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English, Religion, 2 seasons, 6 episodes, 2 hours, 37 minutes
Hi, I'm Sunny MF Money, aka John Lewis-Williams. This podcast is designed to help its listeners discover themselves, their love and money through the ancient power of Astrology. Maybe you know me from my TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or maybe you've heard my music. I'm interested in money, sex, power, people & love. On this podcast, I'll be talking about everything from Astrology transits, opportunity periods for manifesting, attracting love, growing your business to 6 figures, spirituality and traveling. Expect intimate conversation, my goal is this series will be a place for you to grow. Support this podcast:
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How I Quickly Overcame Imposter Syndrome | Ep 6

Wondering how to overcome Imposter Syndrome and boost sales for your online programs and offers? Today, I'm unveiling the exact strategies to make your offers sell like hotcakes. If you're ready to tackle the key elements essential for selling success, I'll delve into the tactics necessary to create irresistible offers! From crafting offerings aligned with your audience's needs to crafting the perfect messaging for your ideal clients, we'll guide you through the crucial steps of the process. These priceless insights will transform your online business from "Why isn't it selling?!" to "Ah, that's the secret!" ✨Join my Spiritual School Membership for further guidance: ✨Book a 1:1 for access to Sunny for special guidance: --- Support this podcast:
4/27/202439 minutes, 6 seconds
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Growing Spiritually | Ep 5

In this video, I discuss my main goal of passing on my knowledge to my daughter and opening a vegan lounge in Detroit. I want to be financially stable and provide for others while helping them with their health, wellness, and spirituality. I also talk about the importance of growth, development, and manifesting the right people in my life. Watch this video to learn more about my goals and how I plan to achieve them. --- Support this podcast:
4/23/202439 minutes, 29 seconds