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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 4 episodes, 2 hours, 29 minutes
welcome to the podcast series beautiful humans, it's Ashley CEO(sis) of Make Good Choices Health Club and my purpose here is to elevate wellness and lifestyle balance via accountability, intentional relations, with passion for mind, body, and soul. meet me here every other Monday for lifestyle chats all about wellness and balance. PEACE ?
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wellness chat: @rhoxy "water your plants, water your love ones, but most importantly water yourself"

on this episode I sit down with another fashion icon who influences those around her to be well and find the peace and wellness in themselves. this is only part 1 we had such a great connection just talking about life and the constant changes, but importantly the real vibration of life that lies in each of us, and that unfortunate false reality socials may have. not that socials are to blame for our unhealthy relationships with ourselves, but not every timeline is positively influential. she's a new mommy and a soon to be wife, being a beautiful transition of life right now and hearing the things that fill her, I hope this peaceful selection inspires you and reminds you to "water yourself" most importantly. peace xo MGC
10/11/202131 minutes, 12 seconds
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wellness chat: @krystlekastlez talks finding her peace

in this episodes Wellness Chat I’m (literally) dropping you in on a super sweet chat I had with Krystle Rodriguez, the Celine queen, #MomNoKids. she’s a stylist, a friend, a sister, a godmother, a daughter, and most importantly she’s real. we dive in on full wellness, mind, body, and soul, it’s very special to me the level of vulnerability Krys goes into on her reality. let’s chat wellness, shall we 🧿
9/27/202125 minutes, 51 seconds
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certified lovers wellness pt1

great rising beautiful humans, I'm so pleased to welcome you to my relationship wellness series, though this is just part 1 you have the pleasure of sitting in and listening to the CEO(sis) and her partner Ashley have a couples check-in. with life being such a up and down rollercoaster it's most important that you check in with your partner and this is how TheAshley's practice wellness. this series is presented as a drop in of a conversation while listening to Certified Lover Boy album by Drake, so grab some tea or get ready for a good hour workout because it's wellness checkin time! as always, Make Good Choices <3
9/13/20211 hour, 1 minute
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2. generational wellness: baby boomer vs gen y

welcome to the first interview podcast, I have a very special guest Linda Jenkins, my Mom. this community, that I already see growing through MGC will encourage so much love and peace to those that want the life they dream of through their own mental strength and peace. I talked about MGC being something my mother taught me years ago over and over again, and of course then it was annoying and something embarrassing she’d do every morning at drop off, but today I stand by these words because they changed my whole perspective on life. grab a nice glass of water and let's talk wellness beautiful humans. follow us on instagram: @makegoodchoiceshealthclubcheck out the website: post go up TWICE a week, find out what CEO(sis) has to share about elevating our minds, bodies, and souls. the purpose behind Make Good Choices Health Club is to elevate wellness and lifestyle balance via accountability, intentional relations, and passion for mind, body, and soul. 
8/23/202131 minutes, 8 seconds