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Marco Visconti presents: Unaussprechlichen Ramblen

English, Religion, 4 seasons, 15 episodes, 15 hours, 49 minutes
Unaussprechlichen Ramblen is a "live podcast experience", where I will invite fellow magicians, occultists, and mystics and ramble along with them alongside the members of my online community. By doing so, I hope to introduce you all to a much wider perspective on magick than what we get nowadays from occult social media - which is frankly beginning to feel very stale, repetitive, and uninspired. If you want to be part of the next live recording, join us at
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Unaussprechlichen Ramblen with Anna McKerrow

Welcoming Anna McKerrow, this month, the Unspeakable Ramble is strictly focused on two topics: Babalon and the power of healing - primarily through the art of Reiki. And if you think the two might be strange bedfellows, you are in for some surprises! _ Find Anna: Find Marco:  Join us on Patreon to participate live in the next episode: _ WHO'S OUR GUEST TONIGHT? Here's how she describes himself: She lives in London and is originally from the West Country, which gave her accent a subtle (yet noticeable) pirate twang - as well as a love of cream teas, stone circles and all things mystical. Following her critically acclaimed Greenworld trilogy CROW MOON, RED WITCH, and WILD FIRE , about a feminist and ecopagan community of witches in Devon and Cornwall, she wrote Daughter of Light and Shadows, an adult commercial fantasy romance set in Scotland and the faerie realm, followed by the sequel, Queen of Sea and Stars. In 2019 her occult novel The Book of Babalon was published by Black Moon Publishing, a small press based in New Orleans and dedicated to voudoun, ceremonial magick and Left Hand Path subjects. In 2021 she published a mythic novel about grief and healing called The Bird Atlas. She is currently working on a nonfiction memoir about her experience of a variety of healing modalities for Watkins Books, which will be out in 2022. Anna has also published five books of poetry:  Taropoetics, Spectral Emphatic, Regressive Poetics and Girls, Girls, Girls: A Reconstructive Surgery for Misogyny in 8 Songs are published by the Knives, Forks and Spoons Press who specialise in experimental and process-based work. The Fast Heat of Beauty is a work of contemporary poetry and is published by Flambard Press. Follow her on Instagram @annamckerrow --- Send in a voice message:
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