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English, Arts, 1 seasons, 9 episodes, 3 hours 19 minutes
Making Motherhood with Rylee Hitchner and Joanna Ballentine is a podcast for creative mothers. Whether you are a declared, accomplished artist or a private artist that is fully content with keeping your creativity inside of the walls of your home, we believe being a mother can help you thrive in your creativity and being a creative can help you thrive in your mothering. As we meet here, we will be inviting artist mamas to share their stories. We’ll talk about how they artfully blend creativity and nurturing, craft and calling. You’ll also hear episodes with just Rylee and Joanna sharing personal experiences and insight. In the telling of these stories, we hope to celebrate and showcase the many ways you can be a mom and a creative.
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108. Creative Hospitality: Fun Ideas for Serving Others

Rylee and Joanna several five ideas for using your gifts of hospitality and creativity together...ideas for cooking, care packages, semi-handmade gifts, gatherings and overnight hosting. Serve others while also making it a creative outlet. Win, win!Mentioned in this episode...-Chicken Marabella Recipe-Homemade Pasta Recipe-Marinated Tomato Brie Pasta Recipe-FoodMyMuse Instagram Account-Edible Candle Wick on Am
12/09/202332 minutes 51 seconds
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107. The Time Dilemma: Listeners Biggest Question

The most common response to the Making Motherhood questionnaire sent out in the beginning of the podcast was: " How do you make time? I don't feel like I have time for creativity!" Joanna & Rylee share ideas for making the most of your time in your everyday ordinary moments. Find Rylee and Joanna on social media: @ryleehitchner and @ballentinedaysOpening song is "Bloom" by Craig Stilley.
21/06/202324 minutes 3 seconds
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106. Preserving & Making Art of Your Family's Season

Rylee and Joanna share several ideas for preserving and making art of your family’s season… for days you need a little spark of creativity or need a homemade gift idea!Mentioned in this episode…Vintage Photo Booth Directory: History Book Printer:https://www.blurb.comCookbook: Rylee and Joanna on social media: @ryleehitchner and @ballentinedaysOpening song is "Bloom" by Craig Stilley.
18/04/202317 minutes 48 seconds
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105. Working WITH the Way I'm Wired

In this episode, Rylee &amp; Joanna discuss learning to appreciate their creatively-wired brains. Rylee shares her own struggles and what she&apos;s troubleshooting in her home and in her creative work to best reflect the way she&apos;s wired.Mentioned in the show:Keeping House While Drowning by KC DavisADHD for Bad A** Women PodcastADHD: Are You a Hunter in a Farmers World podcast episode by Thom Hartman<a href='
04/04/202343 minutes 42 seconds
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104. The Investment of Creative Pursuits

What if creative pursuits weren’t something you considered frivolous, wasteful, or selfish, but instead a valuable investment for you and your family? In this episode, Rylee and Joanna discuss the value of creativity for the health of your home. Find Rylee and Joanna on social media: @ryleehitchner and @ballentinedaysOpening song is &quot;Bloom&quot; by Craig Stilley.
21/03/202318 minutes 30 seconds
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103. Cultivating Creative Friendships

Rylee and Joanna talk about how they cultivate creative friendships.Find Rylee and Joanna on social media: @ryleehitchner and @ballentinedaysOpening song is &quot;Bloom&quot; by Craig Stilley.
07/03/202318 minutes 11 seconds