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English, Christianity, 2023 seasons, 345 episodes, 1 day 6 hours 14 minutes
Published from the Milwaukee Avenue Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas- Sermons - Classes - Devos- Bible Readings
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The Minor Prophets: Joel

July 2nd Sunday PM 2023.46
02/07/202329 minutes 56 seconds
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Holy Spirit

May 7th Sun PM 2023.31
07/05/202329 minutes 7 seconds
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Connected VI

May 15th Sun PM 2022.38Marriage Series
15/05/202232 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Seeing God Through: Jesus V

April 3rd Sun AM 2022.26
03/04/202234 minutes 37 seconds
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Be Aware of the Tower

Aug 1st AM Sun 2021.65
01/08/202147 minutes 27 seconds