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Loving Your Own Soul

English, Personal health, 3 seasons, 100 episodes, 3 days, 22 hours, 34 minutes
Join your host Britt Olson, on most Tuesdays and Thursdays for authentic conversations centered around health & wellness, spirituality, self-expression, and culture. The intention behind Loving Your Own Soul is to provide listeners with real life stories, theories, and inspiring perspectives to help them uncover and tap into their own true potential. As Britt likes to say it is a mindful exploration to living a more fluid life through a deeper connection to the soul. Thank you for tuning in and being a part of this journey!
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Loving Your Own Soul: Refreshed & Rejuvenated

I’m so grateful you’ve discovered the Loving Your Own Soul podcast. Together on this show and always with the best of intentions, we will embark on a mindful exploration to living a more fluid life with a deeper connection to the soul.    With new episodes dropping weekly, this podcast hosts heart-centered and thoughtful conversations where myself and inspiring guests will dive deep into topics like holistic health, spirituality, personal development, modern wellness, entrepreneurship, and life as we know it. Through every dialogue and thought-provoking topic presented, my intention is to always provide expansion and inspiration so that you can embody the highest expression of your true potential, while creating more beauty in the ever-changing world around us.    As your host, I aim to always be open, honest, and presently aware … but at the end of the day I’m just another human like you, moving through my own human experience. I am committed to always being open to constant change and growth, and often you’ll find me learning and experimenting right alongside you. I believe that joy is our birthright, and life only gets better as we continue to evolve… if, we show up with grace, and the occasional pause to laugh at ourselves along the way too.   I started this podcast to deepen my connection to the world around me while sharing authentic stories and unique perspectives from various thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Over the last few years, we’ve reached thousands from around the globe and made it on to several top charts time and time again. This community and the connection felt between all of us, near and far, is what continues to fuel me day in and day out. I’m so grateful you’ve landed here, and I truly look forward to continuing our experience together.  I love connecting with you so please don’t be shy and be sure to reach out to me on Instagram @thebrittolson.   As always, when tuning into the show, I invite you to receive what resonates and leave behind everything else. And, until the latest episode drops, I encourage you to go take action on one, simple thing that will not only better yourself, but also the world around you today.   For more fun stuff follow the links below:  CLICK HERE for Discount Codes + Favorite Products SAY HI on Instagram @thebritolson SAY HI on TikTok @thebrittolson LEARN MORE and stay in touch
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