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London Fashion Business Academy - Global Fashion Management

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Global Fashion Management & London Fashion Business Academy Discover the business of fashion like never before. Honesty & Transparency is our priority. We care about your Dream and your cash. Build a global and Profitable Fashion Brand / Retail Business! Thanks to the LFBA, you have access to business online courses that will never break the bank. Ask to try them!
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How to create powerful messages for your Brand - for free!

The beauty of our daily life is that it sends up constant messages, ideas, content creation opportunities IF ONLY you look at them from a new perspective. If you were to give us 20 to 30 minutes maximum, we will demonstrate that to your Team and yourself.  Investment in you to capture new ideas to have a healthier and most resilient and sustainable business. Listen to GFM / LFBA Founder Thierry Bayle. Be safe, Be productive. GFM / LFBA Tel +44 20 8576 6233 Intl / WhatsApp +44 7951 198 769
3/6/20212 minutes, 32 seconds
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Discover your #1 Resource for the Business of Fashion

There are 3 pillars to build a global and profitable Fashion Brand. 1. Creativity - Your product 2. Marketing - You need to stand out in a crowded environment 3. Business - GFM / LFBA will help you on all areas of the business including the 2 pillars of Marketing and Business. We share over 25 years' international experience. Visit the GFM website Visit the LFBA website - This is YOUR business of fashion online courses created and supported by GFM
3/19/20202 minutes, 59 seconds