. To help us with this is my guest today, Carolyn Stine, who is a Messaging & Storytelling Coach for female leaders and creators. Carolyn helps people bring their multidimensional selves to life with messaging that grows their businesses. Through 12 years of experience in marketing, strategy, and copywriting for digital brands and 2 businesses she built in consulting and coaching, Carolyn has seen firsthand how unleashing your voice and your story truly unleashes your most aligned business growth. Here are some of the things you'll learn: Why storytelling is SO important for creating a brand How to overcome the uphill struggle of marketing your business. Our answer to: "What if there's nothing unique about me?…" Where you can share your story, and how to tailor your content for each platform How to start crafting your story …and lots more! Full episode notes:
9/21/202237 minutes, 31 seconds
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128: How To Integrate Meal Planning Services Into Your Health Coaching Business w/ Evita Basilio from That Clean Life

Do you offer meal planning services to your clients? If you're not already doing this, is it something you're interested in doing? For many health & wellness coaches, offering meal planning is a terrific way to take your services to the next level, or create an additional stream of income. If the idea of integrating meal planning is intriguing to you, but you just can't figure out how to make it work, or you're worried that it's going to be a ton of work for very little reward, then this episode is definitely for you. My guest on this episode is Evita Basilio, and Evita is a Registered Dietitian at That Clean Life, which is a nutrition planning software for high-performance health professionals. That Clean Life empowers health professionals with tools to share nutrition guidance in a beautiful, simple way and provides a fundamentally different nutrition planning experience. I'm excited to share this interview with you, because I had a great conversation with Evita and she shared a ton of really valuable nuggets of information for those of you who are either doing meal planning right now, or who are interested in offering this to your clients - even if you're hesitant. Here are some of the things you'll learn: The benefits of offering nutrition planning to your clients How you can incorporate nutrition planning into your services The biggest myths about meal planning Customizing your nutrition plans …and lots more! Full episode notes:
9/14/202240 minutes, 42 seconds
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127: How To Build Your Coaching Skills w/ Lee McDonough

How confident do you feel about your skills as a coach? Maybe you've been focusing a lot of your efforts on building your business and marketing your services…but how much time have you invested in up-leveling your coaching skills? The skill set of coaching is so foundational to building a successful business as a coach, but it doesn't always receive the attention it deserves. My guest today is Lee Chaix McDonough, and Lee is the CEO and Founder of Coach With Clarity, a training and education company for life coaches and business coaches. She is also the host of the Coach with Clarity podcast and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, ACT On Your Business: Braving the storms of entrepreneurship and creating success through meaning, mindset, and mindfulness. Lee and I have a lot in common, including having come from conventional healthcare professions and now turning our attention to the world of coaching. After over a decade as a clinical social worker and public health professional, Lee became credentialed as a coach through the International Coach Federation and now provides her own training and continuing education for intuitive, innovative coaches. Lee lives in North Carolina with her husband, two sons, and her pug Phineas, and she joins us today to talk about all things coaching. Let's get into it! Full episode notes:
9/7/202240 minutes, 32 seconds
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126: The Truth About Building A Health Coaching Business

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about what it takes to build a successful health coaching business. If you're a health coach or wellness professional currently, or you would like to become one so you can build a profitable, sustainable business that replaces your 9-5 and gives you freedom and fulfillment – then there are a few myths that I want you to be wary of, because if you fall prey to them, then it's going to make it really hard for you to achieve the success you desire. In this episode, I'm going to talk about 3 key pervasive myths that I hear all the time – and I'm going to tell you what the truth is, instead. Here's what you'll learn… Why you don't need to become the ultimate expert in nutrition science to be an effective coach What a coach's zone of genius is, and why it's different than other healthcare professionals Whether you need to be a licensed healthcare practitioner in order for people to trust you Whether the wellness market is saturated (or not) Why some people will never find the success they crave Whether you need to hustle on social media to get clients (or not) The true cost of certain free marketing tactics …and lots more! Complete show notes here:
8/31/202217 minutes, 48 seconds
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125: How To Build Personal Wealth As A Coach w/ Erinn Bridgman

Welcome back to the show. Today I've got a fantastic guest with me, and we're going to be talking about how to build wealth. I often focus on how to build your business here on the show, of course, and how coaches in the wellness industry can get more clients and grow their impact and all of those things, but there is a difference between having a profitable coaching business and actually growing your personal wealth. This still continues to be a bit of a taboo subject, I have to say, which is too bad because it's such an important thing to talk about, particularly for women. Because money is a good thing. When you have money, you have choices. You have freedom. And that's what I want for all of you. My guest on the show today is Erinn Bridgmann, and Erinn is a money management and mindset coach who has built up a real estate empire, together with her husband, and I think you're going to absolutely love her story. In our conversation, we get into all kinds of interesting things about money and building wealth and investing in ourselves, and our futures… and she just shares so much of her own personal experience, I think you're really going to enjoy this. Complete show notes:
8/17/202237 minutes, 24 seconds
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124: How To Market Your Health Coaching Business When You Don’t Have A Team w/ Sarah Noel Block

One of the biggest struggles I hear from people is how to get started with marketing their business. Especially in the early stages, when they don't have any help or a team to outsource to, so they're doing everything alone. Also, if you don't have a marketing background yourself then how are you supposed to know what to do? My guest on this episode, Sarah Noel Block, is the founder of Tiny Marketing, where she helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to increase their know, like, trust factor by batch-creating one month of their content marketing, social media posts, and email marketing in one week. She's got a terrific system that she's developed and uses herself, in her own business, and also for her clients, and in this conversation, she walks me through exactly how she gets it all done. We also talk about the most beneficial marketing activities when you're at the beginning of building your business, what you should be focusing on – and also what you shouldn't be focusing on – and really how to get traction, so that you can eventually get to the stage where you can outsource some things, and grow from there. Full episode notes:
8/3/202235 minutes, 13 seconds
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123: Facebook Ads For Health Coaches w/ Christina Bernhard

If you're curious about whether paid ads would be beneficial for growing your health coaching business, but you're unsure because you've heard that ads don't work anymore, or you've heard somebody's horror story about how they lost thousands of dollars to an ad campaign gone wrong, then this episode is for you. My guest today is Christina Bernhard, and Christina is a Facebook Ads agency owner for coaches, and she specifically works with coaches who are ready to scale their coaching businesses to the next level. Christina spent years in the corporate world building a marketing department at a law firm, but she found herself dreaming of the freedom to travel where she wanted while doing what she loved. She found a way to navigate through her own limiting beliefs to leave the corporate world, build her business, and trade her things for a backpack of clothes to travel the world. Now at her home base in Austin, Texas, she carries out her mission to help coaches get their important work out in the world and create a ripple effect of impact through paid media. I think you're going to love listening in on our conversation about potential rewards that paid ads can bring to your business, the myths around using Facebook ads, the mistakes she sees people making — and what to do instead – plus so much more! Full episode notes:
7/20/202235 minutes, 31 seconds
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122: Branding Secrets For Health Coaches w/ Naomi Gee

If you're building a health coaching business, you've probably thought about how you want your brand to look. And if you're like many people, this might mean that you've given some thought to what you want your logo to look like, or maybe what you're going to choose for your colors. But in this episode, I'm going to challenge your idea of what a brand actually is, and we're going to talk about why creating amazing brand visuals is just not enough on its own…and how you can take your brand from cute but forgettable into true brand recognition. Today's guest is Naomi Gee, graphic designer and marketing strategist. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Naomi knows how important it is for women to connect the stories in their lives to the message of their brand. She's on a mission to help mom-owned businesses, specifically, survive past the start-up phase and thrive in their businesses. I think you're going to love listening in on our conversation about building an unforgettable, impactful brand for your business. Full episode notes:
7/6/202238 minutes, 52 seconds
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121: Stress Management Tips For Entrepreneurs w/ April Likins

If you're feeling stressed, and you're trying to run a business, then this episode is for you. The last couple of years have presented some really unprecedented challenges, and not everyone is coping well. It's even trickier when you're actually working within the health and wellness industry, because we tend to feel a certain amount of pressure to have the perfect lifestyle. But we're not immune to stress. Wellness professionals are just as vulnerable to stress as anyone else, but I know you may be feeling a certain degree of shame and an impulse to hide your stress and show the world that you're just completely fine. If you feel like you've got a ton of stress in your life right now, you're not alone. And it's exactly why I wanted to bring in today's guest who happens to be not only a client of mine from my business mentorship programs, but who also specializes in helping people deal with stress. April Likins is a board-certified health coach who received training at both Duke Integrative Medicine AND the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Driven by her own past health collapse and health challenges, she's fiercely passionate about helping women thrive inside and out. April's specialty is helping professional women and female entrepreneurs reduce stress, find balance, and feel the joy and freedom to walk in their purpose, passions, and callings. I got to know April last year because she became a client of mine, and I've been watching her business evolve and flourish, and it's been amazing. In particular, I want you to note how specific April is with her niche and the area she specializes in with her work in the wellness space, because that is such a key piece to why she's been having great success in her business. Full episode notes:
6/29/202240 minutes, 39 seconds
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120: How To Start Booking Health Coaching Clients Every Month w/ Amy Lippman

If you're building a business as a coach in the health and wellness space, then there's a good chance that what you need right now is more clients. Clients are the lifeblood of your business, of course. And without consistent clients coming in, then your business is going to struggle. But many new coaches really aren't sure how to market their businesses and get clients. And that's okay! In this episode, you're going to learn some marketing strategies and some ways of getting new clients coming in–and that's even if you're brand new. My guest today is Amy Lippman. Amy is a Marketing Strategist and the founder of Marketing For Health Coaches. Many years ago Amy attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and, after 5 years as a health coach, back in 2011, she merged her marketing roots with her passion for wellness by launching her company, Marketing for Health Coaches, where she's helped thousands of health coaches and nutritionists successfully get clients, launch online programs, and grow their lists. Amy has got some really practical suggestions for how to get health coaching clients, even when you're brand new, and I think you're going to find this interview super helpful. Here are some of the things you'll learn… Why health coaches often struggle to market themselves Amy's simple formula for getting clients consistently The importance of finding your audience How Amy uses "Wellness Parties" to build her client base How to use public speaking to grow your client base Leveraging live-streaming to grow your following with ease …and lots more! Full episode notes:
6/22/202244 minutes, 28 seconds
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119: How To Structure A Group Coaching Program

In this episode I’m going to teach you how to develop your first group coaching program, what needs to go into it, and walk you through the 3 key steps needed to design & sell your first (or next!) group program... so you can scale your business and pave the way to more abundance and freedom. We’re also going to talk about the multiple benefits of launching a group program (both for you and for your clients) because there are a lot of reasons why you would want to do this inside your coaching business. Here’s what you’ll learn… Why group programs are a solution for burnout How group coaching programs enable your business to scale and grow faster Why launching a group can accelerate your social proof Why a group program is so beneficial for your clients, too The 3-step process for putting together a group coaching program What decisions need to be made when designing your group …and lots more! Complete show notes here:
6/15/202211 minutes, 49 seconds
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118: Marketing Secrets for Health Entrepreneurs w/ Jackie Bebenroth

If you're in the business of helping people change their lives, then you've got some unique marketing challenges that come with speaking to the people in your desired target market. In this episode I sit down with Jackie Bebenroth, a Change Marketer. Jackie draws from two decades of experience as a brand strategist and entrepreneur, to help visionary leaders achieve transformation inside their businesses and beyond. Jackie has developed a communication methodology called the Change Stage Framework, which is proven to connect, convert and cultivate audiences for sustained impact and business growth. Now at her agency, Muse, she leads a team of strategists and creatives who are dialed in to the needs of clients specifically in the nutrition and wellness segments, where behavior and lifestyle change is a prerequisite to success. As she's been doing this work, she has picked up a few awards and accolades along the way, most notably an SXSW Interactive finalist award and also the Content Marketing Institute's Content Marketing Leader of the Year. Here are some of the things you'll learn… What is change marketing? The difference between changing minds vs. changing mindsets. How to convince our clients that they need a mindset change How to help our clients to overcome a fear of change Understanding the evolving customer journey. The one marketing stage you DON'T to waste your money on The stages of the Change Marketing framework, and what marketing activities make sense at each stage …and lots more! Full episode notes:
6/8/202246 minutes, 18 seconds
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117: Stop Struggling With Sales In Your Health Coaching Business w/ Sarah Walton

Do you struggle with feeling good about sales? Maybe you resist sales, or you’re afraid of sales conversations, or you have a lot of worries about showing up and being salesy. If any of that sounds familiar, then this episode is for you. My guest today is Sarah Walton, and Sarah is a business mentor whose specialty is making sales fun as she helps women heal their relationship with money. We talk all about how to make sales fun, how to conquer your fears about sales, and how to dig deep and really understand what’s going on for you when you’re resisting sales. Sarah also shares some practical and unique strategies for implementing all the mindset work we get into during our conversation. Here are some of the things you’ll learn… The biggest mistakes we make when selling How to prepare for discovery calls in a way that feels joyful and honest Why so many people are scared of sales, and what can we do when we feel scared What’s going on when you don’t hit your revenue goals What high-functioning co-dependence means …and so much more! Full episode notes:
6/1/202234 minutes, 55 seconds
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116: Instagram Tips For Health Coaches w/ Tori Overmeyer

Let's talk about Instagram! You may feel overwhelmed by Instagram, or maybe you feel confused by it, or frustrated, or whatever. Truth is, Instagram can be so helpful for visibility and marketing your business, but you probably have a lot of questions about how to optimize your use of it, what to post, how often to post, all of those things. That's why in this episode I'm sitting down with a guest expert who is going to help with Instagram. Tori Overmeyer is a business coach and founder of Thrive Business Development, and she loves to teach her audience about organic Instagram growth & social selling strategies without feeling salesy or uncomfortable. Here are some of the things you'll learn… How to stand out on Instagram as a coach What type of content generates the best results while still being aligned with your values and your authentic self Whether you need to have a perfect feed Whether you have to do Reels How to create content that actually converts your followers into clients How often should you actually be posting to your feed How to attract dream clients on Instagram without using paid advertising, endless reels, or dancing TikToks …and lots more! Full episode notes:
5/25/202234 minutes, 20 seconds
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115: Where Can You Find Clients As A Health Coach?

One of the most common questions I hear from new health and wellness coaches is: "Where can I find clients?" So that's what today's episode is about. I'm going to share with you 6 different places where you can find your first (or next) health coaching client. I know that this can be a source of a lot of frustration and confusion, and I know that especially when your business is new, it can feel like maybe there's a secret place where great clients are hanging out, and if only you could crack into that place, then everything would be great. By going to these six places I'm going to tell you about in this video, you'll be able to find your audience and quickly get coaching clients! Here's what you'll learn... The first place to look for clients (aka your lowest-hanging fruit) The biggest mistake you could make when showing up in front of potential clients An amazing place to find clients — that's making a big comeback! The best place to go for collaborations and super powerful win-wins The highly-target place to find clients that many people overlook …and so much more! Complete show notes here:
5/18/202212 minutes, 27 seconds
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114: How To Legally Protect Your Health Coaching Business w/ Sharon Vanin

If you’re building a health coaching business, you’re probably feeling some anxiety and uncertainty around the legal aspects of your business. In today’s episode, you’re going to get answers to your questions about how to legally protect your business. My guest is Sharon Vanin, a lawyer for health and wellness professionals. Sharon is the founder of a niche law practice called Thrive Legal Care, and its sister legal template shop, The TLC Source. Sharon shares her insights as we discuss many of the legal matters that come up when you’re building an online health coaching business. Here are some of the things you’ll learn… Why wellness business owners need to be aware of the legal side of doing business online What legal issues wellness business owners should be aware of when it comes to content creation The steps you can take to protect your original content The legal issues wellness business owners should be aware of when it comes to marketing Which steps to take to make sure you’re marketing yourself in a legal and ethical manner …and lots more! Full episode notes:
5/11/202233 minutes, 29 seconds
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113: How To Become Unstoppable In Your Marketing w/ Christina Frei

Have you heard of approaching your marketing with a "contribution mindset"? It's a really interesting spin on how to market your health or wellness coaching business, and according to my guest for this episode, it's the secret to becoming unstoppable in your marketing. Christina Frei is a marketing consultant, author, and creator of the Generosity Practice mindset work and the Innate Marketing Genius tools and method. Here are some of the things you'll learn in this episode: How a "contribution mindset" affects your marketing How these ideas play out when building an online coaching business A sneak peek into Christina's recently published book, the Generosity Practice Why it's so beneficial to become "unstoppable" in your marketing …and lots more! Complete show notes here:
5/4/202241 minutes, 41 seconds
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112: How To Name Your Health Coaching Business

Have you been struggling to name your new coaching business? This is a decision that stops a lot of new coaches in their tracks! I'm here to help. In this episode, I'll show you how to easily choose your business name, give you ideas and examples, and help you decide which name is the best one for you. The best business names are simple, memorable, and unique - and knowing how to choose a business name can definitely help set you apart from your competition. Comment below or come chat with me on Instagram and let me know what your business name ideas are - let's have a conversation! Complete show notes:
4/20/202215 minutes, 20 seconds
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111: How To Grow Your Coaching Business By Getting Interviewed On Podcasts w/ Kristine Barvike

Would you love to get interviewed on podcasts so you can share your expertise and reach new audiences? In this episode, you're going to learn exactly what it takes to get featured and interviewed on podcasts, step by step. Podcast appearances are a very effective and powerful marketing strategy, and it's such a great way for you to reach a whole new audience…not to mention that it's an excellent networking activity, AND it's just plain fun. So there are lots of benefits, but many people wonder how to make this happen. How do you land some podcast interviews? How do you get invited, or featured… or whatever it takes to get on all these amazing podcasts out there? My guest today helps us break this all down. Kristine Barvike of The Podcast Growth Agency has got some really smart and strategic tips to make this as simple and effective as possible. Here's what you'll learn… The first steps to take when you start researching possible Podcasts to be on Exactly why podcasts are so beneficial for your business How to find aligned shows - without spending all day on research The most important details to include in your pitch How to streamline the outreach process? Tips on how to leverage the interviews you get …and lots more! Complete show notes:
4/6/202238 minutes, 55 seconds
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110: Coaching Business Tips: How To Stop Being A Perfectionist w/ Nicole Baker

In this episode we talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart: perfectionism. This is something I struggled with for a very long time, and I know so many others do, too. I'm talking about perfectionism, and in this episode, you're going to learn about the different types of perfectionism, and what to do about it to overcome each of these tendencies. My guest is Nicole Baker, a Life Coach who helps perfectionists not only set goals, but actually follow through on them. Here's what you'll learn: Nicole's framework for perfectionism (and how she came up with it) The three different types of perfectionist (and whether it's possible for people to be more than one type) How to overcome each type of perfectionism Exactly how to use these strategies to directly impact your marketing ..and lots more! Complete show notes:
3/30/202242 minutes, 13 seconds
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109: How To Make Marketing Easier (For Health Coaches) w/ Hanna Hermanson

I talk to a lot of wellness entrepreneurs (especially in the early stages) who are exhausted, frustrated, and find themselves working way too much in their businesses, for too few results, and wondering if it's really worth it. And if that sounds familiar, then you're going to love this podcast episode because I've got a guest with me who is here to help you scale your health and wellness coaching business—but in a way that will have you working less, and getting your life back. Hanna Hermanson is the founder of Dream Life is Real Life, which educates and inspires by showing people what's possible for their lives. In her book, we no longer need to wait for the lottery or retirement to "live the dream". Today, Hanna marries her passions for radical self-love AND personal development as a business consultant for coaches and has helped hundreds of business owners create more freedom and ease in their business. Here are some of the things you'll learn… How to scale your business and introduce more ease Who health coaches should hire first – and to go about doing it How to make marketing easier (so you you can grow your business) A framework for what kinds of content to share on social media How to keep the great teammates you've hired – instead of always having to focus on getting new ones …and lots more! Complete show notes:
3/23/202241 minutes, 19 seconds
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108: 5 Ways To Stop Caring What Other People Think Of You

Are you worrying too much about what people think about you? This is a huge problem for so many of us, and it really holds us back. So in this episode, I'm going to teach you 5 ways to stop caring what other people think of you. It's going to liberate you and change your life. Here are some of the things you'll learn: The harsh (but liberating) truth that people aren't thinking about you as much as you think they are How to recognize when you are placing more importance on what other people think of you than what you think of yourself The secret to setting your mind free of constantly trying to figure out what other people are thinking about you Why you need to pay attention to what you're judging yourself for Why it's important to let people be wrong about you …and lots more! Complete show notes:
3/16/202215 minutes, 42 seconds
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107: Prosperity Consciousness For Health Coaches w/ Lisa Mase

How can working on your prosperity consciousness boost your business success? In this episode, I talk with Lisa Mase, a nutritionist who has been in private practice for 12 years, who tells me what happened with her business once she began to actively work on her money mindset. Lisa is passionate about the intersection of traditional nutritional philosophies and modern nutrition science. She grew up in Italy, living a life that included homesteading, wildcrafting, and cooking from scratch with her extended family. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation: The difference Lisa's money mindset made when it came to creating financial freedom for herself What made her start to look at her own mindset around money and work on her prosperity consciousness Lisa's signature habit shifting technique and top 3 abundance practices How the pandemic affected her business …and lots more! Complete show notes:
3/9/202239 minutes, 27 seconds
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106: Get Started With Reels As A Coach w/ Kar Brulhart

If you're on Instagram, and you're using it to market your coaching business, are you creating Reels? If that question just triggered a lot of anxiety, then you definitely want to listen to this episode, because I've got a guest who is the perfect person to help us with this particular marketing tactic. Kar Brulhart is an expert in Instagram Reels. With over eight years of experience as a social media strategist, Kar launched her marketing company in January 2021 to teach entrepreneurs and creators how to grow on Instagram organically. Since launching her business, Kar has grown her audience from 0 to 25,000 followers in under 5 months and her Reels have over four million views. Here's what you'll learn… What coaches need to know about Reels Tips for creating useful Reels How to overcome your nerves about being on camera What topics to do for your Reels …and lots more! Complete show notes:
3/2/202236 minutes, 5 seconds
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105: How To Build A Brand For Your Health Coaching Business w/ Nikki Arensman

If you would love to have a gorgeous brand for your health & wellness coaching business that attracts your ideal clients (but you have no idea how to actually create it), then this episode is for you. If you don't have a huge budget to hire a designer to create your brand, and you're not a designer yourself… you may be feeling kind of lost. You're going to walk away from this episode with the exact steps for how to build a binge-worthy brand and the actions you need to take to create a magnetic brand that attracts dream clients. Nikki Arensman is a Brand Designer & Strategist for female creatives and coaches. She is the founder of The Business of Branding Podcast and the creator of Brand Identity Breakthrough. Over the past decade, Nikki has helped her clients bring out their inner experts through intuitive-led brand identity design, web design, and brand strategy. Whether working with a 1:1 client, coaching in her courses, or speaking on stage, Nikki aims to help her audience realize that they have an expertise and uniqueness that if tapped into, can give them access to standing out, being seen, and selling more. Here's what you'll learn during this episode… Exactly what a binge-worthy brand is (and how to build one for your business) Nikki's 13-step brand strategy The difference between brand strategy and brand identity When you should start thinking about creating a brand strategy …and lots more! Complete show notes:
2/23/202242 minutes, 11 seconds
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104: How To Become Better At Making Decisions

If you struggle with making decisions or you find yourself paralyzed over making decisions, then this episode is for you. Our lives are made up of so many decisions. There are big decisions and micro-decisions we make on a daily basis. From who you marry, where you live, how you invest your money, to what you're going to have for dinner, and how you'll spend the next five minutes of your day. But the truth is: decision-making is a skill, and it's something that can be developed. When you strengthen your decision-making muscles, you'll experience increased confidence, greater contentment, and more success. In this episode, I've got 6 tips for making better decisions. You'll discover how to have the confidence that no decision you make is ever wrong and how to always have your own back. What you'll learn from this episode: How to recognize your decision-making patterns Why it's important to detach from your decisions The flawed logic we apply to decisions that keep us spinning and waiting Why every decision needs to come with two decisions How to always feel good about your decisions How to make decisions from a place of abundance …and lots more! Complete show notes:
2/16/202230 minutes, 20 seconds
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103: How To Get Coaching Clients Without A Huge Social Media Following w/ Stephanie Long

Is it really possible to sign clients with a small social media following? In this episode, I sit down with Stephanie Long - business coach for nutritionists - and we talk about how to get nutrition and health coaching clients… without a huge social media following. Stephanie has helped hundreds of nutritionists start their own successful businesses. Her program, Launch Your Nutrition Biz, helps nutritionists to launch their business and start bringing on clients. And one of the things Stephanie and I definitely agree on is this: you don't need to be a social media "influencer" to get clients! Here are some of the things we discuss: should you be spending all your time on social media? what to do if you have a small social media audience how to promote a program and sign your first clients specific marketing strategies to use (that have nothing to do with social media)! …and lots more! If you've got a story that you won't be able to get coaching clients because you don't have a big social media following … you don't want to miss this episode. Complete show notes:
2/9/202235 minutes, 59 seconds
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102: How To Use Your Feminine Energy To Create Business Success w/ Melisa Keenan

So many of us lose touch with our feminine energy as we strive to achieve success in business. But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if your feminine energy is actually the key to your success? In today's episode, I sit down with Melisa Keenan, an intimacy coach who shares some beautiful wisdom about the importance of intimacy and relationships for busy women running their own businesses….and who have maybe neglected those all-important intimate relationships in our lives. Melisa Keenan is a USA Today Bestselling Author, keynote speaker, and Intimacy Coach. She is also the CEO of a multi-6-figure international intimacy coaching company, supporting high-level businesswomen to reclaim their true femininity and sensuality to create deep intimacy. Melisa works with high-caliber, soul-driven female leaders who know that 'living the dream' is only as fulfilling as their most intimate relationship, and that their impact is only as wide as they are willing to go deep within themselves. Here are some of the things you'll hear us talk about … the top things keeping businesswomen from having the intimacy of their dreams how much Melisa focuses on sex as an intimacy coach exactly why high-level success in business is dependent upon having successful relationships the correlation between femininity and business success what to do when you know that focusing on intimacy is an important part of your journey, but you feel that business growth and strategy are a higher priority right now the secrets to Melisa's own success in business and how she build a multi-6-figure coaching business …and lots more! Complete show notes:
2/2/202240 minutes, 55 seconds
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101: Uplevel Your Mindset To Create Better Results In Your Health Coaching Business w/ Andrea Freeman

If you've listened to any of my previous episodes, you know how much importance I place on mindset. I really do believe it is the difference-maker between the coaches and entrepreneurs who make it, and those who struggle. Yes, strategy is important. Yes, marketing tactics are important. But you can have all the business know-how in the world, and if you don't have the mindset required to execute those tactics, if you're riddled with self-doubt or impostor syndrome, or if you're thinking too small, or paralyzed by comparisonitis … it's not going to work. My guest today, Andrea Freeman, is a business coach who also believes wholeheartedly in the importance of mindset and when we sat down to have the conversation you're about to hear, we dove into all things mindset. She's got some great stories about what she learned running a multi-6 figure company as a celebrity event planner in LA and New York… because while she was running that business she took the opportunity to become a student of her clients and absorbed all kinds of lessons from the high-performing people she was interacting with, and now she brings all those lessons to her work as a business coach. Complete show notes:
1/26/202237 minutes, 24 seconds
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100: Creating Your Future Self

How do you create your Future Self? First of all, you need to resist the urge to create your future based on your past (which is something our brains do on default). Once you can do that, you'll realize that anything is possible. The future self exercise is something that's so important for personal development AND business development. I want you to push the boundaries of what we are all told to expect and I want you to think bigger this year. Here are some of the things you'll learn in this episode... why your brain will want to repeat parts of your past (even if these are things you don't really want to keep repeating) the 3-step exercise for creating your future (from your future) how to create future memories the power of visualization ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
1/19/202219 minutes, 57 seconds
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099: How To Create A Healthy Relationship With Money (As A Health Coach) w/ Aimee LaLiberte

Money is one of my favorite topics, and if you're a business owner, it should be one of yours too. I have a guest on the show today who is a great resource for all things money, especially for coaches, because she is a bookkeeper and a certified life and money coach who works with business owners who are looking for greater confidence when it comes to attracting and building wealth in their businesses and lives. Aimee LaLiberte is the owner of My Virtual CFO, and a trusted profitability advisor to six and seven‐figure business owners who are tired of being behind in their books and are ready to uncover blind spots, course correct, and ultimately get more profitable. In our conversation, we talk about a lot more than just numbers. We talk about what it means to have a relationship with money, and Aimee also talks about a system for managing your money as an entrepreneur, the Profit First system, which is just such an excellent way of getting your finances in order. Complete show notes:
1/12/202238 minutes, 24 seconds
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098: How To Get Rid Of The Mean Girl In Your Head w/ Samatha Ruberto

A lot of us have a very loud mean girl in our heads. She's a very persistent inner critic, and most of us don't even realize how demanding she can be! My guest today, intuitive mindset coach Samantha Ruberto, shares why it's time to lovingly replace this mean girl with your inner queen, and gives us her 3 core tips for doing this. Samatha also shares her story of what happened when she realized that her white picket fence life was not what she was meant to be living, and the big changes she made as a result of that realization. I think you're going to love tuning in to this episode! Complete show notes:
1/5/202237 minutes, 14 seconds
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097: Why A Simplified Approach To Your Health Coaching Business Can Lead To Better Results w/ Alex Haley

In the age of online business, it's easy to feel pressure that we have to be a "celebrity" to be successful as a wellness entrepreneur. But actually, changes in tech, culture, and customer behavior tell us otherwise. My guest today, Alex Haley, co-founder of OfferingTree, shares why a simplified and relational approach to business can lead to more sustainable (and better!) results. Alex knows first-hand the complexity and struggles of professionals within the health and wellness industry, particularly around the overwhelm of managing a business while being present for his clients. It's why he and his business partner created an all-in-one, online business platform that makes growing your wellness business easier, less complicated, and more rewarding. Here are some of the things we discuss: Do health coaches need to become online celebrities in order to build a successful business? What kinds of systems and strategies should wellness entrepreneurs be implementing to set themselves up for success Instead of getting overwhelmed, what to focus on and do as you launch your career ...and much more! Complete show notes:
12/22/202132 minutes, 14 seconds
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096: How To Sell Your Health Coaching Program w/ Nicole Cramer

I love talking about sales because I know this is something a lot of people in my community struggle with, and it can present a really big obstacle to you finding the success you desire in your business. My guest on this episode is Nicole Cramer, a certified health coach, and a passionate sales expert who coaches health and wellness entrepreneurs on how to attract the right people and turn them into clients! Nicole's focus is on high-touch, relationship based selling where making the customer is more important than making the sale. Her background started as a high school math teacher for 15 years before she jumped into the corporate world of sales and then quickly became the top seller in her company nationwide for 2 years in a row without any formal sales training. Here are some of the things we discuss: Nicole's top tips for more confidence and success on sales calls The one mistake everyone makes in trying to overcome objections Nicole's best success tip for closing more deals How to get past the "I don't have the money" or "I need to check with my husband" or "I need more time to think about it" objections ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
12/15/202139 minutes, 47 seconds
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095: How To Use Pinterest In Your Health Coaching Business w/ Kate Ahl

In this episode, we'll be talking about a very powerful marketing tool for your business, but one that gets overlooked and underused, and my guest today is an absolute expert in this approach. The marketing strategy I'm talking about is Pinterest, and my guest is Kate Ahl. Kate is the founder of Simple Pin Media, and she has been helping businesses discover, learn and master Pinterest marketing for over 7 years. She combines the data learned from working with clients, education from Pinterest, and her knowledge of the platform to help people expand the reach of their business using Pinterest. Her mantra is to keep it simple, be authentic, and Pin with purpose. Here are some of the things we discuss in this episode: Why health and wellness coaches should use Pinterest for their businesses How Pinterest marketing is different from Instagram and Facebook marketing How coaches can optimize their time when creating content for Pinterest How coaches can repurpose their content from other platforms like Instagram and TikTok What we need to look for in Pinterest analytics and how to know if Pinterest is working for you ...and much more! Complete show notes:
12/8/202141 minutes, 17 seconds
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094: How To Build A Successful Health Coaching Business w/ Mandy Podlesny

Ready to get inspired by a health coach who has managed to create a ton of success for herself? If you're struggling with doubt, and wondering if it's even possible to create a career as a health coach that's truly successful, profitable, and fulfilling, then this episode is for you. My guest on this episode is Mandy Podclesny, a health coach who has built a beautiful, powerful, and successful career for herself. You'll hear about what it took to get where she is, and all the messy middle stuff that happened along the way. Because, here's the thing -- I know this is possible. I interact with people all the time who are thriving in this industry. But it's not enough to just have me telling you it's possible. I think it's powerful for you to hear it from other people, too. Which is why I love when I get the chance to profile health coaches who have managed to make it, and are truly successful. Complete show notes:
11/24/202138 minutes, 48 seconds
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093: How To Embrace Sales In Your Health Coaching Business w/ Annie P. Ruggles

Many of us have had negative experiences in the past with salespeople, and it can lead us to a tendency in business called "sales avoidance": avoiding sales altogether because we don't want to be that sleazy salesperson. It's important to recognize when this is happening for you, and to learn how to embrace sales and make sales in a non-sleazy way. Today I sit down to talk to Annie P. Ruggles, who is the ideal expert to talk about this. For over a decade, Annie P. Ruggles has harnessed her disdain for hard sales and tacky self-promotion and used it as inspiration to help people find better ways to grow their small businesses. As the Founder of The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy, she's guided hundreds of people toward making deeper connections, lasting impressions, and friendlier, more lucrative transactions and conversations. Here are some of the things we discuss... What sales avoidance is and how to overcome it The final and most important piece of "Know, Like, Trust" How to ask for money in a way that feels good for yourself and the client How to learn to love sales ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
11/17/202141 minutes, 20 seconds
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092: Choosing The Right Health Coaching Niche w/ Dr. Porsha Robinson

Are you struggling to choose the right niche for your health coaching business? Are you wondering if this is even something you need to do? In this episode, I sit down with my fabulous client Dr. Porsha Robinson to talk about the importance of choosing the right niche and what it can do for your business. Porsha is a full-time ER doctor who also has a virtual health coaching business where she helps busy women learn how to lose weight and keep it off while enjoying life. In our conversation, you'll hear her talk about what changed for her in her business once she got super clear on her niche. Here's what we discuss… Why it's important to know who your ideal client is and what your niche is What changed for Dr. Robinson's business once she got super clear on her niche Once you discover your ideal niche ... what happens next? The value of hiring a business coach ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
11/10/202139 minutes, 12 seconds
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091: What Legal Documents Do You Need For Your Health Coaching Business? w/ Cory Sterling

If the legal aspects of your coaching business are causing you a lot of stress, this episode is definitely for you. My guest today is Cory Sterling, a lawyer, author, and yoga teacher. His law firm, Conscious Counsel, was awarded #1 Most Innovative Fitness and Wellness Law Firm of 2021. In my conversation with Cory we talk about all kinds of legal matters for your online health coaching business, including… Simple tips for protecting yourself and your business when you're practicing virtually Exactly why you need to attend to the legal matters in your business as a health & wellness practitioner The #1 thing health coaches need in their waiver to ensure they're protected The legal considerations when you're pivoting to coaching from a licensed healthcare profession How the legal landscape has changed in the wellness world The meaning of waivers, liability, and so much more! Complete show notes:
11/3/202141 minutes, 51 seconds
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090: How To Work Smarter, Not Harder, In Your Health Coaching Business w/ Brittany Andrejcin

You might be working really hard in your business right now, doing all the things, clocking a ton of hours, and possibly heading toward burnout. And if that’s you, this is the perfect episode for you. I want you to embrace the idea of working smarter, not harder, and finding ways to streamline your business and improve efficiency and flow. And if you know you need help with that, then you’re definitely going to want to stay tuned for this conversation. You may know I'm a big fan of the Practice Better platform. (If you haven’t heard of Practice Better before, it's an all-in-one platform for health coaches, nutritionists, and wellness practitioners and it can help run your business smoothly and beautifully.) And in this episode, I sit down to chat with Brittany Andrejcin, one of the Business Success Coaches at Practice Better. Brittany is the perfect person to talk about all the advantages and benefits of Practice Better, and in particular, in our chat today we explore the concept of how to work smarter, not harder. You’re going to hear lots of great ideas and tips, including... How to identify where you can streamline their workflow How to begin to limit the amount of “busy work” and day-to-day tasks The role Practice Better can play in working smarter, not harder, and the benefit of using an all-in-one platform ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
10/27/202130 minutes, 40 seconds
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089: How To Sell With Authenticity As A Health Coach w/ Michelle Hartzman

If you're uncomfortable with sales because it feels pushy and "salesy", and would love a more authentic approach to sales, then you're going to love this episode. My guest today is Michelle Hartzman, and Michelle is a true believer that sales do not have to be slimy, icky, or uncomfortable. What you'll hear in our conversation today is some actionable tips on how to master authentic sales WITHOUT selling, and how to sell out your products and services, whether that looks like an online course, a digital product, or a service-based offer. Michelle also has lots of wisdom to share and some tangible tips on how to show up as your authentic self and build your tribe of engaged clients. Some of the things you'll hear us discuss… How to let go and start to show up and grow your business authentically How to master selling with ease The mindset shift necessary to master sales every single day? How to stop feeling uncomfortable while selling ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
10/20/202130 minutes, 15 seconds
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088: How Long Should Your Group Coaching Program Be? w/ Annie Schuessle

If you would love to create a group coaching program but you're wondering how long you should make your program, then this episode is for you. A group coaching program can be a powerful vehicle for impacting more people and scaling your business — but what's the right length? Should it be one month? Three months? Six? Is there a perfect length of time? Well, as it turns out, there probably IS a perfect length of time… for YOUR program. My guest on this episode is Annie Shuessler, a business coach and the host of the Rebel Therapist Podcast. Annie helps therapists, healers and coaches make an impact beyond a traditional private practice...and in this conversation, we talk about how she improved participation and launch rates in her own group program not by tweaking the content or changing the offer but by experimenting with the length of the program. If you've tried running a group and you've struggled to see your participants get the full value out of the program, then you're going to want to listen to our conversation. Here are some of the things we discuss: How Annie figured out that 5 weeks was the sweet spot for her group program What happened when she tested the extremes of a 2-day and 6-month format How to optimize your own group program so improve the quality of the program, boost testimonials, and enroll more people How to treat your own program structures like Goldilocks What other experiments you can lead with your group program structure to optimize the experience How to not let perfectionism block your progress as an entrepreneur ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
10/13/202135 minutes, 44 seconds
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087: How To Get Help With Marketing Your Health Coaching Business w/ Jennie Lyon

If you're feeling overwhelmed in your business right now because you've been doing everything all by yourself, and you can feel yourself starting to head towards burnout, then this episode is for you. My guest today is Jennie Lyon, a 20-year digital marketing expert, award-winning writer, and the founder of Jennie Lyon Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Services. In this episode, we talk about how to outsource and get help with your online marketing. Here are some of the things we cover: where to start with your online marketing, even if your business is brand new what marketing activities you should be doing on a regular basis which of those tasks/projects should be handed off to a virtual team? when a small business owner should consider hiring a digital marketing team what type of budget a small business owner needs to start outsourcing ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
10/6/202134 minutes, 51 seconds
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086: How To Wow Your Health Coaching Clients w/ Elizabeth Averyanova

Are you looking to elevate your online coaching business, and create a "wow" experience for your clients? You might have considered using Kajabi as a tool to help you do that, but you're wondering if this platform is right for you. If that's you, this episode is for you. In this episode, I'm chatting with Elizabeth Averyanova, who is a website designer, brand strategist, and owner of branding & design agency "Studio Classica." Elizabeth also happens to be an expert on Kajabi, helping many of her clients get set up on the platform. In our conversation, we discuss: How Kajabi helps to streamline your business and your brand Whether you should use Kajabi if you don't have a course yet How Kajabi helps you elevate your client's experience of working with you How to get started using Kajabi ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
9/29/202129 minutes, 12 seconds
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085: When Is The Right Time To Start A Health Coaching Business?

Are you wondering if now is a good time to start a health and wellness coaching business? If this is something you'd love to do, but you're not sure it's a good idea right now because you've got a busy life and you're concerned you're not really ready… this episode is for you. If you're wondering whether the timing is right to launch a new business, then this episode will help you figure out if now is the time. Here are some of the things you'll learn... The key questions that will help you decide whether now is the right time What to do about your current commitments and demands on your time The most important skill to cultivate as you're building your business (and why it's a marker of success) How to know if you're truly ready to start a new business What to do if you don't feel 100% certain about this new direction ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
9/22/202121 minutes, 22 seconds
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084: Media Interviews & Publicity For Health Coaches w/ Beth Nydick

Publicity is such a powerful marketing tactic for your coaching business. Publicity has the potential to get you a lot of attention, very quickly. It can grow your business like crazy and introduce you and your work to a ton of your ideal clients, all in one go. In this episode, I sit down to chat with Beth Nydick, a former TV producer, and New Jersey-based publicity and business strategist expert. Beth helps entrepreneurs to go from "Undiscovered to Unforgettable", and with a roster of celebrity and rising entrepreneur clients, she knows what it means to truly be ready for the spotlight. Here are some of the topics Beth and I talk about in this episode... How to take your brand from undiscovered to unforgettable (Beth's insider tips) How to make sure your social media is ready to make a first impression What it means to be a thought leader The benefits of being featured in the media ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
9/15/202143 minutes, 45 seconds
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083: Marketing Tips For Introverted Health Coaches w/ Chen Yen

Are you an introvert? If you are, and you're busy building an online business as a health & wellness coach, you have probably worried about how you're going to market your business. You might be concerned that this is going to be an obstacle for you, and that it's going to be difficult for you to promote yourself and your services. So if this sounds familiar, you are definitely not alone, and this episode is for you. My guest today is Chen Yen, who is a sought-after national speaker. She is an expert at helping introverted visionary holistic practitioners attract a steady flow of clients and grow fulfilling 6 and 7-figure practices faster, without having to do it the exhausting extroverted way. If you identify as an introvert, and you'd love to hear some marketing secrets from someone who specializes in this particular area, then you're definitely going to want to listen in. Here are some of the topics we talk about... marketing strategies that work really well for introverts how to avoid burning yourself out by trying to market the "exhausting extrovert way" how to get a consistent flow of clients by speaking virtually where to get booked for speaking opportunities right now how to get seen in the marketplace (when you're not super keen on being seen in the first place) marketing strategies that feel easy (instead of a struggle) ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
9/8/202144 minutes, 10 seconds
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082: What Does A Health And Wellness Coach Do?

Thinking of becoming a health and wellness coach but wondering "What are health coaches? And what do they do?" In this episode, I share what a health and wellness coach is, and how this differs from other professions in the health and wellness industry. I also share what a wellness coach does so you can decide if this is the best career for you. My goal is to clear up some of the confusion, and also address some of the common misconceptions about what a health coach is… and what a health coach isn't. Here are some of the topics I cover: what health and wellness coaches do better than any other healthcare practitioner… and why that is the differences between health coaches and doctors or therapists (or any other healthcare professional) what a coach's role and scope of practice is (and where that scope ends) my explanation of why you don't need to worry about "knowing enough" when you train to become a health & wellness coach the enormous gap that exists in the health & wellness industry… and why coaches are perfectly positioned to fill that gap exactly why we desperately need more health & wellness coaches in the world If you've been confused about any of these issues, then you definitely want to tune in to this episode — and make sure you listen all the way to the end, because I'm also going to be sharing the details with you about how you can get started on this career journey for yourself if you're interested! Complete show notes:
9/1/202119 minutes, 47 seconds
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081: How To Design A Membership Site For Your Health Coaching Business w/ Jennifer Dopazo

Have you thought about creating a membership site? For many coaches and entrepreneurs, it's the holy grail. Recurrent income every month is definitely what many people aspire to achieve. And for good reason! But it's not so simple to create a membership.There are a lot of ways it can go wrong. My guest today has seen countless coaches launch membership sites to escape the grind of 1:1 work, only to end up accidentally driving clients away, and so she has a lot of wisdom to share about how to design your membership site the right way. Jennifer Dopazo is a graphic designer specializing in Brand Identity and Interaction Design and she's the founder of a multimedia design studio and a 3-time American Graphic Design Award winner. She's worked with some incredibly impressive companies, like The New York Times, Pepsi, Nickelodeon, along with authors and thought leaders like Danielle LaPorte. In this episode, we talk about how to design a membership site for your health coaching business. Jennifer shares how to avoid the common mistakes coaches make when designing their membership sites and she gives us her best tips for setting up a site that draws in your ideal client! Complete show notes:
8/25/202143 minutes, 47 seconds
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080: Secrets To Mastering Your Health Coaching Sales Calls w/ Hailey Rowe

Selling is one of the main friction points for so many coaches. I hear from women in my community all the time how uncomfortable they feel with sales, and how they struggle on their discovery calls. And if that’s you, too, then this episode is for you. Today’s guest is Hailey Rowe, a Marketing and Sales Coach & Strategist for Online Coaches, Consultants, & B2B service providers who want to gain more clients online consistently, grow their business to full-time, and rock their sales without self-doubt.  In this episode, we talk about so many juicy things related to sales, including exactly why it’s important to embrace sales, how to get better at sales and better at conducting your discovery calls, and so much more. Here are some of the things we get into: Why It’s so important to embrace sales How to better at sales Specific strategies and approaches that work (and that feel good)! Tips for coaches who are really uncomfortable doing discovery calls ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
8/18/202139 minutes, 36 seconds
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079: How To Grow Your Health Coaching Business By Giving Your Clients A VIP Experience w/ Matthew Walrath

There's a lot of noise out there about how to market your business, and all kinds of shiny new things… but none of that is a substitute for providing a really excellent experience for your clients, the referrals that can result from that, and the growth you can experience in an authentic and organic way.  Matthew Walrath is a business coach and expert on creating high retention VIP coaching businesses & trust-based marketing. His company, Beyond Macros, helps nutrition & health coaches go from side hustle to full-time income while working part-time hours by providing clients with a VIP experience. During our conversation, we talk about several elements of providing a VIP experience for your clients, including:  Why would a health coach want to create a VIP coaching experience? Do you need a big team to provide a VIP coaching experience? What you need to do to get started the myths and misconceptions about building a lucrative coaching business tips for coaches who want to take their businesses to the next level ...and much more! Complete show notes:
8/11/202134 minutes, 45 seconds
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078: Should You Start Your Own Podcast? w/ Omar Cumberbatch

If you've been considering starting a podcast inside your health coaching business but you’ve got more questions than answers, then this episode is for you. My guest today, Omar Cumberbatch, is a fellow health coach and also a longtime podcast host of not one but two podcasts.  We talk about: how to get started podcasting the advantages of creating your own podcast and what it can do for your business breaking down the myths of podcast saturation the decisions to make and the steps to take and some of the pitfalls and challenges Omar faced (and overcame) while creating not just one, but two podcasts. ...and so much more! Complete show notes here:
8/4/202145 minutes, 56 seconds
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077: How To Use An Online Meal Planning Tool To Grow Your Health Coaching Business

Many of the coaches and practitioners in my community are aware of meal planning platforms and are wondering if this kind of tool is right for them and their business, and maybe this is something you've considered for yourself. If you've got a signature program or you're working with a handful of clients and you would love to add some meal planning guidance into your offer and begin providing this kind of service, this episode is for you. Here's the thing: it would take a ton of time to develop recipes and put together meal plans all by yourself. Maybe you're also worried that it's out-of-scope for you to do this. Or maybe it's just not your thing. You just don't love doing it, even though you know your clients would love it. If any of that describes you, then you are going to love this episode, because I have Kiki Athanas with me, the Chief Content Officer at Meal Garden. In our conversation, we talk all about the ins and outs of using meal planning platforms, and specifically the different ways that coaches and practitioners can use Meal Garden, how it can benefit your business and your life, as an entrepreneur, and how to know if this kind of tool is right for you. If you've at all considered trying a meal planning platform, you're definitely going to want to listen to this episode and get your questions answered. Complete show notes:
7/28/202128 minutes, 26 seconds
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076: How to improve your sales skills by improving your mindset w/ Elyse Archer

What do you believe about sales? Over the years I've learned that selling is about so much more than having the perfect script. It's all about how you show up, and how you think about sales. The stories you're telling yourself about sales, and what you believe about sales will have so much more of an impact - either good or bad - on your results than anything else you might learn or work on. In today's episode, I'm sitting down to chat with Elyse Archer.  Elyse is the founder of She Sells, a coaching program and community for women in sales who are revolutionizing the way sales are done. A thought leader whose insights have been featured in major media including Forbes and Inc., Elyse is passionate about empowering women to sell in a way that leverages their natural gifts and helps them build wealth along the way.  In this conversation, we talk about so many powerful things related to sales, including: The mindset components AND the Practical steps to embody a more empowered approach to sales How to create affirmations … and how to actually get them into your brain so you believe them The importance of how you show up, and who you believe yourself to be when you’re selling yourself and your services How to make success inevitable ...and so much more! Complete show notes here:
7/21/202137 minutes, 56 seconds
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075: How to increase your earning potential as a health coach by identifying your money personality w/ Emily King

Let's talk about money mindset! Money is a topic I love to talk about on this podcast, for one thing because it's just so juicy, and brings up a lot of issues… and the best way to deal with that stuff is to bring it out into the open, and talk about it. In this episode I'm chatting with Emily King, a wealth & abundance coach for entrepreneurial women and the founder of The Rich Woman signature coaching program. Here are some of the things we talk about: Why it's so important to know what your "money personality" is, and how to identify yours The meaning of "money blocks" The steps to overcome the particular money blocks that are standing in your way Tools for moving out of a lack mindset and into an abundance mindset ..and so much more! Complete show notes here:
7/14/202140 minutes, 30 seconds
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074: Should You Set Revenue Goals For Your Coaching Business? w/ Mark Butler

Do you have a revenue goal for your business? Many coaches hesitate to set a specific revenue goal, or have no idea how to choose their goal. Pinpointing a specific income goal can be a real struggle. In this episode, I sit down with Mark Butler, who is the founder of the accounting startup Let's Do the Books, as well as the bookkeeper, CFO and confidante to top online entrepreneurs like Brooke Castillo. Today, Mark combines his business savvy with his certification in life coaching to help business owners take control of their finances and work through the shame and anxiety that almost always comes up when dealing with money. In this episode, Mark and I talk about the power behind setting revenue goals for your business, and how to do it. And we also get into the mindset around practicing a healthy detachment from the numbers. In other words: how to not get caught up in the numbers for numbers sake, but instead, how to really dig in and unpack what those numbers mean for you - and why that's the more important thing to focus on. I think you're going to absolutely love this conversation! Complete show notes here:
6/30/202141 minutes, 9 seconds
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073: How To Scale Your Health Coaching Business

When you scale your business as a health coach, you're multiplying your income and your impact. But it's not just about working harder or putting in more hours. In fact, when we talk about "scale", we're talking about increasing your revenue with LESS effort. So how do you go about introducing scale in your business? Well, in this episode I share 4 different methods for scaling and growing your health coaching business. Complete show notes here:
6/23/202113 minutes, 41 seconds
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072: How To Improve Your Money Mindset w/ Lisa Holtan

Does your money mindset need an upgrade? In today's episode I'm talking with Lisa Holtan, who is a Health, Money Mindset & Business Coach, and she specializes in helping entrepreneurs go from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset when it comes to money. We talk about all things money mindset and how to step into a mindset of abundance, including exactly WHY it's so important to do this work (even before you're really making any money in your business) ... in fact, especially if you're not making any money in your business yet. We talk about: What money mindset is, exactly, and why it's so important for your business Where health & wellness coaches go wrong with their money mindset The importance of money mindset Why so many of us have a love-hate relationship with money Specific tips and strategies for people who are beginning to realize their money mindset needs an upgrade ...and much more! If you're interested in some really actionable advice on how to improve your money mindset and take your business to the next level, then you don't want to miss this one. Complete show notes:
6/16/202131 minutes, 16 seconds
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071: Are You Ready To Start Using Paid Ads For Your Health Coaching Business? w/ Danielle Klemm

Most new health and wellness coaches, sooner or later, start to wonder if they should invest in paid advertising. When you're trying to grow your health coaching business, it can feel like an uphill battle trying to attract new attention and market your services, and paid traffic can be a potential solution to that. At the same time, most new entrepreneurs are worried about flushing money down the drain with paid ads. They've heard horror stories from their peers about wasting money and not getting any return on investment. Plus, the advertising scene — especially if we're talking about Facebook ads — can be very intimidating. If any of that resonates, you're in the right place! For this episode I brought in a Facebook Advertising specialist, Danielle Klemm. Danielle is a Sales Conversion + Ad Expert who helps female entrepreneurs increase their profit through highly resonant sales systems and ads. You're going to listen to me pick her brain about Facebook and Instagram ads, and she breaks everything down into really easy-to-understand principles -- like when it's the right time to get started with paid traffic, how to use ads effectively, what you can expect -- all kinds of really useful insights. Complete show notes:
6/9/202141 minutes, 59 seconds
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070: How To Create Health Coaching Packages Instead Of Single Sessions

Are you stuck in a dollars-for-hours business model in your health coaching business? Are you selling one-off sessions and it's keeping you stuck on the hamster wheel of constantly having to go out there and drum up new clients? There's a better way. When you shift your business model to selling coaching packages - not just single sessions - you're able to get better results for your clients, charge premium rates, create more ease in your business, sell your services more easily, and make more money! In this episode, I go through the major advantages to pivoting your business from a one-off session model into a package model, and I also break down a step-by-step process for how to create premium packages that will be irresistible to your potential clients. How packages will empower you to sell the outcome of your services (rather than time with you) My 6-step process for creating your coaching programs and packages How to adjust your marketing message when you begin selling packages The key decisions you need to make when designing your programs What to include in your packages to support premium prices ...and so much more! Complete show notes:
6/2/202118 minutes, 57 seconds
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069: How To Manage Your Health Coaching Business w/ Kristen Westcott

Do you feel like your health coaching business runs like a well-oiled machine? Or is it more like a hot mess? A lot of coaches struggle to keep things organized and functioning smoothly in their business, and what that means is that their business often feels like a struggle, and the truth is, they're probably leaving opportunities and money on the table. My guest today is an expert in systems, and that's what we talk about in this episode. Kristen Westcott specializes in helping coaches create efficient growth strategies to streamline and scale. We talk about… How to create or up-level your automated systems to support a high-end coaching client experience (and work with an abundance mindset) How to up-level your communication and lead in a way that provides clarity and confidence to your clients in an ongoing capacity How to determine if you need help, and evaluate the ROI of hiring a VA, OBM or Integrator, to reduce overwhelm and serve your coaching clients well How to WOW your coaching clients throughout their journey (especially during off-boarding) to generate repeat business and referrals ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
5/19/202137 minutes, 36 seconds
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068: Is Health Coaching A Good Career To Go Into?

Are you wondering if health & wellness coaching is a good career option for you? In today's episode, I talk about how to make this decision. There are a lot of things to think about when you're deciding if you want to start a business as a wellness coach, like: - Is there really a market for health coaching? - Do people want and need health coaching services? - What training do you need? - What is the income potential for a typical health coach? - Does being a health coach mean being an entrepreneur? In this episode, I tackle all of these questions (and more)! Complete show notes:
5/12/202115 minutes, 12 seconds
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067: What Should Be On The Homepage Of Your Health Coaching Website? w/ Julie Ralston

Websites are a big obstacle and stumbling block for a lot of coaches, especially new coaches. If you’re struggling with your website, at whatever stage you’re at, this episode is for you. I chat to Julie Ralston, who is a website designer and the owner of Jules Design. Julie shares so many tips with me during our chat, including: How to design a website that converts (as in: gets you actual clients) Answering the question: do you actually need a website? What elements should go on your homepage The common mistakes she sees health coaches make with their websites ...and so many more! Complete show notes:
5/5/202144 minutes, 29 seconds
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066: Should You Focus On Weight Loss As A Health Coach?

If you're considering choosing weight loss as the niche for your health coaching business (but you're unsure about going in this direction because you don't want to focus on weight), then this week's podcast episode is for you. I talk about the reasons why you might actually want to focus on weight loss in your coaching business, and then I talk about the various reasons why coaches hesitate to do this. Some of the concerns I hear from new coaches all the time: You don't want to be superficial You know that true wellness is about so much more than simply losing weight You believe in body positivity and you don't want to come across as judgmental If any of that sounds familiar, and you're trying to decide if you should focus on weight loss and helping people to lose weight, you don't want to miss this episode. I go through the good and the bad aspects of focusing on weight loss, to help you decide for yourself if this is the right direction for you, and how to move forward. Complete show notes:
4/28/202119 minutes, 1 second
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065: How to Improve Your Copywriting To Get More Clients w/ Natalie Gensits

With powerful copy, you will be so much more effective at making a connection with your audience. And, as a result, so much more successful at converting visitors to paying clients! The strength of your copywriting can be a big difference-maker for your business. That’s why in this episode I’m chatting to Natalie Gensits, a wellness content writer and copywriting coach. Natalie gives us some really useful ideas and tips (specifically for health and wellness coaches) on how to improve their copywriting, and how to create what she calls client-focused copy. If you’re interested in some really actionable advice on how to improve your copy and improve the effectiveness of your message (which means booking more clients!), then you don’t want to miss this one. Complete show notes:
4/21/202138 minutes, 42 seconds
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064: How to find the time to build your health coaching business w/ Laura Albers

If you struggle with time management, productivity, and feeling overwhelmed as you try to build your health coaching business, this episode is for you. Laura Albers is known as the "Clear Your Plate Coach." She's a mindset, productivity, and business coach who's passionate about helping female health and wellness coaches and entrepreneurs clear their fear, emotional clutter, and mindset challenges. She helps them build a successful and soul-centered coaching business, while maintaining their self-care and sanity. Laura is also a mental health therapist, a master certified wellness coach, and owner of Albers Mind & Body Wellness. One of Laura's superpowers is helping women with time management, productivity, and coping with overwhelm so they can achieve their goals. Complete show notes:
4/14/202138 minutes, 1 second
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063: Can I make enough money as a health coach?

If you love the idea of becoming a health & wellness coach and building a business that gives you both freedom and a meaningful career … but you're wondering whether it's really possible to make a decent living, this episode is for you. Many new (and aspiring) health and wellness coaches feel a lot of doubt. They're skeptical about whether they can really make money at this. So in this episode, I give you the straight talk on this topic. Complete show notes:
4/7/202115 minutes, 33 seconds
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062: How To Build A Coaching Business When You’ve Got Kids w/ Dr. Ariana Witkin

If you're a mom who's trying to grow a coaching business and raise your kids at the same time, you're going to love my conversation today with Dr. Ariana Witkin. Ariana is a board certified pediatrician in Boston who has been building and growing a wonderful coaching business as a Postpartum Coach and Motherhood Mentor. We get into so many things that are important for mothers who are growing their businesses, because Ariana is a mother herself, in fact her daughter was only 13 months old when Ariana started building her business, and we talk about exactly how to juggle raising a family AND raising a business. Because it's not always easy! But it is absolutely something you can do. Complete show notes:
3/24/202148 minutes, 8 seconds
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061: What’s The Best Health Coach Certification?

So you want to become a health and wellness coach, but you're not sure what the best training and certification is. In this podcast episode, I share the truth about health and wellness coach training programs, and I walk you through a list of the top things to consider when choosing the right health or wellness coaching program for you, and for the career you want to create.  If you’re looking for a health coach training program, but you’re not sure which direction to take … then this episode is for you. Complete show notes:
3/17/202116 minutes, 39 seconds
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060: How To Build A Multiple 6 Figure Health Coaching Empire w/ Kate Lyman

If you have ever wondered if it’s really possible to build a multi-6 figure business as a health coach, you are definitely going to want to listen to this episode. Today I’m chatting with Kate Lyman, a nutrition coach and founder of Kate Lyman Nutrition, which is a multiple 6 figure nutrition empire that she runs from sunny Mexico.  In our conversation, Kate tells me the whole story of how she went from side hustle to multiple 6 figure business. If a beautiful, freedom-based business as a health & wellness coach feels totally out of reach for you, I think you are going to find a ton of inspiration from my conversation with Kate. Complete show notes:
3/10/202139 minutes, 27 seconds
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059: How To Create A Marketing Strategy For Your Coaching Business

Are you taking a tactical marketing approach to your business? Or a strategic approach? Because there’s a big difference. What I see most often is that new coaches take a tactical approach — and it’s leading them directly to burnout. The inspiration for this episode is this quote by Sun Tzu: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. But tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”  So how do you recognize when you’ve been taking a tactical approach? Well, you feel like you’ve been “trying all the things” and nothing seems to really be working the way you thought it was supposed to work. In this episode, I break down the difference between strategy and tactics, and show you how to shift into a much more strategic approach. Complete show notes:
3/3/202116 minutes, 26 seconds
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058: How To Become The CEO Of Your Mind

If you’ve ever felt yourself spinning in anxiety, overwhelm, and indecision — seemingly out of nowhere — then this episode is for you. In this episode I talk about how to view your mind as a company — you are the CEO, and all your beliefs and stories and thoughts are your employees. Which employees belong in your company? Which ones are going to help you get where you want to go, and which ones need to be shown the door? When you’re making big changes in your life, thoughts will crop up to tell you why this isn’t going to work. But allowing these limiting beliefs to influence your decisions will not serve you. It’s time for a restructure.   Here are some of the things I discuss in this episode: The chaos your mind will experience if you leave it unmanaged How to filter out all the negative information out there that doesn’t serve you. How to realign yourself with your vision and your mission when your unmanaged thoughts get carried away ...and lots more! Complete show notes:
2/24/202114 minutes, 51 seconds
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057: Finding Opportunities For Collaboration In Health & Wellness w/ Michael Goldberg

In today’s episode you’re going to get to listen in to my chat with a very special guest, Dr. Michael Goldberg, who is a dentist and entrepreneur based in New York City. Michael has always been ahead of the curve and on the forefront of dentistry’s innovation and integration into whole-health-focused practice. Most recently, he has turned his expertise towards Dental Sleep Medicine and TMJ or temporo mandibular joint disorders, and he is now also the author of several books and publications and continues to educate the public as well as dentists nationally and internationally through speaking and events and all kinds of interesting ventures. In our chat today, Michael and I get into some very interesting topics! Here are some of the things we discuss: Michael’s journey from dentistry to whole body preventive care and entrepreneurship a fascinating explanation of why dentistry has historically done a better job of promoting prevention than conventional medicine has We discuss what we both see to be some of the major limitations and shortcomings of our current healthcare systems.  Michael shares with me what changes he would love to see in how we all approach wellness, and also about all the incredible opportunities that he sees coming out of this disastrous past year with the pandemic.  We also talk about the untapped opportunities for collaboration between the medical, dental, and wellness worlds, and some of the ways we can begin to work together to elevate everything, and work toward a better way forward in health and wellness.  ...and a lot more. Complete show notes:
2/17/202141 minutes, 13 seconds
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056: How To Create Content If You Don’t Love To Write

If the thought of blogging leaves you cold, you’re not alone. In fact, if you ask some coaches what their most dreaded task is, blogging and writing are right up there. So if writing isn’t your strong suit, do you just miss out on all the juicy benefits that come with content creation? In this episode, I give you 3 specific ways you can create original, shareable content even if you don’t love to write! Here are some of the things I cover in this episode: How to leverage the power of crowdsourcing to help you create content The best media to focus your energies on A super simple hack for quickly generating content with ease ...and a lot more. Complete show notes: Resources & Links: Wellness Coach Academy (my 6-month training & certification program for Wellness Coaches) The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):  
2/10/202111 minutes, 56 seconds
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055: Why You're Not Getting Any Health Coaching Clients

One of the biggest mistakes I see new health & wellness coaches make (which stops them from getting clients) is trying to sell "coaching". I know it sounds crazy. But let me assure you: successful coaches aren’t selling coaching. In this episode, I explain what I mean by this, and I also explain what successful coaches are selling instead. If you can make this paradigm shift in your own mind and in your marketing, you will consistently get more clients and have much more success. Here are some of the things I talk about: Why people aren’t actually interested in "coaching" What they really want instead How to position yourself in the marketplace so people want to work with you What truly motivates people to invest in a service The "so what" factor How to discover exactly what your ideal client wants ...and a whole lot more. Complete show notes: Resources & Links: Wellness Coach Academy (my 6-month training & certification program for Wellness Coaches) The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):
2/3/202112 minutes, 37 seconds
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054: Six Secrets For Using Webinars To Market Your Coaching Business

Webinars are incredibly useful when it comes to marketing your coaching business… but many coaches feel either overwhelmed or intimidated when it comes to using webinars. In this episode I give you 6 webinar marketing secrets so you can attract more potential clients, and move them through your sales journey into becoming actual paying clients through an effective and powerful webinar. Putting together an effective webinar is not always easy. There are certain tricks and strategies you need to know in order to make webinars successful for you. And today, I’m going to share with you what works for me and for my clients.  Here are some of the things I talk about: The importance of choosing the right topic for your webinar The biggest mistake most coaches make when presenting a webinar … and what to do instead How to structure your webinar so that it actually leads to paying clients How to get people to sign up for your webinar A simple trick to ensure that people stay all the way to the end of your presentation  ...and much more Complete show notes: Resources & Links: Wellness Coach Academy (my comprehensive training & certification program for Wellness Coaches) The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):  
1/27/202115 minutes, 7 seconds
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053: How To Boost Your Confidence On Video With Jayne Williams

You probably know you need to use more video to market your coaching business. But maybe you feel uncomfortable on camera, have a lot of self-doubt, or just hate seeing yourself on video! In this episode, I bring on a wonderful guest, Jayne Williams, a health & wellness coach who has built an incredibly successful business for herself, and one of her superpowers is video. Not only do we talk about how she grew her business to such a successful point, Jayne also gives us a ton of practical tips and mindset hacks to help build your confidence when it comes to video. Here are some of the things we talk about: Jayne’s personal journey to health, and the crucial role gut health played Exactly how she built her wellness coaching business to the success it is today The importance of niching down The power of collaboration and building relationships, including referral relationships Why authenticity is the key to everything The one thing she did that helped set her apart and ensure her success How to embrace visibility with confidence The importance of video for marketing your business The 3 reasons why people will watch you on video Why you need to just start with video (before you feel ready) Several hacks and tips for starting with video and growing your camera confidence How to stop overthinking (plus get over yourself!) and show up for your community Practical nuts & bolts tips for appearing on video A quick hack for dealing with the “I don’t know what to talk about” barrier when it comes to making video Complete show notes are here: Here’s where you can find Jayne: Jayne’s Website Facebook Instagram Pinterest  YouTube Waitlist for Jayne’s business mentorship program More Resources & Links: Wellness Coach Academy (enrollment closes soon!) The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):
1/20/202139 minutes, 15 seconds
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052: Time Management Strategies For Building A Business With A Full Time Job

Your most scarce resource is not money — it's time. There are only so many hours in the day and the week. You can't store it, and you can't borrow more for later. Especially when you're trying to build a business on the side of your full-time job, it's so important to use your time strategically ... so you can achieve your goals (without burning yourself out). In today's episode I've got 8 strategies to help you manage your time well, so you can build your business and enjoy your life. These are time management techniques that are tailor-made for busy people! If you're ready to discover techniques that help simplify how you work, ensuring that you get tasks done more efficiently and giving you more time for whatever you choose, then this episode is for you. Here are some of the things I cover in this episode: The biggest mistake "busy" people make, and how to resist it Exactly how to organize and prioritize your task lists How to organize your work around your energy levels How the need for perfection is slowing you down Specific strategies for eliminating distractions How to leverage the power of automation and outsourcing to use your time effectively ...and much more! Everyone gets 168 hours every week, but we don't all use it the same way. It's what you do with your hours and how you manage it that makes all the difference. Complete show notes are here: Resources & Links: Wellness Coach Academy (my comprehensive training & certification program for Wellness Coaches) The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide): Books mentioned (that I recommend): 168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam Deep Work by Cal Newport  
1/13/202120 minutes, 23 seconds
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051: 5 Free Ways To Market Your Coaching Business

The wellness coach & entrepreneur who knows how to leverage both paid and organic traffic strategies has the ultimate approach to her marketing, and the best chance to grow her business. In this episode, I focus on organic (free!) marketing approaches, and I’ve got a number of very strategic, tactical tips to give you. I talk about 5 specific strategies for driving traffic to your coaching business, without paying for ad spend. This is the stuff that’s going to give a major boost to your business so you can really start the year off right, at a running start, and breathe life into your business so you can get more clients and bring you closer to your goals for 2021, right from the get-go. Organic traffic, also known as free traffic, can help strengthen your current marketing strategy. And the best part is that it’s FREE!  In this week’s episode, I share with you several of my go-to organic traffic strategies. Here are some of the things I cover: How to optimize organic search and drive traffic straight to your content A super powerful strategy for getting in front of thousands of your ideal clients very quickly How to leverage the power of relationships and collaborations The best way to pivot your networking strategies in the pandemic era of 2021 ...and lots more! Complete show notes are here: Resources & Links: My super quick survey (thank you in advance!) Wellness Coach Academy  The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):
1/6/202114 minutes, 9 seconds
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050: How To Level Up Your Coaching Business

The new year is the perfect time to level up. No matter what stage you’re at with building your coaching business, you always want to improve, grow, refine, and upgrade. Not only is it good for business, it’s also very satisfying. I’m always encouraging my clients to aim to be best-in-class, and in today’s episode I’ve got 5 specific strategies for how to up-level in 2021. These are tangible ways you can improve the things you’re doing in your business, and continue to work toward excellence (with ease!). Here are some of the things I cover: How to begin moving into a group coaching model Why you need to make your client’s results a top priority How to begin building a resource library How to uplevel your marketing by simplifying it — not by introducing more complexity. Complete show notes: Resources & Links: My super quick survey (thank you in advance!) Wellness Coach Academy (program page & details) The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):  
12/30/202017 minutes, 35 seconds
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049: How To Deal With Disappointing Results In Your Business

How do you deal with setbacks and disappointing results in your coaching business? It’s so easy, in the Instagram age, to look at other people’s businesses and think everyone else is more successful than you, and there’s something wrong with you. It’s wonderful to create a vision of where you want to go with your business, but it’s also very easy to get discouraged along the way. In this episode I talk about how to hold true to your vision, how to overcome setbacks and challenges and disappointing results.  I have several mindset reframes around this, and also four important questions to ask yourself as you’re facing challenges and setbacks.  Complete show notes: Resources & Links: Wellness Coach Academy  The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):  
12/16/202021 minutes, 43 seconds
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048. Making A Vision Board For Your Best Year Ever

At this time of the year, I always love to do some planning for the new year. And one of my favorite things to do is to create a vision board. This can be such a fun and effective way to envision where you want your life and business to go in the year to come, and so if you’re on board with that idea, then you’re going to enjoy this episode.  Here’s what I cover… 5 different ways that vision boards help you reach your goals. 4 ways to make vision boards work for you...even if you’re not really a “law of attraction” kind of person 4 steps for making your vision board...whether it’s a physical vision board or a digital version one super simple alternative to doing a vision board Complete show notes: Resources & Links: The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):  
12/9/202019 minutes, 57 seconds
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047. How to Build An Abundance Mindset

Let’s talk about 5 ways to cultivate an abundance mindset, instead of a scarcity mindset. Because this is definitely something you can do. If you want to step into a more empowered, positive, abundance mindset, and move away from a mindset that only focuses on lack and “not enough” … then this episode is for you. Complete show notes: Resources & Links: Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship business accelerator program) The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (free online training) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):  
12/2/202020 minutes, 16 seconds
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046. Creating A Business Plan For Your Coaching Business

Do you have a business plan for your coaching business?   Having a business plan is important because it will guide you through the planning process and it will ensure that no stone is left unturned when you're planning for a successful future in your business.  A business plan will allow you to look at all the aspects in your business and actually guide you toward reaching your income goals.  But I totally get that putting together a business plan can feel overwhelming and daunting, and you may be unclear what should be inside your plan. That’s why you’re going to love my simple 5-part business plan! I break it all down inside this episode. Complete show notes: Resources & Links: Niche Workbook (free PDF) Wellness Coach Academy The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):  
11/18/202016 minutes, 49 seconds
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045. How To Get Unstuck With Your Business

Are you feeling stuck in your business? Do you feel out of alignment? Has the joy gone out of things for you?  If your marketing feels like a grind, or you’re not enjoying your clients as much as usual, or you’re just feeling a lot of doubt … then this episode is for you. I talk about how to get back into alignment with your business, and I share my own 5-step process that I use whenever I start to head toward business burnout. Complete show notes: Resources & Links: Wellness Coach Academy The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):
11/11/202021 minutes, 20 seconds
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044. Why You Aren't Getting Enough Coaching Clients (Part Two)

Is a lack of clients the #1 struggle in your coaching business right now? For most coaches— especially in the beginning stages of growing a business— this is absolutely the biggest challenge. And it’s why I decided to do a special 2-part series on my podcast, dedicated to this issue of why you’re not getting enough clients. Because until you know WHY, and where the disconnect is happening, it’s hard to move forward and make the right corrections.  So to help you figure out what’s going wrong, tune into this week’s podcast, part 2 of 2, where I tackle 5 specific reasons why you’re not getting enough clients. Here are some of the things I talk about in this episode: Why “coach-speak” is creating a wall between you and potential clients Why a price point that’s too low may be blocking the sale How you may be confusing your prospects with too many choices ...and much more! Complete show notes: Resources & Links: Why You're Not Getting Enough Clients (PART ONE) Pricing Your Coaching Programs (my free PDF workbook) Episode 042: Making Decisions From Your Future The 4-Part Formula For Replacing Your 9-5 Income With A Coaching Business You Love (my free online training) Business Academy for Coaches (my 4-month flagship group program) Health Coach Squad (my free Facebook Group) 3 Ways To Get New Clients (my free PDF guide):  
11/4/202019 minutes, 47 seconds