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English, Religion, 1 season, 35 episodes, 19 hours, 56 minutes
Louder! The Podcast with Christian Content-Creator Lydia Houghton where we aren't afraid to talk about the BIG issues and talk about them LOUDLY. With inspiring guests each episode, join us in conversation today. Season One NOW AVAILABLE!
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Why do Christians keep saying "He is risen?" | Easter Sunday

Part 2 of our Easter week podcasts - it's been a pleasure sharing with you.Watch on YouTube -
4/9/20237 minutes, 40 seconds
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Who was Jesus and why did He die? | Good Friday

Part 1 of our Easter week videos. Come back on Sunday for part 2!There is so much more to talk about within the Christian faith, but this Good Friday is a perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of core truths. Will you believe that Jesus is God?Watch on YouTube -
4/7/202321 minutes, 49 seconds