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Chinese, Education, 2 seasons, 14 episodes, 7 hours, 15 minutes
MandarinPod is a conversational Chinese language learning podcast. We create current and engaging content for advanced Chinese language learners. Our subscribers can expect to improve their listening skills, learn about Chinese culture, and be introduced to Chinese guests from different fields. Let’s learn together! This podcast is presented by Sishu Mandarin. Sishu Mandarin is a Chinese language school located in New York City. We provide both in-person and online Chinese classes for individuals, groups, and corporate clients. For more info: or [email protected]
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Being Gay in China

In this episode, we talk about what it's like being LGBTQ in China. We are joined by Peng Hao, who shares his experience being a gay foreigner in China. We cover LGBTQ culture in China, LGBTQ media, language, literature, movies, and gay celebrities. We hear about his experience disclosing his sexuality and his views on the future of the gay community in China. 你最早是什么时候了解到中国同性恋的人群? 李银河 为什么同性恋被称为“同志”,还有“同志”在中文里还有其他什么意思。 除了同志还有哪些别和LGBTQ有关的流行语呢? · 拉拉 · 直男/直女 · 跨性别 · 性少数群体 · 酷儿 · 出柜 · 深柜 我们聊到了gay的词汇,那你觉得中国的同性恋人群有什么特点? 你还关注哪些中国LGBT圈子里的公众人物? 北京的LGBTQ人群是什么样的?他们喜欢去哪里? Gay的酒吧 软件 Blue的 你在中国公开过自己的同志身份吗? 中美对待同性恋的态度的问题? 中国人更容易接受还是美国人更容易接受? 你觉得中国人对同性恋的接受程度怎么样?同性恋是不是一个在中国可以被公开讨论的话题? 你觉得中国人一般来说会公开自己的同性恋身份吗?
4/20/202139 minutes, 49 seconds