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English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 53 episodes, 1 day, 20 hours, 40 minutes
We will be discussing taboo kinks and the dynamics of a loving relationship. We will personally be exploring what it means to be a swinger couple and share our experiences and hang ups about doing it for our first time. We will bring in other people to interview that are into various different lifestyles and how it has brought them closer to their partner or pushed them apart. We will have pop culture references and our charming personalities to kick start this venture.
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Solo Encounters

What happens when you let your wife meet up with strangers all on her own but catches it all on film for her adoring husband to watch at his discretion later on? You have got to hear how this came to fruition. Go ahead touch me..said the Play Button. To see or hear more of us just click the links below:Marley & Gideons Links: Links: Only Fans IG YouTube Video TRULY: Love Don't Judge
12/10/202133 minutes, 58 seconds
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Gateway Dirty Talk

This week we decided to go back and explain how exactly we started discussing the kinky things we wanted to try together! Everything from swinging to letting a bull or unicorn join us to defining how many could participate in a Gang Bang! Yes a Gang Bang. These are things we all wish we could talk about comfortably with our partners but it can just be so challenging to start! Tune in and find out if this can help get the conversation started for you both!Marley & Gideons Links:
10/1/202141 minutes, 44 seconds