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Welcome to Love Live Poetry! I’m Moretti B Rose, and here on my Poetry Podcast you’ll find raw and harmonious vibes through my poems and encouraging words. Real.Passion.Love.Soul.Poetry. A way for me to put my thoughts into words and create visuals. This is my way to touch hearts, express my creativity and connect with my listeners. My freedom of expression ? Sending love and light to all you beautiful souls ✨?? Check out my blog on Facebook: Love Live Poetry (don’t forget to like ?) & My TikTok: Theempresszaza
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Chapter 5: Thoughts to Myself

Just sitting, and thinking.. turning my thoughts into words and my words into poems 🤎
22/01/20229 minutes 45 seconds
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Chapter 4: Start Your Morning Right!

5 ways I changed my morning routine and noticed a difference.
14/01/202214 minutes 1 second
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Chapter 3: Don’t Say It

Have you ever felt like you don’t want to hear the words “I love you” because they bring pain and despair? More often than not? I have.. Yet, don’t fret! Those words will soon be music to your ears.
07/01/20229 minutes 41 seconds
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Chapter 2: 5 Healthy Ways to Release Anger

Sometimes we need different ways to help manage our emotions. I hope you find this helpful! Source: -- Podcast email: [email protected]
10/12/202114 minutes 54 seconds
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Chapter 1: Grieving a Loss

Joined by the lovely Ms. Sunryze, we’re discussing the grievance of death and relationships. Having our own personal experiences, we talk about the emotions behind grief and coping mechanisms.
03/12/202140 minutes 22 seconds
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Grand Rising ✨

TikTok & FB: @lovelivepoetry
26/11/20211 minute 55 seconds
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Release Date!!

It’s coming soon 😁😁
09/11/20211 minute 14 seconds
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New Things Coming Here Soon!

This blog is going to be raw and uncut!
25/10/20212 minutes 24 seconds
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Releasing and Becoming

Embarking on my spiritual journey has been so eye opening. Negative energies no more! I’m cleaning shop!
26/09/20212 minutes 33 seconds
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The Wait is Over

No more waiting! Waiting for things to change, or waiting for people. Leave them where they stand so you can evolve into your highest self ❤
05/01/20215 minutes 53 seconds
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Selfish to Myself

Sometimes lack of self love makes us selfish to ourselves.. are we inviting hurt in? Instead of pushing it away? A person who really loves you, will change for you.
13/02/20201 minute 43 seconds
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The Visible Invisible

Sometimes we overlook our loved ones when their silently screaming for help. We think it’s something else going on, but we never try and dig to the root of the problem to even begin understanding the change.
30/08/20192 minutes 35 seconds
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Say Goodbye to Me

Out with the old ... and in with the new ...
22/07/20191 minute 50 seconds
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Angry, hurt & tired..
28/06/20192 minutes 1 second
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Caged Bird

My mind is entrapped and I don’t know what to do. Talking doesn’t seem like an option, so... I’m stuck.
21/06/20192 minutes 42 seconds
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Melanated and Hated

“It’s time that we kill for our women time to heal our women, be real to our women And if we don't, we'll have a race of babies That will hate the ladies, that make the babies” -Tupac
05/06/20192 minutes 29 seconds
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Me, Myself and My Mind

Becoming in tune with myself, my happiness and my wealth!
25/05/20191 minute 27 seconds
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Return to Sender

I wrote this here for all you fuck boys.
22/05/20191 minute 48 seconds
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Soul in Ink: Katrina Black Butterfli — I’m Just A Woman

“Soul in Ink,” poetry contest! 1st winner Katrina Black Butterfli: I’m Just A Woman
23/04/20193 minutes 12 seconds
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I Go

Your value doesn’t depreciate just because someone failed to realize your worth.
17/04/20191 minute 35 seconds
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Don’t Envy Me

Competing with me is jealousy. There’s no other way I see it. I’m not your opposition, we’re not in competition!
16/04/20192 minutes 38 seconds
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Dark Whispers

Somethings in life are inevitable. 90% of life is what happens to us while the other 10% is what we do about it. Don’t become confined in depression, and negativity. It’ll drown you whole. Swim like your life depends on it. It does 💋
05/04/20199 minutes 29 seconds
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Bold Beauty

How deep can you get with me? Do you really know ME?
06/03/20192 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork


Peace and Serenity
02/03/20191 minute 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fools Gold

A brassy yellow mineral, especially pyrite, that can be mistaken for gold. Kind of like you.
01/03/20192 minutes 19 seconds
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Hello, My Name is Drugs pt. 1&2

1 in 10 people struggle with some form of substance abuse. Over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction (excluding tobacco). 100 people die every day from drug overdoses. This rate has tripled in the past 20 years. 2.6 million people with addictions have a dependence on both alcohol and illicit drugs.
15/02/20196 minutes 11 seconds
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Nothing Really Matters

It is what it is..
31/01/20191 minute 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Blind Eyes, No More

Be honest with yourself.. The See of Truth..
30/01/20191 minute 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

My Own Worst Enemy

Be your best friend. Not your enemy. Always be honest with yourself.
25/01/20191 minute 53 seconds
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Love Is Blind

The Battered Woman
21/01/20193 minutes 48 seconds
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Raw Talk with B & K — Ep 1: Self Love .vs. Self Hate

It’s not your job to be everything to everyone. Live for you, LOVE YOU!
19/01/201921 minutes 33 seconds
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The Illusion

A deceptive appearance or impression
17/01/20191 minute 19 seconds
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Water is Life

This is our life
15/01/20196 minutes 39 seconds
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#BrokenHeartOnRepeat “If I don’t have a heart how can I care; If my heart doesn’t have me how can it hurt?”
12/01/20191 minute 49 seconds
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Let Me In

Flaws & all..
11/01/20194 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mask Off

The real will be revealed
10/01/20192 minutes 10 seconds
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Welcome to the Mind of a Maniac

Tread carefully..
09/01/20191 minute 35 seconds
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Silent Battles

An inspirational, uplifting listening that many of us can relate to and find comfort from. Love and Peace.
08/01/20192 minutes 8 seconds
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Black Love

This was inspired by the cover photo.. pure, true love.
08/01/20191 minute 51 seconds
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My Biggest Blessings

My babies, my heart, my three...
08/01/20191 minute 48 seconds
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Two separate paths.. Do you listen to your heart? Or your mind?
07/01/20192 minutes 39 seconds
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I Get Lost With You

Have you ever felt so deeply about someone, that they carry you to an unfamiliar place?
07/01/20191 minute 8 seconds