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I created my podcast to give a voice to all the influential women in history books that never get a side of the story. Here you can learn about the lives of some of history’s greatest women. Become a Paid Subscriber:
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Zenobia of Palmyra

Zenobia of Palmyra could rival the famous Cleopatra when it came to pissing off Rome. Zenobia grew up at the daughter of a minor Syrian nobleman but when she married the king of the small but important city of Palmyra her life changed. When her husband died Zenobia took her small city and turned into an empire while simultaneously challenging the known world’s greatest power. Join me to learn the story of this awesome Syrian Queen. Bibliography Bileta, Vedran. “Who Was Queen Zenobia of Palmyra?” TheCollector, May 23, 2023. Contributors to Wikimedia projects. “Odaenathus.” Wikipedia, March 27, 2023. ———. “Vaballathus.” Wikipedia, March 27, 2023. ———. “Zenobia.” Wikipedia, May 29, 2023. Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art. “Palmyra.” The Met’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, January 1, 1AD. Duncan, Mike. “When Palmyra Rivaled the Roman Empire.” Reuters, May 25, 2015. Arab America. “Five Things You Didn’t Know Zenobia of Palmyra,” August 25, 2021. Mark, Joshua J. “Zenobia.” World History Encyclopedia. Accessed June 13, 2023. “Palmyra: The Modern Destruction of an Ancient City – Smarthistory.” Accessed June 13, 2023. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. “The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica.” Encyclopedia Britannica, July 20, 1998. Warfare History Network. “Zenobia’s Bloody War of Independence,” January 2, 2023.
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