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Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Podcasts

English, Comedy, 1 season, 4 episodes, 1 hour, 8 minutes
A comedy podcast by Jon Brittain and Matt Tedford hosted by a fictional version of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
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Episode 3 (Election Special)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into politics - the bitch is back for an extra concise one-off election special! All your favourites are here - Ed, David, Nick, Orville - and they're going to help you make up your mind about which box to tick on May 7th. Who are you going to feel guilty about voting for in 5 years time after all the terrible things they've done in power? And most importantly of all, what do you think of the royal baby's name?!
5/6/201511 minutes
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Episode 2

Maggie's back! The Lady IS for returning. And in the second instalment of her fabulous new podcast the former Prime Minister and Global Cabaret Superstar torpedoes the week's news even though it's retreating. This week she's joined by comedians Tom Allen and Camille Ucan to discuss the cash for access scandal, Ed Ball's sex life and a certain dress that rather like the Iron Lady herself is blue through and through but also undeniably gold!
3/3/201529 minutes
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Episode 1

Rejoice! Episode One of the Iron Lady's new podcast is here! Join former Prime Minister, Global Superstar and Chortle Award nominee Margaret Thatcher as she chats her way through the week's news. This week she's joined by comedians Andrew Doyle and Kat Bond to discuss HSBC hiding money under the Swiss sofa, Ed Miliband's popularity, and a certain new erotic move which apparently isn't a John Major biopic!
2/20/201526 minutes
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She's back! Global cabaret sensation and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho is taking time off her busy touring schedule to put the world to rights in her new show. With the help of her backing dancers Hessell and Tine, the ghost of Winston Churchill, and some very special guests, Maggie presents a mix of topical chat, music and comedy in the most fabulous podcast of them all!
2/12/20152 minutes