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Making Sense with Steve Leser

English, National/National politics/National assembly, 1 season, 5 episodes, 5 hours, 24 minutes
Appearing regularly on networks like Fox News and RT, Steve Leser is a sought after Political Pundit known for a fact based approach to politics. In addition to here on BlogtalkRadio, Making Sense with Steve Leser is carried on KCAA 1050am Radio in the Inland Empire California area at 2pm Pacific time on Mondays.
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Cruz announcement, Obamacare turns 5, GOP Treason, LGBT rights and more

Tonight on Making Sense with Steve Leser and the Rude Pundit we discuss the Cruz candidacy, the 5 year anniversary of Obamacare, allegations Republican congressmen were fed Israeli intelligence to help them torpedo Iran negotiations, LGBT rights and more.
3/25/20151 hour, 9 minutes, 10 seconds
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Making Sense with Steve Leser and the Rude Pundit

Steve Leser and the Rude Pundit discuss current political topics.
3/18/20151 hour, 4 minutes, 16 seconds
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Making Sense with Steve Leser 10 day out coverage of election 2014 & Predictions

At 7pm eastern time on Sunday Oct 26, Steve Leser gives his 10 day out analysis of election 2014 to include how the US Senate will shake out. Is it a matter of how many seats the GOP will pick up? Will Republicans take control of the Senate?Find out Steve's take on this and other Election 2014 analysis and predictions.
10/26/201455 minutes, 5 seconds
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LGBT Marriage rights victories, Ebola update, Voter ID Laws struck down and more

Today on Making Sense with Steve Leser and the Rude Pundit, the Rude one and I discuss the recent progress in marriage equality and what the next steps are in terms of equal rights for the LGBTQ community. Then we have an update on the Ebola outbreak to include whether folks should be worried and a discussion of Mr. Thomas Duncan as a human being, not a disease vector. Then two states had their Voter ID laws struck down. What does this mean for ballot access.
10/12/20141 hour, 20 minutes, 42 seconds
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Two of my Favorite Interviews, Susan Eisenhower and Bill Richardson

This week, in honor of two years on the air, yes its almost exactly two years ago this week that I had my first show, in honor of that we have a special show with limited commercial interruption. I am replaying two of my favorite interviews of the past two years. The first one is with Susan Eisenhower, the granddaughter of former US President Dwight David Eisenhower who was also Supreme Allied Commander of Allied forces in Europe during the second world war to include overall command of Operation Overlord, the allied invasion of France.The second interview is with former New Mexico Governor, US Ambassador to the United Nations and Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, the occasion was the release of his book in late 2013, How to Sweet-Talk a Shark.If you want to write to me to give your feedback about anything we talked about on the show write to [email protected] and I may read your email on the air next week, again that's [email protected]
10/5/201455 minutes, 7 seconds