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Living Design Process and the Tetrad of Regenerative Development with Pamela Mang

Sometimes I find myself inside a dialogue that deeply meets me where I am and lifts me up to a place with more clarity, more vitality, and more possibility. This episode with Pamela Mang was one of these. Pamela is long-term friend and colleague of past guests Carol Sanford, Joel Glanzberg, Ben Haggard, and Bill Reed. She has been working in the space of regenerative design, resourcing and development for many decades. Co-founder of Regenesis Group, she is co-author (with Ben) of the 2016 book Regenerative Design and Development. She is also part of the faculty that runs The Regenerative Practitioner (TRP) programme. In this dialogue Pamela helps me grok the tetrad of regenerative development that Regenesis works from in relation to my own work on Living Design Process. From this paper which in turn sourced it from Regenesis group. Upcoming TRPs in NZ and AU Enrolments for the next Australian programme for TRP are open July 15th - August 19
15/07/20221 hour 52 seconds
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Bringing Professional Permaculture Design Work to Life with Alec Higgins – Part Two (E78)

Enjoy part of two of this rich dialogue about bringing Living Design Process to professional permaculture design consultancy. Will make more sense if you listen to Part One first. An aerial photo of the Mayberry project which is mentioned in this episode and is a good example of a design process that uses earthworks and trees to create beautiful organic spaces in between...
27/06/202250 minutes 43 seconds
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Bringing Professional Permaculture Design Work to Life with Alec Higgins – Part One (E77)

Many thanks to Alec Higgins for prompting this exploration. In the first of two instalments, we develop premises for transitioning into professional permaculture design work. Enjoy and to learn more about working with Living Design Process please visit - the next course starts in August and you can learn more about it here. A photo of the early development of the project I explored with John Caruthers here. From drone footage by Peter Watts
08/06/202256 minutes 5 seconds
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Daniel Christian Wahl on Aligning with Life’s Regenerative Impulse

It was an honour to connect in this episode with Daniel Christian Wahl to explore what it means to align with life's regenerative impulse. Here's Daniel's book Designing Regenerative Cultures, his Medium Blog and here's his wonderful youtube series Voices of the Regeneration. Early on Daniel mentions Christopher Alexander's Challenge to Permaculture. A few times he mentions Henri Bortoft's book The Wholeness of Nature. Daniel Christian Wahl Enjoy, thanks to Daniel for visiting Making Permaculture Stronger, and thanks to our mutual friend Clinton Callahan for connecting us.
20/05/20221 hour 3 minutes 30 seconds
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Creating from Fear, Chaos, and the Groundless Void with Clinton Callahan (E75)

In this lively second conversation (find the first here) Clinton Callahan and I dive right in to swap notes on the dynamics of living creation processes. We cover creating from fear, chaos, and the groundless void as well as feelings, the unknown, the phoenix process, surfing the wave you are are, and much else. You can find out more about Clinton at his website here and during our chat he mentioned, and
02/05/20221 hour 17 minutes 11 seconds
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Celebrating the Life and Work of Christopher Alexander

On March 17, 2022, at 85 years of age, Christopher Alexander passed away peacefully in his home in West Sussex, England. This post celebrates his life, and for me, personally, the sheer magnitude his work has had on the course of my life, including Making Permaculture Stronger as a project. If any of you have been touched by this project, then you have been indirectly impacted by Alexander's life-long quest toward life, beauty and wholeness. Find out about who Alexander was here and here and here and here. Learn about Alexander's direct influence on my (Dan Palmer's) work, and on this very project here and here. A Poem Thank you to Ann Medlock, a past client (and hence collaborator) of Alexander's, for permission to share these photos and this poem here: Alexander sculpts a building out of air and wisdom waving his hands squinting his eyes to see what only he and God can see in this clearing on the bluff. Listening to something we cannot hear, h
28/03/202255 minutes 35 seconds
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Possibility Management and Permaculture with Brianne Vaillancourt

In this episode Brianne Vaillancourt and I explore the the edge between Possibility Management and Permaculture. In particular we explore the potential to harness conscious feelings in our design work. Having started this conversation back in episode fifteen with Clinton Callahan, I feel joy to be going there again. Joy because the clarity of the distinctions I have learned in Possibility Management contexts are contributing so much to my work in design, holding space, and my life generally. Brianne Vaillancourt & Dan Palmer Learn more about Brianne (and sign up to her newsletter!) through her personal website. Learn more about Clinton at his personal website. Learn more about Anne-Chloé Destremau, who Brianne mentions, here. Learn more about Possibility Management, Rage Club, Fear Club and Mage Training which are all mentioned. Something that wasn't mentioned, but I was thinking of during the episode, is this site using the term Whole Permaculture to explore the P
10/03/20221 hour 2 minutes 55 seconds
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An Emergent Dialogue with Eloisa Lewis

In this episode in was my pleasure to get to know permaculture consultant Eliosa Lewis from New Climate Culture. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Eloisa's journey and work and look forward to having her back. Here is a link to Kevin Bayuk of Project Drawdown that Eloisa speaks so highly of. Here is the crypto token She talks about: I look forward to your comments (including questions for future conversations with Eloisa) and at the start I mention online events on Holistic Decision Making and Living Design Process you can find out more about here.
18/02/20221 hour 13 minutes 44 seconds
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Carol Sanford on Indirect Work (E71)

In this episode it is my great pleasure to welcome Carol Sanford back to explore her brand new book Indirect Work. To support and celebrate the book's launch, Carol has offered a giveaway offer exclusively for listeners of Making Permaculture Stronger. If you listen to and then share this episode on your website or any of your social media channels (such as sharing from the Making Permaculture Stronger facebook page), and then let me know about it, you go into the draw to access: A free copy of Indirect Work posted to your doorA free ticket to a 90-minute Q&A on Indirect Work with Carol 10am PT, May 2, 2022 ($200 value)The link to download a pdf Self-Assessment for Regenerative Integrity. $100 value There are also a bunch of different offers for buying different numbers of books here on Carol's site. Now, a little taste of what this book is all about. Carol explains that: indirect work is building the capacity in people to consistently think at higher levels in order
30/01/20221 hour 7 minutes 26 seconds
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Sourcing our Creation Processes Outside the Mechanical Cage with Millie Haughey

In this episode I re-release an interview Millie Haughey recently did with me for her own podcast which is called Unplugged, Tapped In. We explore the idea that most of us are trapped in the all-pervasive cage of mechanical worldview without even realising it and what becomes possible when the cage is seen and the door out is located. This will be a theme of some upcoming writing and solo episodes also. In the intro I mention Millie's interview with my dear friend and long-term Making Permaculture Stronger collaborator James Andrews. I also mention this episode in which I interviewed the founder of Possibility Management Clinton Callahan (or see as youtube here). During the chat I mention Carol Sanford a fair bit too.
03/01/20221 hour 16 minutes 24 seconds
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Permaculture Design Process with Penny Livingston-Stark

In this episode I get to inquire into permaculture design process with Penny Livingston-Stark. Penny has been teaching internationally and working professionally in the land management, regenerative design, and permaculture development field for 25 years and has extensive experience in all phases of ecologically sound design and construction as well as the use of natural non-toxic building materials. She specializes in site planning and the design of resource-rich landscapes integrating, rainwater collection, edible and medicinal planting, spring development, pond and water systems, habitat development and watershed restoration for homes, co-housing communities, businesses, and diverse yield perennial farms. She as taught Herbal Medicine Making, Natural Building and Permaculture around the US as well as Bali, Indonesia, Peru, Germany, Mexico, France, Turkey, Portugal, Australia, Belize, Brazil, England and Costa Rica. Check out Penny's website here and the ecoversity course she ment
20/12/20211 hour 6 minutes 25 seconds
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In Dialogue with Bill Houghton on where Making Permaculture Stronger is going

In this episode I share a lovely dialogue with Bill Houghton, a long-term follower and supporter of Making Permaculture Stronger who recently reached out to connect. I love his opener: "I'm just intrigued as hell to know where you're going man!" Enjoy, and know I am so appreciating the richness of your comments and messages as we navigate this journey together. Bill Houghton
04/12/20211 hour 15 minutes 16 seconds
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Further Exploring the Contrast Between a Mechanical and a Living Worldview/Paradigm with Jason Gerhardt (E67)

Hey all. I have been so energised from the spirit and content of comments on my last post/episode. Not to mention the private messages coming through. Then Jason reached out and helped me take it up a notch in this delightful dialogue. A dialogue sparked by how the last post/episode fed into some of his latest adventures and insights. Enjoy, do let me know what this stirs up or brings alive inside of you (in the comments or a message through the contact form). Then catch you all in part two of the talking points series - can't wait! Also, I have a few questions for you to ponder. Deep down, which image best represents the lens you look through and hence the world you see? How sure are you about this? This: or this: ps. One little note of clarity is that I've personally been referring to mechanical and living worldviews (of which there are others, I just happen to be focusing on these two right now). Then I have been using the word paradigm to refer to
11/11/20211 hour 4 minutes 13 seconds
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Building Your Permaculture Property: Part One – On Worldviews and Metaphors

Making Permaculture Stronger’s core focus is regenerating permaculture design process together. By this, I mean the deep and hard work of a) honing in on permaculture's essential core, and b) sourcing and developing design process understandings from, and in alignment with, that place. A necessary aspect of this work is developing new material (ideas, metaphors, diagrams, examples, practices etc). An equally necessary aspect is making space for this new material by finding and letting go of material that does not align or belong. I believe this work is like an acupuncture point essential to the development of permaculture's radical, needed and enormous potential. I also believe that this work, which is ours, as permaculturalists, to do, has barely begun. This series of three blog posts and corresponding podcast episodes is a heart-felt invitation into this kind of work. Where I want to be clear for you, and in within myself, that I am not writing this stuff as any kind of e
28/10/202145 minutes 21 seconds
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On honouring Indigenous Tradition, Ancestors, Spirit and Intuition in our Permaculture Design Processes with Laura Adams

In this episode we explore part of what it means, or might mean, to bring indigenous perspectives to permaculture design with Laura Adams from Seven Winds LLC in Maryland, USA. This episode started with an email from Laura sharing some thoughts on the last episode: Greetings Dan,I have been listening to your podcast with great interest over the last several months whilst taking part in Geoff Lawton’s online PDC.  (Although I have been exploring permaculture for many years) I am also a supporter of and very excited about the Reading Landscape Film, congratulations on making the goal.  I was prompted to send this note when I heard the most recent podcast you released regarding a conversation with your core group about systems thinking and more.  In that podcast you encouraged your listeners to hit pause and answer the question(s) themselves prior to continuing to passively listen which led me to engage with the conversation more actively and I thought there may be a value in shari
23/09/202157 minutes 47 seconds
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Inquiring into Systems Thinking with the Making Permaculture Stronger Developmental Community (E64)

In a world first for this project, this episode shares one of last year's sessions with the Making Permaculture Stronger Developmental Community. Huge thanks to Han Kortekaas, Ronella Gomez, Nicholas Franz, Zola Rose, Barry Gibson, Jon Buttery, Arthur Buitelaar, Dan Milne, Byron Birss & Joel Mortimer for co-creating this with me and for their gracious permission to share here. Here are some of us during a more recent session. Learn more about the Making Permaculture Stronger Developmental Community here. Below is the section on systems thinking in the book Practical Permaculture by Jessi Bloom & Dave Boehnlein (p. 18) that is mentioned during this episode. This section is viewable as a free preview at google books. Similarly, you can also check out page 20 of Toby Hemenway's The Permaculture City here if you like. From Practical Permaculture by Jessi Bloom & Dave Boehnlein
01/09/20211 hour 37 minutes 41 seconds
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Five Principles of Healthy Design Process with John Carruthers

In this episode my friend John Carruthers shares five insights or principles he’s distilled during five years of developing a 70-acre property in Central Victoria, Australia. It was an honour to act for a part of the journey as what John describes as a ‘robust river guide,’ and I am so thrilled to see John and his partner Rosie in full stewardship of their own process and the beautiful forms that are emerging from it. Here is the video we mention several times in the chat – thanks to John for permission to share it here. John also sent these further notes: a) the deep ripping across the southern half of the property begun this year is an “option value” decision because it’s an excellent BNS (Best Next Step) for almost any other activity thereafter, be it cover-crop pre-pasture, shelter belt tree planting, or agroforestry or silvopasture. It’s a valuable precursor step.b) The widely-spaced k
15/07/20211 hour 4 minutes 4 seconds
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Tyson Yunkaporta on permaculture, systems thinking & the pattern of creation (E62)

It was my pleasure to yarn with Sand Talk author Tyson Yunkaporta on permaculture and much else. Tyson's perspective complements and contrasts with that of Leah Penniman in the last episode. Please do tell me what you got from the chat in the comments below! Tyson Yunkaporta Permaculture isn't a form of gardening - it's a method of inquiry about relationships - that's all it is. And it's awesome and in that way it's similar to traditional ecological knowledge from all over the planet and it's a constantly shifting evolving body of knowledge too, that's never the same in the same place twice. Love it!Tyson Yunkaporta The above quote comes from this talk between Tyson and my friends at the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance: Also a big shout out to my my three friends Woody, Meg and Patrick who make up Artist as Family who Tyson speaks about in the yarn. Coincidentally Woody is to appear in our upcoming documentary film about reading
16/06/202156 minutes 36 seconds
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Leah Penniman from Soul Fire Farm on Permaculture, Decolonisation, and Re-Indigenising

It was a deep honour to have Leah Penniman from Soul Fire Farm join me for this conversation. Along with Leah's beautiful sharing, I was grateful for the feelings the conversation evoked (many of which only emerged when I listened to our chat again afterwards). I feel like I gained some powerful waypoints in navigating the journey back home. A journey I'm sure I'm not alone in craving. I also appreciated hearing the heartache Leah has around certain patterns she perceives permaculture to be perpetuating. My focus in the conversation was about inviting and engaging with Leah's perspective. A perspective which comes from her standing outside permaculture and looking in. I would love to hear your perspective in the comments below. What of Leah's experience of permaculture resonates with your own? What, if anything, doesn't? What impact, if any, does you listening to this episode have on your journey forward? Learn more about Soul Fire Farm here, and check out a rich trove of Leah sh
23/05/202154 minutes 48 seconds
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Engaging the Design Web with Looby Macnamara (e60)

In this conversation, which follows on from the previous episode, explores Looby Macnamara's design web. We dive into the topic of emergent design process, and in particular Looby's design web approach to designing anything. I was pleasantly surprised to discover in my preparations for this chat that Looby is a co-traveller in the realm of design process innovation, earnestly striving via the design web to get free of traps such as: Viewing design process as a linear sequence of stepsThe logical fallacy of having "design" be one of the steps within the whole "design" processHaving observation as a step as if at some point you stop observingGetting too prescriptive about the end state you are heading towardSeparating planning from action in ways that cripple the possibility of the best outcomes and discoveriesGetting paralysed by complexityGetting stuck in one's headMechanical (as opposed to biological and ecological) metaphors Learn more about Looby's work including books and cou
28/04/20211 hour 13 minutes 48 seconds
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An Emergent Conversation with Looby Macnamara (e59)

For some years I've been itching to get permaculture designer, teacher and author Looby Macnamara on the show and that dream has finally come true. Not only that, we had such a lovely chat we've already booked in a second conversation, where Looby will take us through what she calls her permaculture design web. Find out more about Looby's books and other work at her personal website here. Looby - image source Find out about Looby's colleague in cultural emergence, Jon Young, at his website here. And here is an image of Looby's permaculture design web that I am excited to explore in our next chat. Here's vid of Looby introducing Cultural Emergence Enjoy the episode, leave a comment, and catch you in episode 60!
01/04/20211 hour 10 minutes 43 seconds
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In Dialogue with Takota Coen about Permaculture’s Potential (E58)

I recently enjoyed the first of what I hope will be many lovely conversations with Takota Coen about permaculture's potential. Takota is co-author of the new design process book Building Your Permaculture Property. In Takota's words, we "talk about how a lack of a living, adaptive process is holding permaculture back from reaching its fullest potential, and what we can all do about it." Here's the youtube version, here's Takota's podcast where this chat was originally shared, and you can learn more about what I'm calling Living Design Process here. Enjoy and please do leave a comment sharing what you make of the stuff we explore! Dan and Takota mid-chat
20/03/20211 hour 1 minute 19 seconds
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Michael Wardle: Professional Permaculture Designer and Educator (E57)

Greetings all. In this episode I get to ask my friend and colleague Michael Wardle from Savour Soil Permaculture all kinds of questions about the history and current state of his work as a professional permaculture designer and educator. Lots of great perspectives and hard-earned learnings in this one - I look forward to seeing what you make of it in the comments! Michael with one of his teachers :-). You can check out Michael's facebook page here and his website here, including his design consultancy offerings and a section with a bunch of edible gardening tips here. Michael also has a youtube channel with videos such as this one dropping thick and fast:
18/02/202155 minutes 25 seconds
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Carol Sanford’s Seven First Principles of Regeneration – Further Reflections

Hey all. So I had the urge to surf along a little in the wake of the last episode, and reflect further on Carol Sanford's Seven First Principles of Regeneration. Thus, in this episode I reflect on, unpack and further explore what Carol shared about the seven first principles and how they are enriching my own development. My intention for the episode was: I am continuing to explore Carol Sanford's Seven First Principles of a way that supports listeners (and myself!) to better grasp and go experiment with that we realising together, any value they can bring to our lives, projects and the Making Permaculture Stronger journey. Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing what you make of all this in the comments :-). Further Reading, Watching, and Listening on Carol Sanford's Seven First Principles of Regeneration If, like me, you're itching to dive deeper, I found this most helpful series of blog posts (and a separate series of short videos) whe
30/01/202151 minutes 28 seconds
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The Seven First Principles of Regeneration with Carol Sanford (E55)

In this episode pioneering regenerative thinker Carol Sanford rejoins me to share a living systems framework she calls The Seven First Principles of Regeneration. Sketch by Dan based on Carol's description Resources to Deepen Learning My first chat with Carol (also see these follow up words from Carol)My second chat with Carol where she shares her four levels of paradigmCarol's websiteThe Deep Pacific Change Agent Community (That Dan is part of)A series of articles in which Carol applies the Seven First Principles to educationCarol going through the principles in a different way on her Business Second Opinion PodcastCarol's book The Regenerative Life in which she goes through the seven first principlesWholeness and the Implicate Order by David Bohm Carol Sanford. A few transcribed lines from the episode Thanks to MPS patron Jon Buttery for pulling some comments that stood out for him from the chat (with approx times): 13:36 – "I don’t want you to be disappointed th
22/12/20201 hour 3 minutes 55 seconds
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David Holmgren’s Journey with Permaculture Design Process – Part Two (e54)

Welcome back to Part Two of a conversation with permaculture co-originator David Holmgren. In which David continues sharing significant milestones from his many decades as a practicing permaculture designer. Thanks to this project's wonderful patrons, I was once again able to have the audio professionally transcribed. The text below then received significant edits for clarity from patron Jon Buttery (thanks Jon!), myself, and most importantly David. Thanks also to David for kindly sharing relevant photos that help bring the text to life. Don't miss Part One if you haven't yet heard/read it, and given the quality of thinking David shares in this continuation, I hope you'll leave a comment. I anticipate a follow up conversation with David exploring questions and reflections from your comments, so please make the most of the opportunity. Finally, given this conversation again touches on the core skill of reading landscape, please check out and consider supporting the documentary
20/11/20201 hour 16 minutes 29 seconds
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David Holmgren’s Journey with Permaculture Design Process – Part One (e53)

I'm thrilled in this episode to share the first part of a two-part interview in which David Holmgren shares his journey with permaculture design process over the decades. Scroll down to access the full transcript of this conversation, with huge thanks to David for sharing the historical photographs which really bring the story to life. Note that in collaboration with David I had also previously created a downloadable PDF showing the timeline of David's design process journey that might provide a helpful supporting reference. Finally, be sure to check out the brand new Reading Landscape with David Holmgren documentary project website which is so closely related to this episode. The Full Interview Transcript (Edited for flow and readability) Dan Palmer (DP):Welcome to the next episode of the Making Permaculture Stronger podcast. I'm super excited today. I've travelled about half an hour up the road and I'm sitting at a permaculture demonstration property and home calle
06/10/20201 hour 13 minutes 24 seconds
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Rosemary Morrow Reflecting on Four Decades of International Permaculture Work (e52)

Such a deep honour to have my dear friend and very first ever podcast guest Rosemary ('Rowe') Morrow from the Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute back on the show (after being my very first ever guest!) sharing her permaculture journey over four decades this week. Some of the topics you'll hear in this truly wonderful chat are Rowe's: new in-progress bookthoughts on the adequacies and inadequacies of permaculture issue with most permaculture being taught to middle class westernerswork in refugee camps and other largely invisible margins which are rapidly growingthoughts on designing yourself into your place vs designing yourself out of overseas places you workchapter on a permaculture approach to the oceansthoughts on decolonisation and re-indigenisingthoughts on the essence of permaculture Please note after our chat Rowe asked if I would please share this link about supporting a permaculture project addressing the Humanitarian Crisis after the burning of the Moria Camp on t
21/09/20201 hour 4 minutes 22 seconds
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Holistic Decision Making shop talk with Javan Bernakevitch and Dan Palmer (e51)

Continuing our recent focus, this episode shares a lively chat with my friend and fellow decision-making innovator Javan Bernakevitch. For several years we've been catching up regularly to talk shop and explore what's alive for us with respect to our shared interest in values-based or holistic decision making. This time we hit record to explore the difference between procedures with steps and processes with principles. How clear are you on the difference? Take a listen to find out! Find more episodes on Holistic Decision Making hereLearn more about Javan's excellent work here and watch his Facing Fire film hereFind out more about my online courses in Holistic Decision Making hereCheck this link in a week or so to learn more about the David Holmgren Reading Landscape Documentary projectCheck out the site of April-Sampson Kelly (whose voice makes an all-too-brief appearance) hereBecome a patron of Making Permaculture Stronger here to access powerful permaculture design resources and
06/09/202052 minutes 12 seconds
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Holistic Context for a Permaculture Design Business (Part 2 of 2)

This episode is the continuation and completion of the last episode where I started an interactive rolling review of a holistic context for a permaculture design business. Here we follow through and finish the first pass of Porvenir Design's Holistic Context with owner-directors Scott Gallant and Sam Kenworthy. To tie in with our current focus, by the way, I have created an online course on Holistic Decision Making starting September 4th, 2020. This course will educate and resource participants to develop their own holistic contexts and start making decisions aligned with that context. There is also the opportunity to attend a PDC with Porvenir Design in either 2020 or 2021. If you are interested in this topic you might also want to listen to my introduction to Holistic Decision Making in episode 40 and my recent interview with Allan Savory. You can also catch up on my prior conversation with Scott on the practical and professional realities of a more living design proc
22/08/202054 minutes 30 seconds
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Articulating and Evolving a Holistic Context with Scott and Sam’s Permaculture Design Business: (Part 1 of 2)

This interview will show you what working on a holistic context looks like and how you could do this for yourself, your family, or your permaculture project or enterprise. Scott Gallant and Sam Kenworthy from Porvenir Design in Central America have recently created a holistic context for their business. In this episode I review it with them and support them to evolve it further. Here you'll get a better feel for applying what we learned from Allan Savory in the previous episode on Permaculture and Holistic Management. The whole Holistic Context idea comes from Allan. If you are interested in this topic you might want to listen to my introduction to Holistic Decision Making in episode 40. You can also catch up on my prior conversation with Scott on the practical and professional realities of a more living design process in episode 41 and episode 42. In conjunction with this episode, I have also created an online course on Holistic Decision Making starting September 4th, 2020. This
07/08/20201 hour 5 minutes 6 seconds
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Allan Savory on Permaculture and Holistic Management (e48)

In this very special episode, I enjoy an in-depth conversation with Allan Savory, originator of Holistic Management, President of the Savory Institute and Director of the Africa Centre for Holistic Management. While Allan is best known for his work on holistic planned grazing, I was especially excited to dive into the decision making framework at holistic management's core and its implications for permaculture. This is our conversation at a glance. How we start the process of managing holistically when commencing new projectsMoving from reductionist to holistic management is moving from a reactive to a proactive orientationThe process of defining what important isThe relationship between holistic management and permacultureAddressing complexity with a holistic frameworkBeyond thinking holistically to managing holisticallyThe challenge with making holistic management stickThe paradigm shifts required to manage complexityThe individual leadership to inspire and the institutional s
25/07/20201 hour 16 minutes 23 seconds
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Permaculture design pathways – the latest adventures of Simon Marshall (e47)

In this episode I catch up with Simon Marshall after our prior conversation about where he wanted to take his permaculture design practice back in Episodes 37 and 38. It is quite amazing how much of what he was aspiring toward then has manifested itself in the meantime, and along the way we discuss: The complexities of permaculture process and project facilitation when many stakeholders are involvedThe challenge of breaking the centre of gravity of design projects out of an arrest disorder paradigm towards regenerating lifeThe idea of mental energies at the vital, automatic, sensitive and conscious levels (ah la Carol Sanford)Using inner aims to become conscious and transform process outcomesMuch else! I also reflect a little on the wild times we're in at the start and share a project update at the end. To summarise the update: Allan Savory will be our next guest, followed in the subsequent episode by a review of Scott and Sam from Porvenir design's holistic contextSeveral int
19/07/20201 hour 17 seconds
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Javan Bernakevitch interviews Dan Palmer (E46)

In this episode my good friend Javan Kerby Bernakevitch from All Points Design in Canada interviews me about the various projects I am and have been part of, including permablitz, Very Edible Gardens, Holistic Decision Making, Living Design Process, and of course this one - Making Permaculture Stronger. Initially recorded for Javan's youtube channel, thanks Javan for permission to share it here too.
05/07/20201 hour 12 minutes 38 seconds
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Bringing Education back to Life with Emma Morris (e45)

This episode is a conversation with Emma Morris from Aotearoa New Zealand who fills us in on the last several chapters of her learning journey around regenerative education practices. It's a great chat and I can't wait to hear how the learning centre project Emma is involved in unfolds from here. You can find the project here, and sign up for the project newsletter here. The Learning Framework Emma and colleagues have arrived at. Close-up of the middle section Another awesome project graphic I found - love it!
21/06/20201 hour 2 minutes 19 seconds
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Regenerating Design Process and Manifesting Making Permaculture Stronger’s Development (e44)

The idea for this this episode came to me about 20 minutes before I hit record. I share a second pass on a reflection process I'd just finished applying to Making Permaculture Stronger. It is all based on stuff from Carol Sanford's The Regenerative Life book, a series of free morning meetings she recently ran, and stuff I've learned by being part of one of her Seed Communities. I'd be tickled if you'd drop me a line letting me know how this episode landed for you. Oh yes, if you're curious how I got started with Carol Sanford's stuff, it all started with this unforgettably disruptive experience right here.
13/06/202028 minutes 56 seconds
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Dialogue #2 with Anna Lena – Dancing with living design (e43)

Photo from With thanks to Anna Lenna for a second great chat - check out our first chat here. Here is Anna Lena's summary of our exchange from here: Dan, founder of Living Design Process from Australia and I are speaking about empty houses in the countryside and how performance art speaks to spontaneous design processes.In our conversation we are strolling through the landscapes of our recent experiences and touch on the conundrum of empty yet unavailable houses in Balaguier and the question how to enliven rural abandoned areas. Could some of these empty places host young people who are drawn to bring life and land-based experiments to the countryside? Especially in times of confinement, many summer house owners cannot come – how to begin a dialogue with house owners that could host other activities in their empty places?Dan shares how many of the people he works with are asking deep fundamental questions as part of the Covid time. Questions ri
05/06/202035 minutes 29 seconds
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In dialogue with permaculture designer Scott Gallant on the practical and professional realities of a more living design process – Part Two of Two (e42)

Scott Gallant The second half of my initial conversation with Scott Gallant from Porvenir Design where Scott asks me questions about my facilitatory approach to professional design consultancy work. Enjoy and if you missed episode 41 I'd recommend checking that out first. Also a heads up that in my next chat with Scott we'll be reviewing Porvenir Design's Holistic Context you can check out in advance here.
31/05/202047 minutes 49 seconds
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In dialogue with permaculture designer Scott Gallant on the practical and professional realities of a more living design process – Part One of Two (e41)

I was delighted when Scott Gallant from Porvenir Design emailed me earlier in the year: Hi Dan,I wanted to reach out and introduce myself after having (finally!) stumbled upon the MPS project. I just wrapped up listening to the Phase 2 podcast and I am all in!A quick jot about myself, my name is Scott Gallant and I am a permaculture designer and educator based in Costa Rica. I've been deep in this field for 10 years, 8 of which were spent managing a farm and building out my curriculum at a well regarded site called Rancho Mastatal. In the last few years I've been full time in the design/install business here in Latin America with my firm, Porvenir Design. Tropical agroforestry and permaculture education are really my burgeoning areas of expertise. I've had the chance to lead or co-teach 14 PDCs and countless short courses, and have been fortunate enough to be interviewed for a number of podcasts over the last few years. I set this scene to let you know that I am all in, although I r
23/05/202046 minutes 44 seconds
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Holistic Decision Making (e40)

VEG's context Hey all so today I share a little bit about holistic decision making - the whole-oriented decision making practice I have adapted and evolved from Allan Savory's Holistic Management decision making framework. I've had a bunch of folk requesting more info about this lately and I'm feeling it very relevant to this historical moment when many of us are making big decisions about the shape of our lives and enterprises moving out of the first wave of coronavirus. Hope is helpful - You can listen to my incredible subsequent interview with Allan Savory here, find more info here and there is a series of articles a bunch of people have found helpful here. Here's our family context which I refer to along with VEG's context above. Here's an old vid where Adam and I talk about the impact of this stuff on our business (during a workshop we had Darren Doherty come and run for us): I mention and thanks Allan Savory during the chat an
16/05/202057 minutes 57 seconds
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Weekly Report with Anna Lena: Dan’s practical adventures with Living Design Process (e39)

Hey all. I am excited to be here trying out yet anther new experiment in making this project as accessible and practical and interesting as possible. You see I've recently started becoming friends with a group of graduates of Schumacher college. Mainly Anna Lena from France and Ahmed from Bahrain. Anna Lena and Ahmed initially reached out, having come across some of my stuff on Living Design Process online. They sensed resonance with their own inquiry into what they are calling dialogue with place. After attending one of their online gatherings, the resonance was confirmed, and we all felt potential in continuing to explore the obvious synergies. So we had this lovely emergent conversation just the other day where the idea emerged of checking in weekly and sharing for ten minutes or so what's alive in us relating to our our practical projects. Where I realised I could release my bit where I share about my design process adventures here. Potentially as a weekly sort of upda
09/05/202022 minutes 34 seconds
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Continuing the conversation with Simon Marshall (e38)

This episode is the second half of the conversation started in Episode 37. In which permaculture designer Simon Marshall and I explore ways he can evolve his practice in desired directions (and I have some useful realisations about how I'll evolve my approach to this kind of conversation in future).
07/05/202048 minutes 20 seconds
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Simon Marshall and Dan Palmer on evolving one’s permaculture design practice (e37)

This episode marks new ground for this podcast. I share the start of what will become a several-episode conversation working with permaculture designer Simon Marshall. Simon reached out and asked if I'd help him explore ways we can evolve his practice in desired directions. In this episode we set the scene and in the next episode we'll dive right into the business at hand. I hope you enjoy this new direction for the podcast and huge thanks to Simon for being up for giving this a try. In this episode we set the scene and we'll get down to work proper in the next episode. You can visit Simon's existing website here and here are some design illustrations he shares in the chat (and that I reference there by image number). Image One Err, let's call this a continuation of Image One Image Two Image Three
01/05/202035 minutes 51 seconds
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Holding multiple wholes and approaching essence on the path toward regeneration with Bill Reed (E36)

I'm so happy to know Bill Reed (from Regenesis Group) and to have him back on the show for the second time I've had someone on for the third time. If you listened to either of the prior chats you already know you're in for a treat. Thanks again Bill and I'm already looking forward to interview number four.
22/04/202057 minutes 59 seconds
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Jason Gerhardt returns for a third episode (E35)

Jason Gerhardt teaching Such a pleasure to reconnect and get back in resonance with Jason after quite a while in this free-flowing conversation. We talk the current pandemic, ways of responding individually and collectively, and continue our themes around design process and story of people/place. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and thanks so much for the comment from permaculturalist Wesley Rowe that listening to this is "like peering in on conversations I have with friends" :-).
15/04/20201 hour 3 seconds
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Further Applying Carol Sanford’s Four Levels of Paradigm to the Coronavirus Crisis and to Permaculture (e34)

In this episode I reflect on how the four levels of paradigm Carol Sanford shared in episode 33 apply both to my experience of navigating the coronavirus crisis and to permaculture as a whole. Hope you get something out of this and here's to our collaborative evolution toward regenerating life together. A few links: Carol Sanford's siteBuy the Regenerative LifeThe video of Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity that I refer to in the chatThe Making Permaculture Stronger patreon page
02/04/202032 minutes 41 seconds
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Regenerating Life with Carol Sanford’s Four Paradigm Framework (E33)

Carol Sanford mid-sentence during this episode... Such a deep honour to have Carol Sanford return to the show after the wild ride that was episode nineteen. In this episode Carol takes us deep into one of her living systems frameworks - that of the four paradigms she calls value return, arrest disorder, do good, and regenerate life. This framework has challenging implications for permaculture, and as I explain I am excited with the clarity I believe this framework can bring to our individual and collective efforts to navigate the current global coronavirus pandemic. I will be using the platform of this podcast to look at the current situation through a process lens for the foreseeable future. All other bets are off for now. Check out Carol's website here, her new book The Regenerative Life here, her seed communities here, and the Deep Pacific Change Agent Community (that I am part of) here. The white paper she mentioned can be read in a series starting here, and she has a R
24/03/20201 hour 12 minutes 26 seconds
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Nested Communities of Permaculture Design (E32)

Here we are. Hovering on the cusp of Phase Two of this project. Toward the end of 2019, we set the scene by way of chopping down a certain tree. We then disappeared for a while.31 We took a breath. We pondered. We came back. It is time to start navigating the path ahead, starting right here, right now. Before we take an actual step, however, let us metamorphose into birds and catch an updraft to consider relevant patterns from up high. In other words, we'll zoom out to get a sense of some of the things we'd like to make true of our subsequent steps forward. Toward this end, I ask you to bear with me as I explore a fresh framework for thinking about different ways of relating to permaculture as design. This arose after a previous framework led me to the question of "what is a community of practice, anyway?" Looking up that phrase led me first to the distinction between a community of practice and a community of interest and second to the related notion of a community of inquiry
10/03/202039 minutes 7 seconds
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Article on Generative Transformation in Permaculture Design Magazine (e31)

That's right, the February 2020 issue of Permaculture Design Magazine features an article by my good self on the topic of generative transformation (and the below chart). Adapted from a series of past posts here on Making Permaculture Stronger, editor Rhonda Baird invited a contribution and this topic felt like a natural fit with the episode's focus on emergent design. I can't wait to get my hands on the whole issue and if you feel the same way go order a copy here or subscribe and support their great service to the permaculture community. As a prelude to this project picking itself back up again after an unexpectedly long summer hibernation (on the surface at least!), I share both a PDF of the article as it appeared in the mag and I've recorded a podcast episode where I read the article out for your listening pleasure. I also include Rhonda Baird's excellent opening comments from the issue's editorial: Emergent design was one of the leading takeaways for me from our issue
01/03/202040 minutes 26 seconds
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Ben Haggard on Potential and Development in Permaculture and Beyond (E30)

In our first ever conversation, Ben Haggard of Regenesis Group shares his history with and perspective on permaculture. This episode catalysed waves of reflection that are blowing my mind. Yes, I was struck with the profound clarity and depth of what Ben shared. Then the sheer resonance of the relevance to exactly where Making Permaculture Stronger is at - well that pretty much knocked me off my seat. You could say I'm still climbing back up off the floor :-). I don't know about you, dear listener/reader, but I have the real sense that this conversation is itself a nodal intervention in Making Permaculture Stronger's ongoing evolution. It is like I can feel the energy shifting and growing and generatively transforming throughout my entire being and hence the being of this project. New levels of Will are awakening. I mean I use the terms potential and development (who doesn't) and before this chat I would have said I had a fairly clear, coherent grasp on what they are.
03/11/20191 hour 10 minutes 16 seconds
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Exploring the Role of Maps in Permaculture Design with Jason Gerhardt (E29)

This episode shares the continuation of the conversation Jason Gerhardt and I started in Episode 25. While we refer back to the below framework I was playing around with at the time we mainly explore drawing and mapping in relation to permaculture design as well as topics around certification, not needing permission, and more. Oh yeah at the start I refer back to this post where I explore generative transformation as an attitude not something dogmatic as regards to map or not to map. Jason directs the USA’s Permaculture Institute and Real Earth Design and I just love being in touch with him and having him as a colleague in this work and these adventures. Stay tuned for much deeply exciting stuff in the pipeline. Phase Two is about to kick in big time and I am going to need you to get involved. Finally here's the place to voluntarily donate some of your hard-earned cash to this project. It makes a massive, huge difference even if just $1 per month so thanks if you even c
26/10/201929 minutes 52 seconds
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Introducing Phase Two of Making Permaculture Stronger: Collaboratively Developing Permaculture’s Potential (E28)

So what does my recent discussion of the problem with solving problems look like in relation to the trunk in the Permaculture Tree diagram? Well, the way I have come to see it is that the whole trunk is itself an imposition. What, wait, what? I believe the whole above-ground part of the permaculture tree has been growing from a grafted-on collection of design process understandings that were imported from outside.49 Imported from places like industrial design, engineering, architecture & landscape architecture.50 Because the scion wood and the rootstock were not a compatible match, the graft never really properly took. Indeed, as a result of it being there at all, the latent energy around permaculture generating its own process possibilities has either remained dormant in the roots, or been overruled by the DNA of the grafted-on material. You see where I am going with this. I don't want to continue trying to patch up a trunk that in so many ways is a distraction
18/10/201922 minutes 43 seconds
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Introducing Phase Two of Making Permaculture Stronger: From Solving Problems to Developing Potential (E27)

Note: This post may not make much sense unless you read (or listen to) the previous post first. What I've been doing... As reviewed in the last post, I have spent more than three-and-a-half years attempting to help strengthen permaculture's weakest links, or, in other words, solve permaculture's biggest problems. In this approach, success is tacitly defined as the degree to which the weak link or problem is made to go away.64 The Problem with Solving Problems Phase Two of Making Permaculture Stronger starts with my realisation that focusing on problems, even if the problems are getting solved, does not and cannot solve the problem that the whole approach of solving problems is itself, well, problematic.65 Joel Glanzberg has summarised the situation perfectly: We are so accustomed to machines and the mechanical world of Newtonian Physics that we can barely think about how to address the problems of a living world. We try to fix them as we would an old truck: We iden
28/09/201919 minutes 30 seconds
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Introducing Phase Two of Making Permaculture Stronger: Recapping Phase One (and its problems)

Making Permaculture Stronger is about to cross a pivotal threshold in its evolution as a project. Let me explain... This project launched three and a half years ago with the intention to be... ...a space where permaculture practitioners come together with a spirit of strengthening the design system aspect of permaculture by clarifying its weaknesses and coordinating efforts to address them. ...where... The best way I know of strengthening something is to identify weak links and then to direct energy toward making them less weak. An early requirement for the project was to create a framework for thinking about all the different aspects of permaculture. Some way of holding the whole so that weak links could be honed in on and strengthened... Permaculture Tree (take three) Remember this? I sure do. I still find it helpful way of mapping out how all permaculture's different aspects sit in relation to one another. I introduced my original illustration here and what f
20/09/201920 minutes 28 seconds
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Exploring Developmental Pathways for Permaculture Designers with Jason Gerhardt (E25)

I'm sure you'll enjoy this rich, deep yet lively second conversation with Jason Gerhardt (first chat was here). Jason directs the USA's Permaculture Institute and Real Earth Design. As it turns out we continue exploring the ordering framework I introduced in Episode 24. Here's the framework diagram, slightly updated thanks to a suggestion from Bill Reed. Or download as pdf here. Oh yeah I also mention this recent recreate of Making Permaculture Stronger's purpose that Joel Glanzberg helped me with and that uses the pattern I explored with Bill Reed here: MPS inspires creative exploration and dialogue around permaculture design in a way that develops our ability to think and act creatively as and with community to effect the large scale systemic change we need. Oh yeah Jason mention this amazing white paper on the four levels of Regenerative Agriculture by Ethan Roland Soloviev & Gregory Landua. I can't believe I haven't read this yet. Do check it out if you've not seen
13/09/201952 minutes 9 seconds
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Exploring a Framework for Thinking about Permaculture Design in conversation with Meg McGowan (E24)

I'm excited to share here the beginnings of a (Carol Sanford inspired) framework in my second conversation with perma-powerhouse Meg McGowan (the first was here). It is a framework I feel is going to inform much of Making Permaculture Stronger's evolution moving forward. Here is a preliminary sketch laying it out as a starting point to crash test and improve together (or download as pdf file here). Huge thanks to Meg for taking the time to help me share and start developing it. Oh yes in this episode I also share my brand new project Designing for Life that will be developing in conversation with Making Permaculture Stronger moving forward. Exciting times my friends, exciting times! Visit Meg's blog here, the interview on the other podcast she mentioned here (episode three), her pyramid of wisdom here (note: compare with this). You can also go listen to the mentioned chats with Carol Sanford and Joel Glanzberg and Bill Reed by clicking on their names (where you'll find further l
31/08/20191 hour 1 minute 24 seconds
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Bill Reed on Aligning around Purpose, Levels of Thought, and Transforming the World (E23)

Hey all. In this episode I share my second conversation with Bill Reed from Regenesis Group and the Regenerative Practitioner Seminar (our first chat is here). It is a conversation I highly recommend in which we look in detail at several aspects of how the rubber hits the road in the regenerative development or living systems approach Bill works with. I also get a bunch of things off my chest at the start around bumping this whole conversation up a notch and inviting your input into where and how Making Permaculture Stronger evolves from here. Hope to hear from you (whether via a few bucks via our patreon page and/or your reflections and suggestions in the comments below or through the contact page). I have to say all this focus on the likes of Bill and Joel Glanzberg and Carol Sanford is starting to rub off on me. I have noticed that the language I use is on the move, the thoughts I think are on the move, and even my entire understanding of what the heck Making Permaculture Stro
17/08/20191 hour 5 minutes 35 seconds
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Jascha Rohr on the Cocreation Foundation (E22)

Jascha Rohr, Oldenberg, Germany, July 19, 2019 In this episode (recorded July 19) Jascha Rohr returns to catch us up on his recent, current and upcoming adventures in taking healthy generative process and applying it to cocreating new modes of global governance! Check out the Cocreation Foundation here, our last chat here, and Jascha and Sonia's amazing article on their field process model here. You can sign up to the Cocreation Foundation's e-newsletter here and check out their youtube channel here. In this clip Jascha fleshes out something we discussed during our chat: Jascha also shared a white paper for the Cocreation Foundation's Global Resonance Project you can download as a pdf and read here or by clicking the image below. Here is a link to the book by Hanzi Freinacht's book The Listening Society that Jasha mentioned. Oh yes, I make mention in the chat of a few complementary approaches that have been rocking my world lately
10/08/20191 hour 1 minute 5 seconds
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Bill Reed: Staying in the Game of Evolution (E21)

Photo by Peter Casamento On June 28th, 2019, I recorded this chat with my friend Bill Reed from Regenesis Group. A close colleague of my last two guests Carol Sanford and Joel Glanzberg, Bill is an internationally recognised practitioner, lecturer, and leading authority in sustainability and regenerative planning, design and implementation. You can see a short bio for Bill here (or listen to me read it out in the intro). Thanks to Bill for passing on the below resources and I will record a second chat with him soon to continue tracking down the intriguing and, well, kinda deep body of work he, Carol and Joel all represent. Articles Click to download as pdf these articles either by or about Bill's work: Regenerative Development and Design – Working with the Whole Designing from Place - A Regenerative Framework and MethodologySustainability to RegenerationThe Nature of PositiveThree Case StudiesUSGBCMagazine_03-2018 Videos Knock yourself out!
28/07/20191 hour 13 minutes 21 seconds
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Joel Glanzberg: Continuing the conversation about permaculture and working to regenerate whole living systems (E20)

Joel Glanzberg - the sequel I was fully stoked to have this second chat with Joel Glanzberg where we continue exploring his journey with living systems thinking and working within a regenerative paradigm (after first talking in episode twelve). Same topic yet very different energy as the previous episode with Joel's long-term colleague Carol Sanford. As we discuss Joel is heading to Melbourne in July 2019, where in addition to running some Regenerative Practitioner training he'll be giving a free talk July 17 and a one-day workshop on Regenerating Place July 27 - both in Brunswick, Melbourne. He'll also be tagging along with me to some of my current projects so I look forward to reporting back on those adventures and conversations in due course :-). Check out Regenisis Group here, the Regenerative Practitioner training here, and Joel's personal site Pattern Mind here. Here is the full text from Joel's open letter to the permaculture movement (please share any thoughts you h
22/06/20191 hour 3 minutes 24 seconds
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Carol Sanford on Living Systems Thinking and Permaculture (E19)

The creation of this episode was an incredible experience. Carol is shockingly sharp, disruptive beyond belief, and an absolute thrill to be in a conversation with. This episode is dripping with rich insights into regenerative and living systems thinking and how we can apply it to permaculture. I know you're going to love it. Here's the conversation as a video: Here is Carol's personal website. Here is an article Carol wrote about potential that has informed the future direction of Making Permaculture Stronger. Here is a link to a page with info about Carol's books. Her latest book is called The Regenerative Human and will be released March 2020. She asked me to mention that she is still looking for people to be involved in the action-learning project she discussed in our chat. See the details of being involved in this here. Here's is Carol's podcast Business Second Opinion. This episode goes through Seven Principles of Regeneration and
15/06/20191 hour 8 minutes
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Jason Gerhardt on allowing permaculture to have its greatest potential (e18)

It is my great honour to share this opening conversation with Jason Gerhardt who directs both the Permaculture Institute and Regenerative Design company Real Earth Design. Jason recently contributed this guest post to Making Permaculture Stronger, this post shared a snippet from our conversation in the comments of the current inquiry and this one included a diagram sharing the history of Jason's permaculture design process signature. In the closing comments to this episode I mention an experiment I'm currently conducting where I want to find out if the universe in general, and perhaps even you in particular, feel moved to give this project a tiny drip of financial support to unleash unimaginably exciting new levels of blog, podcast, video and book action. Only if you'd like, you can read more about this here.
30/05/20191 hour 19 minutes 41 seconds
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Darren J. Doherty on master plans, Keyline design, carbon farming, dung beetles, and much else (e17)

Darren J. Doherty in a misty paddock with some cows In this episode you get to be a fly on the wall during a farm consultancy conducted by renowned farm planner and Regrarian Darren J. Doherty. I'm sure I don't need to spell out the resonance between Darren's comments about why he no longer does master plans and the current Making Permaculture Stronger inquiry (where I refer to master planning as fabricating). Thanks to Darren for his support on jobs like this as well as his kind permission to share his words here.
26/04/201951 minutes 27 seconds
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Dan Palmer talking about permaculture and life and creation and related stuff (e16)

So this episode is a talk I gave on a beautiful farm called Mossy Willow Farm last weekend. The event and the talk were organised by Dumbo Feather and I thank them so much for the opportunity - I had myself a lovely time and the talk led to some awesome conversations afterward. During the talk I paraphrase this quote from Peter Senge: It's common to say that trees come from seeds. But how can a tiny seed create a huge tree? Seeds do not contain the resources need to grow a tree. These must come from the medium or environment within which the tree grows. But the seed does provide something that is crucial : a place where the whole of the tree starts to form. As resources such as water and nutrients are drawn in, the seed organizes the process that generates growth. In a sense, the seed is a gateway through which the future possibility of the living tree emerges.Peter Senge, C. Scharmer (2011). “Presence: Exploring Profound Change in People, Organizations and Society”, p.10, Nichol
22/03/201926 minutes 48 seconds
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Exploring Synergies between Possibility Management and Permaculture with Clinton Callahan (E15)

Dan Palmer, Anne-Chloé Destremau, and Clinton Callahan at an Expand the Box Training in Wellington, NZ, February 2019 This conversation dives into the synergies between Permaculture and something called Possibility Management. It was my honour to be able to explore these synergies directly with Clinton Callahan. Clinton is the originator of Possibility Management, which has now been around about as long as permaculture. For 40 years possibility management has been an evolving portal into radical responsibility, initiated adulthood, whole-person space and feeling navigation, consciously co-creating fresh possibilities out of nothing, and so much else.82 It exists as a system of piercingly clear distinctions discovered (and hence there to be noticed) inside lived experience. In trainings, books and so forth people are supported to discover and play with the power and possibility explosions resulting from experiencing these distinctions for themselves.
10/03/20191 hour 4 minutes 58 seconds
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Meg McGowan’s Take on Permaculture Design Process (E14)

Meg McGowan In this episode I inquire into Australian permaculturalist Meg McGowan's design process. It is a rich chat in which Meg shares many brilliant insights after working as a permaculture design process facilitator / coach for many years. Meg out there taking it to the people... I met Meg at the 14th Australiasian Permaculture Convergence in April 2018 and was struck by her passion and clarity. While I didn't manage to get a selfie with Meg at the event this character did... David Holmgren and Meg McGowan Meg's (active!) blog is here, her and her partner's Permacoaching facebook page is here, and among so many other things she happens to be a permaculture design cartoonist! Check these out and there are a bunch more here. One Permaculture Design Process Planet Permaculture HUGE gratitude to the wonderful Ben Mallinson for creating the new intro and outro music - a massive improvement (no offence to my mate Nath who created the old one on his phone in abou
28/02/20191 hour 12 minutes 50 seconds
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Morag Gamble on Permaculture, Life, and Citizen Design (E13)

In this episode I speak with Morag Gamble from Our Permaculture Life, the Permaculture Education Institute, and her very active youtube channel. I'm still getting to know Morag after meeting her recently at the fourteenth Australasian Permaculture Convergence. Morag attended sessions I lead on both Making Permaculture Stronger and Living Design Process and afterward we had the best conversation about it all. But I didn't realise how on the same page we were, and how much longer Morag had been on that page, and just how much I have to learn from her about it, until we recorded this chat. Enjoy, and huge gratitude to Morag for taking the time, and being who she is, and doing all the incredible stuff she's doing toward lifting up and growing and sharing what is great about permaculture. Here are the people, books, links etc Morag refers to in this episode. Fritjof Capra The Reenchantment of the World by Morris Berman Victor Papenek Helena Norberg-Hodge Vandana Shiva Ch
10/07/20181 hour 4 minutes 50 seconds
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Joel Glanzberg on Permaculture’s Potential to Serve Life (E12)

In this episode I speak with permaculture elder Joel Glanzberg from Pattern Mind, Regenesis Group and the Tracking Project. Early in the conversation, Joel refers to his 30 Years Greening the Desert project which you can learn about in this clip:  We also refer to Joel's Open Letter and Plea to the Permaculture Movement. Here is a more recent article in which Joel writes beautifully about the necessary transformation toward life at a world-view level. Here's a poignant excerpt: Holding my baby son one night as he slept, I thought about how I would make his body. Having built things all my life, this seemed simple. I would begin by framing him up, joining his bones together using his muscles, tendons and ligaments. Then I’d run his arteries and veins, his nervous system, install all of his organs, sheath him in skin, fill him with blood, a bit of food and water and start him up, maybe with a spark from jumper cables. Of course he was made nothing like this, but this Frankensteinian
18/06/20181 hour 5 minutes 51 seconds
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Dan Palmer’s Journey with Permaculture Design Process and David Holmgren’s Response (E11)

This episode is a recording of a session during a four-day workshop that was run last week by David Holmgren from Holmgren Design and Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger. The workshop was entitled Advanced Permaculture Planning and Design Process, and this episode shares the story of Dan's personal journey with permaculture design process, to which David responds with something of his own story. Here is a photo of Dan sharing his story... ...and David responding... Huge thanks to Keri Chiveralls for coming and for taking and sharing all three photos, Bec Lowe and Brenna Quinlan for supporting David and Dan during the course (and for Brenna's amazing illustrations), Su Dennet for feeding everyone, and the other participants for coming along and making it all possible and for integrating their beautiful energies into the mix of this emerging conversation whose time has come around (once again): Andrew, Anitra, Annaliese, Anne, Ben, Daryl, Delldint, Delvin, Franky, Gavin, J
13/04/201851 minutes 31 seconds
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Jascha Rohr on the Field Process Model (E10)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger speaks with Jascha Rohr from the Institute for Participatory Design which is based in Oldenburg, Germany. With his partner Sonja Hörster, Jascha has created a fascinating and powerful way of framing design process they call the Field Process Model. The Field Process Model brings together inspiration from Bill Mollison's core model and Christopher Alexander's generative process against the philosophical backdrop of field theory (rather than the systems thinking backdrop permaculture usually stems from). Here it is sketched at a high level in two dimensions (get your head around this first, where reading this article is highly recommended)... in more detail in three dimensions (or of course four if you include the movement or dance through time): Here are field process model originators Jascha and Sonja during the recording, which happened on February 20, 2018. The red squiggle indicates a certain four-v
23/03/20181 hour 57 seconds
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Robyn Francis on her Permaculture Journey (E09)

In this episode Dan from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a conversation with permaculture elder Robyn Francis from Djanbung Gardens. Amongst other things Robyn shares on: Her recent return to India (having in 1987 co-taught India's first permaculture design certificate or PDC course alongside Bill Mollison) What she was up to before hearing about permaculture When and how she got involved in permaculture Her own impressions of Bill Mollison's character having worked alongside him How she got started in permaculture design Her approach to permaculture design process including the roles of Visioning / strategic planning Restraint overlays Her work with communities including Jarlanbah Community Her view on the state of the global permaculture movement A taste of all the amazing projects she is currently involved in, locally, bio-regionally, and abroad (including PDCs in China)  A short video about IPC India 2017 featuring Robyn
09/03/20181 hour 5 minutes 54 seconds
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A Second Dialogue with Dave Jacke (E08)

Dave during the chat with Dan In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys another high-energy, cut to the chase dialogue with Dave Jacke from Edible Forest Gardens. The first episode/instalment can be found here. This second instalment of an energy-rich conversation that is far from done includes: Dan sharing his recent feeling that in framing permaculture design processes using linear-sequence-implying flow charts a (kind of big) mistake is being made Dave putting flow charts and other things in a successional (but non-linear!) framing where they have their role in the learning journey Dave sharing his cutting edge, hot-off-the-press, so far unwritten about approach to framing design processes as ecosystems The relation between what he calls the four ecosystem ps: properties principles patterns processes Why Dave avoids using the name permaculture Much, much else! Dave Jacke’s work has been referenced many times i
23/02/20181 hour 6 minutes 47 seconds
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Hannah Moloney on Permaculture Design, Business, and Life (E07)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a rich conversation with his friend and permaculture colleague Hannah Moloney from Good Life Permaculture in Hobart. Hannah and Dan explore: How Hannah got into all this Hannah's journey working as a professional permaculture designer The permaculture design process Hannah uses The tension between providing a service people are willing to pay for and honouring sound process at the same time Much more Here are some of Hannah's design diagrams (more here): Her and Anton and their daughter Frida's beeuitiful pink home on a hill (more here): and Dan, Hannah, Anton (and young Frida) in 2015... and 2016...
12/02/201858 minutes 6 seconds
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In Dialogue with Dave Jacke (E06)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a high-energy, cut to the chase dialogue with Dave Jacke from Edible Forest Gardens. Dave and Dan explore: Dave's 38+ year journey with design process and permaculture including: his first design project at Simon's Rock College his initial contact with permaculture and then Bill Mollison his initial contact with the writings of Christopher Alexander (especially Alexander's 1964 book Notes on the Synthesis of Form) his experience studying at the Conway School of Landscape Design his relationship to permaculture his ecological design process Permaculture's design process enigma (has a lot to say about ecological design but not a lot to say about ecological design process) The relation between the designer, the designing, and the designed Problems with the expert/hero approach to design The relation between rationality and feeling/emotion inside ecological design process So much
28/11/20171 hour 5 minutes 20 seconds
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Darren J. Doherty on Design Process, the Regrarians Approach, and Making Permaculture Stronger (E05)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a wide-ranging conversation with Darren J. Doherty from Darren and Dan explore: Darren's 25-year journey with design process including: how he got started key influences along the way key realisations along the way The Regrarians Works Pattern and the Regrarians Platform The current state and trajectory of permaculture including why good people so often seem to leave The relationship of Darren and the Regrarians approach to permaculture much else, including the new 10 week REX® Online Farm Planning Program (that Dan is looking forward to participating in as a student) We really hope you enjoy the episode, and please do leave a comment sharing any feedback or reflections below... Dan and Darren recording this episode last week in Bendigo, Australia Oh yes, one more thing - during the closing comments at the episode's end, Dan refers to this video clip: https://vi
10/11/20171 hour 7 minutes 37 seconds
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In Dialogue with Ben Falk (E04)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a rich dialogue with Ben Falk from Whole Systems Design. Dan and Ben explore issues and themes around: heathy living processes of design and creation working with clients the relation of necessity to beauty part of what it might mean to enjoy an authentic, healthy, connected life.
27/10/20171 hour 14 minutes 33 seconds
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Alex Bayley on Agile Permaculture (E03)

In this track Dan chats with Alex Bayley about the agile software development movement and permaculture design process. Alex has a blog series exploring these topics here.
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Bridget O’Brien on Permaculture Design and Adapt – the Game (E02)

On June 22nd, 2017, Dan Palmer recorded this lovely chat with Bridget O'Brien about her work on permaculture design process as part of her permaculture board game she's called "Adapt" (check it out here).
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Rosemary Morrow on Permaculture Design Process (E01)

In this podcast Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger chats with Rosemary Morrow about permaculture design process.