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English, Social, 1 season, 18 episodes, 4 hours, 44 minutes
Love Issues is based on stories sent by readers and fans of It throws light on the many relationship situations lovers of today find themselves in. Some stories will make you want to fall in love and others will make you question the meaning of love. Join Afiya Agyemang, every Friday as she takes you through the issues of love.
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When a Mother Envies Her Own Kids

The only plans Mensah and his wife had before they got married was the number of children they were going to have. The planned to have two kids. They got married. Had two kids but what was suppose to bring them happiness was the reason why Mensah later lost his wife. Fampah Coyish reads Today’s story --- Send in a voice message:
6/18/202116 minutes, 32 seconds
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I Can Only Be Happy For The Screaming Girl Next Door

Akosua and Belinda built a beautiful friendship when their work brought them together in a village. They were both different. While Akosua played around with men, Belinda was single and mending from a series of heartbreaks. Their differences didn't stop them from exploring the world under their feet. Akosua didn't know how to keep mute while sleeping with the various men she was dating. Her moanings were so load it became a legend. They both struggled but in the end, both of them found what their hearts desired while being friends who called themselves sisters. Melody Abena Pessey reads "I can only be happy for the screaming girl next door." Belinda's story --- Send in a voice message:
6/11/202115 minutes, 21 seconds
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Unforgivable Sins

He had traveled to see his parents when the news got to him that his wife had been admitted to the hospital. He asked, "What happened to her" They said, "She attempted an abortion and things got worse." He asked himself, "How could my wife get pregnant when I've done a vasectomy?" He rushed to his wife's bedside praying she gets well so he could get the answers he was craving for. What happened afterward was everything no one would ever wish on even an enemy. Jesse Seyram Agbenya reads "Unforgivable Sins" a story sent by A man who loves to be called Buba's father --- Send in a voice message:
6/4/202116 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Little Things That Paint A Beautiful Marriage

Perpetual and and her husband were both members of the church choir. That’s where they met and that’s where their love story began. Perpetual never thought she was going to get married to him until one day, she realized both of them have a lot of things in common. When it came to music, they both loved Beegees. Perpetual wrote this story to talk about some of the little things that make her wants to stay forever married to her husband. These little things are what most couples ignore in marriage but according to Perpetual, It’s these “Little Things That Paint a Beautiful Marriage.” It’s read by Doris Mawusi. We heard you love her voice so we’ve brought her again. --- Send in a voice message:
5/28/202114 minutes, 26 seconds
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Close Together But World's Apart"

There are so many things that stand in the way of lovers. Sometimes, it's just religion. Samira found the lover of her life but her parents were never ready to accept him into the family. There were twist and turns but what would their end be? Would they ignore Samira’s parents and go ahead with their love affair or they'll let their parents have their way? Priscilla Keyla Etornam reads Samira's heart touching story, titled, "Close together but world's apart." --- Send in a voice message:
5/21/202117 minutes, 33 seconds
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Loving Again When Love Has Ended

Eli and her husband fell out of love after five years of marriage. They both couldn't hold the pieces together so when the time came for them to decide, they decided to get a divorce. Their little daughter had a heartbreak but that didn't stop them from going their separate ways. Few months later, they were around each other, trying to build what they destroyed. Listen to Dorcas Tweneboah as she reads Eli's story, "Loving again when love has ended" --- Send in a voice message:
5/6/202114 minutes, 38 seconds
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Love Is For Losers

Series of heartbreaks pushed Abena to give up on love. In her own words; "Love is for losers." She gave up on love and rather decided to sleep around. She wanted to love like the way men do but somewhere along the line, something changed and that change took her to territories she never thought possible. Rosemond Nyansafo reads Abena's story, titled, "Love is for Losers" --- Send in a voice message:
4/29/202118 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Black Spot In Our White Love Story

Collins and Portia had a complicated beginning to their love story. Portia was in a serious relationship when she allowed Collins to kiss her. Collins was aware Portia was in a serious relationship with someone else, but that didn't stop him from pursuing Portia. The Funny thing was, Portia also knew that Collins was in a relationship with another girl. Collins asked Portia, "Who are we now, not that we've kissed?" Portia answered, "I don't know. I still have a boyfriend and you also have your girlfriend, so what could we be?" Find out the answer as Eben Ace reads Collins' story titled, The Black Spot in our White Love Story. Eben is a writer, a poet and a humorist. --- Send in a voice message:
4/23/202114 minutes, 10 seconds
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From Deep Inside My Heart I Wish You Well. I Really Do

Johnson met Ellen, his old time friend, just when he was having relationship problems with his girlfriend. Ellen decided to give love a chance between herself and Johnson, after all they’ve been good friends for ages. Just when love was about to blossom between them, Johnson went back to his ex. His ex left him again and he returned to Ellen and then he went back to his ex again when he had the chance. The story doesn’t end there. Listen to Shelter Adeti as she reads Ellen’s heart wrenching story, “From Deep Inside My Heart, I Wish You Well. I Really Do.” --- Send in a voice message:
4/16/202114 minutes, 10 seconds
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What Did I Do To Deserve this Kind of Love Story?

Nancy and Kennedy had a rough beginning. Nancy was the kind of girl Kennedy didn't want to have anything to do with. She was bossy, opinionated and was always on Kennedy's face trying to get her way. Kennedy did everything to avoid her but one day, just a text message from Nancy changed everything. And when Kennedy was busily looking for a place to hide, Nancy said something that swept him off his feet. This episode was read by Solomon Eden Akwasi King. Eden is a writer, poet and a missionary.  --- Send in a voice message:
4/9/202113 minutes, 40 seconds
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Bad Girls Become the Bride While Good Girls Become Their Maid of Honor

What do men really want when it comes to women? Gertrude shares the story of her life and the rules her mother gave her while young. According to her mom, Gertrude would find a good man to marry only if she followed those rules--the rules that separate good women from bad women. The rules that determine who a man marries and who a man ignores. Gertrude followed these rules until she grew up to realize that rules don't work when it comes to men. Jo Nketiah reads Gertrude's story, titled, "Bad Girls Become the Bride While Good Girls Become Their Maid of Honor." Jo is a poet and has an exciting podcast running on all podcast platforms.    --- Send in a voice message:
3/26/202115 minutes, 30 seconds
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All I Ever Wanted Was To Hit and Run

When Paul and Theresa met, they both had different agenda. Theresa thought she had found a man she could love and stay in a relationship with but Paul was only in for fun. He was there to hit and run. Somewhere along the line perceptions changed and the trajectory of their love story also changed. One sunny afternoon, Paul found himself in church saying "I Do" to Theresa. The question is, what changed? Kwabena Eddie Mankata reads today's story. Eddie is an Author. His latest book, "Dear Child" is on sale now.   --- Send in a voice message:
3/18/202111 minutes
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I Thought True Love Was About Fighting For Your Man

Binyelum decides to write a letter to her ex boyfriend enumerating all the struggles she went through with him while they were dating. This is a story of a woman who set off to change a cheating boyfriend thinking it was the easiest way to keep him all to herself. In the end, Hearts were broken, fights were lost, sense was learned and growth was experienced. Nadia Konadu Amoateng, the owner of Perski Boobs Tape reads our story today.    --- Send in a voice message:
3/11/202116 minutes, 55 seconds
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Some Sinking Hearts Cannot Be Rescued

There are some people who find it very hard to walk away from their past. No matter how hard you try, they always find their way back into the dark path of their past. When Kwakye found the woman of his dreams, he tried all he could to pull her away from the shackles of her ex, but no matter how hard he tried, she kept running back into the arms of her ex. At what point would Kwakye give up the chase? Or true love never relents? Nana Elikem is our reader for this episode as Afiya Agyemang sits on her host seat.  --- Send in a voice message:
3/4/202120 minutes, 39 seconds
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High Class Love in a Low Class Zone

She was a rich girl who lived the high class life. Her mom always advised her to fall in love with someone in her class but when Tracy met Clement, a guy who didn't have so much going on in his life, she decided to go against her mother's advise and give love a chance. How's their end going to be? Was mom right when she asked Tracy to date within her class? Christel Comfort Agbemafle reads Tracy's story; "High Class Love in a Low Class Zone" with your host Afiya Agyemang.  --- Send in a voice message:
2/25/202122 minutes, 57 seconds
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Sometimes, All You Need Is a Heartbreak

When Nadia started seeing red flags in her relationship with her boyfriend, she was determined to make it work no matter what, a decision that cost her friendship, that forced her to cut ties with all the people in her life. Nothing she did satisfied her boyfriend. He kept asking for more and in the process started abusing her. Nadia continued to stay with this abusing boyfriend but at what point do we say enough is enough? When do we walk away when the love we sacrificed everything for turns sour? Afiya Agyeman takes her seat as the host while Melody Abena Pessey reads Nadia's story, titled, "Sometimes, All You Need is a Heartbreak."  --- Send in a voice message:
2/18/202121 minutes, 13 seconds
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This Is Every Married Woman's Favorite Thing

We all have that one thing that gives us fulfillment in life. We usually refer to those things as our favorite thing in life. You have yours and I have mine but wait till you hear what Bertha says is her favorite thing. Doris Mawusi reads "This is Every Married woman's Favorite thing," A story sent by a woman who wants to be called Bertha. --- Send in a voice message:
2/4/202118 minutes, 1 second
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Love Issues; The Intro

Love Issues, your favorite relationship stories from is now a podcast. Join Afiya Agyeman, host of Love Issues on every Friday as she takes you through the stories and explore the issues therein with some of Ghana's most exciting young writers, poets, columnist and performers. If you already love the stories on, then get ready to be blown away as this podcast gives voices to the stories you already enjoy reading. Love Issues; Real stories from real people.     --- Send in a voice message:
1/1/20212 minutes, 52 seconds