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English, Religion, 2 seasons, 32 episodes, 11 hours, 22 minutes
Hello magical souls and welcome to The Manifest That Shit NOW Podcast! Here we talk about spirituality, mystical myths, astrology, self-care, and more to help you become the best version of yourself, expand your mind, see your dreams, and manifest that shit! New episodes every Friday & every other Monday. Thank you for sharing your energy with me, let's get started. Instagram/TikTok: nataliaarielx
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30. Sag Season & Astrocartography

as I mention towards the end, Im feeling a bit lost with the podcast and feel like I'm just repeating myself a lot so please send me messages/ideas/questions so we can keep things interesting!!
11/26/202126 minutes, 43 seconds
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29. Step Into Your Power With This Eclipse

Time to let go of whats holding you back and be your best self
11/19/202130 minutes, 8 seconds
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28. The Universe knows what you need

The Universe knows what you need to grow and will always be there to help you, just be present and listen.
11/12/202145 minutes, 16 seconds
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27. Growth, Forgiveness, and Moving On

Lets see were the podcast energy takes us
11/5/202138 minutes, 36 seconds
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26. Judgment

why do people judge?
10/29/202121 minutes, 25 seconds
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25. Love vs. Attachment

do you love them or are you attached to them?
10/22/202121 minutes, 26 seconds
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24. Remember, you over your friends

just a little mercury retrograde check-in and energy reminder
10/15/202116 minutes, 44 seconds
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23. Leave the comfort zone tarot/distant reiki above! Prices may change depending on the amount of traffic. Thanks for supporting
10/8/202123 minutes, 4 seconds
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22. New Moon in Libra 10/6 *BONUS EP*

HAPPY NEW MOON! here's another bonus episode Book mini tarot reading/distant reiki above!
10/6/202116 minutes, 51 seconds
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21. Clones, Soulmates, & Purpose ft. Mario

Today's video is super interesting!!! We talk about clones and if a clone version of you is really you.Ft. Mario (IG: @mariomalave_)
10/1/202147 minutes, 3 seconds
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20. Mercury Retrograde starts 9/27/21

Mercury Retrograde is Sept. 27th-Oct. 18th 2021Let's talk about the energy shift going on, how it will affect you, and talk about my opinions on how the zodiac signs will deal with them
9/24/202127 minutes, 17 seconds
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19. Autumn Equinox & Libra Season BONUS EP!!!

BONUS EP!! Hi everyone, this week I decided to do a bonus episode for the spiritual shift of autumn equinox and Libra season which is today! Hope you enjoy it:)
9/22/202116 minutes, 54 seconds
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18. Focus on YOUR Version of You

The version other people created of you in their reality is NOT your responsibilityThe TikTok video that inspired this topic was by @thekemimarie
9/17/202119 minutes, 43 seconds
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17. Calm After the Storm

storms always end
9/10/202123 minutes, 47 seconds
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16. Welcome to VIRGO Season

The first 5ish mins sound messed up... the mic was backwards..... I'M SORRY. MY ENERGY WAS SO DISHEVELLED AND EVERYWHERE TODAY. I LOVE YOU ALL
9/3/202124 minutes, 26 seconds
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15. Anxiety vs. Intuition

Are you having trouble being able to tell the difference between your intrusive thoughts vs. your gut feeling?
8/27/202129 minutes, 30 seconds
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14. Feeling Burn-out & Disconnected

8/20/202120 minutes, 1 second
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13. Vibrational Frequency of your Music

Here are just a few of my favorite "good vibe" songs!!!Phony Ppl - Why iii Love The Moon. Free Nationals - Eternal LightblAck pARty - BloomQveen Herby - Chakras Lizzo - Good as HellKali Uchis - After The Storm (ft. Tyler The Creator & Bootsy Collins)Ariana Grande - just like magicPharrell Williams - Gust of WindJared Brady - Enjoy Ya Life
8/13/202111 minutes, 26 seconds
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12. New Moon in Leo & Lions Gate

8/6/202120 minutes, 12 seconds
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11. Do Your Friends Help You Grow?

friendships should help you grow as a person
7/30/202115 minutes, 55 seconds
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10. Are you making up signs from the universe?

Let's talk about your doubts when it comes to signs and angel numbers from the universe.
7/26/202122 minutes, 9 seconds
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9. How to boss up for Leo season

ALL ABOUT LEO SZN BABY! + a tarot/oracle card pull at the end!
7/23/202123 minutes, 22 seconds
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8. When Spirit Calls to You

When you hear spirit/ the universe calling, answer
7/16/202113 minutes, 39 seconds
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7. Ups & Downs Affirmation

Monday affirmation pull!! Let's see what the energy of the week is.
7/12/202114 minutes, 8 seconds
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6. Let's talk Time Theories ft. Caesar

Today we have our first guest on the podcast & we're talking all things time travel/theory related! Thank you so much for all the support on the podcast, we keep reaching new milestones!! Forever grateful.
7/9/202130 minutes, 5 seconds
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5. Heal Childhood Wounds w/ Rain

the rain heals everything
7/2/202111 minutes, 11 seconds
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4. Gratitude Guided Meditation

some gratitude meditation to start your week
6/28/202113 minutes, 38 seconds
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3. Value your energy

Why do we feel like it's selfish to put ourselves first?
6/25/202113 minutes, 17 seconds
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2. Strawberry Super Moon on 6/24/21

This episode is all about the super full moon tonight!
6/24/20219 minutes, 59 seconds
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Ep. 1 Welcome to Manifest That Shit

Welcome to the podcast! This is just a quick overview of what this podcast will be about. I hope you stay and follow along on this journey!
6/24/20213 minutes, 52 seconds