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English, Technology, 1 season, 8 episodes, 8 hours, 20 minutes
From the team that is bringing you the Cryptoverse, The Metaverse of Everything, comes a new podcast that pulls back the curtain on the most exciting technological advancement of our time. Listen in as the experts share stories and details on how they are charting new territories, facing new challenges and breaking down new barriers in order to Make a Metaverse and bring it to the world. Are you ready for the next level of reality?Visit for more information on the Cryptoverse
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#8 Robert Jamison: Paradigm Shifter

World-renowned architect Robert Jamison (from Netflix’s “Your Home Made Perfect”) takes centre stage this month and joins the dynamic duo Dan & Robbeh to discuss decentralisation, blockchain, ways of living & much more. In a truly captivating episode, the two Robert’s step out of the Matrix and come out the other side as different people. You will too. Also, Dan was there.
9/8/202358 minutes, 11 seconds
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#7 Myths about the Metaverse

Get ready to embark on a wild journey with Dan and Rob as they dive headfirst into the Metaverse! Join them for a thrilling episode of "Making a Metaverse," where they'll shatter all the outrageous myths about this virtual wonderland. From the infamous claim that "the metaverse is just a game" to the wild speculation that it'll lead to a disastrous dystopia, our dynamic duo is here to debunk them all!But wait, there's more! Brace yourself for a laughter-filled extravaganza, complete with Dan and Rob's notoriously bad jokes. And as if that isn't enough, they've cooked up an exciting competition for you to sink your teeth into!
7/17/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 32 seconds
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#6 Content Creation in the Metaverse

Watch the video version of this episode: this week's episode, hosts Dan and Rob journey into the exciting world of metaverse content with Mao, the lead artist at Cryptoverse. They dive deep into the boundless possibilities of content creation within these immersive digital environments.Mao, with his expert knowledge and first-hand experience working on Cryptoverse, shares insights on the types of content creators can develop in the metaverse and how it could transform the way they reach and engage with audiences. Whether you're a seasoned content creator looking to expand your horizons or a curious listener intrigued by the future of digital content, this episode is your gateway to understanding the creative revolution within the metaverse.Join us as we traverse this new frontier and unlock the potential of the metaverse for content creators worldwide. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation about one of the most groundbreaking shifts in the digital content landscape.
6/9/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 18 seconds
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#5 Making OUR Metaverse

The dynamic duo are back, and this time, it's personal! Listen in as Dan & acclaimed blockchain cryptographer Robert Cochrane discuss how the Cryptoverse team brought its metaverse to life! Join us for an insightful discussion on the playtesting process, including the significance of gathering feedback and the next steps in this exciting journey. Not to mention, a chance to win some LAND, a dash of humour (even if it's not the best), and an engaging off-topic conversation on AI/ChatGPT - because why not embrace the latest technology trend? Click here to watch the Cryptoverse Playtest Highlights (as mentioned in the episode)Check out the video version of this podcast on our YouTube Channel
3/2/202352 minutes, 28 seconds
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#4 Blockchain Games that are actually worth playing?!

Making a Metaverse is back with a brand new episode. In this episode, Dan Pope and Robbeh Cochrane are joined by Omar Ghanem, Head of Gaming at Polkastarter, to discuss how to create blockchain games that are actually worth playing. The key is to make blockchain games both accessible and... wait for it... actually enjoyable to play. With such seasoned competition from traditional gaming titans like Sony, Microsoft, and Steam, we discuss how this emerging market can step up and win.Of course, there's time for a couple of Dan's patented Mark Zuckerberg Jokes of the Month (including a truly original gag that Rob doesn't understand) and a competition to enter for a chance to be one of the first to enter the Cryptoverse.
12/5/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 58 seconds
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#3 What does a District Leader in Decentraland do?

So what does a District Leader in Decentraland do exactly? Learn more in the most recent Making a Metaverse episode as Dan and Rob speak with the great James Ashton, who oversees Festival Land, Decentraland University, and Vegas City.Listen as James explains the goals of Decentraland, explains how he intends to increase the user base in his districts, and discusses how to keep metaverse users coming back for more. The key is to make it enjoyable!There's also time for the Mark Zuckerberg sponsored joke of the month & a juicy competition where a lucky listener will win some Cryptoverse LAND.--The Cryptoverse is a 3D virtual world that is built in the Unreal Engine and underpinned by blockchain technologies. Within the Cryptoverse, users will be empowered to create, own and monetize experiences using $CGG, the utility token which also underpins the ChainGuardians and ChainBoost ecosystems. 📜 Info• Website:• Gitbook:🌐  Social Media links• Telegram:• Telegram Announcements:• Discord:• Twitter:
10/31/202250 minutes, 57 seconds
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#2 Why is everyone talking about the Metaverse?!

Why is everyone talking about the Metaverse? That's the big question on the minds of Dan & Rob this week. Making a Metaverse also bags its first special guest as the brilliant @pellekofficial of @Domi Online joins regulars Dan & Robbeh for a chat. Listen in as PelleK tells us Domi Onlines' plans to bring the brilliant RPG to life including how rewarding gamers for their time is the way forward for Web3 projects. Dan & Robbie also find time to (not) laugh at the best metaverse jokes of the month, whilst having in-depth conversations around why the metaverse is on the blockchain & what might be the best way to enter the metaverse. There's also a fantastic competition to enter for those that stick around until the end.
10/4/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 46 seconds
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#1 WTF is a Metaverse?

In the first episode of the new Cryptoverse podcast, Dan and Rob begin by charting the creation of the Cryptoverse. Rob then gives us a history lesson on how he got started in the business, before the boys go on to talk about decentralisation, Rob's finest cryptocurrency advice, and Dan's funniest jokes. There is also time to explore global metaverse news and statistics. A lengthy conversation on pets in the metaverse is also sparked by the community topic of the month. Let's go! --The Cryptoverse is a 3D virtual world that is built in the Unreal Engine and underpinned by blockchain technologies. Within the Cryptoverse, users will be empowered to create, own and monetize experiences using $CGG, the utility token which also underpins the ChainGuardians and ChainBoost ecosystems. 📜 Info• Website:• Gitbook:🌐  Social Media links • Telegram:• Telegram Announcements:• Discord:• Twitter:
8/30/20221 hour, 13 minutes, 9 seconds