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Making the Brand | Marketing with a Pop Culture Twist

English, Finance, 6 seasons, 102 episodes, 1 day 23 hours 51 minutes
If you look hard enough, there are marketing lessons everywhere in pop culture. From music, to TV, sports, and movies, brands can identify ways to appeal to their audiences by understanding more about what they love -- what's popular in culture. If musicians, athletes, and actors can build loyal followings, brands can follow suit. Join your podcast host, Brianne Fleming, to chat about pop culture trends (past and present!) that will inform your marketing strategy and help you build your own audience of adoring fans.
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#102: Pop Culture in the Classroom —Lessons from Trending Topics w/ Kate Stewart

In this episode, we explore the intersection of PR and social media education with Kate Stewart, an assistant professor at Jacksonville State University! Kate shares insights into her courses, preparing students for diverse job roles in PR and social media. She discusses her innovative teaching style, which incorporates pop culture references to engage students effectively. We delve into the power of pop culture in the classroom, making complex concepts relatable and captivating students across generations. Kate challenges stigmas associated with social media education and emphasizes the value of internships in the industry. She offers valuable advice to aspiring social media professionals, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and staying current with industry trends. Kate also mentioned several resources to help anyone stay up-to-date in pop culture, trending topics, and the social m
21/02/202456 minutes 22 seconds
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#101: Behind the Screens - Inside Gillette Stadium's Fan Engagement Strategy

Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how Gillette Stadium and the New England Patriots amp up fan excitement both on and off the field. In this episode, we sit down with Kassie Epstein and Abbey Thistle from Gillette Stadium's social media and fan engagement team. They reveal the innovative strategies and creative tactics they use to connect with fans, from leveraging social media platforms to orchestrating unforgettable experiences on the stadium's iconic jumbotron, which is the largest outdoor video screen in the country! From NFL games to concerts and events, hear how the team is making these experiences something their fans will never forget! Follow Kassie Epstein on Twitter @kassieepstein Follow Abbey Thistle on Twitter @acthelin
07/02/20241 hour 18 seconds
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#100 - Game Changer: Navigating NIL Strategy for Student Athletes w/ Ben Chase

In this episode, I chat with Ben Chase the Director of NIL Strategy for the Florida Gators. We discuss the evolving landscape of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) in college sports. Ben shares insights into his journey to his current role, a brief history of NIL, and the initial goals of UF&#39;s NIL strategy. We discuss why universities have an interest in student-athletes as brands and what they stand to gain. Exploring brand collaborations, Ben talks about the diverse brands UF student-athletes have worked with and highlights notable partnerships. The conversation extends to high school athletes, their preparation for NIL, and crucial advice for entering NIL deals. Join us for a discussion on navigating NIL, relevant not only for student-athletes but also for creators and influencers aiming to build their personal brands and collaborate with others. Follow Ben on Twitter <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener n
24/01/20241 hour 30 seconds
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#99 - Social Media Storytelling in Music City: Insights from Grand Ole Opry's Social Media Manager, Jenn Crim

In this episode of Making the Brand, we dive deep into the world of social media storytelling with Jenn Crim, the Social Media Manager at Opry Entertainment Group in Nashville, Tennessee. Jenn shares her journey, strategies, and creative insights behind managing the social media presence for iconic music venues like the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, ACL Live, and Ole Red. From reaching 1 million followers on Instagram to navigating the challenges of the pandemic, Jenn discusses her unique approach to engaging with fans, working with diverse artists, and offering valuable advice for social media professionals and aspiring managers. Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with behind-the-scenes anecdotes and valuable tips from the heart of country music&#39;s social media landscape. Connect with Jenn on LinkedIn: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noref
10/01/202442 minutes 43 seconds
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#98 - Behind the Beads: Little Words Project's Big Pop Culture Impact

It&#39;s the year of friendship bracelets! In this episode, Mariah Grippo, Director of VIP Relations at Little Words Project, offers insights into the brand&#39;s 10-year journey and the power of &quot;beads on a string.&quot; Taylor Swift Sparks Trend: Explore how Taylor Swift&#39;s Eras Tour ignited the friendship bracelet trend, setting the stage for Little Words Project&#39;s decade-long commitment. VMAs Celeb Endorsement: Get the full story behind the iconic moment at the VMAs when *NSYNC reunited, and Taylor Swift received Little Words Project bracelets. Hear about the PR benefits that followed. Philanthropy and Pop Culture: Learn about Little Words Project&#39;s philanthropic journey, selling 100K bracelets, collaborating with 2000+ partners, and donating $675,000 to over 160 causes. Dive into the brand&#39;s creative incorporation of pop culture. <stro
20/12/202351 minutes 39 seconds
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The Good, the Bad, and the Unforgivable: Breaking Down Celebrity Apologies w/ Beth Booker

In this episode, I chat with Beth Booker, founder of Gracie PR. We reflect on scandals, backlashes, and celebrity apologies in 2023 and beyond. Beth shares the strategic aspects of public relations behind these apologies, exploring the delicate balance between reputation management and genuine remorse. In our conversation, we also touch on cancel culture, emphasizing the challenges public figures face in navigating reputation crises. We also highlight the importance of empathy and the distinguishing elements that make a good apology vs. one that misses the mark. Key Points Covered: 🔍 Strategic PR Insights: Explore the nuanced techniques in crafting effective celebrity apologies. 🔄 Cancel Culture Discussion: Delve into the impact of cancel culture on the reputations of public figures. ❤️ The Empathy Factor: Highlight the importance of genuine empathy in the apology
14/12/202348 minutes 49 seconds
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#96 - Unfollow: Navigating Divorce in the Social Media Era w/ Kara Francis

In this episode, we do a deep dive into the celebrity divorces of 2023 — the good, the bad, and the messy! Kara Francis, a seasoned divorce lawyer turned coach, discusses and the challenges that come with ending a relationship in the age of social media. What to Expect: Celebrity Divorces Unveiled: We dive into the high-profile divorces of the past year, dissecting headlines and discussing the unique challenges faced by celebrities in the public eye. Social Media&#39;s Role: Kara shares valuable insights into the impact of social media on the divorce process, offering practical tips on navigating the digital landscape while safeguarding your well-being and privacy. Empowerment Amid Change: Beyond legalities, we explore the shifting stigmas surrounding divorce. Kara discusses how individuals are reclaiming their power, finding strength in vulnerability, and embracing new beginnin
06/12/202332 minutes 28 seconds
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#95: Beanie Mania - Building a Digital Empire in the Beanie Baby Boom w/ Brent McCreary

In this episode, I chat with Brent McCreary, the teenage visionary behind the go-to Beanie Baby information site in the late &#39;90s. Brent takes us on a nostalgic journey, recounting the Beanie Baby mania and sharing insights into the tech stack that powered the site during that era (Geocities, anyone?) We also discuss why we love to collect things, and the sense of community among Beanie Baby enthusiasts. Brent also dives into the monetization strategies employed during the late &#39;90s compared to today. Tune in for a fun conversation that intertwines nostalgia, old school tech, and the magic of Beanie Babies! Follow Brent on IG: @crazyforconcerts Follow Brent on X/Twitter: @gaygay4gaga
29/11/202341 minutes 48 seconds
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#94 - 'Girl Boss' is Over... 'Lazy Girl Job' is Trending 🔥

From &#39;girl boss&#39; to &#39;hot girl walk&#39; and the latest phenomenon, &#39;girl math&#39;... girl trends are taking over. Is this good or bad? In this episode, we discuss a thought-provoking Vox article by Rebecca Jennings called &quot;Girl trends and the repackaging of womanhood&quot; Why are these trends taking off and what can we learn from them? Are they problematic these days (isn&#39;t everything??)? We also discuss a copywriting framework to help you write messaging that resonates with your audience. This episode is sponsored by ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠VNYL⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ — a vinyl record membership club that syncs with your Spotify so you can get new music sent to your door! Oh and the best part? Making the Brand listeners get a discount! Enjoy 5
23/08/202311 minutes 17 seconds
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#93 - How Taylor Swift Manifested my Viral Moment

It&#39;s been a weird week — I went viral on Twitter (X?) and beyond! In this episode, I share the backstory behind the tweet and what happened next. Hear why trolls are calling me a bitch, and what I said after being approached by the @FuckJerry meme account. This episode is sponsored by ⁠⁠⁠⁠VNYL⁠⁠⁠⁠ — a vinyl record membership club that syncs with your Spotify so you can get new music sent to your door! Oh and the best part? Making the Brand listeners get a discount! Enjoy 50% off your first month of 3 records. ⁠⁠⁠⁠Learn more at ⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠
02/08/202321 minutes 15 seconds
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#92 - Laughs & Likes: Matt Rife's Lesson in Social Media Engagement

In this episode of Making the Brand, we talk about the TikTok sensation, Matt Rife. The comedian who&#39;s breaking records and making millions laugh on social media. What makes Matt Rife different from most comedians? He doesn&#39;t make his act about him. His jokes are about people in his audience. We discuss why involving your followers is the key to creating a thriving community. From hilarious interactions to surprise moments, we unveil the strategies that make Matt Rife a master of engagement. We also discuss parallels between Matt Rife&#39;s comedy style and Taylor Swift&#39;s surprise songs while on tour. What makes this so brilliant? Listen and find out how you can apply lessons from their approach to your social media! This episode is sponsored by ⁠⁠⁠VNYL⁠⁠⁠ — a vinyl record membership club that syncs with your Spotify so you can get new music sent to your door! Oh and the best part? Ma
26/07/202312 minutes 41 seconds
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#91 - Marketing in a Barbie World w/ Moshe Isaacian

Get ready to experience the ultimate Barbie takeover in this episode! s I sit down with the brand strategist, Moshe Isaacian, whose tweet about the 100+ marketing activations for the upcoming Barbie movie went mega viral From being an astronaut to a veterinarian, Barbie already does it all, but now she&#39;s everywhere, and we mean EVERYWHERE! In this podcast, we&#39;ll discuss Barbie&#39;s history, exploring how this iconic brand has transcended generations. We&#39;ll also dive into Barbie&#39;s undeniable impact on pop culture. Learn how Barbie&#39;s 100+ brand activations are popping up in the most unexpected places, and how they&#39;ve got us all buzzing with excitement! So, whether you&#39;re a Barbie fanatic or simply love a good marketing spectacle, tune in as we celebrate all things Barbie. This episode is sponsored by ⁠⁠⁠⁠VNYL⁠⁠⁠⁠ — a vinyl record membership club that syncs with your Spotify
20/07/202330 minutes 1 second
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#90 - The Eras Tour (Vegas Edition): How Cities are Becoming Swifties w/ Jennifer Davies & Kira

When they heard Taylor Swift was coming to town on her Eras Tour, the City of Las Vegas went all-in. In this episode, I chat with Jennifer Davies and Kira Siqueiros from the city&#39;s digital team to discuss how they celebrated Taylor Swift&#39;s arrival and engaged with her fanbase on social media and beyond. We cover topics like: How the digital team prepped their Taylor Swift Eras Tour campaign The specific ways they sparked excitement on the Las Vegas strip and on social media The perfect Taylor Swift lyric that led to a viral tweet How the city marketed to both locals and tourists The misconceptions about government social media Why Taylor Swift&#39;s tour is such an opportunity for cities across the country What defined success for t
31/05/202330 minutes 50 seconds
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#89: From Idols to Clients: Turning Fandom into Business w/ Cassie Petrey

Imagine if the musicians you once idolized became your clients. That&#39;s the case for Cassie Petrey, the co-founder of Crowd Surf. Crowd Surf is a digital marketing company with a roster of massive stars including Guns N Roses, Backstreet Boys, Ed Sheeran, and Britney Spears. In this episode, we discover how Cassie went from running the Backstreet Boys newsletter at age 12 to becoming a marketing leader and prominent figure in the music industry. We discuss: Getting a start in the music industry: Discover how Cassie entered the music industry and built her way up to becoming a marketing powerhouse Working with massive celebrities: Gain insights into the unique dynamics and experiences of collaborating with some of the world&#39;s biggest stars Overcoming imposter syndrome: Cassie candidly addresses the challenges of imposter syndrome and shares her strate
17/05/202350 minutes 22 seconds
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#88 - The Social Network that Loves You Back: How LinkedIn Fuels Career Growth

Every millennial got started social networking thanks to MySpace, but there&#39;s another platform that deserves some love: LinkedIn. In this episode, I chat with Joe Ray, a marketing and experience manager who shares how LinkedIn can fuel your career growth: In this episode, we discuss: Misconceptions people may have about LinkedIn Joe&#39;s experiences on LinkedIn and why he prioritizes the platform Who LinkedIn is right for and what kind of goals you should have Experimenting on LinkedIn and the formats/posts that perform well Whether LinkedIn is as formal or stuffy as people may think Dealing with imposter syndrome on LinkedIn The advantages of LinkedIn and what it does better than other platforms LinkedIn Dont&#39;s to be aware of Tune in to the podcast to learn more about these topics and get expert tips on making the most of LinkedIn for your professional growth and ca
03/05/202333 minutes 28 seconds
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#87 - It's Gonna Be a Meme! w/ Kianna Davis [REPLAY]

Boy bands and memes are colliding on this episode! I had the chance to interview Kianna Davis, the original creator behind a meme we all know and love, the IT&#39;S GONNA BE MAY meme featuring Justin Timberlake. Hear the story about how she came up with this meme in 2012, and the cool things that have happened since. We also touch on the importance of giving credit to creators like her.  ⁠Follow Kianna on Instagram at @astro_kianna⁠ For marketing and pop culture wisdom sent straight to your inbox, ⁠subscribe to my newsletter here!⁠ 💌
26/04/202342 minutes 22 seconds
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#86: Branding with Star Power: Celebrity Packaged Goods w/ Dhruv Patel

Get ready to explore the exciting world of celebrity branding! I chat with Dhruv Patel, founder of His website is a detailed directory of celebrity brands and latest news! In this episode, we discuss Dhruv&#39;s passion for celebrity branding and what inspired him to create Celebrity Packaged Goods The differences between marketing a celebrity brand versus a non-celebrity brand Trends and insights in the celebrity branding space Industries that work well with celebrity branding and potential drawbacks How celebrities use social media to promote their brands What makes a celebrity brand feel authentic Notable and successful celebrity brands in the industry right now Dhruv’s newsletter is one of my favorite resources! It features breaking n
05/04/202352 minutes 1 second
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#85 - Celebrity Audition Stories That Will Inspire Your Job Search Game

Get ready to be inspired by this episode! We&#39;re taking a cue from celebrities and their audition stories to explore how we can apply their tenacity to job hunting. We&#39;re diving into the similarities between auditions and job searches, and uncovering practical tips that can help you stand out in a crowded job market. Whether you&#39;re just starting out or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with inspirational wisdom and valuable advice that will help you on your job search journey. So, let&#39;s get ready to help you land that dream job! This episode is sponsored by the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Online. If you&#39;re looking to advance your career in communications, their graduate programs offer 8 concentrations and 4 certificates from social media, public relations, digital strategy, web design and more. And with a flexible onli
29/03/202318 minutes 10 seconds
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#84: Uncovering the Art of Storytelling in American Idol Auditions

We&#39;re watching TV like it&#39;s 2002! In this episode, we delve into the world of American Idol auditions to explore the role of storytelling in the competition. From heartwarming personal anecdotes to inspiring journeys of overcoming adversity, we discover how contestants use their stories to capture the hearts and attention of both the judges and the audience. We explore how the power of storytelling can make a contestant more memorable and build a deeper connection with their audience, helping them stand out from the rest of the pack. Tune in to discover the lessons in vulnerability and storytelling that you can apply in your own life and career. This episode is sponsored by ⁠VNYL⁠ — a vinyl record membership club that syncs with your Spotify so you can get new music sent to your door! Oh and the best part? Making the Brand listeners get a discount! Enjoy 50% off your first month of 3 records. <a href="http://vnyl
22/03/202316 minutes 11 seconds
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#83 - Real Talk: Analyzing the Legacy of MTV's The Real World w/ Dana Bowling

Get ready to discuss the true stories of seven strangers, picked to live in a house. I&#39;m joined by my friend Dana Bowling - a former casting director, pop culture enthusiast, and video and personal branding coach. In this episode, Dana shares her insights on the enduring influence of MTV&#39;s The Real World and its impact on pop culture and marketing.  We discussed the following: Memories of watching The Real World and why the show&#39;s concept was so successful The evolution of the show&#39;s reputation from addressing contemporary issues to showcasing immaturity and irresponsible behavior The importance of vulnerability in creating compelling content and how The Real World&#39;s focus on personal struggles and growth contributed to its popularity The show&#39;s place in pop culture and its influence on reality TV and youth culture The casting process for the show and what might have been involved in selecting th
15/03/202351 minutes 31 seconds
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#82 - From Wannabes to Icons: The Marketing and Strategy Behind the Spice Girls

We&#39;re celebrating Women&#39;s History Month the best way we know how - with the Spice Girls... the best-selling girl group of all time! In this episode, we explore: The marketing and strategy that propelled the Spice Girls to worldwide fame The iconic merchandise that helped solidify their image Ginger Spice&#39;s unforgettable Union Jack dress and its coverage in the press The lasting impact of Girl Power and how it empowered young women everywhere to be themselves and pursue their dreams The importance of embracing your unique personality as your biggest advantage in a world of fierce competition. Tune in to learn more about the incredible legacy of the Spice Girls and their role in women&#39;s history. This episode is sponsored by VNYL — a vinyl record membership club that syncs with your Spotify so you can
08/03/20239 minutes 17 seconds
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#81 - Kelsea Ballerini's Divorce Album Parallels the Genius Songwriting Behind "All Too Well"

Amid Kelsea Ballerini's high-profile divorce from fellow country singer, Morgan Evans, she did what any songwriter would do... she picked up her guitar. Her new EP, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, gives us six heartbreaking songs documenting the downfall of her marriage. It's such a work of art, even SNL has invited Kelsea to perform on next week's show.&nbsp; For this week's remixed episode, we compare Kelsea's songwriting to the genius storytelling behind "All Too Well" by Taylor Swift. It shares a simple technique you can apply to your own writing and content.&nbsp; For marketing and pop culture lessons sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter here! 💌
01/03/202315 minutes 58 seconds
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#80: Why Even Kim Kardashian Needs Influencers w/ Ngozi Musa

Does your company have a dedicated influencer marketing team? Despite being one of the most influential people on the planet, Kim Kardashian is investing in influencer marketing for her shapewear brand, SKIMS. On today's episode, I chat with Ngozi Musa, a Harvard grad and influencer marketing manager about sociology and social media, the latest trends in the creator economy, and why bigger influencers aren't always better. She also shares her three categories to keep in mind when sourcing influencers for your brand.&nbsp; Follow Ngozi on LinkedIn Connect with her at @ngozimusa on Instagram and TikTok For marketing and pop culture lessons sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter here! 💌<
22/02/202334 minutes 1 second
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#79 - Marketing Taylor Swift Dance Parties w/ Victoria Morton

Is there anything Swifties can&#39;t do? In this episode, I chat with Victoria Morton — a marketer by day and Taylor Swift dance party host by night. She co-founded TSwift Dance Party CA and offers a safe space for Swifties to scream the lyrics on the dance floor. Hear the story of how Victoria turned her passion for Taylor&#39;s discography into a community of fellow fans. Learn more about TSwift Dance Party CA  Follow @tswiftdancepartyca For marketing and pop culture lessons sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter here! 💌 Access the show notes here!
15/02/202329 minutes 9 seconds
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#78 - The Data Behind Dating ❤️‍🔥 w/ Michael Kaye of OkCupid

No matter your relationship status, you need to hear this episode with Michael Kaye of the online dating app, OkCupid! Michael is the Head of Global Communications and is sharing the brilliant ways they use data and insights to engage their app users. In this episode, we cover: The stigmas of online dating and how OkCupid changes the narrative OkCupid&#39;s masterful use of pop culture and trending topics to spark social conversations The surprising trends that separate millennial daters and Gen Z How OkCupid incorporates storytelling and successful love stories into their messaging Strategies for standing out against the competition Psst... Michael is also sharing a special gift if you&#39;re out there looking for love! This episode will fascinate you 💗 Follow Michael on Tw
08/02/202337 minutes 38 seconds
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#76 - From Fan to Author: How Karah-Leigh Hancock Built the BSB Fangirls Community

Every fandom has their community where they go to connect with other fans to talk about their favorite thing. There's usually someone who has to lead the charge, be a source of information, and create excitement within the fandom. And as a Backstreet Boys fan, I’m excited to chat with Karah-Leigh Hancock, who is the owner of BSB Fangirls and also the author of an upcoming book celebrating BSB’s 30-year legacy.&nbsp; Pre-order your copy here! The book drops on April 11th.&nbsp; Access the show notes here. &nbsp;For marketing and pop culture lessons sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter here! 💌 http
11/01/202346 minutes 15 seconds
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#75 - Equinox's NYE Backlash and the Future of Fitness

If fitness is part of your New Year's Resolution, Equinox is telling you to take it somewhere else. In this episode, I share more about the backlash that ensued when they banned new members on January 1st. I also shine a light on Peloton and how 'extertainment' is the future of fitness. OH and JC Chasez of *NSYNC gets a shoutout. 
28/12/202213 minutes 14 seconds
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#74 - Taylor Swift's Genius Writing Categories & Easier Content Creation

I'm always trying to understand Taylor Swift's genius writing brain. In this episode, we review the writing categories she uses to group her lyrics and help make the writing process a bit more imaginative. And the best part? We can take inspiration from her framework and apply it to our own content creation. I explain how! Episode resources: Content Formula Article with more examples! Download your free content themes worksheet For marketing and pop culture lessons sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter here! 💌
21/12/202213 minutes 30 seconds
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#73 - Get Your Email & Newsletter *NSYNC w/ Liz Wilcox

Liz Wilcox is a diehard *NSYNC fangirl AND email marketing expert. She dropped some actionable takeaways to help you turn your email subscribers into friends who will gladly become your customers! Hear her share the biggest advantage small businesses have, as well as the one simple section you can add to your emails RIGHT NOW to boost conversions. I found myself taking notes throughout this episode. For more of Liz's wisdom, be sure to follow her, subscribe to her email list, and even consider joining her incredible email marketing membership. She is truly the Fresh Princess of Email!&nbsp;&nbsp; Access the show notes here Follow Liz: @thelizwilcox on Instagram&nbsp; Check out her website! For marketing and pop culture lessons sent straight t
14/12/202246 minutes
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#72 - Brands are Swifties Too! Going Viral on the Brand Account w/ Nicole Tabak

When Nicole Tabak saw Taylor Swift trending ahead of her latest album release, she decided to jump in on behalf of her client... Harvard Online. Her thread comparing Taylor Swift albums as Harvard courses went viral. Hear Nicole tell the story and share why brands are Swifties too. Access the show notes Subscribe to Nicole's social media and mental health newsletter, Social Media Detox.&nbsp; Follow Nicole on Twitter at @NicoleTabak&nbsp; For marketing and pop culture lessons sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter here! 💌
07/12/202250 minutes 45 seconds
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#70 - Growing Up on Teen Magazines: Where are they Now? w/ Angel Martinez

From Seventeen to Tiger Beat, YM, J-14 and more, an entire generation of teen girls grew up reading magazines. I spoke with Angel Martinez, who wrote an incredible article on this subject for Vice. She shares the history of teen magazines, how brands started targeting teenagers, and how they've evolved over the years. Access the show notes here Read the Vice article here: The Teen Magazine Raised an Entire Generation of Girls Follow Angel Martinez on Twitter: @angxlmartinez Follow Angel on Instagram: @AngxlicaMartinez For marketing and pop culture lessons sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter
23/11/202238 minutes 42 seconds
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#69 - How to Have a Ball on Social Media w/ Kevin Graham of MANSCAPED🥜

Kevin Graham manages social media for MANSCAPED — a men's grooming company that sells... ball trimmers. Even as a woman who is clearly not the target user, I can't help but love MANSCAPED's content. Hear Kevin share how he uses creativity, pop culture, and some occasional NSFW humor to bring the brand to life. Access the show notes here Follow Kevin on Twitter! Follow MANSCAPED: For marketing and pop culture lessons sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter here! 💌
16/11/202231 minutes 30 seconds
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#67 - Let's go the Mall! Celebrating @OviedoMall, the Most Underrated Twitter Account

My favorite brand on Twitter isn't a Fortune 500 company... it's the Oviedo Mall. I'm chatting with the mastermind behind the witty account, Josh Gunderson. His approach to social media is something both big and small brands can learn from.&nbsp; Access the show notes here Follow @OviedoMall on Twitter! Follow @JoshGunderson For marketing and pop culture wisdom sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter here! 💌
02/11/202253 minutes 45 seconds
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#65 - Get Your Marketing On: Learning From Missy Elliott's Genius w/ Codi Dantu-Johnson

In this episode, social media pro Codi Dantu-Johnson shares five marketing lessons we can learn from Missy Elliott... and these lessons are so great that even Missy Elliott herself agreed! Codi also shares some the hard truths about social media right now. Follow Codi on Twitter at @codishaaa Work with Codi — Mini Media Marketing For marketing and pop culture lessons sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter here! 💌
19/10/202238 minutes 22 seconds