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English, Personal health, 6 seasons, 61 episodes, 1 day 23 hours 3 minutes
Optimism doctor and visual imagery expert Dr. Deepika Chopra has studied the science of happiness. Join her as she blends together holistic practices with evidence-based science to cultivate more optimism, success, hope and resiliency in the lives of others. Looking Up is a holistic + science-based podcast covering the ins and outs of being a human — without the perfectionism and toxic positivity. In each episode, you’ll get to hear from elite athletes, recording artists, couples, parents, poets, and experts all while learning real tools and practical skills to increase your own optimism and joy and resiliency from Dr. Deepika as well as trailblazing experts and scientists in the field! Subscribe to Looking Up anywhere you listen to your podcasts currently. Follow @drdeepikachopra on Instagram for some behind the scenes footage and to get some of your own personal questions answered on the show. Things are Looking Up!
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Looking Back on Looking Up: a series recap + see you soon!

On this episode of LOOKING UP, Dr. Deepika Chopra looks back on 6 incredible seasons, goes over the 4 ways science tells endings help, opens up about transitioning the podcast to Looking Up Live, and shares some of the biggest lessons and tips she's learned over the past 60 episodes. From 58 incredible guests through 1 global pandemic, this isn't a goodbye, it's a heartfelt see you soon from the Optimism Doctor herself.    What started as a weekly conversation around optimism and resilience soon transitioned into a series of stories, tips, tools, and tales of starting over again and again in a million different ways that changed her life. Looking Up has inspired, uplifted, educated, broken down, cracked open, and delighted us for 6 seasons,  and these conversations with artists, experts, scientists, athletes, activists, educators, parents, spouses, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers have helped us all through one of the most challenging yea
08/11/20217 minutes 32 seconds
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Self-compassion and the Art of Acceptance with Grace Miceli

On this week's episode of Looking Up, Dr. Deepika Chopra talks with artist and mental health advocate Grace Miceli. This conversation is honest and beautiful, as Grace opens up about how she discovered art as a key to access her emotions while young, and the journey she has been on to have her work reflect the inner peace she fought to find throughout her 20's. She talks me through her own thoughts around creating meaningful art out of a place of health over pain, how she blocks out the noise to take care of herself, self-compassion and rest, how boredom became her favorite space to create out of, and how taking a break last spring after her book published changed her life. There couldn't be a better guest to leave you with as Looking Up goes on a hiatus than Grace, and her wise words, so please enjoy this episode and remember, things are looking up!
01/11/202151 minutes 24 seconds
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Pacing over Perfection and Examining our Relationship with Time with Amina Altai

It's hard to walk away from a conversation with this week's guest on LOOKING UP and not feel empowered, inspired, and like asking yourself what your exceptional ability could be? Holistic Leadership and Mindset Coach Amina Altai is here! She shares with us her unorthodox journey into coaching, nutrition, movement, and mindfulness and the life-altering decisions she had to make in her late twenties when a doctor discovered 2 autoimmune diseases that could bring on multiple organ failure and how she shifted her career, her personal life, and her mindset to find fulfillment and joy in her new path. Amina also opened up about how going through the pandemic with a traumatic brain injury helped her hone in on her purpose, how she changed her relationship with time, broke down the myth around balance and not having it all, and we examined what showing up to our jobs, families, partners, and lives with integrity looks like. We talk thro
25/10/202140 minutes 51 seconds
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Living our purpose and the intersection of math + resiliency with Danica McKellar

On this week's episode of LOOKING UP, Dr. Deepika Chopra talks to Danica McKellar- actress, mother, mathematician, and philanthropist! Intelligent, transparent, and lovely, Danica shares about the unexpected tie between resiliency and math, how we can go about finding our purpose, and the tools she uses every day to help fight overwhelm and anxiety. LOOKING UP is honored to be one of her first and only podcast appearances, and we know you are going to take as much from this episode as we did. Danica tells us about the importance of continuing to try when we feel unsure or unable, how we pass on resilience to our kids through vulnerability and her thoughts on how embracing our smarts and the problems we have to spend a little bit more time on as the keys to a resilient life! Enjoy this episode of LOOKING UP. To purchase yo
18/10/202140 minutes 20 seconds
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On creating a vibe of love, communicating without words, and coming out with Vince Coconato from Bob’s Dance Shop

Today's guest on LOOKING UP is the one, the only Vince Coconato from Bob's Dance Shop!  Dr. Deepika Chopra talks with Coco on his golden 30th birthday about why he does what does, where the inspiration for Bob's Dance Shop comes from, and to hear his resiliency story! Coco shares openly about growing up closeted in central Florida, how a group project in high school set him on the right path, how his mental health journey and coming to terms with his identity are interconnected,  what his coming out experience was like, and how dance helped him find positivity, strength, and a purpose. We hope you feel seen, inspired, and motivated to get up and dance after listening to this episode, and remember Things Are Looking Up!   To purchase your own THINGS ARE LOOKING UP Optimism Deck of Cards please visit <a style= "font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, 'Se
11/10/20211 hour 1 minute 29 seconds
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On Decision Making, COVID19, and Parenting with Professor Emily Oster

Three-time best-selling author, professor of Economics at Brown,  data scientist, parenting advocate, and mother- this week's guest on LOOKING UP couldn't be more relevant, it's Professor Emily Oster. My first experience with her was through a podcast recommendation from my husband, and since then, I have been a HUGE fan of her work. Seriously, her books changed my life throughout my pregnancy, and parenting journey. I was so excited to sit down with her and talk about what this pandemic has been like for her, how making decisions affect our mental health, and to talk about her controversial article in the Atlantic. Insightful and so down to earth, Emily shared about the biggest parenting and child development myths she discovered while writing her books (Expecting Better, Cribsheet, and the Family Firm), who and what sources she goes to for trustworthy information, how to make decisions when there are so many options available to us, what her journey fro
04/10/202150 minutes 51 seconds
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Facing Climate Change and Finding Optimism in the Amazon with Pedro Andrade

It's not every day you get the opportunity to talk to someone who has been held hostage by an indigenous Amazonian tribe and lived to tell the tale, but lucky for us and for him, today is that day! My guest on this week's episode of Looking Up is Pedro Andrade. TV host, activist, journalist, and storyteller, he brings so much to today's conversation. We talk through his new show Unknown Amazon, what growing up in Brazil was like, knowing from a young age what he wanted out of life, and all the steps and work he put in to get there. He views optimism as a muscle that must be strengthened and shares stories with us that perfectly encapsulate the most important aspect of resiliency- our human connections.    His love of travel and the way he finds
27/09/202153 minutes 52 seconds
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Facing Your Fears, the Power of Perspective, + Why We Self-Sabotage with Monica Berg

"You have to create your to-be list before your to-do list," our guest on this week's episode of Looking Up, Monica Berg says. Inspiring, thoughtful, wise, and fearless, this week's conversation is all about what we spend our energy on, facing our fears, and how powerful mindset shifts can be. Monica has such a way with words, and she expertly walked us through the different types of stress, how we can't control our situations but we can control our perceptions of them, and how we stay fully present when things are good- all topics that intersect with my research and work as the Optimism Doctor. Her insights on change, loss, growth, fear, and her riding shotgun analogy all make this an episode you're not going to want to miss a second of!   We got pretty candid about being more fully present in moments of joy, the important lessons change can bring us throughout life, and dove into what it actu
20/09/202154 minutes 28 seconds
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Our Bodies Hold the Answers with Parsley Health Founder, Robin Berzin

Chronic illness is one of the most prominent and undertreated conditions affecting people today. With 6 out of 10 adults dealing with some form of chronic illness, addressing the intersection of our physical health and wellness has never been more important. Especially with Covid still on the rise. This week's episode of Looking Up is a deeply personal one, as I chat with my very good friend Robin Berzin, the founder of Parsley Health. She really challenged me to think about what we can do to better listen to our bodies and her perspective on managing the relationship between our minds and our bodies as one of the key aspects to sustaining our overall health and wellness was so insightful and wise.   We talk about having and raising kids during the pandemic, how our bodies and minds communicate, the connection between our nervous systems and our mental health, the ways stress is processed in ou
13/09/202148 minutes 55 seconds
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The connection between Inflammation + Mental Well Being with Dr. Barbara Sturm

Today's guest on LOOKING UP is one of the most sought-after beauty doctors in the world, Dr. Barbara Sturm. After starting her career in Orthopedics, helping pioneer a procedure dubbed "the Kobe method" after Kobe Bryant had it performed on his knee, she then pivoted to helping her patients feel and look their best with her own science-backed skincare practice.  We talk all about inflammation and how managing inflammation is really the key to health and wellness, also how she stays feeling good and looking good while running her company, mothering her children, and dealing with the day-to-day struggles and stressors we all face. Dr. Sturm tells us all about building resilience through loss, having the courage to shift in her career, the relationship between how we look and our mental health, maintaining an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, and building a business dedicated to helping people feel good. She helps to uncover some skincare myths and shares her thoughts on how some of the mos
06/09/202148 minutes 12 seconds
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The Psychology of Child Stardom with Alyson Stoner

On today’s episode of Looking Up, Dr. Deepika Chopra chats with former child actress and Disney star, Alyson stoner. She transparently and bravely revisits harrowing experiences as a child actor, opening up as to how Hollywood can work to change some of the traumatic aspects of growing up in the spotlight. Alyson walks listeners through the extreme peaks and valleys of fame, hospitalizations, accolades, abuse, rapid adultification, the psychology of being a commodity, how she survived and the work she is doing to make real change in the industry for the future of child actors. To purchase your own THINGS ARE LOOKING UP Optimism Deck of Cards please visit For more BTS footage of this episode and any others follow @drdeepikachopra + <a href= "htt
30/08/202158 minutes 52 seconds