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English, Arts, 1 season, 103 episodes, 3 days, 24 minutes
Tiff Arment and Julia Skott talk about art and making. They won’t teach you how to turn your creativity into a business. Or how to do anything, really. They just want to talk about doing stuff. Hosted by Tiffany Arment and Julia Skott.
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103: Finding Time, and Time off

We discuss that feeling where there's absolutely not enough time. And we're taking the summer off!
6/8/202236 minutes
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102: With Mike Hendley!

We're joined by the wonderful Mike Hendley to talk about mushroom ink, oomph, and other great stuff.
5/8/202243 minutes, 7 seconds
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101: Make Do 101

It had to be done. We talk about how to be new at things, and what we would and would not tell our newb selves.
4/24/202240 minutes, 26 seconds
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100: It Counts!

Four years, one hundred episodes, lots of feelings. We share our thoughts on where we started and where we are now, and share some messages from friends and listeners.
4/6/202250 minutes, 58 seconds
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99: My Goblin Cottagecore Heart

How has art and making changed over the past two years? When you absolutely positively cannot watch anything else on Netflix, and all activities are canceled.
3/23/202235 minutes, 4 seconds
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98: Taking The Extra Step

Happy chaos - it's our style, and it's this episode. (Please send us your stories of the past four years!)
3/9/202229 minutes, 12 seconds
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97: Huge Fan

Fan art - is it art? (Spoiler: We're going to say yes.) Is it about the fan part or the art part?
2/25/202237 minutes, 15 seconds
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96: Ambition And ADHD Is A Dangerous Combo

We check in on the color palette experiment, and what we're making and doing.
2/9/202234 minutes, 9 seconds
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95: Feelin' It

Julia got some arty homework from her therapist and Tiff has Big Feelings about her color challenge.
1/26/202233 minutes, 12 seconds
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94: Color Me Intrigued

It's time for our January challenge - making art using only three colors! Who is happy with the selection they got, and who is a little scared and confused?
1/12/202230 minutes, 45 seconds
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93: Aims and Aspirations

It's time to look forward again! Carefully and softly.
12/17/202138 minutes, 51 seconds
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92: Get To Giving!

We share some things to give to makers, and some things to give from makers and small businesses. And add some things to our own wishlists in the process.
12/2/202143 minutes, 50 seconds
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91: Who Knows Where Ideas Come From

What sets us off on a specific project? Do we even know?
11/18/202137 minutes, 7 seconds
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90: Interior Inspirations

We talk about the things we have around us that inspire in different ways. What makes you an art collector?
11/3/202135 minutes, 25 seconds
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89: Grief and Good Times

Julia catches everyone up on what's been going on, including why she had to call a brief hiatus. But also some good things that she's been doing!
10/20/202134 minutes, 36 seconds
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88: More Market, More Making!

Tiff had a bigger and awesome market, so we talk a bit about table neighbors, future plans, and all that fun stuff.
8/25/202139 minutes, 55 seconds
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87: Your Phone As An Art Tool

What are some apps we use for inspiration and creativity? We talk about: Snapseed Phonto Retouch Magic Hour Photoshop Express Year of Color Copic Collection Art Anatomy Procreate Art Studio Pro
8/13/202141 minutes, 38 seconds
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86: Can We Just Not?

Sometimes you just have to roll with where your mood takes you. And sometimes that mood is not for making.
7/28/202137 minutes, 38 seconds
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85: How Ya Doing?

We do a little feels and project catch-up, and Tiff blows Julia's mind.
7/14/202135 minutes, 47 seconds
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84: Show Report!

After a quick update on Julia's application situation, Tiff shares her experiences selling at an art show.
6/30/202144 minutes, 51 seconds
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83: Josh Millard And The Cubes

We're joined by Josh Millard from MetaFilter who tells us about drawing horses and sponges and cubes, and trying lots of things.
6/16/202149 minutes, 30 seconds
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82: Rejected and Dejected

Julia has some failure to try and figure out, so we talk through rejection and frustration.
6/2/202132 minutes, 56 seconds
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81: What's In A Name?

How do you name your business, your art pieces, or your knits? Turns out, we have a lot of feelings.
5/19/202141 minutes, 23 seconds
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80: Pins and Pens and Prioritizing

We read a lovely listener email and discuss how you can pin down the idea butterflies.
5/5/202138 minutes, 57 seconds
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79: When Thing Turns To Art

When does making a thing start to feel like doing An Art? Also: Julia shares the projects for her art school applications.
4/21/202138 minutes, 35 seconds
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78: One Big Leap For Podkind

Julia has made kind of a big decision, and Tiff has a lot of questions.
4/7/202133 minutes, 33 seconds
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77: Sharing Is Caring

How do we share - and not share - our spaces? Sadly, Julia's suggestion for an app that pairs people according to how much room their hobbies need is not yet a reality. Also: What was "the nost brautiful thing" Julia had ever seen?
3/24/202148 minutes, 55 seconds
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76: Confidence and Consternation

A check-in and catch-up also turns into some deep musings. Including how being less of an artist can make you feel like more of an artist.
3/10/202137 minutes, 34 seconds
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75: Creation in Isolation

Tiff shares some new thoughts on selling her art pieces, and then we discuss why so many people are getting into making and crafting during quarantine.
2/24/202139 minutes, 2 seconds
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74: Tik Tok, Don't Stop

The clock app has turned out to be a really good place to find inspiration and encouragement. We share and discuss some things that hit us in different parts of the feels.
2/10/202128 minutes, 15 seconds
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73: Just Kidding

How do you figure out when to introduce more grown-up crafts and tools to tiny beings? And then, how do you go about it?
1/27/202138 minutes, 14 seconds
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72: 2020 Visions

Well, that was a year. We discuss things we made and what we're - maybe, possibly, carefully - planning for 2021.
1/13/202139 minutes, 42 seconds
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71: John Siracusa and the Game Loop of Art

John Siracusa comes on to talk about the skill tree of art and making, over-encouraging, and lots of different things.
12/23/202059 minutes, 23 seconds
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70: Gift Guide!

'Tis the season to stare desperately at your empty list! We suggest some fun things and some boring but very practical things, and possibly share a sneaky tip for the people in our lives who have to figure out what to get us.
12/9/202042 minutes, 30 seconds
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69: Commission, Commission, What's Your Mission?

How do you take a commission? Should you? We try to figure it all out.
11/25/202042 minutes, 1 second
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68: Losing An Identity?

Julia has been thinking about what it would be like to lose pottery entirely; she and Tiff cheer each other up.
11/11/202030 minutes, 50 seconds
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67: More A's To Your Qs!

We take on some great listener questions about important topics like retreats, planning and overplanning, and desserts.
10/28/202054 minutes, 21 seconds
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66: Done Is Beautiful; Simple Is Hard

Tiff reports on her stained glass and Inktober adventures, and we talk about the magic of simplicity.
10/14/202035 minutes, 44 seconds
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65: Glass and New Things

We get into Tiff's new hobby, and talk a little bit about getting into new things.
9/30/202041 minutes, 33 seconds
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64: Keeping It Real

Is realistic art better than not? Is it important to be able to draw or sculpt with a realistic result? How many times can Julia say "yes and no" in one episode?
9/16/202049 minutes, 32 seconds
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63: Getting Good as Heck

It's OK to not want to be super best - but if you WANT to get really good, how do you do that? We discuss motivators, tips and tricks, and plain ol stubbornness.
9/2/202044 minutes, 55 seconds
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62: Tiff Did The Thing!

Tiff did the thing and sold her stuff at a walking art fair! We talk about how that feels, and about some of the practicalities.
8/19/202038 minutes, 11 seconds
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61: A Whack on the Side of the Head

We take on a book about shaking loose your creativity.
8/5/202044 minutes, 45 seconds
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60: I Give You Three Tasks

We think of three fun and-or weird projects for each other to do. And then just keep coming up with stuff!
7/22/202030 minutes, 49 seconds
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59: Apathy, Empathy, and Inspiration

We talk about people who inspire us in different ways - but also why it can be hard to feel that inspiration and encouragement.
7/8/202034 minutes, 51 seconds
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58: When You Just Can't Even

We talk a little bit about what to do when you can’t make things, for whatever reason. Is it always a bad thing?
6/24/202033 minutes, 33 seconds
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57: Routines and Rituals

Do you have a special hat you put on to paint? A candle that helps you write? We discuss the rituals and habits we create around our art – and what to do when those rituals don’t, in fact, trick the muse into showing up.
5/27/202038 minutes, 53 seconds
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56: Eating The Elephant One Bite At A Time

A listener email has us talking about the differences in getting ready to do BIG projects and smaller ones. Does the giant mountain start to feel smaller after you climb it once?
5/13/202046 minutes, 44 seconds
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55: K. Tempest Bradford and The Power of Narrative

Julia talks to writer and podcast neighbor K. Tempest Bradford about being a creative, teaching people how to write, and whose stories get told and by whom. (Content note: There is discussion of racism and some of the less pleasant things that can happen to women and minority groups in literature, especially sci-fi and fantasy.)
4/29/202053 minutes, 43 seconds
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54: Don't Tell Me How To Hobby

We take on a listener question about feeling like you’re not doing your hobby right and producing worthy things, and how that can make you hesitate to even do it at all.
4/15/202040 minutes, 46 seconds
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53: Stu-stu-studio

A whole room? A rented space? A tiny corner? There are lots of ways to set up a studio for the stuff you make. Not everything will work for all people, but there are a lot of things that can be good to think about.
4/1/202044 minutes, 29 seconds
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52: Give In, Give Up, Let Go.

When do you give up on things? Or entire crafts? Basically, we try to answer the fundamental question: ”What IS fun?”
3/18/202049 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

51: Thank... You?

We follow up on leaning into pretention, and then try to figure out how to accept compliments gracefully. Or at all.
3/4/202049 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

50: To Write With Light

Photography! We talk about Tiff’s path to becoming a capital P photographer - and, of course, if photography is Art. Also why pictures with that white frame around them felt so much more fancy when you were a kid.
2/19/202052 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

49: Little Boxes, All The Same

”Your brain is infinite, but your space is limited.” Tiff gets deep when we talk about organizing your materials. By function? By craft? By color? Bye bye?
2/5/202046 minutes, 53 seconds
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48: The Not-So-Distant Future

It’s time to dream and plan for 2020. Not in hindsight. Foresight. Also: How do you find a new hobby?
1/22/202036 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

47: Brain Potatoes

We talk about our year and what we’ve maybe learned. Sort of. CW: This episode contains some discussion of mental health.
12/25/201944 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

46: A No-Good Heartbreaker, A Liar And A Cheat

It can be hard to get over the feeling that you’re cheating somehow, if you’re not doing Art exactly the way you think it ought to be done. Why is that?
12/11/201948 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

45: A Safe Place To Get Lost

Studiomate Jamie is back to talk about her year of boldness and about vulnerability. Also: Borrow other people’s stuff!
11/27/201959 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

44: Keeping It Cosy

It’s time to put on comfy slippers and do some nice, cosy, undemanding crafts. (Or is it?)
11/13/201945 minutes, 29 seconds
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43: Julia: Journalist Jabber

Tiff gets to turn the questions back on Julia, for a discussion about journalism and pottery as careers.
10/30/201952 minutes, 49 seconds
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42: They Say The Neon Lights Are Bright

After a quick Inktober chat, we get deep into Tiff’s not-that-seedy past at a Broadway costume shop. And yes, it is just as cool as you imagine.
10/16/20191 hour, 13 minutes, 44 seconds
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41: Oh Noez, I’m Monetizing My Hobby!

We need to work out some feelings. Insecurity, overenthusiasm and overexertion, joy, worry. They’re all there.
10/2/201939 minutes, 11 seconds
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40: Back To Life, Back To Reality

Tiff is back in the studio, and Julia is itching to get back to hers after a month on the road. What have we learned from having to, well, make do with what we had? Also, a big reveal!
9/18/201927 minutes, 24 seconds
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39: Afternoons with Gerhard

We watch the documentary *Gerhard Richter Painting* and ponder what makes an artist great, and how the sound of paint shmooshing and scraping makes us feel.
9/4/201934 minutes, 42 seconds
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38: Give Me A Q! Give Me An A!

We answer some listener questions, from suggestions for specific pens to more philosophical musings about productivity and profitability.
8/21/201936 minutes, 21 seconds
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37: "You're Just Coloring"

What do you do when someone else says the things that you say to yourself? Why do they like to feed our impostor syndrome? Send us your questions for the Q&A episode! makedopod @ gmail
8/7/201933 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

36: Self. Help?

We tried reading a book and gave up. So we talk about self help or inspirational books, and about giving up.
7/24/201933 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

35: Merlin Mann and Vulnerability

We get a visit from Merlin Mann, and talk about - well, a lot of stuff. What to call yourself, tall poppy syndrome, and micro-creativity.
7/10/20191 hour, 11 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

34: Be Nice To Your Past Self

Why are we mean to our younger selves, when they were trying out new things? Can we be nicer to our now-selves by being nicer to our then-selves? Also, did Julia ever really like hockey?
6/26/201943 minutes, 26 seconds
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33: And All That Class

Julia is very excited about some workshops she’s been taking lately, and we talk about the ups and downs of taking different kinds of classes to try new things or improve your craft.
6/12/201939 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

32: Failing Forward

Some followup, some crap news, some Pollyanna attitudes. We discuss how we’re dealing with some failures and frustrations.
5/29/201939 minutes, 48 seconds
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31: What’s Your Type?

We took a quiz on creative types, and it spun into a discussion about what that actually means. And if it matters. HOMEWORK: How would you describe yourself as a creative person?
5/15/201934 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

30: I Know You Are But What Am I?

We tricked our respective husbands into joining us for a conversation about being creative and not, and putting up with us. (And by tricked, we mean we asked them.)
5/1/201924 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

29: Reunited And It Feels So... Good?

We met up in Atlanta and talked about being good and feeling not good. And how to take a compliment.
4/17/201936 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

28: "The Artist Is Resident"

Julia has Done A Thing, and so we’re talking about artist residencies and creative retreats, and what those can mean.
4/3/201948 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

27: Take The Cake

We are celebrating our one year podiversary! And what better time to talk to Tiff’s bestie Tanya about the ups and downs of being a cake artist. (Though she might object to that word. )
3/20/201954 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

26: ”Do Women Have To Be Naked To Get Into The Met Museum?”

It’s not easy being green. Or pink, as the case may be. What role does gender play in our own making, and in the history of art and creating? Spoiler: It ain’t all roses and fluffy yarn.
3/6/201952 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

25: Out and About

Art is not just for museums and living rooms - it’s all around us! We discuss murals, graffiti, illicit mosaics, and all sorts of possibly gray area beautifying.
2/20/201943 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

24: When Art Really Is Pain

There are a lot of ways to hurt yourself when you’re making stuff. We discuss ergonomics, stupid injuries, proper protection and weird helpful doodads. Plus a question about (not) comparing yourself to others.
2/6/201942 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

23: It All Sparks Joy, OK?

Konmari mania makes it into the Make Do studio, as we discuss if and when you should take a long hard look at your stash of craft supplies.
1/23/201943 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

22: We Need A Resolution

Welcome to the distant future! We’re talking about goals, aims, resolutions, and intentions, and what they can mean. (And which of them sends Tiff hiding under her desk.)
1/9/201952 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

21: 2018 - That Was The Year That Was

We do a little end of the year wrap-up and talk about things we’ve learned and things we’ve tried. We’d love to hear your thoughts - and we want to know your goals and resolutions for next year! Drop us a line on Twitter or instagram or at [email protected]
12/26/201840 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

20: Happy handmade!

Makers gonna make and makers gonna give. What kind of value and values do we place on homemade and handmade gifts?
12/12/201848 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

19: Studiomate Jamie in: ”Let’s Not Make This About Boats”

Tiff has lured Jamie from one studio into another and we talk about finding your voice — more than once — and about her winding path with and without art.
11/28/201858 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

18: The Myth of the Tragic Artist

We do some final Inktober check-in, but mostly we talk about the idea that real art comes from pain and real artists don’t dull their pain. (Note: If you’re not feeling up to the heavy stuff right now, you can still listen up to the 09.55 mark!)
11/14/201853 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

17: Words, Words, Words

We calm some fears about X-acto knives, and talk about writing as a creative pursuit. Do people treat it differently from painting or knitting?
10/31/201840 minutes, 46 seconds
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16: Spoopy Decorations, Do-overs, and Some Fun News!

Noisemakers and party hats - we’re now part of the Relay FM family! Also party hats and decorations because we’re talking about Halloweeny crafts and such. Plus some inktober check-in.
10/17/201845 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

15: Inktober

We answer a couple of listener questions, and then chew on Inktober, a 30-day inking challenge. What’s the deal, how do we feel about it, what are our strategies?
10/3/201833 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

14: Doodles, Self-Worth, and Inspiration, Question Mark?

It can be hard to separate your sense of self worth from your output – either quantity or quality. But that’s probably not the best way to handle your identity as a creative person. (Or is it? Julia briefly plays devil’s advocate.) Also: Spaghetti-Os.
9/19/201836 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

13: Sew, Sew, Sew Your Coat

Dedicated follower of fashion or not – sewing is an amazing maker-skill to have, and we talk a little bit about why.
9/5/201839 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

12: Paint With All the Colors of, You Know

There is no reason to stop asking people what their favorite color is, right? It turns out Tiff and Julia have the same one – but we also talk a lot about all sorts of colors and how color theory, -psychology, -philosophy, and -blindness might work.
8/22/201848 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

11: Posers and Impostors – Looking the Part

Can an artist wear khakis? Do tattoos make someone cool and creative? What stereotypes do we have working for or against us, as creative and makey people?
8/8/201837 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

10: Ready, Set – Challenges

Challenging yourself is good. We think. But what about specific challenges, like doing something every day for a month, or making a hundred of something? Also: Naked dude report.
7/25/201842 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

9: Content and Intent – Being Political

Is art political – and does it have to be? Do you have a responsibility to make with issues and values in mind? Is crafting as post-apocalyptic life skill a political statement? Either way, we have a lot of feelings on the subject, and on current events.
7/11/201853 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

8: Figuring out our Feelings

Touchy feely touching base time. How are we feeling about our creating? Is talking about it making it better or worse? And is it OK to do a thing just because it’s fun?
6/27/201845 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

7: Too Cool for School

Do you have to have proper training and a degree to be an artist? To do art? To call yourself an artist? We ponder credibility and qualifications.
6/13/201836 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

6: ”Give Me Worth” – selling your art

When do you decide you feel good enough about your art to start charging for it? And how do you put a value on it? We discuss the commercial side of creating. We also check in on our homework progress, and sing the praises of professional framing.
5/30/201849 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

5: Baller at Whales – Social Media, Inspiration, and Fails

Social media is your friend. Except when it isn’t. And when it comes to creativity, that is very much the case. So how do you use it to your advantage?
5/16/201833 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

4: From The Pen Show – Double Broad, Double Feature!

Together at last! We met up at the Atlanta Pen Show to talk to some amazing creative friends, and try to figure out what a creative community means to us.
5/2/20181 hour, 20 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

3: Why Do We Make? (”Hello. I am achiever. Please notice.”)

Why? That is forever the question, isn’t it. Why do we make and do? Also, can we just put in our 10,000 hours spread over a thousand different things?
4/18/201832 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

2: A Room of One’s Own

It is a truth universally acknowledged that having space to do art is an amazing feeling. (Never mind that first time you get to say ”my studio” out loud… ) But spending money on your art, be it a hobby or a business, be it a studio space or tons of supplies, is not always an unadulterated joy.
4/4/201837 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

1: ”Lowercase a, art.”

Introductions! Tiff and Julia share a little about themselves and their relationship to art and creativity. And Bob Ross.
3/21/201827 minutes, 19 seconds