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English, Social, 1 seasons, 13 episodes, 15 hours 38 minutes
Two best friends discussing everything from A to Z. Expect witty banter, chemistry and a lot of in sync laughing. Just don't expect them to always stay on topic seeing as their show notes are Loosely Outlined. Video Version: Follow TBH @TheBlackHokage Follow Zaea @ZaeaJae
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We Were Attacked By CRAZY Hobo | Episode 12

TBH & Zaea return to talk about why TBH moved, Zaea's first time in the city of angels, a homeless man attacking us, communicating through issues and more!
20/10/20211 hour 9 minutes 26 seconds
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Were we POISONED by a boba employee?! | Episode 11

TBH & Zaea return talk about a disastrous mix-up at the boba store , how getting older is affecting them physically and mentally , the US draft , when you should give your passcode to your partner & more!
13/10/20211 hour 6 minutes 6 seconds
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The Perfect Dating Profile, Wrecking A Tesla & Job Shaming | Episode 10

TBH & Zaea return talk about the ingredients needed for a solid dating bio, TBH almost blowing up his Tesla, pocket watchers, job shaming, the dislike button and so much more!
29/09/20211 hour 4 minutes 23 seconds
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Brittany Renner & Pj Washington, The 678 Rule & Twitch Hate Raids | Loosely Outlined Ep.9

The Black Hokage & Zaea return to talk a multitude of things including Brittany Renner finessing PJ Washington for child support, Onlyfans banning explicit content (this was recorded by the reverse), Twitch Hate raids, Jeff Bezo's going to space, the 678 rule in dating and so much more!
29/08/20211 hour 15 minutes 42 seconds
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Dating While Black, Robo Taxis & BBL Fines | Episode 8

TBH & Zaea return to talk about Norway fining people lying about their body being natural on social media, sound healing, Robo Taxis, dating while black and more!
16/08/20211 hour 17 minutes 19 seconds
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OnlyFans Ban, Dating Shooters & Olympic Sex Beds | Loosely Outlined Ep.7

TBH & Zaea return to talk the rampant culture of pay pigs, flash mobs, exclusively dating shooters, dealing with addiction and more!
30/07/20211 hour 3 minutes 19 seconds
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The N Word Mic, White Iverson & Seeking Therapy | Loosely Outlined Ep.6

The Black Hokage & Zaea return to talk about the new N Word Mic, Post Malone's White Iverson, therapy, Subway's fake bread and tuna, Faze Clan's Crypto scandal and more!
21/07/202159 minutes 5 seconds
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Florida Man Challenge, Growing Up Mixed & BBL's | Episode 5

Zaea & The Black Hokage return to talk a wide array of topics such as the rise of BBL's, the Florida Man challenge, growing up mixed, trying crab legs for the first time, life and whole lot more!
14/07/20211 hour 28 minutes 23 seconds
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Throat Babies, Fathers Day & Beautiful People Problems | Episode 4

TBH and Zaea return to share what Fathers Day mean to them. They also talk about getting old, throat babies, HS reunions, beautiful people problems and more!
30/06/20211 hour 24 minutes 42 seconds
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Bonnet Gate, GIFTS, Facebook Dating & Juneteenth | Episode 3

TBH & Zaea return to discuss Juneteenth being passed as a holiday, Bonnet Gate, ASMR Twitch meta, Plex Storm, Facebook Dating, life advice & a whole more in episode 3 of Loosely Outlined.
23/06/20211 hour 26 minutes 29 seconds
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Hood Adventures, 40 Pound Boobs, Snitching, Aliens & Red Flags | Episode 2

Zaea & TBH return to have a conversation that's all over the place. In this episode they talk about their 5 year anniversary, their adventures on the south side San Antonio, loving from a distance, dating red flags, aliens and more!
14/06/20211 hour 12 minutes
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Barking At Strangers, Twitch Hot Tubs & $10K Hugs | Episode 1

In the inauguration episode of Loosely Outlined TBH & Zaea talk relationships, Twitch hot tubs streams, barking at strangers, pick me's, LLC Twitter & a whole bunch more!
03/06/20211 hour 14 minutes 17 seconds
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America's Dustiest Shoes | Pilot Episode

After joking for a long time about creating a podcast TBH & Zaea decided to put their conversation wax. In the pilot episode they talk Zaea's dusty shoes, how they met, Drake wrecking families, life and a whole more!
29/05/202156 minutes 51 seconds