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Magical Storybook. English Nanny Bedtime Stories

English, Children Stories, 7 seasons, 58 episodes, 14 hours, 26 minutes
Magical Storybook podcast is a series of classic short stories from around the world. Perfect for young children and adults to listen to in the car or at bedtime. Mia and the Curse of Camelot is available to buy as a novel on Kindle and Amazon books.Downloadable the Read-Along books to accompany the podcast stories at our website:
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Mia and the Curse of Camelot

Orphan Mia dreams of escaping her lonely world by disappearing into the pages of her history books, but when a magical time-travelling tree grants her wish, she becomes trapped in a series of nightmares, dark magic and curses, which she must fight to survive.  Book available to buy at: Rehannah Mian The Music: All licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Kevin MacLeod1. Meditation Impromptu 022. Midsummer Sky3. Alchemists Tower - Strings4. Wholesome5. Dark Star6. Machinations7. Metaphysik8. Lord of the Land9. Ghost Processional10. Midnight Meeting11. Mary Celeste12. Pooka13. Longing and Concern 14. Folk Round 15. Atlantean Twilight16. Arcadia17. Lost Frontier18. Mighty and Meek19. Sneaky Snitch 20. Epic Unease21. Majestic Hills22. Evil March23. End of an Era 24. Unholy Knight25. The Descent26. Martian Cowboy27. Sovereign
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