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MA15+ with Maggie & Alex

English, Children-Kids, 1 seasons, 12 episodes, 6 hours 21 minutes
MA15+ is a podcast where nothing is off limits, we deep dive the dirty on sex, women empowerment, relationship struggles, therapy chats, parenting & everything in between, Strap in cause it’s a wild ride! Hosted by: Maggie Amanda & Alex Nation. Produced by: Blue Chip Tv. Proudly supported by Lovehoney.
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12. A Hooded Cl*toris & A Questionable Rap

We’ve made it through Season 1 of MA15+! Alex and Maggie reflect on starting a podcast and how happy they are for taking a leap and diving in headfirst. Ending the season on a naughty note, the girls share their last recommendation of the week, before a thoughtful discussion on gender roles, especially when it comes to parenting. We then wrap up with the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Alex shares the love song she re-wrote for Maggie. 00:00- 0:51 - Acknowledgment to Country, Lovehoney Welcome, MA15+ Intro00:51- 5:21 – We made it through season 1 baby!5:25 – 12:48 – The girls share their naughty recommendations of the week12:50 – 15:18 – A Lovehoney recommendation that you don’t want to miss!15:20- 23:17 – Gender Roles and how they show up in parenting23:21- 30:31 – The moment you have all been waiting for - Alex’s Love Song You can find our Naughty Recommendations right here at Lovehoney:  https://campsi
06/06/202331 minutes 35 seconds
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11. You Shredded A P****?!

As Alex navigates through the different stages of raising children, the girls soon find themselves reminiscing on their first kiss, before Alex drops a massive bombshell…. she shredded a penis with her braces!? Alex shares the horrific story on Episode 11 of MA15+, plus the girls their share their top picks from Lovehoney, before wrapping up with a meaningful chat around navigating sleep after having a baby and the toll it takes on you.0:00 – 0:38 – Acknowledgment to Country, Lovehoney Welcome, MA15+ Intro00:38 – 6:43 – Do you remember your first kiss?6:45 – 13:28 – Braces and Sex…. A Horrific Combo 13:30 – 14:09 – A spicy recommendation from our supporters Lovehoney14:12 – 30:08 – How the girls tackled sleep after a newborn.You can find our Naughty Recommendations right here at Lovehoney: more? Check us out on Socials @Ma15plus.podcast on Instagram & T
30/05/202331 minutes 13 seconds