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Love and Relationships with Debra Fileta

English, Personal health, 10 seasons, 283 episodes, 6 days 16 hours 48 minutes
Get ready to talk about love and relationships in a way you never have before. Why is there always drama in your relationships? How do you deal with your raging sex drive while you’re single? What do you do when trust has been broken in your marriage? Join licensed professional counselor, popular relationship blogger, and author, Debra Fileta, as she takes listener calls and questions and answers them with her candid yet practical approach that’s grounded in psychology and rooted in faith. Get a front row seat to the relationship questions you’ve always wanted to ask about sex, dating, love, singleness, and marriage. Learn more at
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From Porn Star to Child of God (with Joshua Broome)

Today on Talk To Me, I’m having an on-air counseling session with Joshua Broome, a former male porn star. We ...
09/01/20241 hour 8 minutes 36 seconds
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Friendships As An Adult 

Q: Today, we’re answering a question from a listener who asks how we can maintain friendships as an adult. In ...
12/09/202330 minutes 11 seconds