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English, Comedy, 1 seasons, 52 episodes, 1 day 22 hours 25 minutes
Comedy podcast interviewing today's hottest adult film stars! Behind-the-scenes look into the porn industry and fetish community from the perspective of hilarious comedian Nicole Aimee Schreiber.
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Lexi knows her angles and how to dangle. Lexi Luna will give you lots of reasons to stare at her "foot cleavage" in this episode of Love Her Podcast where she shows off the perfect dangle. For more Lexi Luna, go to: or @lexilunaxoxo on Twitter
29/06/202142 minutes 2 seconds
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Big Naturals; Flashing for Lunch $; Bikini Barista; Arrested on the 4th of July; Favorite Fans; Sloppy B J s
23/06/202139 minutes 3 seconds
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This tiny sprite brings the spirit to foot fetish fans across the globe with her tiny size 6's. She talks aging in the industry from teendom to MILFery (we just made up that word). Deflated lip fillers from sucking the d, rollergirl in rollerskates, the trajectory of camming to stripping to adult, taking a celibacy break, free foot rubs. 
24/05/202147 minutes 5 seconds
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Madison Morgan refuses to be tickled because she is so damn ticklish. The girls play footsie at the top of the episode & we get to drizzle a tiny little bit of lotion on top of those gorgeous feet. A booty farewell sends you off back into the real world as you marinate on the sexy, sultry, silly topics we cover in the adult world and beyond! (Check out her personal YouTube channel @MadisonMorgan for more!)
20/05/202144 minutes
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Paris White only paints her toes white, ever. Because, Paris White. Duh. If you like anything to do with spanking or the like, this episode is for you. Enjoy!
05/05/202142 minutes 45 seconds
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Host Nicole Aimee Schreiber @nicoleaimee tickles our guest Rose Darling @rosedarlingxoxo with a tiny red feather just to make you jealous! The girls talk diversity, lip injections and what it's like to manage social media in the time of cancel culture.
28/04/202145 minutes 56 seconds
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Host Nicole Aimee Schreiber @nicoleaimee (Twitter/IG) has a lot in common with Aria Carson (Twitter @theariacarson IG @ariaxcarson) ... You'll have to listen to the episode to find out exactly why these two gingers could be sisters! These two redheads are so quirky, cooky and delightful, you will want to dye your hair read and join their gang!
21/04/202146 minutes 47 seconds
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Living single? Megan Stubbs can answer a lot of your questions regarding sex as a single person. Teaching Sex Ed at a resort? She's got that covered too. Check out her new book "Playing Without A Partner" to learn more: Twitter/IG: @sexologistmegan
07/04/202141 minutes 16 seconds
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Smoking hot, all-natural heartbreaker and former girl next door Rebecca Vanguard has made her second appearance on the popular fetish show, Love Her Podcast.   Dubbed the “punk rock porn princess” by comedian/host Nicole Aimée Schreiber and Producer Courtney, Rebecca returned to the show for a second time. Last year, during the pandemic, Rebecca was on the podcast via satellite, but this interview was in-studio. In “Rebecca Vanguard Punk Rock Feet Ep. 48,” Rebecca talked about her niche sites, her fave ways and tools to masturbate, the best panties to wear on and off set, unusual on-screen talents in her scenes, and the one thing on her no-list. And of course, at the end of the interview, Rebecca takes off her platform heels and socks to show her feet off.
25/03/202144 minutes 23 seconds
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Author Stella Harris has a lot to share on the topic of threesomes as it is the subject of her most recent book "The Ultimate Guide To Threesomes" (Simon & Schuster). As a certified intimacy educator and sex coach, she gives her students the tools and confidence to explore their sexuality safely and free of shame. Comedian Host Nicole Aimee Schreiber digs deep into the top of kink, BDSM, threesomes and communication skills. She has a few questions to ask herself. Book is available here: CONNECT WITH STELLA ONLINE Official Website: Instagram: @stellaharriserotica Facebook: /stella.harris.509 Twitter: @stellaerotica Classes and Events:
18/03/202149 minutes 22 seconds
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Ricky Greenwood is one of the funniest most likable guys in the adult film industry. Halfway through he attempts to "direct Nicole in a porn" so we'll see if she has the chops.
11/03/202149 minutes 13 seconds
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Nicole's Foot Daddy is back and ready to spoil her with pedicures and receive some much-deserved SPH. If you don't know what those initials stand for, listen to the episode and find out. Also, Producer Courtney and Nicole play footsie. So if you want to watch the full ep and see sweaty, stinky feet, head over to YouTube. Enjoy!
03/03/202129 minutes 26 seconds
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Kaiia Eve is a wild one. From her excursions as a femdom to being a professional brat, she has always been the same kind of person at her core. Her realness is something to be admired and you can do just that with host Nicole Aimee Schreiber (@nicoleaimee) on this episode of Love Her Podcast.
26/02/202124 minutes 17 seconds
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Prominent entertainer Joanna Angel has written her second book "Club 42" a choose-your-own-adventure erotic novel that is sexy, informative and funny. Available for purchase as of February 16th 2021 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Ripped Bodice in LA & Skylight Books in LA. "Quick, hilarious, and erotic. A must-read for anyone who fantasizes about sex work. It’s gritty and glossy all at once." —Stoya "A brilliant author who has an amazing sense of sexuality and mystery with everything she does and creates." —​Buck Angel 
10/02/202159 minutes 17 seconds
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BBW isn't just a fad. Body positivity is here to stay. Let Leila Lewis break your typical beauty standards and body norms as she captivates you with her luminous personality and bedazzling charm. She's not just hot; she's also funny. Enjoy this special episode of Love Her Podcast. 
27/01/202142 minutes 18 seconds
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Larkin Love just won her 1st P*rnh*b Award for the Viewer’s Choice Favorite Fet*sh Model. Larkin’s fans around the world voted for her daily, and their perseverance paid off. She's one of the smartest, most entrepreneurial & successful women we've had on this show. Larkin recently scored a 2021 XBIZ Awards nomination for Premium Social Media Star of the Year. With her size 32J breasts and raven black hair, she stands out like a classic Snow White with an edge. You're sure to enjoy this episode! We certainly did.
06/01/20211 hour 3 minutes 59 seconds
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Hailing from San Francisco, Penny Barber stands out as an anomaly in the entertainment world with her 17 years in the industry and uniquely avant garde approach to filmmaking. In this episode, Host Nicole Aimee Schreiber talks to Penny about what the industry used to be like in San Francisco, getting jobs off Craigslist, Nicole's love of armpits, what it takes to be a "Himbo" (Beefy, Kind, Dumb) "Duke of Bergundy" (An All Lesbian World), and “Shoot Penny”.
31/12/202058 minutes 12 seconds
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Truly one of the best interviews to date. Follow @bratty_bella69 on Twitter for more Baby Girl Bella or go to Xo From strip clubs to camming to getting a man's name tattooed on her body so he had a place to stay, Sugar Daddies & Dirty Money are the theme of this harrowing survivor's tale amidst the world of high-class hookery and maleficent charm from a sugar daddy situation gone wrong. On top of all that, Baby Girl Bella is a strong, intuitive, funny woman with a fun way of looking at the world and making everything a bit more sparkly after she leaves.
17/12/20201 hour 7 minutes 2 seconds
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Mary Moody is not your typical cam girl. She does what she wants when she wants and only if she wants to. No dollar amount can convince this beauty to act in a way that isn't in alignment with her core beliefs or feelings. That said, she's nominated for Favorite Cam Performer in the 2020 P*rnhub Awards. Fans can vote for her every day NOW through December 10th at Her porn star verified P*rnhub page has almost 49 million views and over 148k subscribers. She just scored some stellar 2020 AVN Awards noms for All-Girl Performer of the Year and Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene for her Pure Taboo/ scene “Lesbian Revenge.” AVN will gave some fan-voted catagories announced soon so fans can watch Mary’s social media to see what she’s up for and #rockthevote. At the 2020 XBIZ Awards she scored a nom for Premium Social Media Star of the Year.
25/11/202046 minutes 10 seconds
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Sofia Rose "Pops Our BBW Cherry" on Love Her Podcast where she tells us that guys she's been with have said she's "built for impact" which is a lovely way of saying just the right size of woman to meet every man's needs. In this episode, host Nicole Aimee Schreiber (@ nicoleaimee on IG/Twitter) gets her cold feet warmed up by those living legend ta-ta's. Producer Courtney slowly strips off Nicole's gladiator sandals while Sofia Rose watches us fumble with each other...seductively? We hear how Sofia started off modeling when she was younger as a kid until she developed overnight like a natural beautiful Latina. She maintains a healthy weight while being BBW realizing that any press is good press and any unnecessary body shame is your problem, not hers. She is an absolute gem! We love her.
18/11/202055 minutes 23 seconds
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Hair nightmares, 11 years in the game, Jobs on Craigslist, starting porn in Vegas, Loving wearing flip flops, Campus Hippies, Milf gets you more money, “Tits on A Stick”, I know Batman shit, hugging fans, conventions, Superfans, Creepy fans, Cum in the Eye, Nose and Below
07/11/202048 minutes 39 seconds
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Apparently sex and laughter ARE the best medicine. On this episode, we learn that CARMELA CLUTCH grew up in Miami, where n*pples are THE accessory and Carmela learned the meaning of PLUR 4 LYFE. As an Afro-Latina, she has what she describes as a "Wavepool of Ass". Find out why grazing the teeth along the toes while putting feet in your mouth may be the greatest thing ever. Sponsored by Love Her Feet & FeetFinder Sound by @bensound Socials @ loveherpod
28/10/202053 minutes 44 seconds
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Crystal Rush is one of the hottest stars to ever get into the foot fetish industry. Her amazing body and sparkling personality make her a joy to work with and to have as a guest on Love Her Podcast.
22/10/202048 minutes 23 seconds
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Olive Glass is one of the most riveting performers in the adult industry. Her expansive knowledge of all things ethereal make her the perfect guest for this extra special Halloween episode of Love Her Podcast. Ever seen a gorgeous girl have her feet tied up atop a Halloween pumpkin? Us neither. This is a first for Love Her Podcast and our host Nicole Aimee Schreiber.
16/10/202055 minutes 2 seconds
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The SOFTEST feet we have ever seen. Crystal Taylor is all about inclusivity and balancing the scales in terms of race and diversity while shooting adult content. She is naturally anti-authoritarian and loves living life as a sexy, single, adult woman. "I get laid; I get paid; and no one is aggravating me." In her free time, she roller skates in a G-string. Find out why Crystal Taylor is an absolute delight. 
12/10/20201 hour 11 minutes 21 seconds
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Silvia Saige is a comedian, podcast host (SEXY FUNNY RAW) and tantalizing adult film star. Wherever she shows up, she is SEXY FUNNY and RAW, serving up 100 percent realness with host Nicole Aimee Schreiber. Love Her Podcast celebrates 1Million views & Producer Courtney gets spanked by Nicole & does her own foot reveal on the show. Sponsored by Love Her Feet ( & FeetFinder ( Sound by @Bensound Balloons provided by LA Balloons. Visit for more foot videos from host Nicole Aimee Schreiber & Producer Courtney Socials: @loveherpod
01/10/202047 minutes 56 seconds
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Naomi Swann returns to the studio of Love Her Podcast and makes a shocking announcement regarding her career. Could the Queen of Foot Fetish be retiring?  IG/Twitter: @loveherpod
25/09/202048 minutes 56 seconds
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This blue-eyed goddess is a fairytale guest on Love Her Podcast where she titillates and fascinates with her sparkling personality and gorgeous good looks. We are so pleased to have the one and only Linzee Ryder Zooming into us from her home town of Detroit, where, guess what, Host Nicole Aimee Schreiber is also from. Detroit vs. Everyone.
16/09/202035 minutes 53 seconds
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Just a few months into the adult industry, Mia Moore is making her mark, enjoying things like sex in public places and scenes with her boyfriend, who also works in the industry. She feels completely empowered by her newfound sense of freedom. You don't wanna miss out on hearing from this pint-sized Italian Russian beauty!
10/09/20201 hour 9 minutes 44 seconds
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This peace-loving hippie computer nerd is not a dumb whore. She is a smart whore. (She went to college, dammit.) We also learn that missionary with Charles Dara is the hottest thing ever.
02/09/202045 minutes 56 seconds
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Escaped from a Mormon cult, Olive Glass has redefined her vision of who she is. From being a high-fashion model in New York City to embracing the fetish community full force and conquering the world of fetish in films. We absolutely love her and know that you will too. Sponsored by Love Her Feet
26/08/202059 minutes 41 seconds
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Doing life on her own terms, Chloe Cherry is living a life of active rebellion, breaking societal norms and challenging stereotypes of a female. Not into labels, she embraces her fluid sexuality and all the exciting fetish play that comes with it. Enjoy! You're in for a treat with Chloe Cherry.
20/08/202057 minutes 42 seconds
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20-yr-old Aliya Brynn Has Done Adult Shit, Born and Raised Southern California, Pole Dancing, Ballerina in High School, Became A Cheerleader, Popular and Slutty, Sucks A+ D*ck, Not looking for a relationship. Would have to date another Person in the industry, Pole Dancing Releases Emotion, Walking with Cats, Foot Reflexology, Mace & Cat Finger Protection, Jacuzzi = Worst Place To Do It, Sloppy BeeJs In The Shower, Intensity From A Partner, More Attracted To A Feeling
12/08/202043 minutes 48 seconds
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Vegas vs South Carolina, Not a party person, Coffee shops and going on walks, Allergic to Tree Nuts, Shy & Quiet In High School, Gnarly Tattoos, Disappeared Nipple Piercings, Attending Welding School, G/G Scenes Are Her Favorite, Lesbian Scene “Out Of The Box”, Barbie, Squirting Is #1 Request for Customs & OnlyFans, Constant Covid Tests, Getting the Right, Licks Her Own Feet, Looking In Her Eyes, Down to Earth, Own A Coffee Shop In South Carolina, #vanlife, Driving Around The Country, Where to Park the RV
04/08/202043 minutes 43 seconds
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Adult film star, comedian and host of the "Observations" and “Ill Repute” podcast, Sovereign Syre has toured the country with fellow comic Alia Janine with the Alia And Sovereign Do America show and featured for Marc Maron and Big Jay Oakerson. She performs everywhere from the Comedy Store to The Stand and is the creator, writer and star of "Boss Bitches of History" on the Wisecrack Channel. She has had her poems published internationally.
30/07/20201 hour 3 minutes 4 seconds
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Open Relationships, Married 10 Years to Her Hot College Professor, Friended Her Hubby on Facebook, Didn’t Want To Be A Homewrecker, Communication and Trust, When Do You Have TIme To Have Outside Affairs?, Kind of High Maintenance, Likes Her Feet Rubbed 24/7, Getting Goofy & Silly With Your Partner, Fantasy Fest, Known For Her Hardcore Work, 3 Weiners In The Butt, Orgasmic Anal Sex, BDSM Waterboarding, Full Shabari Wrap Up, Hardcore Like Exercising, Professional Sub, Domme in Real Life, You Didn’t Earn My Piss In Your Mouth, He Has To Earn His Treats & Punishments, Published In Nature Medicine, Porn Star v.s. Adult Film Performer?, Nominated for 4 AVN Award, Bi-Sexual Scenes Are Her Favorite, Most Epic Ass, Boobs Have Grown Three Cup Sizes
19/07/202046 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork


IG stalking, amazing hair, having comic friends, dramatic, emotional, breaking the stigma, Fairytale Home in Topanga, smart business woman, pickling, mustarding, specialized journalism, best-selling published author of her memoir, nude modeling through Craigslist, day shift at the strip club is the sad shift, transferred to Foreplay, the nice club, I miss strip clubs!, self-tanning, seeing the new generation take over, normalizing the sex industry, OnlyFans, BLM, Intersectionality between race and gender has improved the equality in porn. Slut-Shaming, Creatives gotta create, The Inner Hermit Comes Out, Being Available Online, B/B/G gets chaotic, Sexy Gonzo Scenes, We’ve Had Dinner & I’ve Watched You Get Railed, Conservatives Who Support Sex Work, Vegas Is Whoa
15/07/20201 hour 1 minute 18 seconds
Episode Artwork


Obsession with Canada, Top Only Fans Girl, Sober As F*ck, Tattoos, Kanye of Porn, Married Her Wife Via Zoom, Good Anal Dicks, Boob Jobs, Dripping Wet, The Meaning of Getting Inked
11/07/20201 hour 7 minutes
Episode Artwork


"I Love My Dirty Girls", Doing It Out of Pleasure, Getting Spit Roasted, Taking Needles through the Fingers, "Sub Space", Consent Non-Consent, Triple Anal, Like it Hardcore, Mom Is A Squirter, Bottle Up the Cum for Fans, Nicole Is A Pillow Humper, Daddy Domme, Athlete of Porn
01/07/202059 minutes 39 seconds
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German Expressionism, Three Way with Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Action Plans to Decrease Racism in the Adult Industry, Rate Discrepancy, Black Women Paid Less, IR Rates, Trans/Gay Community in Porn, Real Fucking Girls Series, I Am A White Cis Woman, No More Stereotypes?, No More Categories?, APAC: Labor Industries in the Adult Community, Hentai, Manga, Physically Impossible Cartoons, Anal Fetish, Pegging, Gaping, 4:30pm, “I think Buttholes Are Super Cool”, Anal Orgasms, Sex Parties, Double-Penetrated in A Loft In Williamsburg, “Bedstuy really makes me cum. Head on Over To Bushwick - I’ll be Squirting Everywhere.”, Heaven/Hell Yacht Sex Party In NYC, Intentions Circle At A Sex Party, How To Vet The Opposite Sex, Running Adjacent to the Burning Man Crowd, “The Orgy Dome" at Burning Man, Orgasmic Meditation, Eating Ass 101: Fleet Enema & Empty It Out, Anal for the First Time, Anal Masturbation (Plugs or Dilators), Losing Objects in Your Butt, Unstigma
16/06/202056 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork


Anal Ring Toss, Porn in South Dakota, Age Play, Really Big Dicks, Double Anal, Cetaphil Creampies, Pina Colada Facials, Cum Lube, Female Pee is Better Than Male Pee, Nicole is Gay-ish, Open Relationships, Panty Sale!, Pandora's Box Documentary, 18-yr-old Webcamming, Taboo Role Play, Nexxxtlevel, "Dookie It Up", Rainbow Colored Enemas, A Little Bit of Poo
12/06/20201 hour 8 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork


Ballerina Feet, Jumping the Foot Gun, Keys To Giving A Good Foot Job, Foot Jobs Are Harder Than They Look, Jerking Off A Dildo, Feet Cramping, Ballet Foot Fetish, Making Out With Future Porn Costars, Sex In Front Of A Camera, The Girlfriend Experience, Men Crying In The VIP Room And At A Brothel, Getting To Research Porn Stars / Costars Before Working With Them / Fucking Them, Living Life As A Fantasy Girl, Meeting Your Boyfriend On A Porn Shoot, Blowjobs = Porn Star Handshakes
02/06/20201 hour 3 minutes 38 seconds
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Treasure Chest of Sex Toys, Sandblasting Your Clit, The Womanizer, Best Ways to Make a Chick Cum, Every Vagina Is Different, Nipple Play, Boob Jobs, Tease A Girl, Roleplay Lounge in Atlantic City, Being a Unicorn At a Sex Club, Peeing On Your Feet Clips, Sex Panther, Good Old Fashioned Phone Sex, Polyamory, The Swinger Community, Women Are Prettier Than Men.
26/05/20201 hour 5 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork


Topless Bars, "Boss Bitch Persona", Massachusetts to NYC to Vegas by way of the USSR, Sex Work On Craigslist (When You Still Could), New Money, Smoking DMT with her Pseudo Rabbi Father, The Safety of Fetish Sex Work vs The Strip Club, "The Cannibal Cafe", Sex with Barbies As a Kid, Nicole's Imaginary Friend Had Pinkeye, Types of Lap Dances, Sales Tactics At A Strip Club, The #1 Vegan Strip Club in Oregon Courtesy of Zane
18/05/20201 hour 16 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork


Eating Ass, Riverside Meth, Cheat Days, Eating Carl's Jr. Despite Being A Chef, Taboo, Sex As Heroin, A Homeless Kid Who's Willing To Eat Anything, "Hanging with Nathan", Asshole PTSD, Cumming on Cue, Sex with Just Porn Stars, Talking Shit Means I Like You, Play with the Balls and the Taint, Lord of the Rings, Stunts, Backflips, Sexting Apps & Cowboy Costumes
08/05/202058 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork


This petite queen has itty bitty size 5s and a larger-than-life personality. Listen & Enjoy!
05/05/202048 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork


Rocky Emerson has earned a reputation as a soft-soled sweet-hearted badass in this titillating episode of Love Her Podcast where we talk about Dad Jokes, Tiny Pinky Toes, Custom Foot Fetish Vids, Size 11 Shoes, Bruises in Her Sex Life, "Feet Beating", Cum Shots In the Eyes, Ramon Nomar, Old School Ecstasy, Squirting, Waterproof Bed Sheets, Taboo Pee Fetishes, Ball Busting, Toe Sucking, The Upper Floor at Kink, Public Sex, Stumbling into a Dungeon, Holly Superstar, Gangbangs Are the Greatest, Hiking, Traveling in Spain. Hosts: Nicole Aimee Schreiber @nicoleaimee & Zane Helberg @zanehelberg Love Her Podcast: @loveherpod Sound by @bensound
28/04/20201 hour 2 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork


Dubbed Porn's Newest "It Girl", Alex Coal discusses "The No Judgment Zone", Stuffed Pandas, Cosplay, Her Cam Origin Story, Strap Ons, Fave Fans, Holographic Boobs, "Horde Mothering", Mind Control, Sexy Bra Removal, "Primal Fetish", Selling Panties, Making Customs, Revenge Porn, Massages from Her BF Michael Masters, Squirting, Non-Consent Roleplay & Singing Santa Baby. 
20/04/20201 hour 2 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork


Being Choked Out, Hatha Yoga, The Piledriver Sex Position, Tentacle Dildos, Home-Made Lube, Alcohol Enemas, Butt-Punching, Cunt-Punting, Veganism, Popeyes Chicken Makes Cum Spicy & Finger Bang Bang To Your Heart
14/04/202059 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork


Sweetheart Scorpions, Karate Porn, Dick Helicoptering, Nicole's Internet Stalking, Drugged Out Street Performers, Wedgie Porn, Hairy Buttholes, "Nob Ross", Norm Porn, Sexy Panty Lines
08/04/20201 hour 22 minutes 23 seconds
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Are you a Dom or a sub? Get an insider view of the BDSM lifestyle from this professional dominatrix. 
31/03/202046 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork


In our very first episode ever, adult film star and foot fetish queen NAOMI SWANN tickles our funny bone as she shares her life on camera and behind the scenes.  Hilarious comedian hosts Nicole Aimee Schreiber and Zane Helberg ask titillating questions and get their heels dirty as they dig into the fetish community at large!
23/03/20201 hour 9 minutes 5 seconds