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What time is it? MAIM TIME! A show about overcoming the Asian diaspora identity struggle and Self-Actualization. We go DEEP & HARD into important topics: dealing with our identity struggles, intergenerational trauma with our families, reconciling different cultures, spirituality and religion after church, building confidence in dating, enterprise, and creative pursuits, and so on... to get closer to realizing our full potential!
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YOU ARE THE FUTURE (Birthday Special)

Happy Birthday America, and Happy Birthday to ME!What’s good? This is your annual MAIM TIME birthday episode special where I reiterate all my usual sheeeeiiiit about identity, coming to accept and love all of your identity, self-actualization, being the bridge between the East and West, spirituality, and more.One juicy indulgent hour of stream of consciousness, I know you need it hard. And I missed you. Hard.YOU ARE THE FUTURE.YOU ARE THE ECONOMIC, CULTURAL, SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION FOR THE EAST AND WEST.JETSET AROUND THE WORLD BUILDING EMPIRES.YOU CAN WORK FUCKING MIRACLES.RAISE THE DEAD, HEAL THE SICK, MAKE THE BLIND SEE.USE AI TO TURN FIVE LOAVES OF BREAD TO FEED TENS OF THOUSANDS.YOU CAN BRING HEALING TO THE NATIONS.OUR ANCESTORS ARE WATCHING OVER US.LET’S MAKE THEM PROUD AND BRING THEM GREAT HONORDon’t let any motherfucker ever tell you you’re not worthy, you’re not capable, you’re not good for anything, you’ll never amount to anything. PROVE THEM WRONG.You can prove them wrong because I AM A MIRACLE. I SHOULDN'T BE HERE.I HAD TO GO THROUGH ALL THIS SHIT AND MAKE THIS GOOFY ASS PODCAST TO MEET YOU ONE DAY AND TELL YOU:YOU ARE WORTHY. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.So one day, we can meet on a fucking island retreat one day and celebrate in the never-ending journey to excellence, greatness, and glory.WE'RE MUTHAFOOKIN GAWWWWDZ M8!Support the show
7/4/202358 minutes, 21 seconds
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YOUR DEAD ANCIENT ANCESTORS HAVE BEEN WAITING THOUSANDS OF YEARS FOR YOU TO REALIZE THERE IS A SLEEPING DRAGON INSIDE OF YOUYOU NEED TO BE THE ONE TO AWAKEN IT TODAY#072: I usually describe this podcast as a show about Asian diaspora overcoming identity struggle to become the best versions of ourselves. The tagline is something I’ve revised over the past several years. But I realize, there needs to be a purpose or a vision.This is my current vision:The ultimate self-actualization of all Asian diaspora brothers and sisters worldwide, to raise the level of consciousness of the peoples of Asia, and thus consciousness for all humanity.We want one million Asian diaspora to dedicate themselves to improvement in every human metric, be it physical, financial, mental, cultural, creative, and so on.At least one million. It starts with you, one. Then there are 10 of us, then1 00, then 1000, then 10,000 and then 100,000. It’ll just take TIME. MAIM TIME.Support the show
1/14/20238 minutes, 54 seconds
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LISTEN TO THE GREATEST MOST MIND-BLOWING MAIM TIME EPISODE SO FAR THIS YEAR! 🤯🔥#071. Listen to episodes of MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice, or on YouTube.KILL AND EATYOU MUST COMPETEJesus is not enough for you to become the strongest most capable competitive version of yourself. Only you are.HAPPY NEW YEAR!I went to Jubilee Church in Seoul for New Years to listen to yet another solid sermon given by Pastor David Hwang. Like for the Christmas episode, I summarize his message and then give my own cheeky heretical twist to it.Acts 10:9-16Pastor David Hwang2023: CommunionThis episode will be taken into 3 parts:•Some domain knowledge about Christianity for those of you who didn't grow up in this shit like I did•The sermon content given by the pastor for the New Year service at Jubilee Church, his theme being Communion•My exposition upon Christianity and Pastor David's sermon, compounding the theme of Communion with CompetitionYou're in competition with the entire world.The best communion is one with likeminded competitive people who will challenge each other to become better.Support the show
1/8/20231 hour, 21 minutes, 11 seconds
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#070 | The Gift of Competition

Listen to episodes of MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice, or on YouTube.This episode focuses on the importance of understanding competition as the basis of life and essential to nature, and why we must compete in order to become the best versions of ourselves in all aspects.HO HO HO! Merry Christmas, Good Will to All Men!This year, Santa Claus has a very special gift for you.No, it's not a shiny new Macbook or a super car, a mansion or a six-star luxury trip to Paris.This is the gift of... COMPETITION.It means you have to compete with everyone else in the planet to get all the good things in life that you truly desire.If you understand this, and you give it your all, you will succeed -- and you won't need me or anyone else to get you any gift. You can buy that Macbook, that super car, that mansion and that trip yourself.But here's the catch: Now that the cat's out of the bag -- yes, my big red sack -- and Pandora's Box is open, there will no longer be NICE and NAUGHTY lists going forward.There are just WINNERS, and LOSERS.Compete, and become a winner.But what if you're a loser?You don't want to face the harsh reality of life and take the necessary actions to become the best version of yourself?GET F'KED.HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!Support the show
12/26/202226 minutes, 21 seconds
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#069 | International Man of Mystery Flies to Jakarta in a Private Jet

Listen to episodes of MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice, or on YouTube.The name's TIME.... MAIM TIME.It’s me again.They thought I was dead.Some said I escaped to North Korea.They thought I was in jail, or worse:They thought I went back to college to finish my theology degree.But you can't kill me.I'm back, and better than ever.And harder.I've returned from a cheeky 5-month hiatus.The last episode I posted was on my birthday in July, and I was celebrating 5000 downloads.I just got an email last week saying MAIM TIME hit 6000 total downloads. Doesn't include YouTube video hits. I haven't posted in 5 months. Even though I haven’t been actively promoting MAIM TIME, I've gained the slightest bit of traction. That's so valuable. I can't give up on this. Thanks to those who've been listening!So, what's going on Maim? Why haven’t you been updating?Let me tell you a story.Back in July, I flew on a private jet to Jakarta for a cheeky 4-day business trip. It blew my mind. My life hasn't been the same since…Support the show
12/17/202220 minutes, 55 seconds
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D I R T Y • T H I R T Y • 三 十 • 🇺🇸 🎂 🇰🇷

Listen to episodes of MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice, or on YouTube.Happy birthday America!Thanks to all you MAIM TIMERS, we finally reached over 5000 downloads for MAIM TIME! This is a big milestone. Every download counts. You count.I count, but I didn't always think I did.10 years ago, I tried to take my own life. I'm glad I didn't, because then I wouldn't be talking to you right now.Today, I'm 30 years old. I'm officially no longer a twenty-something.It was an amazing decade. I'm grateful for every year of life up until now.ODESZA - BoySo as I do every year, I'm going to go stream of consciousness on a buncha stuff:Identity.Korea.America.Freedom.Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.Tune in and listen to me go FULL MAIM TIME.NOTE: I'm throwing a huge dirty thirty party on Friday, July 15 in Seoul. If you're a listener, you're totally invited. Email me at [email protected] or follow & DM on Instagram for details.Support the show
7/4/202239 minutes, 13 seconds
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#067 | Becoming the Hero of Your Own Journey

CUNSOOM MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice... and YouTube!#067: "Be the hero of your own story."Nobody's going to take charge of your life but you. No one can be the hero of your own journey, but you. You write your own story. You're not the mistakes of your past. You're not all your failures.Anybody can do this. Even if you don't get your ultimate dream of what you want, you open up doors for something else. You can be proud and have satisfaction in who you are and what you're doing.Struggle is an essential part to your journey in life. Without struggle or challenge, it's meaningless. Overcoming yourself and obstacles is the great reward in and of itself.Never give up. You can do it.See, I'm living proof. In spite of all challenges in my life, I'm doing it. I'm working. I'm becoming disciplined. I'm becoming more focused. I'm getting better everyday.Again, anyone can choose to turn their life around. Doesn't mean you'll be a billionaire, a famous artist or this and that. But the journey itself is rewarding and valuable, rich in lessons, pride, glory, and happiness. Fulfillment is there for all. If I can do it, so can you.YouTube video: Joe Rogan - Motivational Video [Be a Hero]Support the show
5/30/202225 minutes, 14 seconds
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#066 | The Disney Miracle of being American-Born Chinese ft. Victor Zheng II

CONSUME MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice... and YouTube!#066: This is Part II of a great chat with Victor, who talks more about his experiences in film in America and China, and PURSUING HIS DREAMS KICKING IT WITH AND WORKING ALONGSIDE ASIAN HOLLYWOOD!Really awesome story and projects. Inspiring. If you want to make something, just BUILD something for yourself and opportunities will appear! Even if they don't, you still have something. It'll take time, but it'll all be worth it! It's been worth it just making this podcast for you. Immensely rewarding. Don't sell yourself short! I believe in you!Here's Part I if you missed it.Victor Zheng is a Chinese American filmmaker from Fairfax County, Virginia. He is currently consulting on the Disney Plus show "American Born Chinese," starring Michelle Yeoh, Daniel Wu, Leonard Wu, Ke Huy Quan, and several other prolific Asian actors.As an actor, he has participated in projects in China and the United States. He has been cast in major films such as the Korean War movie, "Devotion" which also stars Jonathan Majors, Glen Powell, and Joe Jonas in lead roles. He also has a bit part in the movie, "The Menu" which is lead by Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes. Victor has also been called onto prestigious projects such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Superstore”, “The Goldbergs”, and several other sets both at the Hollywood and independent level.In 2020, out a desire to create content and defeat boredom during the pandemic, Victor Zheng created “Team Avatar Films," an independent film collective focused on sharing stories based on the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender. A huge cast and crew composed of dozens of actors, VFX artists, sound designers, and musicians were assembled to create over 70 minutes of film that will be released this summer. The trilogy that Victor has created with Team Avatar is currently titled "A Legend of Earth and Fire."In his free time, Victor likes to go to the gym, read history books like a dork, and study other aspects of post-production. He is currently taking intensive courses on sound design, VFX, and acting in order to build his craft as a well-rounded filmmaker.Check out Team Avatar Films! the show
5/22/202243 minutes, 29 seconds
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#065 | Living Yin and Yang as an Indie Filmmaker ft. Victor Zheng I

CONSUME MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice... and YouTube!#065: We have a GREAT CHAT here with a super cool dude, Victor. If you're into indie filmmaking, acting, and living a rich multi-faceted life, listen to Victor speak! This is Part I, stay tuned for Part II.Victor Zheng is a Chinese American filmmaker from Fairfax County, Virginia. He is currently consulting on the Disney Plus show "American Born Chinese," starring Michelle Yeoh, Daniel Wu, Leonard Wu, Ke Huy Quan, and several other prolific Asian actors.As an actor, he has participated in projects in China and the United States. He has been cast in major films such as the Korean War movie, "Devotion" which also stars Jonathan Majors, Glen Powell, and Joe Jonas in lead roles. He also has a bit part in the movie, "The Menu" which is lead by Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes. Victor has also been called onto prestigious projects such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Superstore”, “The Goldbergs”, and several other sets both at the Hollywood and independent level.In 2020, out a desire to create content and defeat boredom during the pandemic, Victor Zheng created “Team Avatar Films," an independent film collective focused on sharing stories based on the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender. A huge cast and crew composed of dozens of actors, VFX artists, sound designers, and musicians were assembled to create over 70 minutes of film that will be released this summer. The trilogy that Victor has created with Team Avatar is currently titled "A Legend of Earth and Fire."In his free time, Victor likes to go to the gym, read history books like a dork, and study other aspects of post-production. He is currently taking intensive courses on sound design, VFX, and acting in order to build his craft as a well-rounded filmmaker.Check out Team Avatar Films!ANNOUNCEMENT: A Legend of Earth and Fire Trilogy - YouTube the show
5/15/202249 minutes, 32 seconds
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#064 | Ushering in the Asian American Renaissance with Ryan Takemiya

CONSUME MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice... and YouTube!#064: This is the most amazing time to be alive in human history, especially for Asian societies, and especially for Asian-Americans and diaspora worldwide. There's never been more opportunity. We're experiencing a new unprecedented era and advances in every single field of human endeavor. Peace and prosperity, industry, technology, culture, finance, art, music, spirituality, adventure.If the First Renaissance took place in Europe from the 14th to the 17th century, then is the Second Renaissance -- Trinaissance? -- taking place in Asia? This is the Asian Century. If you're Asian, if you're diaspora, there's never been a better time to be alive, with more opportunities for success, fulfillment, impact, growth, evolution. What about your Personal Renaissance?The rebirth of your heart, mind, and soul?I've experienced several rebirths in my life.From being damned to being baptized and saved as a believer in Christ.To losing my faith entirely and surrendering to nihilism.To starting a new life in Korea to find myself and build a new identity.To starting a new career as a copywriter & podcaster, to fulfill the purpose of my life.From paradigm to paradigm.If you're reading this, if you can understand this, then you know what it means. You have immense potential.YOU ARE THE RENAISSANCE!Ryan Takemiya is a writer, DEIB speaker, and storyteller.  He is the founder of Rama, an Asian American creative community in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Through Rama he runs Talk Story, an Asian American storytelling open mic night, and Renaissance Men, an Asian American men's support group.  As a speaker he leads workshops on culture and identity, helping Asian Americans overcome what he calls "toxic invisibility" in both the workplace and life. the show
3/13/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 14 seconds
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#063 | How to Manifest your Way towards Transcendence - Seibo Knows!

CONSUME MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice... and YouTube!#063: Six exits and however many millions earned and burned later... what does it all mean?  What do you do when you reach "success"?What do you do when you're BURNED OUT?How do you stay young?What's the secret?Chillionaire Mindset Coach for Burnt-out Over-Achievers Seibo Knows!I LOVED THIS CONVERSATION!THIS EPISODE IS A PROPER GOLD MINE, M8!!!We are on FIRE. We are GLOWING with energy.We want what's best for you to manifest your dreams into reality and then transcend!We go deep and hard about some esoteric sheeeeiiiiiit.(Or maybe not deep and harrrrd enough?)What do you think? Is Seibo full of crap? AM I FULL OF CRAP?Tune in and find out!(Ladies, there's a moment or 2 where we talk about something sexual, please don't be grossed out or offended. We love you!)We touch upon a ton of amazing things:Can you hustle your way as an achiever while lowering your stress  to stay young, and be more effective?Self-awareness on one's journey - Seibo's where Maim wants to be, but Maim's not quite there yet and that's okay. Maim is exactly where he needs to be, and with that self-awareness he can appreciate and be grateful for the moment and stage he's in now. You can do the same.Climbing Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs to transcend it(?)Not rushing to get to the next level in the videogame of life -- not as fast as possible, but going through as thoroughly as possible in order to be better equipped and wiser for the final bossWhat happens when you "skip" the achiever stage and become a hippy seeking enlightenment right out of college? (Spoiler alert: You crash on Seibo's couch like a cheeky bum and realize you've been missing out on that part of life lol)Doing things like becoming a successful CEO out of something simple and deep like fear, or like a sense of not belongingAre you spending a buncha money out of actual generosity or because you want people to like you and you want to look like a hotshot?What sort of mindset is beneficial to you on the way to achieving your goals?What sort of paradigms are out there for you?What sort of immense benefits for meditation are there for you?We talk about Psycho-Cybernetics of course lolWho are you more likely to listen to, some hippy who doesn't have experience in the 3D-real-business-world, or a spiritual coach whose been running 3 companies for 3 years longer than he needed?In order to understand the metaphysical and esoteric, you have to first grasp the physical / material 3D world. It's all in stages.Seibo's Sheeeeiiiit: the show
3/6/20221 hour, 23 minutes, 25 seconds
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#062 | This Short Film is Changing Lives and It's Not Even Out Yet!

CONSUME MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice... and YouTube!#062: This episode is AWESOME! I interview Chelsie, a filmmaker who posted about her AMAZING upcoming short film "Mandarins" on the Asian Creative Network FB Group. Big shoutout to the ACN fam, we love you!This story is about INTERGENERATIONAL TRAUMA portrayed through the funeral of a Chinese-American family. MAIM TIME is all about coming to grips with intergenerational trauma as Asian diaspora, and we go in DEEP (and HARD) about the importance of life-changing, life-affirming art such as this! You're gonna LOVE THIS episode!Check the web page for this episode on MAIM TIME for more info!Promotional Links: Website: <- PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THEIR NEWSLETTER FOR UDPATES!Instagram @mandarinsfilmFacebook @mandarinsfilmAsian Creative Network - a group for Asian artists, content creators, and generally amazing talented people where I met ChelsieSupport the show
2/27/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 47 seconds
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#061 | I'M QUITTING MY JOB aka How to Dunning-Kruger Your Way to Success ;)

CONSUME MAIM TIME on your podcast player of choice... and YouTube!#061: I'm quitting my main job that I've been working for 8 years to pursue a full-time freelance copywriting career. From April 2022, I'll basically be totally running my own business, pitching and closing leads, working on projects, building my ever-increasing portfolio, and STACKING PAPER.That’s right, I’m deluding myself into thinking I know more than I actually do and DUNNING-KRUGERING MY WAY TO SUCCESS! Woohoo! I'mma becum the Mfkin' Dunning-Kruger of Copywriters, m8!Does this mean I'm totally rich and successful and all that sheeeeiiiit? NO. But it's a huge step in that direction, and I'm just getting started.This means:No more daily 1-hour commutes, 2 times a day, adding up to 10+ hours of commute time a week. I get that time back.I can set my own schedule to work, and have even more freedom than I already did.I can work from a laptop at a café on the other side of the country by a beach like one of those digital gonads or whatever they're called, as long as I has INTERNETZ. I can work almost anywhere in the world if I so choose! Doesn't mean I'm leaving Korea anytime soon, but it's awesome to know that I can do it if I want.I'm that much closer to living that "4-Hour Workweek" ideal. Not that I'd only work 4 hours, but that I'd have the freedom to do whatever I want with my time.I'm able to get paid more doing something I'm interested in and good at, which is writing content and ads for blockchain/crypto projects, whitepapers, e-commerce products & services, see the back-end of interesting businesses and industries, and so on.I'll have way more time and resources to devote to MAIM TIME! In fact, I never have to monetize this show if I don't want to. Why?I can make more than enough money I need for the rest of my gawd-man life, whenever and wherever I am.This is the most exciting time of my life. I'm in a critical period of transition personally, financially, spiritually.How did I get here? Where do I begin?How can this help you in your own personal journey towards what you see as "success"?Tune in and SEE WHAT TIME IT IS!Check out the webpage for this MAIM TIME episode for more!Support the show
2/23/202218 minutes, 40 seconds
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#060 | Selling Yourself to Yourself in 60 Seconds

CONSUME MAIM TIME on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your podcast player of choice... and YouTube!#060: I'm going through The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. This is perfectly in line with the content matter of Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz - check out MAIM TIME #059 to hear me talk about that book that changed my life. I recommend you check that out first, it will give more context to this episode.In Chapter 6: You Are What You Think You Are, he tells you to create a 60-second "sell-yourself-to-yourself" commercial. It's a pep-talk you can tell yourself everyday.In this episode, I share mine to give you ideas on how you can have your own 60-second sell-yourself-to-yourself commercial!As always, please check out this episode's show notes page on the website for more valuable info.Support the show
2/13/202220 minutes, 55 seconds
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#059 | If I Learned This Secret 10 Years Ago, I'd Be 100 Times Who I Am Now... NOT CLICKBAIT LOL

NEW UPDATES: MAIM TIME 2nd Anniversary. Hooray! Thanks to all those who've listened to the show up until now. It means so much to me.I'm finally a YouTuber now LOL. The MAIM TIME YouTube Channel is up! All episodes from Episode #1 will be published until it catches up with the latest audio podcast schedule. Please support with a cheeky sub and like! ;)#059: Last month, I finished this book called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, thanks to a recommendation from Hamza Unfiltered's YouTube channel. This is arguably one of the best books I've come across in my personal journey, IF NOT THE BEST.This is THE OG book on self-development, psychology, self-actualization. The more and more I think about it, the more I wish I had come across this book 10 years ago. It contains the most important secret for self-actualization and success, living a fulfilled life, and being the best version of yoruself."Well, Maim, spill the means. Secret? What's mean?"BIGGEST SPOILER OF LIFE: More than any other book or concept, the idea of the self-image - believing in yourself - is fundamental to all success. I believe this now more than ever.Any success I've had in my life up until now, including learning Korean and becoming socially apt and all the growth I've experienced today -- has perfectly adhered to the principles in this book. Let me tell you, I cannot shut up about this book. THANK YOU DR. MAXWELL MALTZ!SELF-IMAGE DETERMINES YOUR ATTITUDE, WHICH DETERMINES YOUR ACTIONS, YOUR BEHAVIOR, YOUR DESTINY!More than ever I realize, self-talk, self-belief is the most important thing.If you believe that you're dumb, then you'll act dumb to prove to the world that you're dumb.If you think you're too dumb to know your own mother tongue, then you are.If you think you're fat, you'll act in ways to prove to the world you're fat.If you believe you're worthless, you'll behave in a self-sabotaging way.That's what I've done for most of my whole life.NO MORE!I'm believing  in myself 100%! I AM THE BEST!NO ONE HAS OVERCOME THE CHALLENGES THAT I HAVE.Anything that I thought was once impossible for me, I OVERCAME IT.I SUCCEEDED BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS.How? I BELIEVED IN MYSELF!That's how it all starts.BELIEVING IN YOURSELF!!!IF I CAN DO ITSO CAN YOU!!!What are you waiting for?Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz (BEST SELF-HELP BOOK!)Dr. Maxwell Maltz (Psycho Cybernetics) Full Interview@6:18 Dr. Maltz' Interpretation for Salvador Dali's Painting (the artwork for this episode)Hamza's Summary on Psycho-CyberneticsMAIM TIME #058 | A Perfect Vision for Your Future Perfect SelfSupport the show
2/8/202236 minutes, 18 seconds
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#058 | A Perfect Vision for Your Future Perfect Self

#058: I'm sharing with you my absolute ideal perfect future. I highly encourage you to envision what your perfect future, your perfect self, looks like, and write that shit down. Then, tell yourself that you believe in yourself and put your subconscious to work to make it into reality. That's what I'm doing. I'm making my dreams into reality. It's an expansion of Episode 55: Making 2022 the Best Year of Our Lives LFG (HARD).Basically, what do I want my day to day, moment-to-moment life look like in 5 years or less?I want to have great energetic dynamic days of growth, productivity, health, focused work, efficiency, power, recreation.What kind of person do you want to be?What kind of abilities or superpowers do you want to have?A perfect body. A perfect personality. A perfect home. The perfect lifestyle.I'm doing this to manifest my dreams. I'm pursuing my wildest dreams.I AM my ancestors' wildest dreams.What do you want your future to look like? Please leave a comment on the page for this episode!Don't be afraid, or care what others think, if they'll judge you. It's your life.I believe in myself! And I believe in you!Stay tuned for next week's episode which will also be GLORIOUS, BASED, and HARD!Support the show
1/24/202250 minutes, 59 seconds
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#057 | I Believe I Can Fly... with Samy Kwon Part 2

#057: How many Asian brothers or sisters do you know that grew up in South America speaking Spanish, and then immigrated to the US to live a better life and KILL IT? Here we have a dope convo with my Korean-Bolivian brother from another mother Samy, living a life of freedom in Cali!This episode is just a bunch of self-help platitudes and cheesy cliches, but we don't care cause we're LIVING IT! That's life! It's DOPE!This is Part 2. Check out Part 1 in case you missed it!Check out the episode page for all the notes!He also talks about investing and trading in stocks, trading for almost 11 years.Find something that you like, try to be the best as possible, and enjoy the process. You fail, it's fine!Learn as much as you can. You can learn from everyone, everything.아이 빌리브 아이 캔 플라이 (Hard)You can find joy in just doing laundry, in every little thing you do.Find something that relieves your stress, whatever works for you.If you want to change, find your BIGGEST DEMON... YOURSELF. You really have to know yourself.The hardest thing is to know yourself, admit the dark things about yourself, in order to change.If you're not a homeless person in the street with a serious mental disorder... if you're able to listen to this podcast, you have all the opportunity to change your life, to learn and grow and be happy and live a fulfilling life! This is the most amazing time to be alive!Failure is okay. Don't be afraid to fail. Learn from your failures. You're failing cause you're trying.The beauty of this era: When you wanted to build something, it used to take 10 years. Now in this day, with the Internet, you can do it in 3 years.What used to take 10 years, you can do in 3. THAT'S AMAZING! You can fail 100 times!!!You have more chances and opportunities than ever! Go out there. DO IT!It's not how much you make. It's how much you keep.Samy loves America. Samy went to America with NOTHING. He built his life from NOTHING. He's not even that rich (or so he says!!) but he has a nice place, drives a nice car, flies wherever he wants. So if he can do it, so can you! America still has lots of opportunities. It's the land of opportunity. You can be whoever you want in America. Samy's opinion 😉To Asian minorities like us: People might pick on you if you're different, but that's cause they're afraid. Love yourself. Just being Asian is awesome. Somebody says something bad to you? It's cause they're scared of you. Being a foreigner, you're already better, because you're of two cultures. It takes a lot to learn two or more cultures.Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, live your life. Time never comes back. Life is beautiful. Love the process. Everything can be yours. You can be whatever you want to. You can do it. Just do it. It's normal to feel down at times. You're not a machine, it's human. I have those feelings too. You can do whatever you wanna do.Don't compare yourself to others. You're unique as a person. Love yourself.Everyone has the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.Reach out to Samy on:Samy's Instaor his emailSupport the show
1/17/202259 minutes, 58 seconds
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#056 | From Korea to Bolivia to America - Samy Kwon Part 1

#056: How many Asian brothers or sisters do you know that grew up in Latin America speaking Spanish, and then immigrated to the US to KILL IT and live a life of freedom? Samy is the mfkin gawd of recycling metals, m8. Here we have a dope convo with a brother from another mother, my Korean-Bolivian brotha Samy living it up in Cali!We talk about our parents sacrificing to take us from Korea (Asia) to the other side of the world (North and South America).Samy shares about his struggles growing up in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Samy's a fighter, and a talker. He wouldn't take sheeeeeiiit from no one!But then when he was 23 his parents kicked him out and sent his ass to study in America without knowing English or having any skills LOLWhile I take English being my first language for granted, Samy mentions he wishes he could have learned English when he was a teenager. If you're Asian-American or a native English-speaking Asian cause your parents took you to another country, consider yourself privileged and fortunate!MAJOR SETBACKS that can feel like the END OF THE FKIN WORLD and make you feel WORTHLESS and like a FAILURE... are all important opportunities to learn and grow from. It's natural, it's human, and it's gawdly to be able to learn and recover, live your life, and take action to do better going forward!Just another great story of life showing that life is all about UPs and DOWNs.FREEDOM IS PRICELESS! If you're gonna work a corporate job, try to work in a good industry or a good company that'll give you freedom to do what you want after you provide results.MONEY ALWAYS GOIN' BE MADE! You need to be happy, you need to love what you're doing.Today's not gonna come back. You have to enjoy the process.Reach out to Samy on:Samy's Instaor his emailSupport the show
1/10/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 39 seconds
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#055 | Making 2022 the Best Year of Our Lives LFG (HARD)

#055: Last episode, we talked about how HARD 2021 was.This episode is about New Years resolutions (or if that's a loaded term for you, just say goals) for 2022, and let me tell you:I'm going to absolutely fkin kill it HARD! LFG!No matter how HARD last year was, or how much life sucks, just remember... IT CAN ALWAYS GET WORSE LOLThe only thing within my control is to get stronger, smarter, more disciplined, more resilient, humbler, more compassionate, more grateful.We can categorize different aspects of our life, the physical, mental, social, financial, spiritual, etc. and see how we can improve in each.The more specific I go, the more realistically I can actually track and take action, and the closer I get to my goals.Click here for the show notes page for all the goals and sources!There is a wealth of stuff here for y'all to delve into, so please take time to check them out and see if you can't find something that'll add a lot of value to you this year!HAPPY NEW YEAR!Support the show
1/5/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 40 seconds
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#054 | Looking BACK at 2021, Look Forward to 2022

#054: Time for a personal reflection! How was 2021 for you? Was it easy or HARD? Did you make a lot of money? Did you lose a lot of money?For me, this has been one of the hardest years of my life. Almost a year ago, I injured myself working out. I stopped working for 4 months. I burned through my savings. Got personal family issues. And with my injury, I'm still not 100%. But I'm okay. Things could be much worse!Looking BACK at this BACK injury, and the ensuing 4-month hiatus forced me to take things slow, to take care of myself, and prioritize what's important to me.I learned a lot. Although this was a painful, difficult year in many ways, I was able to LEARN SO MUCH and excel and achieve and finish strong by the end.This may have been the most important year of personal growth thus far. In that respect, it was a great year.No matter what, I can look back at my past, I can see how far I've come.No matter how bad things get, it's never the end of the world.Thankfully, the past few months have been great. I'm excited for a great 2022!Thank you! Happy New Year to you!Support the show
12/31/202131 minutes, 57 seconds
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#053 | The Greatest Gift to Humanity

#053: What is the greatest (Christmas) gift you've ever gotten? Maybe it was a new phone, or computer, or even a car. Maybe a guitar.For me, it was some dinosaur toys, an Xbox 360 when I was a kid. But I'm not just talking about material gifts.Warning: I'm going FULL METAPHYSICAL SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHICAL MAIM TIME HERE.That's right, I'm going FULL MAIM TIME. HARD.In the previous episode, "Christmas? What's Mean???" I talk about what growing up with Christmas was like, and what it means to me as a Korean-American now.Here I talk more about it in the context of my Christian background, as I am what you might call Post Christian.I used to feel despair, depressed, and suicidal. Then I met Jesus. Then I LOST Jesus and had my existential faith crisis.Then I realized Jesus was all in my head, and there's nothing wrong with that. Man is made in the image of God (Imago Dei), but God is made in the image of man.I interpret the message of hope and salvation for mankind in the birth of the Messiah in my own diabolical heretical way.The historical and mythological birth of Jesus is the (Jungian) superconscious manifestation of humanity's desire to save itself.Not from eternal torment in the after-life necessarily, but the torment and darkness from our struggles up until then and now.TL;DRThis might sound mad cheesy but that gift is HOPE MOFOS!!! Hope for a second chance. HOPE for a better life.HOPE FOR HUMANITY! The gift of life itself, and the opportunity to evolve and become the best version of yourself.The hopes and dreams of mankind reflected on the peaceful babyface of Oh So Sweet Baby Jesus.This is the greatest time in human history to be alive, especially for the Asian peoples and the Asian diaspora.We have so much opportunity to get whatever we want in this life.Knowledge, art, money, power, sex, friendships, loyalty, love, charity, contribution.We as individuals have the power to be our own Messiahs, through self-knowledge and self-actualization.We can use the power of the Internet and memes to transform ourselves into muthafkin gawwwwdz m8!And I'mma use this Baby Jesus meme, the meme of Christmas, to accelerate our own 21st century Übermenschen Messianism.Baby Jesus is IN YOU!You ARE the Baby Jesus!The Messiah is within YOU!Support the show
12/24/202118 minutes, 32 seconds
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#052 | Christmas? What's mean???

#052: I used to hate Christmas when I was a kid because it reminded me of how out of place I was compared to the other American kids. It reminded me of how much I hated being Korean cause it made me feel different, and how I hated America because I didn’t feel accepted in the country. Now, I love Korea, I love America, and I love Christmas! Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas to all y’all, and especially to all the bitter resentful people out there who hate it for one reason or another. I know what it’s like to be one LOL I know you want it, even if you say you don’t. Everyone wants love, connection, acceptance, a family who loves them, friends who care about you, gifts material and spiritual. It wasn’t your fault. It’s not too late. It’s never too late!Merry Christmas! 미리 크리스마스! Artwork stolen from - Korean Vocabulary Words for Christmas 2021Support the show
12/13/202130 minutes, 10 seconds
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#051 | Maim rambles about MAIM TIME podcasting for a bit

#051: This episode is a stream-of-consciousness experiment where I ramble on for a while, probably nothing new you haven’t heard before if you’ve heard previous episodes. Just emphasizing again, it’s okay if you’re not where you want to be in life, just enjoy the process! That’s why I’m doing, anyways. It’s okay if not everything’s perfect, or ideal. It’s all about the journey! I’m living on the edge. I’m grateful for my life, and for you!Support the show
12/6/202119 minutes, 57 seconds
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#050 | Being First Generation Gods with Aaron Tam

#050: Aaron Tam is the founder and host of the First Generations Podcast. He is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)  and martial artist that loves to devote his time in networking and personal growth. Growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he was raised in an immigrant household with a scarcity mindset. Through walking his own path of struggles, failure, and adversity, he was able to discover his passion for self-development and many valuable life lessons that has helped him thrive today. He uses his podcast as a platform with the goal to inspire, motivate, offer insight, experience, and to empower people to believe in themselves. Aaron defines the term First Generation as someone that had paved their own path and definition of success on their own terms; no matter the hardships, negativity, and obstacles they had to overcome. Many individuals walk similar journeys in life but no one walks the exact same path. Being a cheeky CBC, we talk about Asian diaspora identity (of course), reconciling two different cultures, Western Individualism and Eastern Collectivism the feeling of duty in family and taking care of our parents my journey in Korea, learning Korean, getting in touch with my roots and all that (again) feeling out of place in the motherland and how we deal with it how we handle our emotions and reactions with people when we feel we’re treated differently how hardship serves as a catalyst for us to transform our lives and do awesome things the rich rewards of putting yourself out of your comfort zone TheFirstGenerationsPodcast.comSupport the show
11/28/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 48 seconds
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#049 | What Does a Happy Thanksgiving Mean to a Korean-American?

#049: Happy Thanksgiving y’all! I’m thankful for my life today, all the good people in my life, and for my heritage and culture. I’m thankful and grateful and proud to be Korean, American, Korean-American, and thankful to be who I am today. What does a Happy Thanksgiving mean to a Korean-American like me?  Or to an Asian-American?  I combine both cultural aspects, and am lucky to be able to do so. I have a unique experience as an American that others don't. I apply the spirit of a historical tradition and extrapolate it to my own modern journey and circumstances as an Asian minority immigrant who grew up in America and now lives in Asia. Maybe you’re not going to be part of the majority, maybe you’re a minority.Maybe you grew up feeling left out. Are you gonna stay that way or embrace the good parts, and contextualize it for your own life? I leave that as an open-ended question, and I ramble on and on and hard. Also a cheeky life update. Remember back in episode What I’m Sacrificing For My Dreams? I said I was gonna just be dedicating all kinds of time and devotion to this, MAIM TIME. I said, I need to go all in on one thing, my PASSION, right?  Find your thing, plant your flag on that hill, and never let go.  I still agree with that. But as of late, I’ve become super busy and I’m not able to work as much on this podcast.  I’m juggling 4-5 freelance / part-time projects at once right now. I’m lucky that these are all things I enjoy working on. I’m just trying not to burn out. If you wanna support, please just share these episodes with those who’d get value out of it! The truth is, fam, you get in where you fit in. Things in life don’t always go as you plan. Short term ideas become long term, long term ideas end quickly.In short, I’m grateful for my life, grateful for this show, thankful for you! I love you! Please share the gratitude and love towards those around you. Support the show
11/25/202118 minutes, 9 seconds
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#048 | Cantonese-American Mommy Talks about Building Future Leaders One at a Time

#048: Kaiyan is a Cantonese mommy living in America! She has her own podcast, called Us Mommios, all in Cantonese, for Cantonese mommies. We cover a lot of topics, from Asian diaspora identity, to motherhood, child education/psychology, to family, to building future leaders. I harp again about my childhood identity struggle, how difficult it was for me not knowing Korean growing up, how I have a psychological complex about it and how I deal with it as an adult.The importance of family and motherhood and the challenges of keeping and promoting our native culture, language, and heritage to children.I for sure never want my future children or any Asian child or anybody for that matter to go through what I went through, because it really sucked HARD.The important benefits of us as free individuals to reconcile with the collective through our family, our communities, our societies.I choose to reconcile and forgive past grievances (real or imagined) against my parents, my family, against Korean people, for my own sake as well as for the sake of the whole.Individualism vs collectivism is a false dichotomy. One cannot exist without the other. I as a free individual choose to reconcile with my mother for my own benefit, as well as the benefit of reconciling with the Korean people as a whole.I’m humbled and proud to be Korean, to be American, and I’m only alive today — we are only alive today because of our mothers, and mothers are sacred.Unlike the older generation, we’re in a better position to educate ourselves on psychology, self-awareness, and proper parenting. They may have not known how to communicate to us without yelling or negative energy. They may never have admitted their mistakes. But we’re privileged enough thanks to their sacrifices, to be and do better. We can apologize to our children, we can admit mistakes or when we did something wrong. In that vulnerability, honesty, and communication is true power. the show
11/15/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 2 seconds
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#047 | Busan NFT Adventures: The Real NFTs were the Friendships We Minted All Along

#047: Do you know what time it is? STORY TIME! A few days ago, I embarked on a cheeky adventure to Busan for Busan NFT 2021. Busan is a beautiful place, highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t gone already. It was an awesome trip! Here are just some reflections on the trip and my experiences. I also talk about imposter syndrome, overcoming one’s insecurity by providing value, and just being a good person to spend time with. Interesting and relevant: How to Get a Job in Crypto - The Easy Way - "At the end of the day, people want to work with their friends.” Really applies to any industry. Support the show
11/7/202124 minutes, 50 seconds
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#046 | That Awkward Moment When You Meet Your Mentally Unstable Mother for the First Time

#046: Sang Don Park is a talented beatboxer comedian who I met years ago while doing standup comedy. He spent a big chunk of his childhood in America before moving back to Korea. Here’s Part 1 if you missed it!In this part 2, we talk about... How Sang found out his mother wasn't his biological mother His father having the talk with him in 2019 to meet with his mentally unstable biological mother for the first time What interacting with his mother was like Many of us have skeletons in our families’ closets. You’re not alone, if you think you have a f’ed up family situation. How we process this new dramatic information about our past and our family dysfunction/drama How having compassion and understanding for our parents helps us become better people You have to try to do what makes you happy! “If you don’t like something… then you shouldn’t do it.” Words of a gawd m8. Sang Don Park | Why Clubbing Sucks@thesangshowSupport the show
10/31/202135 minutes, 16 seconds
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#045 | How Beatboxing Comedian Sang Don Park Learned to Fit into Korean Society

#045: Sang Don Park is a talented beatboxer comedian who I met years ago while doing standup comedy. He spent a big chunk of his childhood in America before moving back to Korea.  We talk about… Self-dev message of the day: Sang brought up that he recently quit coffee: If you’re addicted to caffeine like I am, I’d encourage anybody to do research into it and consider giving up daily or regular coffee consumption to improve your quality of sleep and lower stress. He grew up in Florida and Chicago and he got teased by other kids as is typical for many Asian-Americans. How a lot of these experiences gave us thicker skin and how as adults we can laugh about them! The reverse culture of moving back to Korea and what it was like adjusting to Korean society This happens a lot to people who can’t get a visa. My family may have just as easily not gotten our visas which allowed us a path to naturalization. How he’s felt lost at times in his journey as being American or Korean How we come to acceptance with our identities How our adversities made us better, HARDer people The challenges of doing standup comedy in Korean The challenges of fitting into Korea as a Korean-American! Sang Don Park | Why Clubbing SucksSupport the show
10/25/202156 minutes, 26 seconds
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#044 | The Struggle for Modern Women, Defining Luxury, and Finding Who You Are with Cheska - Part 2

#044: This is Part 2 of a great conversation we had with Cheska! If you haven’t checked out Part 1, here it is: #041 | Embracing Your Identity with Cheeky Cheska.In this part 2, we talk about... writing empowering-ass women’s stories, real stories of successful women overcoming their own insecurities and struggles the challenges for the modern woman to find what “the right way” when it comes to life, career, and dating with the modern complexity and choice the potential power of marketing with human story of struggle to promote a luxury brand how overcoming one’s life struggle adds so much more meaning to having nice things - money doesn’t mean anything if you can’t appreciate it what it means to be “high class” or to aspire for greater things how media/advertising affects our body image and the challenge of living in a society obsessed with the superficial struggling with our body image issues to this day as adults, male and female beauty is important; loving yourself is more important wanting nice things is fine, it’s better if you want to earn them yourself “Keep asking those questions that make you uncomfortable. It’s okay to be confused. You have to be confused in order to find the answer. Keep asking. Keep digging. Keep inquiring. And you surround yourself with the people who love you. In the end, you will find the answer." “Who am I?” Even if you can’t find the answer... asking the question itself, the process, is what gives you a direction. It enables you to get to where you want to be. Follow Her Story below ;)@blikecheska@_chescafeHer StorySupport the show
10/18/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 3 seconds
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#043 | Why Learning Hangeul and Korean Is the Proudest Achievement of My Life

#043: Happy Hangeul Proclamation Day everyone! This is yet another episode where I talk about a holiday and then segue into ranting and raving about whatever I want. It’s also perhaps one of the most important episodes dealing with the central theme of this podcast about overcoming my Asian diaspora identity crisis. This time, I talk about the “world’s most scientific alphabet,” the Korean alphabet, Korean day, and then generally my whole life journey with reading and writing Korean script. I’ll talk about my journey and experience with the written and spoken language as a whole, how I learned Hangeul, and how I use it in day to day life, and what it means to me. Of course, I'll digress in my own stream-of-consciousness way, so please bear with me. I encourage anybody of Korean descent to learn it if they don’t already. I found learning it to be crucial in my journey of dealing with my identity struggle. 해피 한글 데이 에브리바디! Support the show
10/10/202155 minutes, 9 seconds
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#042 | Korea's National Foundation Day: Garlic and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

#042: October 3 is Korea’s National Foundation Day, Gaecheonjeol (개천절; 開天節). It celebrates the founding of the Korean people! Gaecheon means “Opening of Heaven.” It actually commemorates 2 dates: October 3 2457 BCE and October 3 2333 BCE. On October 3 2457 BCE, Hwanung 환웅, a son of a god of heaven came HARD upon the Earth like a GAWD, mate. That’s gaecheon, the opening of Heaven. Later, Hwanung had sex with a woman who used to be a bear (we’ll get to that later) and had a son, named Dangun Wanggeom, or Dangun. On October 3, 2333 BCE, Dangun founded the first Korean state of Gojoseon, meaning Old Joseon. We’ll talk about Korea’s Creation Myth and Dangun, the legendary founder and GAWD-king of Korea’s first kingdom, Gojoseon. Is Korea really 5000 years old? Do Korean people come from ALIENS? Who gives af? Why should we give af or any f’s at all? As with my previous episodes on heritage/culture… the short answer is you don’t have to give af. You’re an individual with your own volition and destiny. It’s your own choice to care about your heritage or not. The long answer? Tune in and hear me ramble on and on! Support the show
10/3/202135 minutes, 37 seconds
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#041 | Embracing Your Identity with Cheeky Cheska - Part 1

#041: Cheska is a young global professional killing it everywhere she goes! Born in Seoul, Korea, raised in New Zealand (climbing trees, chasing sheep), to later settling, working in New York, she is a living embodiment of multi-culture. At first glance, her journey is awe-inspiring. From Duke University to global finance firm Morgan Stanley, winning awards in Miss World Korea 2015, then paving her own path to manage Korea's largest music festival projects, she is now a Global Creative Director, talk show host covering some of the most relevant topics of our life, interviewing vast number of CEO/entrepreneurs, celebrities, artists, and also the general public. However, what Cheska really wants to share with all of us are the real stories, the struggles and the successes, that built the foundation for who she is today and will become. In this part 1, we talk about how we’ve learned to fully embrace our identity based on our cultural diversity as individuals growing up comparing ourselves to others of different appearances / pedigrees how our unique experience gives us perspective and ability to connect with people on different levels how fortunate we are to be on our journeys of self-discovery in order to inspire the next generation to do even better Improving is a continuous process, you have to keep going. It doesn’t mean you’re not changing. no matter how hard you try, you may never truly “fit in” (like me trying to be more Korean. I tried!) that’s okay, cause we are all unique individuals we can only know things in hindsight the things that lead us to be who we are today it seems hard at the time, like maybe now, but looking back you’ll most likely be better off The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle! trying to reconcile our form and racial identity with the pure consciousness that we are @Cheska’s Insta@ChescafeHer StorySupport the show
9/27/202150 minutes, 6 seconds
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#040 | Chuseok You Suck!

#040: A Happy Chuseok You-Suck to all y’all, Koreans and expats! I’ll give some brief background on this Korean autumn harvest holiday for the ignorant infidels so that we can all reflect upon its meaning (and how much you suck, ohohoho)!Holidays including this one can be a wonderful time spent with loved ones for some or a depressing lonely time for others. This Cheeky Chuseok Special episode is for both groups of people!Chuseok is about family. It’s about honoring those who came before us for a bountiful harvest. I wish you all a bountiful harvest in life. Listen all the way to the end for my cheeky Chuseok prayer blessing. Support the show
9/20/202119 minutes, 15 seconds
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#039 | How to Interpret Your Heritage to Seek the Best Version of Yourself

#039: The idea of “heritage” deserves its own podcast! Heritage can be defined as cultural traditions, architecture, buildings, language that a people collectively share. Specifically, what is your individual racial/cultural/family history? Where do you come from? Let’s contextualize these things in a way that positively impacts the way we live our lives. What does your heritage mean to you? Are you a direct descendant of a great king? From royalty or aristocracy? Or from peasantry? Were your ancestors poor farmers? Were they conquered slaves? Were they warriors? Were they criminals? Were they gangsters? Are you proud of your family or ethnicity? Are you ashamed? Or indifferent? Do you ever think about these things? What lessons or values can we distill from our past? How can we interpret these things to provide meaning for our day to day lives and for future generations? These are open-ended questions, with perhaps no right answer, but I’d love to share my thoughts with you as well as hear what you have to think. Support the show
9/12/202139 minutes, 1 second
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#038 | Korean Comedian Pursues His Dream - But at What Cost? ft. Danny Cho Part 2

#038: This is part 2 continuing our conversation with Danny Cho, LA born-and-raised Korean American who quit his six-figure consultancy job to pursue comedy. He hosts the Noonchi Podcast with Bobby Choy. He does standup comedy IN KOREAN and has been fostering the Korean standup comedy scene for years now. He’s the ONLY Korean-American comedian whose doing comedy in Korea, in Korean.Check out Part 1 here!In this Part 2, we get in RAW, DEEP, and HARDDD about his comedy career path. How he got into comedy full-time in 2007 leaving his consultancy job In 2017, he went to live in Korea and do gigs in Asia, in places like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guam, Saipan In 2019, he started teaching standup comedy to Koreans in Korean! How he felt about his consultancy job - this guy was a professional in finance and he left it! Choosing one’s passion over some other professional career path Dealing with regrets and self-doubt in pursuing one’s passion without being able to provide for one’s parents Did he mess his life up??? The struggle of the children of immigrants who wants to pursue their dreams over a financially stable career path at odds with their parents’ expectations COMEDY IS TOUGH. It takes YEARS of consistent practice and work for anyone to build a 1-hour special. Anything worthwhile endeavor/passion/dream demands you put a lot of time in If you have a profitable career path and you want to switch to something else, do the Ken Jeong route. Don’t quit your current work until you get a big break. “The smart thing to do is give up your successful job when you have something lined up." For your identity crisis: “I don’t know what to tell you...Voice it out, but suck it up. Don’t be a ****ing victim.” "Nobody knows what the right answer is..If you’re lost, we all kind of are… make sure you have a good circle around.” "NOBODY HAS THEIR S**T TOGETHER." Follow Danny: @dannychocomedyDanny Cho's YouTube  The Noonchi PodcastFunny in Korea | Danny Cho | TEDxKDISchoolSupport the show
9/5/202150 minutes, 46 seconds
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#037 | Korean-American Comedian Learns to Laugh It Off ft. Danny Cho Part 1

#037: Danny Cho is an LA born-and-raised Korean American who quit his six-figure consultancy job to pursue comedy. He’s toured for many years in the States and throughout Asia. Several years ago, he started doing standup comedy IN KOREAN and has been fostering the Korean standup comedy scene for years now. He’s the ONLY Korean-American comedian whose doing comedy in Korea, in Korean. That’s DOPE. He and Bobby Choy host the Noonchi Podcast. We talk a lot of dope stuff! In Part 1, we talk about the ethnic/cultural identity side. Growing up in America when people didn’t even know about Korea What it means to be Korean or Asian-American Comparing our struggle to our parents’ generation’s and not taking pain personally Being able to laugh at our past traumas with the healing power of perspective and comedy Me turning to Jesus (lol) for my identity due to my identity struggle Trying to fit into Korean society, to “become more Korean” and realizing I never will be, and that’s okay Korean-Americans are like McDonalds bulgogi burgers. Not quite Korean food, not quite Western. Encouraging some diaspora individuals to explore their roots to find out who they are Coming to peace with one’s ethnic/cultural identity How some people don’t even like to speak Korean when they get in a taxi cab Being gracious towards people who don’t understand where you’re coming from Follow Danny: @dannychocomedyDanny Cho's YouTube  The Noonchi PodcastFunny in Korea | Danny Cho | TEDxKDISchoolSupport the show
8/29/202148 minutes, 6 seconds
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#036 | What I'm Sacrificing for My Dreams - Past Dreams and Career Paths

#036: Part 1 was about the material possessions and the hobbies associated with them that I’m turning away from. In this episode, I talk about my former dreams of being a club promoter, a theologian/pastor, a hip hop artist, as well as potential career paths in industries that I’m interested in. I talk about how I am making a mental decision that I can’t go down those other paths, that I need to focus on this one. “If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.”I don’t want to be a jack of all trades, master of none. That’s just half-assing everything, and becoming a half-assed jack-ass of all trades. You can’t everything absolutely everything you want in life, so you have to pick, choose, and go all-in on one thing.  At least for a while if not a lifetime. Because I'm cutting out distractions so I can focus on YOU, my dear listener! So I can tell you that if you've had identity issues, and/or nobody has told you these things: I believe in you. You are valuable. You have incredible potential.  I love you!Support the show
8/22/202146 minutes, 3 seconds
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#035 | What Korean National Liberation Day Means to Me for Korean Diaspora

#035: August 15 is Korea’s National Liberation Day. This here’s a cheeky Gwangbokjeol special for y’all! Basically, we go over some basic background on this holiday, and I give my deep and HARD reflections on it as a Korean-American. It makes me proud to be Korean and I hope this would encourage other diaspora like myself who have had a hard time reconciling with their heritage to consider the sacrifices of past generations, to propel us to become better human beings!Support the show
8/16/202127 minutes, 23 seconds
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#034 | What I'm Sacrificing for My Dreams - Objects and Hobbies

#034: “If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.” - Sam Ovens In this episode I talk about getting rid of material possessions and hobbies associated with them. I’m giving more and more stuff up in the pursuit of the actualization of my dreams. I talk about them in my own stream-of-consciousness way. It’s about being as minimalist as I can, cutting out distractions. I’m becoming lean, mean, frugal and focused on the dream. YouTube links to some GOLD below. I can't recommend these guys enough!Alex Becker - Minimalism Life Style PlaylistSam Ovens - Monk Like Discipline - What It Really Takes to WinSupport the show
8/8/202135 minutes, 16 seconds
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#033 | Building Your Own Tribe and Identity ft. Michael Wu Part 2

#033: This is part 2 of a conversation with Michael Wu! He's a co-host of the Badass Asian Dudes Podcast / Community and software engineer at Stripe. Taiwanese-American brother from Silicon Valley who went to fulfill his dreams of living and working in Japan, learning the language and eating all the sushi he can find. Cooking dope food, throwing dope parties, and living the dream.In part 2, we talk about:His career path as to how he got working at StripeOn being in the right place at the right time, while working hard and being a good personNot being naive about the challenges or dark sides of living in another countryBlowing people’s minds by bringing magic to personal experiences for yourself and othersNot letting the feeling of being treated as a foreigner get to you and the importance of building your own tribeThe most difficult moments of our lives when we lose our sense of identityThe importance of reaching out to others and being a good person along the wayQuotes:"When you think it’s the end of the world, it’s not the end of the world.""Don’t make suffering worse than it is.""It’s okay to be lost, but you should be figuring out ways to get unlost.""Don’t compromise your own ethics to get the things you want."@michaemwuMichael Wu’s travel blog: demflyers.comSupport the show
8/1/202156 minutes, 1 second
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#032 | Living Our Dreams and Honoring Our Parents ft. Michael Wu Part 1

#032: Michael Wu is a co-host of the Badass Asian Dudes Podcast / Community and software engineer at Stripe. Taiwanese-American brother from Silicon Valley who went to fulfill his dreams of living and working in Japan, learning the language and eating all the sushi he can find. Cooking dope food, throwing dope parties, and living the dream. In part 1 of this 2-part chat, we talk about: What it means to be a Badass Asian Dude Getting a lot out of giving to a community as a leader We compare our experiences growing up as Asian Americans (a little history on Taiwanese immigration to California) We talk about our parents’ struggles as immigrants and how fortunate our generation is The power and joy of cooking for oneself and others, finding independence Being gracious toward our parents! @michaemwuMichael Wu’s travel blog: demflyers.comSupport the show
7/25/202145 minutes, 6 seconds
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#031 | New Vision of an Old Identity

#031: What if you had one thing about your identity or self-image that you wish you could change?For me, growing up with mad insecurities, I’ve had more than a few! One of the biggest things: My eyesight. I’ve worn glasses my whole life. Finally, after all these years, I just had a successful eye surgery operation. Words can’t really describe what I’m feeling, it’s quite life-changing. It’s more than just having functional eyesight without the aid of glasses or contacts. This is a big part in overcoming a victimhood complex I’ve had since I was a kid.Now having had the surgery, it’s easy for me to say this, but it doesn’t change who I am. Sure, it’s a big change in my moment-to-moment day-to-day experience. But I’m still the same person! I still have the same baggage. I’ve always had it in me to become this best version of myself, solving one problem at a time. I just solved this big one. I’ve always had the confidence and the capability to be who I need to be, who I want to be, deep down inside. I believe the same is probably true for you as well.You can change who you are, you can transform yourself, while still being true to yourself!Big shoutout to Apgujeong S&B Eye Clinic! Best eye clinic in Seoul as far as I can see. SEE what I did there?Check out this 2-part vlog where they filmed the whole process of me getting surgery!I Got Lens Implants 👀 in Korea! 🇰🇷 EVO ICL Lens Implant Surgery Vlog Part 1✨What Happened to My Eyes After Surgery? 😲 ICL Lens Implant Surgery Vlog Part 2😉Support the show
7/18/202119 minutes, 32 seconds
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#030 | What Kind of Asian Are You? ft. Kyle Leung

#030: I’m SO PUMPED about this episode! It’s one of the best yet. Kyle Leung is the host of the What Kind of Asian Are You? Podcast. He’s Hong Kong-born Canadian, and talks with Asian diaspora from all over the world about their experiences. We talk about Asian diaspora stuff as you might imagine. What it’s like growing up as Asian immigrants in North America, coming back to Asia, and pursuing meaning in our identity, our heritage, our lives, and becoming better versions of ourselves. We talk about: How being Asian diaspora means being forced to pick a side, and the confusion that follows The variety of the Asian diaspora experience and getting in touch with our roots Not taking things personally when people try to put us in a box *TRIGGER WARNING* Accepting ourselves for who we are and being happy with “being in the middle" Becoming happy with being you, and not wanting to be someone else, another ethnicity Wanting to communicate and connect better with our parents to have more honest open loving relationships Whether or not it’s important to connect to one’s own heritage or mother tongue, and the benefits of doing so How having these conversations and coming to understand and appreciate our identity can empower us to become better people …and so much more! This episode is FIRE! This is why I started this podcast, to have conversations like this, and I’m so excited to share it with you and grateful for you listening! If you’re Asian diaspora, you HAVE to listen to this episode and check out his podcast! What Kind of Asian Are You? PodcastKyle’s Instagram: @kyle.lkhhkFirst Generations Podcast Episode with KyleSupport the show
7/11/20211 hour, 37 minutes, 4 seconds
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#029 | Most Woke 29th Birthday Reflections

#029: Happy Fourth of July everyone! Happy Birthday America, and Happy Birthday to Me! This is the 29th episode. And it's my 29th birthday. That’s some cheeky Maim Timing right there.Don’t worry about getting me any presents, fam! Just give this a listen and if you like it, please share it with a friend! ;)Every birthday, I share a reflection on the year that passed. Last year, I posted episode 18: What a Day in Prison Taught Me About Freedom. I talked about my trip to High Desert State Prison in California in which I met incarcerated men earnestly seeking a second chance at life. It was really an amazing experience. Not only that, I got to meet one of my favorite podcasters, Jordan Harbinger, for his birthday. I highly recommend you check out episode 18 and the page with the show notes on’ll share stories and lessons I learned since last year. From personal relationships, to behavior, to work and money, health and diet. What went RIGHT, what went WRONG, and how to make things BETTER (and HARDer)!It’s an updated iteration of my 20th episode, 20 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 20-Year-Old Self... but MOAR RAW and MO' WOKE.No matter what happens in life, I can choose to control how I react, or at least increase control. I control what goes into my mind and my body, therefore I control my moment-to-moment, day-to-day behavior, therefore, I’m in control of my life. Freedom and independence are found deep within the heart and mind!Below are recent channels I’ve been getting into the past month for diet, health, and focusing on my path. These are GOLD MINES to explore.Sten Ekberg: How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally Without ExerciseThis is working for me while I’m injuredAlex Becker: I Spent Millions on GarbageI also recommend: I Wish I Stopped This Sooner, and his series on dopamine detox and caffeine.Sam Ovens: 9 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 20This guy’s a beast. He released this video when he was 29!Also, subscribe to James Clear’s 3-2-1 Newsletter for weekly nuggets of smartness!Support the show
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#028 | Thinking Into GREATNESS with JT Tsui

#028: JT Tsui is the man! A family man, life coach, and now AUTHOR as of this post. We talk about what it was like for him to grow up Canadian-born Chinese, the struggles he went through, and how he became a happy healthy successful husband and dad. This conversation was recorded back in February and is long overdue… But the timing is great, because JT’s book, YOU ARE GREATNESS has just been released! Congrats JT. Check it out here: http://youaregreatnessbook.comThinking Into GREATNESS Facebook Group: @_jt_tsui Support the show
6/27/202152 minutes, 19 seconds
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#027 | Getting Back Into Pursing Your Path (with a Hurt Back)

#027: I had a semi-serious back injury at the beginning of this year. That, combined with other problems in my life, have made this year quite challenging. Arguably the most challenging year of my life. But even with a BACK injury, I have no choice but to GET BACK into what I’m passionate about. YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE? This episode is an update on my life: Why I’ve taken a break, why I can’t stop or walk away from this commitment of being the best version of myself and bringing you this podcast! Because in the end, nobody cares about my excuses. I am my own worst enemy, and I refuse to let my excuses and degenerative thinking to run my life. Otherwise, I sacrifice my dreams. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Support the show
6/24/202133 minutes, 41 seconds
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#026 | How a Korean-German Financier Turned from Prodigal Son to Prodigious Father

#026: Aaron H. Kim is the founder of Kairos Capital Pte. Ltd., a Christian family office consultancy incorporated in Singapore. He’s the author of Pursued By The Maker: A Global Citizen’s Journey into the Heart of God. It’s an autobiography filled with gems, interesting stories and life lessons for anyone trying to figure themselves out in life, who are running away from their problems or family, or for the Korean / Asian diaspora. I loved this book! He’s a Christian Korean German whose worked and traveled all over the world, living a full life, now hustling, making deals and raising 4 kids together with his wonderful wife, Reese. He’s an amazing, hard working, intelligent, spiritual leader, businessman, and role model. And he’s a great friend. This conversation’s the longest on MAIM TIME yet, and filled with great stuff! Us both being Korean diaspora who grew up in the church, we talk about everything: Identity, family relationships, being from two different cultures and combining the best of both worlds, Christianity, living and traveling all over the world, pushing yourself, living meaningful fulfilling lives filled with understanding, compassion, adventure, determination, fortitude, grace, and love. From prodigal son, to prodigious father, Aaron’s bildungsroman, or coming-of-age story is an amazing memoir on how to live a rich, fulfilling, ambitious, organized, and meaningful life. Huge shoutout to Reese, his wife and mother of 4 amazing children. Without her, Aaron couldn’t have pushed out the book in 40 days — it wouldn’t have been written the way it was! Also, big thanks and shoutout to: Lad and Naomi, who introduced me to Hanna and Coley, who introduced me to Christoph and Maxi Müller. Without them, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet Aaron and Reese, and their amazing family. http://kairos-capital.comhttp://aaron-kim.comSupport the show
6/13/20211 hour, 52 minutes, 15 seconds
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#025 | 2020 Hindsight AKA Maimsight

#025: OH BABY! Excuse me for the 3-month hiatus. Thank you for being so patient. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you! For this 25th episode New Years Eve special, I’mma do a cheeky personal recap of this incredible year. I’ll talk about what went right, what went left, and go straight ahead into the new year with y’all. Hard. Also, MAIM TIME is available on Amazon Music and Pandora! So if you listen on those platforms, check it out. If you can, please leave a 5-star rating — if you have a bit of time, please write a review on the platform you listen to! It helps other listeners find the show. Thank you for an amazing year! Support the show
12/31/202031 minutes, 49 seconds
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#024 | Christianity: I'll Be Damned... and Saved!

#024: I grew up in the church all my life up trying to be a good holy Christian boy... until I had a dramatic crisis of faith, an existential meltdown and I didn’t know what to believe anymore! Long story short, I turned from an innocent pure boy with dreams of becoming a pastor to becoming a nihilistic raging alcoho— I mean honorable hip hop club party promoter. This is part one in a series about my spiritual journey, sharing my stories and insights on matters of Christian religion, faith, the church, culture, what this means for us today. This episode gives background on what it was like growing up in the Korean-American church, how I was miserable thinking I was damned to suffer in Hell for all eternity, and how I came to experience great salvation and some other crazy sheeeiiiiiit. Warning: If you’re offended easily, wait until the next episode, it gets more offensive. ;) My honest heartfelt emotions and way of thinking — prepare to have me give ‘em to you raw and HARRRDDDDD. I definitely don’t have all the answers but I hope sharing these might help you find the answers you seek! Support the show
9/29/202045 minutes, 25 seconds
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#023 | I WAS A MISTAKE! Or: How to Learn from Your Mistakes

#023: Did your parents or teachers ever teach you how to process and learn from your own mistakes? Did they tell you how to own your mistakes? Even better, did your parents ever tell you that you were a mistake? Going off the theme of the previous episode of being a total failure, this episode’s about how we learn from mistakes, professional and personal. If you can break down a particular example of a great success as being a complex series of events and factors, then the same might apply for a great failure or mistake. That’s why it’s important to recognize when we’ve made mistakes, find out the cause, break them down, and then learn from them so we make better decisions in the future. This is a typical self-development topic but it’s my take, in my own voice, with my experiences and my personality type and upbringing. One mistake I make is thinking I’ve learned all that I need to learn; that makes it less likely to notice when there’s something I’ve missed! This show is continually a work in progress, as am I, so if you have leet tips, ideas, resources that are relevant to any of my topics please send them my way! Email me at [email protected]. As always, if you enjoy the content, please sub and leave a 5-Star rating so others can find it! Thank you hard! Support the show
9/18/202037 minutes, 5 seconds
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#022 | How to Be a Total Failure and Still Succeed in Life

#022: Have you ever felt like a total failure? Has anyone ever called you a total failure? Join the Total Failures Club! It’s way cooler than being in the Over Achievers’ Club. ;)This episode just gleans cheeky points of wisdom from a deep conversation I had with a good hyung of mine who's father called him a failure, even though I find him to be a successful hardworking professional.You may have felt or even been called a total failure in life. It's okay.There's no success without failure, no victory without lessons from defeat.From an evolutionary standpoint, there's no life without death.Countless species extinct, but we're here today.No failure will stop me. Failure only adds to my life experience and only makes me wiser to do the next and next thing. Failure is necessary in order to craft this amazing meaningful story of growth, transformation, victory. Without struggle, there is no man. Or woman.Nothing can stop you but yourself. I’m all-in on myself. I’m never backing down. I’m going in harrdddddddddddd.Remember when you fail, all the greats failed before you and now they laugh in glory.If you choose, you can become the master your own destiny and carve your own path in life where others gave up. It’s okay to be a total failure. I’m a total failure.And now this total failure is winning, in life, in every respect!If you're a total failure, you can exceed me!Book recommendation (affiliate link for lulz):How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams the show
8/31/202018 minutes, 3 seconds
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#021 | Getting Real when Nothing's Really Real

Listen to MAIM TIME on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your podcast player of choice.#021: Getting real with Kelly Brassridge, host of Nothing’s Really Real podcast! He’s an expat from Murka who’s lived in Busan, South Korea for quite some time. His podcast is super entertaining, well-produced, filled with great stories and fun people. We talk about podcasting, how awesome and rewarding it is to connect with people, the creative life, and memories of regret. Memories of Regret is a section on Nothing’s Really Real Podcast. Kelly loves to bring people on so they can share stories of pain and shame from the past, and it’s awesome! We even share a couple at the end! Mine’s particularly embarrassing and shameful.It’s about the time I almost ended my life 8 years ago. Kelly and I have a great talk about it and I hope you enjoy it too. I didn’t mention in it during our conversation, but this event was such a big reset in my life, it was also perhaps the main reason why I left college to come to Korea. I lost all sense of who I was and my worldview, and it made me start the journey to find myself. At the time, I was in such a dark place, and now my life is filled with light and laughter. Here I am, living a great dream, and I get to share all these memories of regret and stories of triumph with you! Life is so wonderful. Thank you Kelly for helping me be realer on my own show! For advice to his 20-year-old self, he would say, JUST DO IT! Do it yourself.Everything you dream about: Nobody’s going to do it but you.Whether it's rapping, graphic design, podcasting, or whatever you're into.Everything he did himself, he succeeded in a way.Follow Kelly on Instagram: can find his podcast on Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, and other platforms.Support the show
8/5/20201 hour, 32 minutes, 26 seconds
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#020 | 20 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

#020: For my 20th episode in 2020, I’m sharing 20 things I wish I could have told my 20 year old self.  These are things I may have heard or learned through various mentors, books, podcasts, videos, and so on since I moved to Korea 8 years ago. Some of them may still be a work in progress, or things that I wish I were better at. Please pull up the episode page to see the full list of 20 things I wish I could tell my 20 year old self!Bonus: Here’s some advice from an old man you listen to these things and apply them diligently, by the time you’re my age, you’ll have surpassed me. Think about what a dragon you’ll become. Think about the glorious adventures, the good times, the personal fulfillment, the pursuit of happiness. Think about what an amazing individual you will have become, and have earned. There’s nothing holding you back. Nobody needs to give you permission. Make a promise to me that you’ll do everything you can to become the best version of yourself.When things are hard, know that there is an entire legion of magnanimous spirits cheering you on. Great generals, kings, presidents, artists, entrepreneurs, mystics, philosophers, workers, former slaves, peasants, cavemen.They’re all so proud of you. For me, I imagine Ralph Waldo Emerson, King Sejong the Great, and my father putting their hands on my shoulders when I’m going through a rough time or when I’m experiencing a moment of triumph. They’re telling me that they’re proud of me. They’re telling me I’m the finest, most intelligent, wonderful, strongest specimen Korea and America have ever produced. They’re telling me they love me. Some day, when I’m gone, I’ll be there alongside them telling you the same.Support the show
7/28/202052 minutes, 16 seconds
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#019 | Getting Smart with Matt Smart

#019: Matt Smart is the COO of GLT LTD. He's a successful career (crypto) trader and overall great human being. We get nerdy talking about what he does, his life in Korea, getting stuck in Phuket (thanks Corona!) and his takeaways from growing up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints AKA the Mormon Church! Living life on his own terms as a digital nomad lifestyle in Asia, Matt is a person who inspires me and I can see him doing even bigger things in the next 5-10 years. Matt shares some gold: Be honest to yourself. You gotta follow your own path. Life takes all kinds of twists and turns. He was once a missionary, and he didn’t expect that this is where he’d end up.The same is true for me. I’m so glad that life has brought me to where I am today.Don't be afraid to challenge your beliefs.It's up to you to find out what the meaning of your life is.Roll with the punches. Roll with them harrddddd.Here’s to you, Matt! Happy birthday! the show
7/18/20201 hour, 9 minutes, 46 seconds
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#018 | What a Day in Prison Taught Me About Freedom

#018: Did you know I went to prison earlier this year? Don’t freak out! Trust me, just listen to this episode, I’ve got a great story for you, about my last trip to America. MAIM TIME Update for July 4, 2020.121 days of no drinking, 80 days of meditation!Congratulations to those who stuck it with me for the last 30 days!Now on my birthday, I shall toast my first sip to all my listeners!To you and your freedom!Thank you for sticking it with me this far. "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance “Discipline equals freedom.” - Jocko Willink Happy birthday America! And happy birthday to me! Every year at this time is a reflection of the past 12 months, a heartfelt appreciation of the past and an exciting anticipation for the future. Every year, the birthday message to my friends is the same. To believe in oneself and seek freedom from within through personal actions and integrity, and just being the best person one can be. Freedom is about having control over one’s own life, living on one’s own terms and manifesting the deepest expressions of one’s own heart. For many years, I felt so hopeless, disconnected and alone. I hated the world and myself, I now love the world and every fiber of my being and feel more connected than ever. I want you to feel that love, that peace, that joy, as much as I do. My desire is to share that deep joy with as many people as I can day in and day out.I hope you find your freedom, whatever that means to you. THANK YOU! Hustle 2.0 Website:’s article on his Hustle 2.0 experience. Listen to the Jordan Harbinger Show, it’s one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to: article by Raj Jana, who also gave me inspiration for this episode: the show
7/4/202021 minutes, 27 seconds
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#017 | Unlocking Human Potential through Emotional Intelligence with Victor Ung

#017: Victor is an emotional intelligence coach for Asian men. He’s the host of the Human Up podcast as well as a co-host for Badass Asian Dudes. In this episode, we talk about the struggles of growing up in Asian cultures where men are not taught to properly express and deal with their emotions in a healthy manner, and how we can become better more effective individuals. This is sort of a general talk about emotional intelligence, just really touching the topic before I get deeper into it in future episodes. If you want, skip to 20:45 to get to the juicier parts.If this isn’t already obvious to you, self-awareness is key to becoming the best version of oneself. Being in touch with your emotions, knowing how and why you feel what you feel and how to deal with that in a positive productive manner is arguably one of the most important skillsets or mindsets you can have. You can heal past trauma. This applies to family, friendships, and business. I know as time goes on, I become better at controlling my emotions. More and more, I deal with people more openly, humbly, productively, positively, further unlocking my human potential instead of being locked down in my egoic past stories of who I am or what people are like or what I think they or the world should be. What I want for anyone listening to take away from this episode is that it’s okay to admit we’ve had problems with our family or our upbringings. I want us to speak more frankly and openly, so we’re not scared of dealing with our pasts. We don’t have to run away from ourselves, from the pain anymore. I grew up in a dysfunctional household, like so many other people, especially countless Asian families, especially Asian-American families. If your story is anything like mine at all, I want you to know that I feel your pain very deeply and it’s okay to seek forgiveness, to forgive others, and to heal and seek happiness within yourself. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s an opportunity for us as individuals to transcend our traumatic pasts in order to become excellent human beings who rise to the top. It’s always a work in progress, especially when it comes to improving one’s relationship with one’s parents, if you’ve had a traumatic relationship with them. I’ve found a working model of forgiveness, acceptance, and love. It’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, but I’m trying and I’m much better off for doing it. EVERY RECALL IS A REFRAME. I want to reframe all my past negative experiences with family and my culture as necessary events for me to become a kinder, more compassionate and empathetic realer person. Seek mentors! People whose lives seem to be in a dope spot, where you want to be. Go meet those people, hang out with them, and see if you can make your own version of a reality you want to live and experience. If you need help, well, you can always hit me up! By the way, I met Victor through the BAD Facebook Group. If you want to join that awesome community and connect with awesome Asian brothers around the world doing super cool stuff and living life on their own terms, please hit me up and I’ll invite you. You can follow him on Instagram: the show
6/30/20201 hour, 22 minutes, 30 seconds
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#016 | 70 Years of War and Peace, a New Destiny, and SeoulLIT Studios

#016: June 25, 2020 marks 70 years since the start of the Korean War. This episode is dedicated to my father, who passed away in 2016. Here are my reflections: This war was the greatest tragedy ever to happen to the Korean people.The war broke out in 1950. My father was born in 1951, a child of War, when Korea was truly Hell to him.That makes me a grandchild of War, living in Korea, which is Heaven to me.This is the greatest time to be alive in Korea's history, in human history.This dark, bloody, painful history of war, that shaped my parents’ world, that bled into my personal dysfunctional upbringing, is something I use as spiritual emotional fuel to change into present energy and awareness. That way, I can become a better, more compassionate, more loving, kinder, disciplined, and effective person.I turn the memories of pain into a meditation of peace and a springboard to pursue inner joy, happiness, and fulfillment on a day-to-day basis. Anyone can take their individual and collective pain bodies, their negative narratives, change their stories and fundamentally shape their own destinies by the grace of God, Buddha, or Allah, and personal volition and consistent effort. I turn war into peace and prosperity. I live it everyday. I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams.If I am such a wild dream incarnated, then my dreams are even wilder beyond comprehension.I will stop at nothing to realize my wildest dreams.They deserve that much, their cries of pain transmuted into my own birth so that I can cry in joy and exuberance. There’s nothing holding me back from realizing my deepest greatest potential but myself, to build a better future. Every moment, every second I am alive to this day is a glorious undeniable testament to their struggle and inevitable victory. I AM STILL ALIVE! WE MADE IT THIS FAR! And we’re going to MAKE IT, our future, even greater than what our parents, and their parents, could have possibly hoped for. I hope you can take whatever past pain, historical and personal, and transform it into peace and joy to make a better life for yourself. I challenge you. I believe in you, if no one else has told you this before. You can become the greatest version of yourself. Up to you.That’s why I was put here on this Earth and had to suffer, so I could record stupid mouth noises into pieces of plastic and transmit my spirit into the Ether so you could receive it into your hearts and minds. I hope this gives you a fuller picture into why I’m so passionate and persistent about this podcast, and the deeper energetic and psychological framework and context so that you can find your way to your own path and stay on it.With that, I have big news to share with you:I’ve co-founded a brand new YouTube channel: SeoulLIT Studios!I’m so proud to share this with you. You have no idea. This is all about bringing smiles to people and doing cool stuff. It’s about culture, entertainment, fitness, food, travel, and so on. Showcasing unique educational content about Korea in a fun and positive way, where people from all over the world can learn about what's happening in Korea today. We’ve just launched our first video: Miss Koreas Blind Taste Test Korean Military Food (MRE) Meal Ready to Eat for the First Time video’s dedicated to those who served in the Korean War, honoring the people currently serving and respect the military in a positive light. We had so much fun making it! If you like it, please sub and leave a comment for any feedback or what you’d like to see next. So stay lit. SeoulLIT! (And hard.)Support the show
6/27/20209 minutes, 6 seconds
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#015 | From Procrastination to Liberation!

#015: Do you procrastinate? Why do you procrastinate? Maybe you’re procrastinating right now.  That’s okay! I've already procrastinated countless times, even in the very making of this episode. You're not alone. We all do it. Why do we do it?Why do we put our lives on hold when everything we want is waiting for us to take it?Skip to 7:40 to get right innit, bruv!SPOILER ALERT:- We were raised and treated as slaves when we were kids, so whenever we set goals, we resist them in the same way we resisted authority figures telling us what to do.- Even as adults, with no parents to tell us what to do, subconsciously we sabotage goals we set for ourselves because we are still imprisoned in our minds.- We are not slaves. We don't have to do ANYTHING we're told to do. We have freedom, we have a choice. I AM NOT A SLAVE. I AM A FREE PERSON!- Nobody, nothing is holding me back from realizing my truer, greater self than my own mind!- I AM A FREE PERSON!GOD BLESS YOU! Be FREE my brothers and sisters! Let me know if I can help you!You know how to reach me. I would love to help you any way I can!Highly recommended video that changed my life: Putting Off Procrastination"Just focus on your purpose and happiness. If you don't, nobody will.”Support the show
6/16/202024 minutes, 53 seconds
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#014 | That Time a Telemarketer Screwed Me Into Finding Inner Peace

#014: Skip to 7:30 to get to the story. MAIM TIME? Moar liek STORY TIME. How a trifling affair of getting deceived by a telemarketer, and examining my emotional reaction, led me to discover deeper truths about myself and the universe when it comes to inner peace and fulfillment. When I get upset or angry in a given situation, I find the best thing to do is take a deep breath and tell myself: I’m never upset for the reasons I think. I could see peace instead of this. Holy Spirit/Jesus/Buddha/God/Allah/Flying Spaghetti Monster, help me look at this differently. Help me to have a different interpretation. Why don’t you try this and see if it works for you? The sooner we can find peace in ourselves, the more light conscious energy can spread through our beings, and the more efficient and powerful we can become in all our endeavors. “Forgiveness leads to a 10x hit.” - Phil Hellmuth, Professional Poker Player Support the show
6/9/202040 minutes, 56 seconds
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#013 | Why I Stopped Drinking for 195 Days*

#013: Do you love drinking le booze? Do you love it a little too much, like me? Well, I took a break from drinking and it changed my life! Drinking is a big part of Korean culture and life here as an expat. Taking a break has been HUGE for me: As a club/party promoter, I had been drinking consistently, every week, for about 3 years up until Fall 2019. I was nervous, but I've done it and I'm doing it!This episode goes into the benefits and insights learned from taking extended periods of sobriety after drinking consistently for years on end since I came to Korea, including: Gradually becoming the top performer of my dreams Becoming a more effective person overall Saving dozens if not hundreds of dollars a month on drinks! Sleeping much better, having more energy for more productive days! Clearing up skin complexion Having more focus and mental clarity Less waking moments feeling scatterbrained/brain fog Less likelihood of throwing up in the streets Increases in discipline and confidence Making HARDer gains in the gym Learning other coping mechanisms for stress, like meditation/gratitude Turning indulgences into properly moderated rewards to be proud of Increasing in pride and decreasing in shame and guiltIncreasing in humility and compassionIncreasing in overall consciousness From now on I’m going to be taking intermittent breaks throughout the year in order to increase my fitness, health, wealth, energy! *195 days broken up into 3 periods:First run was in 2019, Sep 22 - Oct 23: 30 days. Second run in 2019, Nov 1 - Dec 14: 44 days This third current run is in 2020, March 5 - July 3: 121 Today, June 2, marks Day 90 of no drinking in my third period.Won’t you join me for the last 30 days?30 days of no drinking from Thursday, June 4 - Friday, July 3 No sip tolerance. If you have even a drop in your system, add another 30 days. ;) If this cheeky bum can do it, so canst thou! (Hard.)Have a drink to celebrate life and freedom with me on Sat July 4!Let's have a cheeky time. MAIM TIME!Jordan Peterson on Alcohol: the show
6/2/202048 minutes, 11 seconds
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#012 | Would You Rather Live in a Boring Heaven or an Exciting Hell?

#012: This episode covers various topics, focusing on the experience of living in Korea as an expat or Korean gyopo. First 10 minutes are updates on life, so skip to 10:30 if you want to dive into the meat of it! If you live in Korea, a lot of this information won’t new to you but it’s just to give a basic picture. Plus, I want to share a holistic pragmatic and life-affirming attitude I’ve adopted to making the most out of my life here. If you’re an expat, is life back home a boring heaven to you? If you live in Korea or Asia, does it feel like an exciting hell to you? What does your utopia look to you? How can you build your own personal paradise?I’m on a 120 day sobriety streak! Join me for the last 30 days from June 4 to July 4, my birthday! Thanks as always for listening, and stay tuned for more MAIM TIME.Support the show
5/26/202044 minutes, 13 seconds
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#011 | So I Got Tested For Coronavirus...

#011: This month, I got sick and got tested for Coronavirus at a hospital in Seoul!Does I has it? Tune into find out… In today’s episode, I talk about… focusing on what’s within one’s locus of control taking to complete inventory of one’s own personal character and asset to become more disciplined and robust seeing the Golden Lining in the Corona Eclipse upon humanity and seeing opportunity for growth in any given moment of struggle being grateful for everything, not taking things in life personally, and taking action Whether or not I’m positive for Coronavirus, know I’m always POSITIVE for LIFE!YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?Thank you! God bless you! I love you! Maimsite:  Support the show
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#010 | Reaching Your Virtual (and Personal) Summit with Eric Z Yang

#010: Episode 10! I’m in the double digits now, with over 500 downloads, thank you for all who’ve tuned in with me thus far and those of you who are just joining. I’ve been on my grind these days, rest assured I have a ton of content coming your way, it’s just gonna take a cheeky bit of time. So stay tuned.Eric Z Yang does virtual summits making six-figures a year, and he’s only 24. This guy was born and raised in Paris, went to community college in California, started his own successful business and is now rocking the digital nomad life in Bangkok! This guy is a GAWD m8 and a true inspiration for young entrepreneurs and Asian dudes everywhere. Here are some takeaways Go for the ask. Don’t be afraid. For getting a great gift for someone, the edge you have over anyone is ATTENTION TO DETAIL. You gotta know the Five Love Languages, your own way and other people’s ways of receiving and giving love. I love to show and receive love in all five ways, and adapt according to the relationship. Don’t feel guilty for the ask, or for selling  something. We talk about having the right intentions vs expectations. Don’t do something good for someone always EXPECTING to get something in return. Just treat people with the right intentions and do your best. Spread intent as much as possible, and give as much as possible, without intention. “Nobody owes you anything in life, businesswise, romantically, or financially." Be a great guy, just to be a great guy. Not just to get money, or get laid. Don’t spend your time networking with babies. Try to surround yourself with people are higher than you. The potential for the virtual summit industry. Anyone can dive into it right now! Being a knowledge broker. You can build authority just by being a knowledge broker, not an original content creator. That’s actually what I’m doing! Not only am I making original content, but offering a menagerie of different characters, ideas, and stories on this platform, for a specific audience, you. If a bum like me can do it, so can you! IF YOU WANNA DO A VIRTUAL SUMMIT, NOW’S THE TIME TO DO IT! Find people who are journey oriented, who appreciate the climb and share experiences with you that you can look back on together. Eric is amazing, not only because he’s brought tens of thousands of people around the world to virtual summits that have made him hundreds of thousands of dollars, but that he’s on his own awesome journey to reach his own personal summit, with all the meaningful relationships and experiences along the way. I’m on my own journey to my own personal summit. What is your personal summit? What is your dream high point? How do you want to get there? There’s no better time than now. Let’s climb this journey together!Hit me up on Instagram @maimtime or email me at [email protected], I’d love to hear what you think. If you enjoyed this episode, please share this with a friend who might find it entertaining or valuable! Also, please help a brother out! I made an Amazon affiliate link! (Just in time for their announcement to cut down commissions.) You can support the show by purchasing stuff on Amazon through my affiliate link on my website, doesn’t cost anything extra, and we get a lil cheeky kickback. Eric’s Interview on Badass Asian Dudes: Z Yang’s Virtual Summit Launch Formula ebook: the show
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#009 | Transcending Time and Space with Johnny FD the OG Digital Nomad

#009: I’m really pumped for this episode and super happy to have none other but Johnny FD on the show! If you don’t know, Johnny FD is one of the OG Digital Nomads who first blogged about his success traveling the world while selling stuff on the Internets. If you want to know his experiences and expertise in business, entrepreneurship, and having that financial/location independent lifestyle, it’s all on his blog! There’s a treasure trove of awesome stories and wisdom there on For this episode, we talk about the Asian male struggle, how hard it is to grow up in say America as an Asian minority, about having the right attitude to overcome our past victimhood mentality, taking practical steps to become better versions of ourselves, and becoming more comfortable in our own skin. We also talk about transcendence, bringing all the good things with you, leaving the bad stuff behind, and rising above our circumstances or situation by being the most we can be. Accepting all experiences in our past, good or bad, and becoming happy with ourselves. One of the biggest takeaways: "If you really truly want to make a difference, you have two ways: You can try to change other people, the world, the perception of Asian-Americans, or Asians, or whatever it is out there. OR: You can change yourself to be the best version of yourself and transcend all that.” "If you become the best version of YOU, the best 5’4” Jonathan Kim, the best 5’1” Stella, the best version of whoever you are, you become the most authentic genuine version of yourself, you get yourself in decent shape, you don’t have to be insane like the Rock, but just the best version of yourself, whatever that is -- that is more than good enough. People will see that, people will accept that, gravitate towards it. If they don’t, they’re not worth your time.” And it’s all about consistency! Just whatever it is what you wanna do, keep at it. No matter how many times I fall off this horse, and sometimes I fall harrdddd, I’ve set it in my mind that I’m getting back on this horse and I’mma ride harrddddd, till I can’t no more. I know this is true because while I’m far from perfect, I have been striving to improve myself in every important facet of my life for years. I am an example of this transformation, of this transcendence. Yo, if a BUM like me can do this, YOU can too. People DO see me, people do accept me for who I am, people gravitate towards me. It gets better and better as I become better and better. I want that for all of you, too.  It’s totally mind-blowing how Johnny tells his story of being a lost, low-confidence loner to trailblazing into a GAWD of online business and travel, literally bringing entire communities of people to come hang out with him wherever he is in the world. More now than ever, with the power of the Internet, you can connect with likeminded people! You can find resources, books, literature, mentors, and communities of people out there to improve yourself. If you wanna do that, just hit me up on Instagram @MAIMTIME or email me, [email protected]. I’m really just a normal dude figuring it out as I go along, growing in his journey to realize his max potential, and I want you to become part of this conversation! Who is the Real Johnny FD? The BAD interview in which I first heard Johnny!Support the show
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#008 | MAIM TIME? More like WINE TIME at Startup Soodevie

 #008: Sarah Sookyung Henriet is a talented entrepreneur with a wine-based startup here in Seoul, called Soodevie. Soodevie means "Water of Life.” “Soo” is Korean for “water,” and “de vie” means “of life” in French. I see what she did there. I like that because my name also means water and refers to “Living Water,” ohohoho. We talked on a lot of cool things in this episode, but unfortunately due to technical issues, I had to cut out the first 10 minutes due to cellphone interference or GSM buzz causing annoying buzzing sounds in the recorded audio. Newb mistake! Note to any producers out there, TURN OFF or remove your cellphones away from your recording equipment! It will save you a lot of time and headaches. Being transparent here, this issue alone really discouraged me from producing this episode on time. I let this little thing get in the way. The lesson I learned here, is that these tiny mishaps - so annoying they made me want to pull out my hair, my beautiful hair -- shouldn’t discourage me from focusing on the task at hand, figuring out what the next step is, and take it one step at a time. Thank you, Maim Timers, for being patient and understanding. Right now, I just started and while I make mistakes I want you to know I give my fullest commitment to always being a better version of myself, the best version of myself, and that would also include improving the overall quality of my production as well as my content. In life, if there’s anything meaningful I want, if there’s a dream I want to realize, then there will always be these countless tiny obstacles to trip me up. But I can never stop for long or give up. As long as I’m relentless in getting the job done and progressing, it’s only a matter of time... MAIM TIME! Ohohohoho! See what I did there? Let it be known to you MAIM TIMERS, I hope you learn from my mistakes so you don’t make them and you become gawwwwds in all respects of your life! So let me briefly summarize the first 10 minutes.I’m proud to have Sarah as the first female entrepreneur guest on our show.She’s French/Korean, grew up in Korea going to a French school.She also grew up in Bordeaux, France, which is famous for wine.As a young adult, she worked in the States for about 5 years and became close with the diplomatic community.She saw what wine could do in connecting policy makers and found inspiration from that.She came back to Korea 2 years ago to start her company, Soodevie.What she does is wine curation, content marketing, visual marketing on YouTube. Interactive social media. Curation services for corporate clients. What’s cool is how she mixes all of these things, her diverse background and experiences, into realizing her vision.She’s Half-Korean, half-French, ALL PASSION!  After, we talk about regulation hurdles, some of the challenges of doing business in Korea, leveraging one’s identity to one’s benefit, how to relieve stress, and taking action to realize your passion! If you got any value out of this or other episodes, then please share with any friends who might be interested in the things we talk about on the show! Thank you so much for listening. Expat Startups Episode featuring Sarah:’s Instagram and site: the show
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#007 | Seizing the Day for Eternal Victory in the Hearts of All Humanity

#007: Very short stream of consciousness episode where I bear my heart and wildest ambitions out.SEIZE THE DAY! I’m taking action everyday to make my dreams come true, and I know I can do that because this life I’ve lived up until now has been a glorious dream. PULL THE TRIGGER. PAY THE PRICE TO ACTION. Victory FOREVER! Victory for ALL HUMANITY! I swear to become the best version of myself everyday until I die. Here are affirmations I wrote for 2020: I am happily and easily increasing in health, strength, and overall life power everyday. I am confidently and effortlessly increasing my willpower and mental focus everyday. I am confidently and effortlessly making substantial progress towards my most important goals everyday. I am happily and easIly increasing my networth to one hundred million dollars or more every month. I am happily and easily living my wildest dreams everyday. Support the show
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#006 | Amazon and Korean E-Commerce with Meme Lord Victor Min

#006: Victor Min, CEO of Vintorio, has the #1 wine aerator on Amazon along with other wine accessories. It’s a successful 7-figure business which has been expanding into Korea. He’s been summoned to the unique role of helping other Korean entrepreneurs get at the e-commerce game. Talented, funny, smart as a brain can smart, and business he can. Also, he’s one of the humblest people I’ve ever met. We talk about a range of things, including how Amazon is gonna take over Korea, and probably the world. Jeff Bezos is striving to be the best of all time. Just look at where redirects. We beseech you, Jeff Bezos, O Mighty Billionaire Gawd of Amazon,  m8, Oh Long Johnson, please don’t hurt us! We love you.  Also, Elon Musk is a meme lord. Also, Victor and I talk about being stuck in the Rat Race, as cogs in the global capitalist machine. Is it worth pursuing a piece of the pie when massive corporations are gobbling everything up? What value do I have to offer the world? These are questions I ask myself sometimes. Victor responds like a gawd! The world is not always stacked against me, or unfair against me. It can be stacked for me, unfair in your advantage. The universe can work for me if I just know how to deal with it. 이기는것 버릇이다. 지는것도 버릇이고.Winning is a habit. So is losing. I will make winning a habit for the rest of my life! What about you? I put a lot of heart and soul into the interview and production. I spent a lot of time! Well, part of that maybe was because I’m not that prepared and I was scatterbrained for this particular interview. But I’m getting better! I sincerely hope you get some value out of this. Please subscribe, hit the 5-star rating, and share!Victor's Instagram and Vintorio: notes: 핼조선 - Hell Joseon, describing a feeling of desperation and hopelessness in Korea in terms of socioeconomic freedom. I like to think of it as the Korean rat race. 해외직구 "haewae-jikgu” - Direct Purchase of Overseas Products Didn’t find the clip where Elon Musk talks about finding a reason to get up in the morning, but here’s a related video, ohohoho. Elon Musk on Fear: helplessness first heard of Victor Min through the Badass Asian Dudes podcast. Check out this dope interview that goes more in detail about his business: the show
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#005 | A Journey to Becoming a Self-Reliant God, mate! With Andreas the Greek God

#005: Years ago at the start of my journey to become the best version of myself, I came across a video clip of Robert Greene, author of the 48 Laws of Power and the 50th Law. In the video, he talks about an essay by this old dead white American guy named Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance. He said it was one of the most influential things he ever read. Thanks to Greene, it’s one of the most influential things I’ve ever read, and it still resonates deep inside my heart, mind, and soul to this day. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t read it. Last year, at one of the most epic parties I’ve thrown, I had the fortune of meeting someone who had this tattooed on his arm: Ne te quaesiveris extra. This Latin phrase means, "Do not seek outside yourself.” It’s the first line in that essay. I knew immediately this person had read it, and it blew my mind. Finally! It was like love at first sight. Someone who knows. That someone was Andreas Varsakopoulos! This Greek-American God came to Korea, started off as an English teacher in the countryside, to later serve on a panel in one of the most popular programs ever broadcasted on TV, 비정상회담 or Abnormal Summit. We talk about his journey, the struggles and the victories. What self-reliance means to us, how doors can open for us at the right time when we apply ourselves, and realizing our purpose and potential. If you find this content valuable, please subscribe and leave a review! Your feedback and support are much appreciated. Robert Green on being self reliant: can read "Self-Reliance" by Ralph Waldo Emerson: Varsakopoulos' Instagram if you wanna creep on the Greek God: you for listening! Support the show
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#004 | The ABCs of Attracting the Best in Life with Captain Danny Kim

#004: This one's a real treat. We got Danny Kim, or as I call him, El Capitan! I don’t know why. Maybe because he can pass off as Latino? He’s a retired US Air Force captain who flies around the world as a dating coach, Danny Kim’s story is one that resonates harrrddddd with me. He talks about the struggles growing up as a bullied Asian-American kid who didn’t have a clue when it came to dating or girls, and how he later transformed himself into a proper gawwwwd of dating, m8! He learned from the best of the best at ABCs of Attraction under JT Tran, the World’s #1 Asian Dating Coach, as seen on E! Entertainment. The Game, pickup, whatever you call it, may be controversial but Dan is the man who does date coaching justice.To those who struggle with low self-esteem, demons of negativity, an attitude you will never be attractive to the opposite sex or in general don’t have anything of value to offer in this world:Believe in who you are right now, take action and become the self-confident, sexy, and successful person you’ve dreamed of becoming! Again, you can become whoever you want, and do whatever you want, if you believe in yourself and take action!Here's Dan's Insta: subscribe and if you enjoy this content, leave a 5-star review!Thank you!Support the show
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#003 | Badass Asian Expat Startup Dudes: Chris Kim and Jun Yoon

#003: Chris Kim and Jun Yoon are two awesome Korean-American dudes who run their own businesses, living life on their own terms. They even launched their own podcasts last year. Chris Kim started Badass Asian Dudes, a podcast and a community of amazing Asian guys from all over the world, with inspirational stories of success and self-actualization. Jun Yoon’s podcast, Expat Startups, in a similar vein, interviews talented successful entrepreneurs who are making big moves out here in Asia. We chat about the Asian-American experience, living abroad in another country from the one you grew up in, doing what we’re passionate about, seeking mentors, taking action!Together, they are Badass Asian Startup Expat Dudes who have inspired me to start my own show, MAIM TIME.I hope you enjoy this episode! Please hit subscribe and leave a review. Thank you for listening! Chris Kim’s podcast: Yoon’s podcast: the show
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#002 | Expat Expert Sommelier Dustin Wessa Pioneers in Traditional Korean Alcohol

#002: Dustin is a very talented unique individual who moved to Korea 15 years ago from the States. We talk on several topics including Korean food, Korean alcohol, and working in Korean broadcasting. He knows more about Korean traditional alcohol than most Korean people ever will. Thanks to his expertise, excellent service and taste, he helped a fine dining restaurant in Seoul gain a Michelin Star. He’s a gentleman of refined taste.  For years I’ve enjoyed talking with him and now you finally get a taste. Hohoho, see what I did there? You can follow his you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave a review! Thank you for listening! Support the show
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#001 | What time is it? It's MAIM TIME!

#001: Welcome! This is the first episode of MAIM TIME, a podcast show featuring yours truly, Maim Kim. This will give you some background on who I am and why it's finally time... MAIM TIME!It'll cover a wide variety of topics including self-development, entertainment, nightlife, travel, culture, spirituality, philosophy, and others in a way to become the best version of oneself and get the most out of life. We're going to have the most interesting, entertaining conversations with the coolest people this side of Asia, right here in Korea!If you enjoy this kind of content, please subscribe!You can find more on my website: follow me on Instagram at: you so much!Support the show
2/1/202019 minutes, 12 seconds