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English, Music, 1 seasons, 7 episodes, 2 hours 45 minutes
La Quarantena is our new show. It'll start with Yoni playing something on guitar for a few minutes, then Laura will talk to him about what it made her think about. And this is happening during a pandemic. Love Songs is a podcast from FineFineWhatever, a married couple with two kids. We are an English teacher/musician and a therapist/all-around genius. On each episode, we choose two love songs we can't stop listening to and unpack what makes them so awesome.
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La Quarantena 6

In which we discuss hitting the wall, pushing to keep going, and finding light at the edges.
25/04/202024 minutes 48 seconds
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La Quarantena 5

Only one song title emerged from this discussion: "I Miss Hugging My Friends." That sounds like a song. This episode also has a bonus track shhh
05/04/202026 minutes 41 seconds
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La Quarantena 4

This episode's song is titled either "The Same Alone" or "{The Context is Wrong) Real Real Wrong." Vote on our Facebook page. We talk about sharing isolating experiences and then trying to feel more organized.
29/03/202019 minutes 36 seconds
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La Quarantena 3

One week in....talking about love and home and fear and the no-plan plan.
21/03/202018 minutes 58 seconds
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La Quarantena 2

It's scary to go outside.
18/03/202021 minutes 20 seconds
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La Quarantena 1

This is our first episode of a new show where Yoni plays some guitar and then Laura and Yoni talk. This is happening during a pandemic.
17/03/202017 minutes 42 seconds
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Ep. 27: Stronger Than You (Steven Universe Special)

The Fines are having a hard time talking about anything besides Steven Universe these days. Luckily, that show happens to have produced one of the best ever songs about love. The whole family gets together to talk about this one.
25/02/201936 minutes 22 seconds