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Lovenwantintin: Drama Series

English, Old Time Radio, 3 seasons, 33 episodes, 4 hours, 59 minutes
Drama Series based on Love Family and Relationship
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This is the concluding part of More than Love, enjoy all the way!
6/27/202113 minutes, 20 seconds
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I am Pregnant!

Kiki and Akeem, finally did want they wanted...Lets see where this takes them! Enjoy!
6/20/20219 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Prophetess!

The way to the prophetess place is narrow, lets see what will unfold!
6/13/202111 minutes, 50 seconds
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I love Akeem!

Kiki cares only about her love for Akeem,but is love enough?
6/6/202111 minutes, 1 second
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Spiritual Water

Can spiritual water cure SS blood? Find out in this new episode... Enjoy!
5/30/20218 minutes, 27 seconds
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Shhh! Come!

Akeem is now becoming a comfortable member of Kiki's family. Is this a good one or a bad one? Listen and Find out!
5/23/202110 minutes, 56 seconds
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More than Love: A Baby is born!

A baby is born but a shocker is revealed, Listen and Enjoy
5/16/202112 minutes, 27 seconds
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LoveNwantintin Drama Series: More than Love.

What can be more than Love? Find out in this new drama series from the staples of LoveNwantintin.
5/9/202110 minutes, 32 seconds
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BeeBee's Crush

Beatrice has a Crush, however the crush isnt crushing! Where will her sudden love lead her to? Listen and Enjoy!
3/14/202113 minutes, 51 seconds
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Love Triangle: Oga Rose

This is Season 3 of the LoveNwantintin Drama Series. Enjoy and share
3/7/20219 minutes, 21 seconds