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Love Period with Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

English, Religion, 4 seasons, 48 episodes, 1 day, 7 hours, 53 minutes
Do you yearn for a new vision of Christianity—one with love and justice at the core of its practice? Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis animates a renewed faith for our times in her new podcast Love Period. As a writer, scholar, activist, and leader of a radically accepting congregation in New York City, Rev. Jacqui brings her devotion, clarity, and energy to this conversational podcast. In conversation with artists, activists, and faith leaders, such as Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor, Wajahat Ali, and many others, Rev. Jacqui reveals the transformative potential—and urgent need—for radical love in our times.
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The Transformative Power of Love with Tiq Milan

What if your deepest identity came from God?   On this episode, writer and thought leader Tiq Milan joins Jacqui to discuss the transformative power of Love—particularly when we offer it freely and generously to our LGBTQ friends and family.  He offers: "My transness and my queerness make me closer to God. It's my gift. I feel present in this life because I get to be the man I need to be. I've come into the best version of myself."   Resources: To learn more about Tia, check out his website here. The transcript for this episode can be found here.  
11/1/202338 minutes, 42 seconds
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On Repentance and Repair with Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

What can we do today to prevent a bit more suffering for those around us?   An award-winning writer who serves as Scholar in Residence at the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg joins Jacqui for the latest episode of Love Period, to discuss healing work that is happening around us even amid chaos and uncertainty.   She offers: “We must do the best we can to prevent as much suffering as possible. That is our main job down here, on earth. That’s the work.”  Don’t miss this moving conversation about finding clarity for the questions we face in our world today. Listen now online or subscribe to Love Period on your favorite podcast platform.  Resources: Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg's latest book On Repentance and Repair can be found here. The transcript for this episode can be found here.  
9/27/202348 minutes, 4 seconds
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Does Your Work Fulfill Your Spiritual Purpose? with Majora Carter

Does your work fulfill your spiritual purpose? On this episode of Love Period, Majora Carter joins Jacqui to help us understand what it means to be inspired to create a professional life that is fueled by spiritual principles.   As a real-estate developer, urban revitalization strategy consultant and MacArthur Fellow, Majora Carter’s thriving professional life is built on the moment she “found real meaning in the scriptures when Jesus says, ‘there are only two important laws: Love God and Love thy neighbor.’ And I realized—that is what I do! I love God and I love my neighbor. My work is a manifestation of that.”  We hope this engaging conversation inspires you to shift your way of living—and giving—to the world. Resources: Majora Carter's book Reclaiming Your Community can be found here. To learn more about her work, visit her website here. Rabbi Harold Kushner's book When Bad Things Happen to Good People can be found here.  
9/20/202345 minutes, 59 seconds
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In Trembling Boldness with Rev. Natalie Perkins

What stories do we miss when we only read the Bible at the surface?  In this episode, Rev. Natalie Perkins, co-author of the new book In Trembling Boldness, helps us take a deeper look at how we read and experience traditional from the Bible, as well as stories from extra-canonical texts. Natalie offers us this: “We often approach the Bible as fact. It’s not about fact. If we approached it more like poetry, we would get a richer sense of the nature of the Divine.”   May this engaging conversation inspire you to change the way you read—and listen to—scripture. Resource: Natalie's book, In Trembling Boldness can be found here. Natalie's album can be found on Spotify | YouTube | and Apple Music.
8/2/202337 minutes, 57 seconds
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Why Our Tears Matter with Rev. Ben Perry

Do you see weeping as a spiritual experience?   On this episode, Rev. Ben Perry joins Jacqui to help us embrace the healing power of tears. Together they explore Ben's new book, Cry, Baby, discuss how scripture inspired it, and what tears have to do with our faith. As Ben explains: “Weeping after acts of violence reminds us that this is not the way God intends the world to be. This is not preordained violence, blessed by God—it is a violation of God’s intent for our lives.”  This moving conversation offers us a glimpse of what awaits us on the other side of sadness and grief, and how it can enrich our faith. Resources: Ben's book, Cry, Baby, can be found here.
7/26/202334 minutes, 40 seconds
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Living a Spiritually Awakened Life with Otis Moss

What modern rituals stir your heart?   On this episode, Rev. Otis Moss III returns to the show and offers his perspective on what living a spiritually awakened life means for us today. He explains, “Love your neighbor. Love your neighbor as yourself. If you are devoid of self-love, if you hate who you are, then you are incapable of loving your neighbor. And maybe that’s the most insidious thing about white supremacy. Many of us don’t love ourselves enough to love our neighbor.”  Resources: Rev. Otis Moss III's latest book, Dancing in the Darkness can be found here.
7/19/202348 minutes, 52 seconds
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More Than I Imagined with John Blake

How have relationships shifted your perspective on life and love?  In this episode, Jacqui talks with John Blake, an award-winning journalist who tells the story of his quest to reconcile with his white mother and the family he’d never met. Together, they explore how healing systems—from families to the culture of an entire country—begins with true and honest human connection.  This memorable conversation will shift your understanding of how building relationships and telling stories have the power to invite greater love and healing into every aspect of our lives. Resources: John Blake's book, More Than I Imagined can be found here.
7/12/202346 minutes, 21 seconds
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Scripture and Jesus's Radical Teachings with Rabbi Josh Stanton

What if we refused to break anyone’s heart—including our own? In this episode of Love Period, Jacqui Lewis speaks with Rabbi Josh Stanton, getting to the heart of Jesus’ radical teachings. If you have ever wondered how to love those you don’t understand (or even like), this episode offers guidance.  Join us for this new season of Love Period where Jacqui invites theologians, scholars, and clergy from Abrahamic traditions to bring scriptural teachings back to their core—revealing key wisdom for our lives today.  Resources: A transcript for this episode will be available soon.
6/21/202349 minutes, 8 seconds
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Everybody Come Alive with Marcie Alvis-Walker

Can we be theologians in our own lives? In the first episode of Season 4, Jacqui talks with Marcie Alvis-Walker—author, mother, friend, and theologian who invites us to read the Bible in a way that speaks to our hearts. The author of Everybody Come Alive: A Memoir in Essays, Marcie shares her experience of finding reflections of herself in scriptures that have too long been interpreted by others.  Join us for this new season of Love Period where Jacqui invites theologians, scholars, and clergy from Abrahamic traditions to bring scriptural teachings back to their core—revealing key wisdom for our lives today.  Resources: To learn more about Marcie, visit her website. Marcie's book: Everybody Come Alive A transcript for this episode will be available soon.
6/14/202346 minutes, 21 seconds