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LOA Recon with the Good Vibe Coach

English, Education, 1 season, 361 episodes, 3 days, 11 hours, 4 minutes
Good Vibe Coach Jeannette Maw offers manifesting support and insights for conscious creators mastering the law of attraction to create their own reality.
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Making Believe

Is Universe buying what you're selling? As conscious creators, it's worth getting a convincing game going of whatever we're looking to manifest. That's what Liz from Survivor didn't do nearly as well as Ewan McGregor from The Gentleman did. How can you do a better job of telling Universe who you are and what's so for you? That's what this episode is all about: making believe. Making yourself and Universe believe that you got what you wanted.
5/25/202418 minutes, 1 second
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Dismissing Your Problem

In the wrong circles, this can sound cruel and insensitive ... But conscious creators know there's a reason to be dismissive of the problems we don't want to grow in our respective realities, and instead recognize the ticket we've landed in paradise.
5/12/202416 minutes, 58 seconds
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White Board Work

There was a tricky topic creating significant contrast in my world lately, so I turned to the white board for help in giving Universe a new manifesting instruction about my neighbor. It's shared with the intention that it will inspire you to transform whatever subjects in your life could use an upgrade, too.
4/21/202415 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Manifesting Power of Doing Nothing

I love this skill so much for supporting our highest manifesting success that I wrote an entire ebook on the subject years ago. Yet it's one many of us forget to practice or don't even realize is strongly conducive to creating the reality we want. That's why it's worth remembering to engage the magical manifesting power of taking a break ...
4/6/202412 minutes, 21 seconds
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Doing It for the Fun Factor

Sometimes we spoil our own joy by forgetting that we picked this thing we're doing for the joy of it. When gremlin complaints and fears threaten your good time, remember why you picked this ... for the fun factor!
3/23/202413 minutes, 9 seconds
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Boring Makes for Sexy Manifesting

How to get the magic of compound interest working for your manifesting benefit? The answer is simple: small, consistent investments in your vibe! I've got ideas for that ...
3/9/202413 minutes, 19 seconds
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Resolve Common Manifesting Misstep

It's a common manifesting error to engage a manifesting exercise to make it happen, rather than to enjoy the feeling of imagining what you want. Do your alignment routine for the fun of it; not to make something happen. Yes, something will happen, but it does that best when we're feeling the presence of it rather than the absence of it.
2/25/20249 minutes, 3 seconds
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Making Money Mantras That Work

What makes for a good money mantra, and why would you want one? That's what this episode covers: the power of a personal mantra, how to craft one that works for you, and what to expect when you put it to work.
2/11/202419 minutes, 12 seconds
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It's a Trick Question

If someone presented you with a choice between your dream come true on a platter (the money pile, the romantic partner, the weight loss, etc.) - or a good vibration - which would you choose? I keep falling for this one, too. Forgetting that nothing good comes without a good vibration first!
1/29/202421 minutes, 2 seconds
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Manifesting Resources for You

Are you getting my texted Vibration Prompts? Have you seen my new Vibration Boss program? Do you get my bi-monthly newsletter? Or do you have other ideas about how I can best support your next manifesting win?  That's what this episode is all about - making sure you know what I've got for you, and an invitation for you to let me know what else you'd love ... 
1/17/202415 minutes, 16 seconds
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The LOA Art of Being Dismissive

Sometimes it seems rude to ignore someone or pretend we didn't hear a particular thing, but it turns out this is a super helpful manifesting skill. This episode spotlights how and why to be dismissive of the things that don't serve us. Here's to amping up your art of ignoring!
1/17/202417 minutes, 40 seconds
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Give Yourself a New Year's Clean Slate

Now is a great time to leave behind what hasn't served us and to make room for new successes and delights in the new year! Here's to all your best dreams coming true in 2024 ...
12/30/20233 minutes, 38 seconds
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It's All in Stock

When it comes to creating our favorite reality, we might be best off starting with the one we've got. Learning how to feel better before anything changes is the heart and soul of conscious creation. Life gives us a chance to enjoy what's so every day where we currently stand - before all the money, the body improvements, the love interests, the career success, the dream house, etc. This episode is a reminder that our best approach to getting happy isn't by manifesting external changes (although those will come, too!) - but rather by deciding to choose enjoyment here and now. Because life is capable of being whatever we decide it is.
12/17/202315 minutes, 45 seconds
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Drop the Resistance Battle

Savvy creators find a way to not be so uptight about what we don’t want. Or not be so aware of what’s wrong, or to not push against what we don’t like. One way or another, we've got to give up the battle in order to allow our "even better" to manifest. 
12/3/202312 minutes, 42 seconds
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Sign Power: It's Not Them, It's You

Sometimes we forget that the sign isn't telling us what's about to happen ... rather, we are always the ones giving out the (vibrational) signs. Next time you are looking for a sign, remember where they come from! 
11/19/20237 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Power of Persistent Thanks

What can persistent thanks do for a committed conscious creator? Everything! As we approach the US Thanksgiving holiday, this is a reminder (featuring my personal experience) of what happens when we engage appreciation in a persistent way over time. Cultivating a habit of thanks is truly transformative when we stick with it! I'd love to hear what your regular practice of appreciation has done for you and your life ...
11/15/202315 minutes, 34 seconds
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Test Your Manifesting Vibe

Who's up for a little LOA pop quiz? It's short and sweet, just for fun - and just for conscious creators. If you'd like a non-serious way to reflect on your current vibration, as well as a reminder about how all this manifesting stuff works, tune in here:
10/31/202312 minutes, 25 seconds
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13 Easy Ways to Feel Better

If it ever seems hard to feel better, this episode is designed to show just how easy it is to stage a vibrational intervention for yourself.  These are easy methods that work best as regular practices for raising the vibe and getting used to feeling good more often than not. Use it as inspiration to create your own custom list of habits to keep your vibe in positive territory!
10/15/202313 minutes, 50 seconds
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What a Dream Come True Feels Like

It turns out that many of us are wrong about what it feels like when a dream comes true ... Here's a reality check about what you can expect to feel when your big desires manifest, and what to do about it now.
10/1/202311 minutes, 52 seconds
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5 Remedies for LOA Limbo

When doubts creep in that your desire isn't going to manifest, here are five things to keep in mind: Are you lining up with it? Are you relying on it to feel better? Maybe don't look so much for it. Don't try too hard to make it happen. Check your story (that it's not happening)! If you've been feeling the LOA limbo, may this episode inspire you to your next big manifesting win!
9/17/202315 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Dog Walk

Ready to turn life's uphill battles into a joyride? Tune in to explore how a 'difficult' dog walk turned into an adventure of pure delight—and how you can apply the same magic to any area of life. If you're ready to transform the 'hard' into the 'heartfelt,' this is the episode for you ...
9/3/202310 minutes, 24 seconds
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Ease Beats Effort

For those times when you find yourself pushing or struggling your way through, it's worth remembering that ease beats effort every time. This episode is all about choosing alignment over forcing your way through. From dishwasher dilemmas to love life wins to money manifesting - it always works better when we stop the grind and let it be easier instead ...
8/27/202313 minutes, 30 seconds
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Tuning Into Better Beats

It's candid, uncensored, and all about the profound power of the stories we tell (and thus the realities we manifest) through the drums we beat ... A recent Abe quote made me realize I'm beating the drum of a**holes, and inspired me to pick a new tune. May this episode remind you that we each have the power to summon the very best life has to offer by choosing the drums we beat wisely.
8/20/202311 minutes, 43 seconds
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Not Like That, Universe

In this episode, we delve into the perplexing moments when the Universe delivers our desires, but not in a good way. Ever had something you wished for come to fruition in a challenging or unexpected manner? We'll explore the reasons why, the lessons it offers, and strategies to navigate these curveballs. Tune in for a transformative conversation on understanding and embracing conscious creation's unpredictable paths.  
8/14/202313 minutes, 5 seconds
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Debunking 5 Big Manifesting Myths

These are the five biggest myths about manifesting ...  How woo do you have to be to create your own reality? How much action is required for your dream to come true? How positive do you need to be to create what you want? This episode debunks the most common manifesting myths ..
8/6/202311 minutes, 11 seconds
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3 Ways to Strengthen Spell Power

There are several ways we diminish the power of the spells we cast, and three things we can do to make our manifesting intentions more effective. Tune in for tips and techniques on letting your creative powers be felt by Universe!
7/30/20238 minutes, 1 second
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Supercharge Your Manifesting with AI

Are you using artificial intelligence to raise your manifesting game? If not, you are in for a treat!  Here are five ways AI can help you create what you want ...
7/23/202315 minutes, 22 seconds
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How to Manifest with a Muggle in the Way

What's a conscious creator to do when someone else contradicts all our good alignment efforts with their own negativity? This is how to manifest what you want even when there's a muggle in the way ...
7/23/20238 minutes, 39 seconds
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Maintaining the Manifesting Win

Sometimes when we manifest what we want, we inadvertently give up the alignment practices that got us there. Not all the time, but sometimes we revert to muggle ways after the magic has unfolded. This is a helpful reminder to keep doing what worked in the first place! 
7/16/202313 minutes, 5 seconds
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Master This for Best Manifesting Success

When you're plagued with a stressful thought, or stuck in a situation you don't love, or having trouble making a big decision - there's one simple way to dreams come true ... That is to ask yourself the question: "What feels better?" Habitually honoring your answer to this question is a guaranteed alignment upgrade that leads to positive results and best success.
7/8/202314 minutes, 56 seconds
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Instead of Getting It Done

When the pressure of getting the thing handled or the project finished is ruining your good time, here's a helpful reminder: Getting it done is overrated. This is what works way better instead ...
6/25/20238 minutes, 55 seconds
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Loving Both Sides

This episode offers a manifesting superpower you might not even realize you had ... Once you see this in action, it's easier to grow it into the areas of life where it will work even bigger magic for you.  This is how to love both sides of it:
6/17/202313 minutes, 35 seconds
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Get Ahead of Yourself

While others might caution against getting our hopes up, telling us to not get ahead of ourselves - conscious creators know that's exactly where our best magic lies. Here's to dreaming our best dreams, letting our imaginations run wild and creating our biggest magic by being willing to get ahead of ourselves!
6/10/20238 minutes, 7 seconds
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How to Manifest Good Neighbors

Some situations are harder than others to feel better about before reality shifts in favor of what we want ... But that's exactly how conscious creation works: find a way to feel better first so reality can follow our vibrational lead. I'm getting practice lately on a topic that often calls forth my best manifesting skills. Maybe this story about conjuring amazing neighbors will inspire you to engage your best magic on whatever subjects matter most to you ...
6/2/202318 minutes, 33 seconds
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How to Manifest Financial Freedom

A listener asks how to manifest financial freedom using conscious creation when she doesn't have enough money or skills or time to get there any other way. This is my take on how to use your vibration management powers create the money abundance, joy and freedom that many find so elusive ... 
5/27/202323 minutes, 23 seconds
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5 Manifesting Habits Easy to Add to Your Day

Sometimes people think conscious creation is a lot of work … They think it takes a lot of energy to focus on better feeling thoughts all day long, or that it's a hassle to visualize their goals every day. Or they keep forgetting to act as if or make a pray rain journal entry. But honestly, it can be so easy - and fun! - to practice vibration management throughout the day with hardly any effort on your part! Here are five simple habits you can use to sprinkle manifesting magic throughout your day ...
5/20/20239 minutes, 14 seconds
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There's a Flashcard for That!

This is another manifesting method you might have fun with, compliments of Jack Canfield ... It's how flashcards are bringing big magic to my world lately, from big money to true love to amazing meals, and more. Tune in to see if you're down for putting this alignment technique to work in support of your favorite desires, too!
5/12/202322 minutes, 58 seconds
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Vacationize Your Life

When it’s hard to come back from vacation, it's worth remembering you can bring the vacation home! You don't have to leave whatever you were enjoying at the resort or the beach. Whatever elements you loved about your time off, pack it up and bring it back to regular daily life! This episode is all about how to vacationize your life ...
5/5/202319 minutes, 56 seconds
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Manifesting with Checklists

Do you already use a manifesting checklist? If not, you might enjoy this law of attraction method for lining up with your favorite success! It's based on the checklist joy I discovered years ago while dating a pilot.  May it bring you the same kind of vibrational magic it does me!
4/29/202311 minutes, 12 seconds
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Approved List of Reasons

I happened upon a question that's helping me instantly release feelings of frustration, irritation, upset, etc. on a dime. It's quick, it's easy, and in case it works for you, too, I'm sharing the story of how it appeared and how it's been working. Hope you get some leverage from it, too!
4/21/202317 minutes, 48 seconds
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Relaxing About Reality

Our attachment to reality is often our biggest handicap in manifesting something new. That's why relaxing about reality - however we do that - can help us create what we want much more easily. A couple things have been helping me do exactly that lately that I thought might help your manifesting game, too ...
4/15/202331 minutes, 38 seconds
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What It Means

Every day we tell ourselves stories about what we see happening in the world, making up meaning where it doesn't inherently, objectively exist. As conscious creators it's worth making sure we choose good answers when we answer the question, "What does it mean?" It's ours to choose, friends. Let's choose well!
4/8/202322 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Choice Perspective

If every moment, every situation, every relationship contains every possibility within it - and it's just a matter of what we choose to pull out of it - how are you feeling about your choices lately? From losing eyesight, to abandoned horses, to the winter that never ends, these stories reflect our choice of perspective ...
4/1/202331 minutes, 2 seconds
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3 Things We Often Forget in Conscious Creation

Sometimes it's easy to forget where our true power lies in creating what we want. This is my personal example of the time I forgot (and then remembered) three basic truths about manifesting the preferred outcome, which are: There is always a way. We don't have to know the way. Struggled is not required along the way. Here's to getting even better at this conscious creation routine!
3/24/202320 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

10 Metrics of Manifesting Fitness

How's your reality-creating skill set these days? These ten measures of manifesting fitness will give you an idea of where you're rocking it and where you might have room for improvement ... They can also be used to raise your game when you pick one or two to start beefing up!
3/17/202320 minutes, 17 seconds
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Falling in Love with Foes

Have you ever found yourself getting sucked down the vibrational spiral when someone pushes your buttons? It can be easy to succumb to that routine when we're tested by less than lovely people in challenging circumstances. But that's what didn't happen to me the other day, and I wondered how was I able to sidestep attempts to spin me into fear and regret, and instead fall in true love with my apparent "foe." (As if there were any such thing!) This is a short review of how specific alignment practices can give us enough vibrational integrity to be impervious to negativity.
3/12/202324 minutes, 13 seconds
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Instead of Scheming & Plotting

When you think about all the time we spend scheming and plotting to make something happen, it seems reasonable to instead shift some of that energy into what makes the real difference ... That is practicing what we want in advance. Just a minute or two spent enjoying or appreciating our desired end result is so much more effective than weeks' worth of strategizing and manipulating with our limited muggle mind. Find Good Vibe Business Mastery program here.
3/4/202315 minutes, 22 seconds
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When It Didn't Work

How to handle it when despite our best manifesting efforts the dream didn't come true? That's the question addressed in this episode: What to do when it didn't work. Even if you're not grappling with this question, you may find a gem or two here to help raise your alignment game.
2/25/202322 minutes, 14 seconds
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Who Are You Casting Spells On Today?

Cast any good spells on anyone lately? Whether we realize it or not, we've probably sent out a variety of them today already without even realizing it. Here's a quick check on how we're engaging our spell-casting powers ...
2/17/202322 minutes, 53 seconds
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It's the Opposite

One of my favorite ways to obliterate obstacle thoughts is to just turn them upside down. Go to the exact opposite thought and turn disadvantages into advantages by simply declaring them so. Next time you hear a discouraging thought blocking your desire, find the opposite of that thought and let the relief of giving up old resistance be in service to your manifesting success ...
2/10/202315 minutes, 13 seconds
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Turning Around IS the Command

Winston's dog trainer inadvertently gave me a perfect demo for how to manifest with the universe when he told me, "Turning around is the command." We lead the way by going first with our improved vibration. Universe is guaranteed to catch up with us when we stop waiting for it to go first ...
2/3/202320 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Circumstances Don't Matter

Sometimes contrast really is a conscious creator's best friend. I was reminded of that while observing the dramatically different experiences two friends were having in completely different circumstances. It just goes to show that like Bashar says, it isn't the circumstances that matter, it's the state of mind we cultivate that makes the difference.
1/27/202313 minutes, 52 seconds
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It's Not Required, But Do It Anyway

Lots of manifesting teachers tell us to find ways to feel better in order to manifest what we want. It's super common wisdom in LOA circles. It turns out that's not actually required. Here's why you should do it anyway ...
1/21/202324 minutes, 48 seconds
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Highs & Lows of Vibration Management

This story contains highs and lows of the vibration management process. Sometimes our alignment methods are glorious, and sometimes they're not pretty. Listen for clues and inspirations for what might serve your manifesting game, too ...
1/13/202334 minutes, 50 seconds
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One Thing for a Fab New Year

Sometimes we get super ambitious about how this year will be different. This is the year we do all the right things and get all the best results ... And that’s great for anyone who can sustain that kind of enthusiasm, but for those of us who do better with a more single-focused sustainable approach than “Everything! Now!” … Here’s what I suggest as the "one thing" that can dramatically improve the trajectory of your year.
1/6/202317 minutes, 38 seconds
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What Are You Giving Yourself?

Did you know giving gifts to yourself is good manifesting practice? It is! The best thing we could give anyone else is our own happiness, so it's worth treating ourselves as well as we treat all our loved ones. So if you don't yet know what you're getting yourself, this episode is filled with reasons - and ideas - for doing so. Tune in for tips and inspirations to treat yourself really well and wrap up the year on a delicious vibrational note!
12/17/202227 minutes, 33 seconds
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Guidance Doesn't Follow Protocol

Are there times you follow protocol instead of listening to guidance? Even though as a conscious creator you know better? I sure have. In fact, in hindsight I realize that may very well have been what was holding up progress on a big desire of mine. In this episode I share how breaking the rules and defying standard proven protocol led to a very happy outcome. It's shared in hopes of liberating you from whatever uninspired actions might be holding up your progress, too.
12/9/202219 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

When to Let Them Be Right

Sometimes they have a better idea than you do. This episode is about the art of knowing when to let them be right, and replace your own thoughts or opinions with their upgraded ones. (As inspired by a recent salon visit, a local Airbnb listing, and everyone else who ever had a better thought about it than I did.)
12/3/202233 minutes, 54 seconds
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Assumptions Worth Making

There's lots of advice about the wisdom of not making assumptions, but for conscious creators some things are worth assuming. After all, we already do it in many ways, so why not make our assumptions good?
11/27/202212 minutes, 18 seconds
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So Satisfying

While appreciation and gratitude are wonderful vibrations to help manifest what you want, there's another one that is really good for your LOA game, too ... That's the feeling of Satisfaction. Fulfillment. Completion. This instruction tells Universe you got what you wanted, and when it gets that signal - it scrambles to make it so. Activating satisfaction is a fabulous remedy for striving or lack, so tune in to get good satisfaction flowing!
11/18/202221 minutes, 58 seconds
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Letting It Get Even Better

When things are not going according to preference, that's a good time to remember your manifesting skills ... You can use contrast as your cue to let things get even better than they would have been otherwise. That's the reminder I got when Samson's birthday package went awol. Tune in for inspiration to "even better" your next problem ... 
11/11/202224 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Magic of Looking for It

Are you engaging the magic of looking for what you want? Whether it's a healthier body, better relationship, more abundance, happiness, satisfaction or whatever it might be ... When you get better at looking for it, you're bound to manifest that and more.
11/4/202219 minutes, 1 second
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What's Your Mantra?

If you haven't put the power of a mantra to work in your world yet, this episode may inspire you to. Using words to activate vibrations that shift your reality is a fun manifesting game to play! But the truth is you're probably already using mantras to create your reality whether you realize it or not ... So the question is, what's your mantra?
10/28/202227 minutes, 25 seconds
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Reversing Downward Spirals

If you find yourself in a downward spiral, there are simple things you can do to turn it around. Here is LOA savvy advice for suspending negative momentum and creating an upward spiral instead ...
10/21/202214 minutes, 55 seconds
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Piercing the Veil of Problems

Earlier this year I believed I had a giant problem, until I saw it for what it really was.  Ever since then I've had trouble believing in all problems the way I used to. This story is shared to invite you to the same problem-piercing magic.  If you're ready to disappear a problem, this might do the trick.
10/14/202220 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Find Your Manifesting Style

As with many things, there isn't just one right way to approach conscious creation. Don't give up if you haven't found what works for you yet. Keep experimenting until you find the manifesting style that serves you best!
10/6/202214 minutes, 17 seconds
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Solving Impossible Problems

When you're looking at an impossible-to-solve problem in your life, that's a good time to remember your conscious creation powers. All we have to do is dial off the problem and onto the feeling of the solution, and Universe responds in kind. This is my most recent example of giving up the routine of trying to solve it myself and making room for magic on an impossible problem.  
9/29/202218 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

In My Vortex Is ...

When you notice you're grumbling about something or a situation is irritating you, that's a good time to refocus your attention. Here's a simple technique to do exactly that …
9/25/202212 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Manifesting Magic of Ignoring It

It wasn't a deliberate manifesting strategy when I declared 2022 as the year of no men, but I shouldn't have been surprised when relief and enjoyment led to an unexpected romance. This episode is about how sometimes not focusing on what you want is an effective way to let it in, too ...
9/18/202217 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Liking What You've Got

Sometimes when we're in a situation that isn't easily changed, the LOA savvy thing to do is decide that it's good. Yes, there are occasions where this doesn't apply, but many of us are well-served when we exert our power to choose to like what we've got.
9/10/202212 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

In Order to See It Out There ...

When we keep observing what’s already so, we get more of the same. So when we want something different, we lead the way by seeing it in our mind's eye first.  Law of attraction can't deliver what we haven’t become. It can only give us what we’ve been practicing. That's why it's worth making sure you're seeing it within before you expect to see it without.
9/4/202224 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Two Ways to Do It

No matter what we're doing, what matters most is the vibration we bring to it. Our actions don't help if we engage them with a contrary vibe. That's why it's worth making sure we've got good vibes flowing for whatever actions we choose to do.
8/27/202211 minutes, 48 seconds
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Manifest a Financial Windfall

In the mood to manifest a financial windfall? This episode is a real time activation for creating extra money out of the blue now! It includes my recently tested template for manifesting a multi-four figure windfall in just a few days, and draws from our collective success in calling in rain from an earlier episode.
8/24/202226 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Contrast on Purpose

If you find out your angels were giggling while you were upset about losing your job, your marriage, your home, or anything else that seemed like a big bad deal to you - it might be because they knew it was in service of something even better. This is my rattlesnake training story about why sometimes it's good to experience big contrast.
8/18/202234 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dealer's Choice for Conscious Creators

When there's different ways to see it, or when it's time to conclude what’s what, remember it's always dealer's choice - and you're the dealer! If you don’t like the hand that's been dealt, or when there are different ways to call it - it's your call to make.  When you're willing to choose in favor of your desires, you can deal yourself some nice hands. 
8/12/202212 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Calling In Rain (or Whatever You Desire)

In our second year of extreme drought, I've been using manifesting powers to call in glorious rain. This is a quick example of how I've been doing that, offered to inspire you to put your conscious creation skills to work on whatever you want to create in your world: romance, clients, money, health, adventure, etc. Just replace rain with the topic of your desire and let Universe bring it on!
8/6/202220 minutes, 24 seconds
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Manifest a Healing

What's the trick to manifesting a healing? Whether it's physical pain, long form covid, adrenal fatigue, or whatever ails the body, the key to success is dropping resistance to the condition. Being able to receive the gift of it is a solid sign we're resistance-free. That can be easier said than done, but the results speak for themselves ...
7/29/202227 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

B.S. Spotting Skills

Between phishing scams, social media bots, fake news, and deepfake videos, we've gotten pretty good at spotting a bunchacrap out and about in the world. It's worth putting those same skills to work in filtering out our own B.S., too (aka gremlin lies, inner critic, etc.), because conscious creators know thoughts matter.
7/22/202215 minutes, 35 seconds
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Good to Self

Do you know how to be good to yourself? Most of us would say of course, and yet there are some obvious ways in which we aren't that good to self. This stands out most to me when I ask fellow creators how they celebrated their birthday.  This is a friendly reminder to treat yourself well on your birthday and every day.  
7/15/202212 minutes, 46 seconds
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Donkeys, Doctors and Developers

They can't give us what we're not the vibration of. As evidenced by recent encounters with donkeys, doctors, and developers. This episode is all about remembering we can only get what we vibrate.
7/8/202215 minutes, 25 seconds
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When Desires Oppose, Remember This ...

When opposing desires make it look like one party's win means the other's loss, it's worth remembering everyone can have what they want. We don't need them to fail in order to have our own success, even when it seems we want directly contradictory things. All we have to do is be willing to stay focused on the essence of our desire ...  
7/1/202216 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

I Want It So That ...

After manifesting an overabundance of water during our extreme drought this spring, I realized yet again how important it is to include the core desire in my target. Let my example be an inspiration to you to point your focusing powers on what really matters ...
6/27/202218 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Grass Under Our Feet

Clyde's grazing habits reminded me of something conscious creators sometimes do to the detriment of our manifesting game ... Habits of striving for something better might cause us to lose sight of the green grass under our feet right now.
6/18/202215 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Our Story of Them

A reminder that it's worth noticing what we know and expect from others, because they keep showing up in the ways we know them to be. Our stories of them keep playing out, so if we want something different, we need to tell a different story of them. 
6/10/202215 minutes, 5 seconds
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Perspective Power

This is a reflection on the power of perspective and how much it serves our conscious creation game when we’re good at being flexible with ours. That's because the way we perceive things is what sets us up for success or failure, since it affects our vibration and that dictates which version of reality we’re getting.
6/2/202218 minutes, 28 seconds
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What Would You Rather?

When we're looking squarely at what we don't want, that's a good time to redirect focus to what we'd rather see, feel, or experience. This is the simple question I use to help change my mind when I'm attending to something I'd rather not continue fueling. May it serve you as well as it does me.
5/26/20229 minutes, 23 seconds
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First: Clear Resistance

Before you visualize, before you script, before you affirm or pray rain journal or act as if or celebrate in advance or use any other alignment technique - first clear out any resistance to what is. Everything is easier after we stop pushing against what we don't want.
5/21/202213 minutes, 17 seconds
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How to Not Grow Clover

Is your manifesting game anything like my routine for growing clover? If so, we've both got room for improvement! Here's how to stop sabotaging your dreams and give them a chance to thrive instead ...
5/12/202221 minutes, 26 seconds
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3 Habits to Break for Better Manifesting

Want an easy way to clean up your vibe for better manifesting? Drop these three muggle habits and you’ll notice life getting more cooperative to your desires almost immediately!
5/6/202211 minutes, 56 seconds
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3x3 Manifesting

3×3 Manifesting is my personal favorite formula for creating what I want. It’s a compilation of different LOA methods and techniques I’ve played with over the years that has naturally evolved into my best practice. It's 3 minutes of having what you want, 3 ways to feel that way now, and 3 things you loved best. Try it for yourself and see what magic manifests in your world ...
4/28/202216 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Desire Behind the Desire

That time I manifested the pointless details while doing my taxes reminded me the value of focusing on the desire behind the desire. May my example help you become more effective and efficient in creating what really matters in your reality. 
4/22/202218 minutes, 45 seconds
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10 LOA Friendly Fixes for Dwindling Money

What's a conscious creator to do when the bank account is shrinking and fear is rising? Here are 10 law of attraction friendly fixes for dwindling money ...
4/14/202223 minutes, 48 seconds
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If You Only Remember 3 LOA Things

If conscious creators only remembered three things from the episodes I share, this is what I hope sticks:  Start with what it feels like to have what you want Trust inner guidance to show the way Don't let your well-being depend on manifested results
4/8/202219 minutes, 16 seconds
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Remedy for Impatience

What's a conscious creator to do when feeling impatient for faster results? I've had lots of practice on how to cure impatience. Tune in for tips on how to instantly remedy this not-so-helpful vibe ...
4/1/202211 minutes, 7 seconds
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Grounded in Her Own Good Vibes

Today's inspiration comes to you from the kitten room, where Miss B has mastered the art of feeling good and being happy no matter what's going on around her. Undaunted by those offering less than positive and loving input, Miss B shows it's possible to stay grounded in her own good vibes even when others are choosing something else.
3/24/202213 minutes, 28 seconds
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Rehearsal Check

We don't realize just how often we mentally rehearse something we don't prefer. Intentional visualization is a powerful manifesting technique, but so is unintentional visualization! This is your invitation to check what you've been rehearsing and make upgrades where appropriate.
3/17/202212 minutes, 11 seconds
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10 Ways to De-Muggle Your Partner

When it feels like our good vibes are contradicted by a negative partner in our life (whether a spouse, friend, co-worker, etc.) it's worth remembering where our power lies. (Proceeding with our magical selves despite contrary influences!) But what if there were something we could do to remedy the counter-effects of our biggest naysayers? This is ten ways to de-muggle your partner ...
3/9/202225 minutes, 12 seconds
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What It Takes to Own the Vibe

I was warned that I have to keep reminding Scooby what he knows after returning from the trainer, or else he'll forget his newfound skills. Turns out it's the same with us in reminding ourselves what we've newly learned, whether it's body love, client abundance, financial freedom, etc. This episode is a reminder of what it takes to own a new vibration ...
3/4/202211 minutes, 9 seconds
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Coaxing the Love

Magnus the ornery tabby is my newest inspiration to cultivate love even where things might not seem lovable. Here's to the transformative power of love ...
2/25/202216 minutes
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Dog Training Inspiration

My newly trained dog offered the perfect example of how a savvy creator responds to contrast ...  Conscious creators know that something gone wrong is a sign that things are about to get even better ...
2/17/202224 minutes, 20 seconds
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Miracle Grease

Sometimes all we need to give it the final cue to arrive is a little miracle grease. How do we do that? It’s likely easier than you think! Here are a couple of ways to grease the wheels for miracles to turn right into reality …
2/11/20228 minutes, 28 seconds
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Resistance Is a Magnet

This is my recent reminder about the power of releasing resistance after realizing how long I've gone with no rock chips in the windshield. Whatever we're pushing against in life, it's worth finding a different perspective if we don't want it to manifest.
2/3/202215 minutes, 21 seconds
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Not What I Meant

After putting in my order for a new love interest, I realized Universe may have delivered in a way I didn't expect and haven't acknowledged all this time. Here's to seeing the success and giving Universe credit when deserved ...
1/27/202217 minutes, 24 seconds
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When Conscious Creators Muggle Their Business

There are lots of areas of life conscious creators bring their manifesting skills to. But when it comes to building a business, sometimes we leave our creation magic behind and get busy taking action without a single thought to alignment or inspiration. Here are four reasons that happens and a new solution for biz owners ...
1/20/20228 minutes, 34 seconds
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You Can Tell It Differently

When we don't like what we've got, conscious creators can turn to the story we tell as our first and most important tool of change. We have to stop telling it like it is if we expect it to be any different. Waiting for reality to cue us for a new story makes for a long wait. Because reality awaits our cue - through how we speak and think it into being.
1/13/202212 minutes, 8 seconds
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Choose Your 2022 Vibe

What if we thought of the year in terms of dominant vibration, rather than goals, desires or resolutions? This episode invites you to consider what you'd like to feel in 2022 rather than what things you'd like to manifest ...
1/3/20228 minutes, 44 seconds
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Consistency Pays Off

Acclimating to what we want is a process. Even after our desire manifests in physical reality, that doesn't mean our alignment practice is done. I found out the hard way that just because it got here doesn’t mean it has to stay here if we don’t continue the frequency that brought it in.
12/22/202111 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Question Every Conscious Creator Asks

One of the most common questions conscious creators ask is how many times they should engage their manifesting exercise. How long does it need to be? How often should they be doing it? The answers depends partly on how active your gremlins are on the subject. Something that's harder to believe in will take more work than something you easily expect ...
12/16/20219 minutes, 15 seconds
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Don't Give Up

Since Universe can't change until we do, it's worth knowing what internal change is - and isn't. It isn't giving up the vision when reality doesn't morph fast enough for you. It isn't taking your vibrational cue from current external circumstances.  True change is when we're able to hold the vibration of what we want regardless of what is or isn't happening out there. That's wisdom from the kitten tamers.
12/10/202112 minutes, 16 seconds
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Liking It Here

What did my scale, my tech support, and my Great Pyrenees all have in common? They're each giving me a chance to practice unconditional living ... That's where we don't require things to change before we feel better right here and now. Because if we can't like it here, we won't like it anywhere. 
11/30/202119 minutes, 34 seconds
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3 Core Skills Every Conscious Creator Needs

There are three core skills essential to every conscious creator’s success. Without these, we’ve got a significant handicap in our LOA game.  But once we have all three practices fully honed, we become manifesting maestros ...
11/25/202122 minutes, 11 seconds
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Say It So

When a fellow creator shared positive news and I heard myself enviously responding, "I'd love to be able to say that," I knew that was my cue to start speaking it so.  We're continually speaking and thinking and feeling our way into our next reality, so sometimes we have to be willing to say it before it's true in order to make it so.
11/18/20215 minutes, 51 seconds
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Do "Good" People Make Bad Manifestors?

Sometimes our culture/communities promote values that don't support our LOA game. That's when it can seem like conscious creators have to choose between exercising strong manifesting skills or earning social approval. What's a savvy creator to do when socially acceptable values like humility, selflessness and hard work oppose key manifesting principles like self-love and effortlessness?
11/17/202114 minutes, 6 seconds
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5 Manifesting Protocols

Are you living by muggle protocols? If so, it might be time for a change.  Here are five manifesting protocols for conscious creators. Pro tip: hack this list to create your own custom practices for best results.
10/24/202114 minutes, 32 seconds
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What Are the Odds?

My latest reminder that we live into the stories we tell, no matter how unlikely they may seem. In fact, the more we tell it, the stronger the likelihood it's coming to fruition. The odds are in favor of whatever story we speak into being.
10/14/202111 minutes, 57 seconds
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Rely on Your Inner Harvey

We can stop trying to figure it all out ourselves and instead learn to rely more on our inner Harvey ...  That's that wise, connected part of ourselves that knows the best way and the best timing to dreams come true. 
10/5/20218 minutes, 58 seconds
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Appreciate It So

When we can figure out how to love what we want even when we don't yet "have" it, even when everyone else seems to have it so effortlessly, even when it seems like something we should have had by now, even when we're staring at our own failures right under our nose ... that vibrational switch from missing it/failing at it/mad about it to the vibration of appreciation/enjoyment of it requires Universe to grow more. That goes for our money, our relationships, our lovers, our health, our material desires, our skills, our creations, our professional aspirations - all our dreams. Including black-eyed Susans in the garden.  
10/5/202112 minutes, 29 seconds
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Easy Remedy to the Vex

It can be frustrating when the thing we want manifests once we stop needing it to. How are we supposed to stop wanting and needing the things we really want and (believe we) need? There’s an easy remedy: get better at liking what we’ve already got.  When we get better at not needing the next thing to unfold because we realize there’s already plenty to enjoy, we’ll see all the good things flow like magic.
9/11/202110 minutes, 30 seconds
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Give Guidance Some Credit

When will we stop trying to figure out how to get what we want, and instead listen to the source that already knows? We each have an inner wisdom that knows the way to our desires. Whatever we want, our inner guidance knows the perfect timing, the perfect people, the perfect places, the perfect words, the perfect actions - all we have to do is listen and honor it. 
9/11/202114 minutes, 56 seconds
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There's a Mind Reader in the House

When I realized Harvey was reading my mind, I got new inspiration to clean up the thoughts and images I held about him.  But the truth is we each have a mind reader in the house, responding to every thought we engage. Which is why this is a good time to get better at imagining what we prefer instead of letting our minds wander into unhelpful territory ...
8/29/202137 minutes, 36 seconds
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Investment Tips for Conscious Creators

For fellow creators wondering about investment vehicles, insurance plans, debt management, or anything else related to managing their money, there's one question worth asking first that will make all the difference about what results you get. 
8/8/202110 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Self-Love Demo

How we treat ourselves is a demonstration to how the world should follow suit. It's worth learning to demo self-love, in thought and action, so we're an easy match to receiving the best from the world around us.
6/17/20218 minutes, 54 seconds
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Magnus Likes Cuddles

Sometimes when we try too hard we get the opposite results we want. There's manifesting magic to be had in chilling out and letting it come to you! (Magnus cuddles are proof of it.)
6/16/202113 minutes, 11 seconds
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What We Rave About Grows

Whether it's a positive rave or a negative rant, whatever we put our attention on (especially attention that activates strong emotion), more of the same is coming ...
6/3/202111 minutes, 38 seconds
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Universe Knows Better

My simple manifesting story reminding us to trust inner guidance to let Universe make it even easier and even better ...  
5/31/202116 minutes, 12 seconds
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Don't Know Too Much

Sometimes knowing too much about what's possible and what isn't shuts down delivery of our desires. Being willing to be wrong - and thus allowing a different reality to reveal itself - can be a sweet secret to success. 
5/31/202116 minutes, 15 seconds
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Less Muggle, More Magic

When a big decision needed to be made, I realized leading with doubt and confusion wasn't going to get me anywhere. Activating alignment can sometimes be easier said than done to resolve tricky situations, but it's worth getting right ...
5/29/20218 minutes, 3 seconds
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Confessions of a Rock Hoarder

A growing pile of rocks in the garage was a tipoff that I might not be acting from an abundance mindset ... It wasn't hard to see the correlation between skipping rocks and money. Maybe you'll get some inspiration from this personal insight, too. 
5/29/20216 minutes, 45 seconds
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When Making a Fuss Feels Better

What does the alignment journey look like when we find ourselves in despair and disempowerment?  We shouldn't be surprised when what feels better involves brief hits of outrage and revenge. I remembered this yet again when a nuisance airbnb came to a street corner near me ...
3/31/202113 minutes, 7 seconds
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When the Bad Thing Happens

What to do when the bad thing happens? When the job is lost, the lover has left, the money didn't arrive, or the doctor can't help - what do we do? Conscious creators have the advantage of being flexible in our response to contrast. We can entertain the bad story, growing the contrast even further, or we can come to a different conclusion.
3/22/202124 minutes, 13 seconds
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Pandemmy Bennies

“Pandemmy bennies” are the benefits we got from Covid, and we all have them. I’m not talking about relief payments or payment protection loans or stimulus checks. I’m talking about the often overlooked gifts this global pandemic offered ... Fully receiving those gifts helps allow for completion. 
3/20/202111 minutes, 45 seconds
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Miracle Spotting

For anyone interested in calling in their next miracle, it's important to be able to spot the ones you've already got. Without eyes to see the gifts, we're blind to the abundant blessings already raining on us as well as the new ones waiting to come in. Turn your miracle vision on!
2/28/202117 minutes, 36 seconds
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After tuning in to guidance for 30 days straight (in a month long Good Vibe University experiment), I discovered a surprising side effect ... I was refreshingly immune to external attempts to guilt, shame or manipulate my thoughts and behavior. It's yet another reason to get really good at hearing our inner guidance!
2/28/202114 minutes, 22 seconds
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Pretend With Caution

Even when we don't really believe what we're pretending (for whatever reason we might be pretending something), if we do it long enough it will start to come true. Keep it up and eventually we'll have a whole new reality. So let's make sure we're pretending what we prefer, because our habit of focus can work both for and against us. 
2/7/202115 minutes, 25 seconds
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Instead of Waiting on It

This manifesting story plays out all over for lots of people in many different ways - where we let reality capture our attention and keep us from creating what we prefer. Hopefully this example inspires you to engage your focusing skills in ways that give your desires a chance to actually manifest ...
1/31/202114 minutes
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The Trick to Winning a Lottery

Some aspiring manifestors buy their lottery tickets and then wait, or hope or even intend to hear they won. But that’s not how you manifest a lottery win. Conscious creators don’t wait for reality to tell them what’s so. Rather, they tell reality how it is for them.
1/30/20215 minutes, 56 seconds
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Look Away (to Deactivate Lack)

Repeated noticing that the thing we want isn't here is what keeps it from coming. Sometimes looking away for a minute is just the magic Universe needs to deliver what you've been after ...  
1/29/202116 minutes, 16 seconds
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Wouldn't It Be Nice If ... Horses!

After being inspired to play with the "Wouldn't It Be Nice If ..." manifesting technique from Abraham, my guy showed just how easy it is to be a big winner with it. Also, we have horses!
1/29/202120 minutes, 32 seconds
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Breaking Up Is a Relief to Do

Year end is a perfect time to release the things, habits, people, or thoughts that aren't serving you. I broke up with my calendar, phone notifications, some social media, covid 2.0, along with a couple friends.  They say breaking up is hard to do, but it's actually a big vibrational relief!
12/29/202015 minutes, 5 seconds
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If You Could Do Anything Right Now

If you could do anything right now, what would it be? That's the question that changes everything. At least, following that answer does. When we honor our highest happiness, we create the kind of alignment that ensures swift delivery of favorite dreams come true.  I propose it's high time we stop muggling our way through life and more consistently live what we know works best: following our highest excitement! 
12/22/202013 minutes, 11 seconds
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What 20 Years Taught Me

Of everything I’ve experimented with and all the tools I’ve tried out over the span of two decades, what stands out for me as the single most helpful practice for creating what we want is this: Find a way to feel better.
12/20/20205 minutes, 59 seconds
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Feel It First

Before expecting reality to change, we have to lead the way vibrationally. That means being willing to feel what we want before it happens. This is basic stuff, but worth remembering that we can only get what we feel. Feel it first, then let it happen -because reality can only follow your lead.
12/13/20208 minutes, 3 seconds
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Loving an Unloved Year

This last year hasn't been easy for a lot of folks. Which is why it's more important than ever that we turn attention toward what is lovable about 2020, because right now we're setting the tone for 2021. 
12/12/20209 minutes, 20 seconds
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Tiktok Dreams

An unsuspecting mentor shows conscious creators how to sail through contrast ... Tiktok's @420doggface208 is a great example of how to not get taken out of the game when things go wrong. Instead how to keep your vibe up and let the benefits from contrast roll in.
10/19/20209 minutes, 22 seconds
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Enjoying the Meantime

After watching a couple friends blow their chances to relax and enjoy "time between jobs," I realized they weren't the only ones doing this routine. It's not unusual for us to hold out for the resolution of a problem before we breathe out a sigh of relief and get back to enjoying life. But it doesn't need to be like that ... Conscious creators can make a habit of "enjoying the meantime."
10/18/202025 minutes, 44 seconds
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Buffalo Nickel Heads

After my attempt to convert an LOA skeptic with a simple manifesting experiment, I realized he's already a master manifestor. Here's what happened when we tried to show each other what we each believed ...
10/17/202012 minutes, 53 seconds
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Not Missing You

Loving and missing feel like two different emotions to me, so when it was time for White Kitty and Elsa to move out of their worn out bodies and on to whatever's next, I made them a big promise ...  That instead of missing them I would love them. This is another reminder about all the different ways we can practice unconditional love (physical bodies in present reality not required). 
10/2/20208 minutes, 4 seconds
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You Don't Need Them

Any time we think we need someone else to behave a certain way in order for us to be happy, we've lost our LOA minds. The truth is our satisfaction and well-being requires only us. So anytime we think someone else is ruining our party, it's worth remembering that we don't need them in order to have what we want. 
10/1/202011 minutes, 12 seconds
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Universe Knows Even Better

Imagine Universe knows an even better way to get you what you want ...  And imagine in order to allow that you need to let go of knowing so certainly what it should be. That was my lesson when manifesting a new physical healer. 
9/30/202017 minutes, 39 seconds
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Our Stories Keep Coming True

The stories we tell (to ourselves and others) want to keep coming true. Even if we're telling an old story, it looks for ways to unfold in our reality again and again. That's why it's worth being selective about the stories we tell. Some are worth putting on repeat; others ... not so much. 
9/29/202016 minutes, 27 seconds
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A Welcome Change

When we call in something new and better, we have to be willing to make room for that change. Life continually wants to get better for us, and in order for that to happen we have to let go of what was in order to allow for what’s coming. This is a reminder to welcome change when it's upon you ...
9/3/202014 minutes, 37 seconds
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Getting the Best of Them

A short but sweet reminder about how our focus changes who shows up for us ... which is why the guy I'm dating is different for me than he was for anyone else. Here's to seeing the best in everyone around us!
9/1/20206 minutes, 31 seconds
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Disappearing Problems

Some of us act like our problems are powerful things we have to grapple with, when the truth is they can't exist without us.   Problems literally rely on us for their very existence. When we stop feeding them, they stop existing.   This is the conscious creator remedy to problems you'd like to disappear ...
8/31/202013 minutes, 17 seconds
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When You Can't See How ...

Next time you're frustrated or discouraged because you can't see how things are going to work out for you, remember you're not supposed to see "how."  Your job is to see "what" you want, not how to get there.
8/31/202021 minutes, 59 seconds
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Giving Solace

When it seems like all the news is bad, all the things are breaking, and nothing will ever be good again … When no one’s nice, and the wrongs can’t be righted, and you can’t even have a good cry because the tears are all used up … That’s a good time to give yourself solace. Grant yourself the gift of relief.
7/23/202010 minutes, 26 seconds
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How It Keeps Getting Better

Even when you think it can't get any better, that's exactly what life does when you flow appreciation, because that's what momentum does. Whatever you activate grows! That was this week's reminder out on a new trail with Harvey ...
7/11/202025 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

When He Stopped Talking

After a love interest stopped giving me what I wanted, and I eventually stopped needing him to deliver, it came together beautifully. This alignment was somewhat accidental, but you can learn from my experience and do this on purpose next time something isn't coming together for you ...    
7/7/202017 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Such a Good Boy

What happens when you love someone so much you can't stop talking about how much you love them? That stuff rubs off. :)
7/7/202023 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

No Need to Decide

When it's time to make a big decision, I don’t have to evaluate the options. I don’t have to perform due diligence. I don’t have to ask the experts. I don’t have to know all the angles or consult the oracle. All I have to do is listen to what feels better. That’s how inner guidance points the way forward. I love remembering that I never need to decide anything. The way is always clear when I listen within to the part of me that knows.
6/10/202012 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Where Money Comes From (Everywhere)

If you think money can't come to you because you don't have a job or any other way it can flow in, you're right.  And if you think money comes to you in all sorts of delightful ways even when you don't have a job, you're right. This is the story of a guy who doubled his income with an "attitude of gratitude."
6/9/202016 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

You're Doing It Right

You can speak up, or not. You can protest, or not. You can be peaceful about it, or not. You can focus on what feels better, or not. No one knows what you should be doing right now except for your inner guidance. Trust that above all else.
6/8/202012 minutes, 16 seconds
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Can't Lose It While Looking at It

When you want to lose the weight, or get rid of the debt, or heal from this illness or stop feeling lonely ...  It's good to remember that we can’t get rid of what we don’t want. Whatever we focus on grows. So when you want to get rid of something, it works way way better when we engage these two things.
4/29/202021 minutes, 22 seconds
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Feed the Dreams

What do you consistently do every day without fail? Most of us have something we're super regular about: our daily coffee, checking email, taking supplements or meds.  Of all the things on our daily to-do list, an alignment practice is the one we'll get the most leverage from!
4/12/20206 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Suspend Resistance Sooner

How much contrast do you engage before remembering you can call a halt at any time? I was 17 hours in on a mildly miserable experience before realizing it was time to change my mind. Here's to remembering sooner rather than later that we are in charge of how much contrast we put up with ...
4/10/202032 minutes, 1 second
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3 Money Reminders

All this talk about global recession sounds like a good time for us to remember that we each create our own financial reality.  These are the three thoughts I use to stay aligned to financial abundance when others choose differently ...
3/28/202010 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Making the Most of Covid-19

This isn’t our first rodeo. Conscious creators know how to play with contrast. We know how to stay out of resistance. We know how to say yes to what is and to look forward to what comes next. Here are three questions to help us make the most of our time with coronavirus ...
3/28/202016 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Viral Gifts

This is our time to shine, fellow creators! We of all people know how to manage our vibe when reality isn't giving easy reasons to feel good. We’ve likely not encountered a more powerful vehicle for ushering in “even better” in our time. Let’s not squander this contrast. We know how it works. Time to use your magic!
3/18/20206 minutes, 30 seconds
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Remember Which Comes First

Sometimes conscious creators expect the reality to change before our thoughts and feelings do. That’s not how it works! If you’re using law of attraction to manifest a job change, or a new romance, or weight loss, or more money (or anything at all) so that you can feel better, you’ll want to rethink your approach. We can only get what we already feel, so if you’re counting on external life changes in order to feel better, you’re stuck in limbo.
3/9/20209 minutes, 59 seconds
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Having What You Want Takes Practice

It seems obvious that we’d know how to say yes to what we want when it shows up, but sometimes it’s more challenging than you’d guess … Having what you want takes alignment, and sometimes that takes practice!  
3/4/20209 minutes, 4 seconds
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They've Done Studies

If you've ever adopted unhelpful beliefs because of something you read about a study that was conducted or research that was published, let's remember this about things proven to be "true" ... Anything can be proven true when someone puts enough attention on it.  That's where reality comes from. So don't take those results too seriously unless they help support the reality you prefer.  
3/3/202011 minutes, 16 seconds
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Insights from My Day of Darkness

It wasn't pretty and I'm not particularly proud of it, but this is the story of what happened when I stopped resisting the low feelings. If you haven't kept your angry skills up to date, this may inspire you to embrace them with more gusto next time the bounce back isn't bouncing.
1/12/202010 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

When It Looks All Wrong

Current events got you down? You're not alone. Here's a thought that might offer solace in dark times ...
1/11/20208 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

I'm Going to Pretend ...

Sometimes it seems impossible to ignore the reality right in front of us. But many of us have more skills than we admit when it comes to pretending ... Ignoring what's so is a manifesting skill we use in lots of other everyday ways that we can bring to bear in our LOA game, too. 
1/11/20208 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

In the Grip of Reality

This is the story of the day a muggle love interest had to LOA coach me into dropping thoughts that blocked possibilities for a love relationship. Even I, who knows that anything is possible, lost sight of that in the face of a contrary reality ...
1/11/20209 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sit on the Couch

It's a new year and it seems like everyone's got an inspiring message telling us to get out there and carpe diem. They want us to hustle and slay and get busy on those goals, because dreams don't come true while we sit on the couch. Oh, contraire. This is my response to the reader who "knows" he needs to hit the gym in order to hit his fitness goals ...
1/1/20207 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Magic of (Harvey) Joy

No LOA lessons or manifesting insights here ... Just a simple activation of joy, appreciation and love as I tell the story of one of my favorite things: Harvey. This is what vibration management is all about: reveling in reasons and excuses to feel good!
1/1/202020 minutes, 36 seconds
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How to Break the Cycle

A fellow creator said she's tired of feeling angry with her kids' behavior and asked how to use law of attraction to make them behave. This is my take on how to break the cycle and lead the way to positive change. (Hint: it's not about changing their behavior.) I've got my own challenge underway on this same topic, except mine is with cats, not kids. 
1/1/202012 minutes, 18 seconds
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For Real Change in the New Year

As I was inspired to upgrade and eliminate some key relationships this new year, I remembered that no matter how much I focus on "out there," nothing can be any different until I'm feeling it "in here."
1/1/202023 minutes, 27 seconds
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Open Your Magic Eyes

When I told a friend about how I was excited to start manifesting easy money in the new year, he pointed out the easy money I already had and was overlooking all along. Getting a new perspective on the current situation is often all that's needed to create alignment that allows more of what we want to manifest.
12/23/201917 minutes, 34 seconds
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Having What You Want

Who's deciding what you're having? When someone else is delivering what you don't want, remember who's in charge here. It's you - always you. Don't abdicate your choosing power to others who seem to have authority. You're the creative expert in the house.
12/12/20197 minutes, 54 seconds
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Check Vibe Before Proceeding

Before proceeding into tricky territory, do yourself a favor and check your vibration before taking action … A couple seconds to make sure you’re not rolling with contrary energy makes all the difference as to what happens next. It works much better when we pause to clear out any challenging energy before proceeding …
12/12/20199 minutes, 55 seconds
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Manifesting Secrets from the Champion

This is what I learned after picking the brain of a muggle friend who was a regular winner at the rodeo for many years. His answers could have come straight from the LOA playbook. Tune in for tips about how to amp up your own next win ...
12/12/20198 minutes, 2 seconds
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See It, Feel It, Let Guidance Reveal It

For those who are new to conscious creation, here’s a quick summary of how to engage your manifesting power. LOA-savvy pros already know this stuff, but it’s a good reminder for those who sometimes make it more complicated than it needs to be. The quick summary of how to manifest what you want using your powers of focus: See it. Feel it. Let guidance reveal it. Tune in for a review of these three elements ... Read at the blog.
12/12/201916 minutes, 51 seconds
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Like a Freight Train

My cautionary tale of what to expect when you strongly don't want something to happen ... No matter how many actions you take to prevent it, a vibration of "don't want this" requires it's coming like a freight train!
10/22/20199 minutes, 7 seconds
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Gremlin Spotting

We know how to spot unhelpful influences in lots of other ways in our life ... Let's get good at spotting those gremlin thoughts, too!
10/22/20196 minutes, 29 seconds
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Instead of Throwing Money at It ...

Next time you're tempted to solve a problem by throwing money at it, let's throw some alignment at it instead. That's the only reliable way to get the results we want!
10/21/20196 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Art of Selective Spotlighting

The art of knowing what to downplay and what to play up ... You do this in regular daily life more often than you realize, and it's worth bringing to your manifesting game more than you already are!
10/21/20198 minutes, 16 seconds
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Repetition Is Required

It turns out that aligning to what you want isn't a one-time trick. Maintaining the successful manifestation means maintaining the vibration that got you there in the first place. Sounds obvious, I know, and yet many of us give up the practice that created the win after we've got the win in hand. If you've ever watched a newly manifested success slip through your hands, this reminder is for you (and me) ...
9/29/201925 minutes, 33 seconds
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Even Muggles Do It

When a recent LOA-skeptical love interest told me he won a national championship by relying on his mental game (rehearsing the performance he wanted), I pointed out he was using that same mental game to wreak havoc in other areas of his life. He rehearsed negative outcomes as powerfully as he rehearsed the positive ones for competition. He put it to the test in his single most challenging topic: the ex-wife. Here's what happened ...
9/29/201911 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Power of a Practice Project

What is a practice project and why should you engage one? This is my short and sweet take on how a practice project can transform your manifesting game. If you'd like to build your confidence as a conscious creator  identify what your best manifesting method is or just have fun playing with the power of your focus ... tune in for a quick and dirty tutorial on the power of a practice project.
9/29/201914 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Magic Mantra

This is the mantra I've been using to turn around shaky situations on a dime. Maybe it'll work for you, too!
9/9/20196 minutes, 45 seconds
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Is It Really Inspired Action?

Conscious creators know it works better when we’re propelled by inner guidance rather than operating from our logical, rational  mind.  Taking action to make something happen is not nearly as effective as letting inner guidance show the way (via inspiration) to what we want. That's why it's worth recognizing inspiration when it hits. Here are four clues to tell ...
7/27/201918 minutes, 5 seconds
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What Your Stuff Says

Our stuff says something about us and our life. As conscious creators, we can leverage that. We can create an environment that reflects the life we want to manifest. What would your space look like if your favorite dream came true? 
7/23/201911 minutes, 18 seconds
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Celebrating the "Bad" Guys

An illicit dream led to some cool insights about the role of contrast and how it shows up in our lives.  Enjoy this personal take on why it's worth thanking the ones who bring trouble to our door ...
7/14/20197 minutes, 45 seconds
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What Are You Activating?

Two recent personal examples reminded me just how easy it is to activate a vibration, and how fast Universe answers responds! Whether you want it or not. Use this as your reminder to pay attention to what you're turning on ...  
7/14/201917 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Art of Knowing What You Want

Why is it so hard for us to know what we want? It doesn't seem like a trick question, yet for some it can be tough to answer! When we're speaking hypothetically or dreaming of "someday" that can be easier to answer. But when it's time to pin it down and declare that you're going for it - that can be uncomfortable. This is 7 reasons we don't know what we want and how to resolve it ...
7/3/201913 minutes, 9 seconds
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The Never Ever Story

Conscious creators know that whatever we strongly don't want is coming to us fast and furious. Yet that doesn't stop of us from occasionally forgetting that vibration trumps all. Here's what to do when you recognize there's something you've been pushing against ...
6/11/201922 minutes, 42 seconds
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May Q&A

May's Q&A episode fields questions about how to manifest money when lack abounds; how to manage a persistent specific negative thought; and the role of vulnerability in manifesting romance. Tune in for inspiration for raising your own manifesting game ...
5/31/201922 minutes, 19 seconds
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Extra Perks of Receiving Skills

Becoming a better receiver is not only good for our manifesting game, but it turns out to have a surprising side benefit, too! This is my recent experience in embracing the ability to let life get even better ...
5/30/201922 minutes, 17 seconds
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Vibrational Habits

A conversation with an old friend revealed how completely differently we see the same situation and reminded me the power of our vibrational habits. What we see, think and feel is what we create. Is your vibrational habit up to date?
5/28/20197 minutes, 11 seconds
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Raising Expectations

When you notice your expectations aren't fabulous, it's worth taking a moment to turn them around. Here's how to spot and reverse negative expectations ...
5/26/201916 minutes, 13 seconds
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How's Your Alignment Plan?

How do you know whether your alignment practice is working for you or not?  It’s a question worth asking now and again. If it’s been a while since you evaluated the effectiveness of your vibration management plan, here are three questions to help you know whether your manifesting process is as effective as it could be ...
4/24/201923 minutes, 58 seconds
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Convince Muggles, Drop Need & Sell Books

We're answering your burning questions in this month's Q&A episode, including: How to convince muggle loved ones that law of attraction works How to stop wanting/needing clients How to sell the book/art Tune in for tips on how to improve your manifesting game ...
4/20/201924 minutes, 26 seconds
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10 Tips to Manifest Money

This is the LOA savvy way to call in more money ... Engaging even one of these top 10 tips can make a dramatic impact to your financial abundance.
4/18/201923 minutes, 22 seconds
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Hold Your LOA Ground

When authority figures and loved ones contradict your preferences, don't succumb to their version of reality. They don't know what you're capable of. They don't know the power of your focus. They don't know that you get to have it your way - when you don't let them sway your attention off of what you want. This is your reminder to hold your power when external forces threaten ...
4/17/201915 minutes, 32 seconds
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Surviving the Manifesting Echo

When we wait for reality to change in order to really feel better, we're stuck in manifesting limbo. In order for things to change out there, we have to mean it in here first. That means we don't give up our vibrational instruction even when reality appears to be unchanged. Bashar calls this the "manifesting echo." Easier said than done, but the more you practice, the better you get.
4/14/201917 minutes, 27 seconds
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Every Moment Contains Every Thing

Lately when someone tells me what's wrong with their life and what needs to change, I've been thinking of The Scapegoat movie and what it's like to starve at the feast. Abraham says every moment contains every thing, and it's just a matter of what we choose to pull out of it. What would it be like for a stranger to walk into our life and see nothing but blessings and opportunities, where we've practiced seeing problems and failure? It's a question worth pondering.
4/13/201919 minutes, 59 seconds
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10 Things to Know When Dating a Conscious Creator

Dating a conscious creator? Partnered with an LOA savvy manifestor? Here are ten things that are helpful to know about how we do relationships different than the average bear.  
4/12/201933 minutes, 45 seconds
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Fixating on the How

After discovering an issue with a website, I used my best manifesting skills to attract a perfect tech support person. The only problem was that that wasn't what I really wanted.  It's a common practice - but certainly not best practice - to focus on how we think we'll get what we want, rather than just tuning into what we actually want.
4/8/201916 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Post-Success Backslide

A weird thing sometimes happens after we use the law of attraction to manifest what we want … Not always, but sometimes, we stop being conscious with our creations. We forget the LOA habits that got us there in the first place, and we start muggling our way through life. Here's how to change that routine and keep your magic engaged for more future success.  
4/7/201915 minutes, 4 seconds
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Yes, You Did That

When you're tempted to dismiss a cool manifestation because the factors that brought it about were already in play long before you called it in, let's just remember how this actually works ... Yes, you did that. Your creation powers play outside the conventionally understood limits of space and time.
3/31/201921 minutes, 41 seconds
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However You Know It's Not Here ... Stop That

If you've got a dream or desire that hasn't happened yet, I'm going to first ask you how you know that. And then I'm going to ask you to please stop knowing that. Knowing it hasn't happened is what blocks it. We're conscious creators - we can know better than that!
3/30/201912 minutes, 49 seconds
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Feeling Better Takes Practice

Some people might be born happy and spend their whole lives that way, but the rest of us who practice conscious creation know that feeling better is a discipline. It's not something that comes from manifesting the perfect circumstances. Rather, it's something we choose over and over again, regardless of our situation. We don’t wait for the stars to line up. It's not a gene we hope to have inherited. We don't cross our fingers until the mood strikes.  Rather, feeling better is the practice of finding one improved thought after another.  And that is a discipline.
3/24/201913 minutes, 29 seconds
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Give It to Yourself First

When you find yourself wanting something from another – whether it’s attention, time, acknowledgment, respect, etc. – give it to yourself first.  Learning how to give yourself what you want from someone else is a powerful way to align to it. It's not just empowering, but also puts you in vibrational integrity to receive what you want from the world. 
3/24/201913 minutes, 50 seconds
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What's Manifesting ...?

What have you manifested lately? That's what I was recently asked, and this was my answer. It's a look at how conscious creation can be part of our every day life - not just reserved for the big dreams and desires we hold near and dear ...
3/11/201922 minutes, 56 seconds
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Q&A: Cash Windfall, Sexy Spell, Uplevel Life

You've got questions; I've got opinions!  Oh, the strong opinions! lol How to manifest a hundred thousand dollar windfall? Is it cool to put a spell on the new guy so he sees me as sexy? What's the best way to uplevel an already good life? These are the questions fielded in this episode!   
3/10/201927 minutes, 49 seconds
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7 Ways To Feel Better First

The name of the game in conscious creation is learning how not to rely on external circumstances to feel better. That includes finding ways to feel better before anything changes. But it’s easier than we make it out to be. Here are seven reliable ways to feel better before anything else changes ...
2/10/201918 minutes, 42 seconds
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How To Exhale Money In

What if you didn’t have to figure out how to draw the money in, but instead all you had to do was get a proper outflow going? This is an invitation to let your “money out” be the catalyst for “money in.” Next time you’re feeling cautious about spending a large sum of money or trying to figure out how to get more in, just check your outflow. Are you exhaling properly, or are you doing it with fear and lack? Are you hanging on because you don’t trust there will be more? Are you trying to breathe more in without addressing what you’ve already got? Letting the money out fully (with trust and confidence) inspires the return of it abundantly, and that’s what it does when we stop making it harder than that. That’s all it takes. It’s automatic.
2/10/20198 minutes, 21 seconds
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10 Commandments of Conscious Creation

Conscious creators don’t operate from rules, but just for fun – if there were ten commandments of creating reality, I imagine they might go something like this ...  
1/25/201910 minutes, 36 seconds
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End Your Debt War

Whatever we strongly don't want, we're a magnet for. What we push against, we lock into our experience. That's why it's worth making friends with your debt instead of trying to get rid of it.  While it's a common approach to think of debt as a negative thing to avoid at all costs, that's not a vibration that liberates from it. A friendlier perspective will serve you (and your bank account) well!
1/19/20199 minutes, 5 seconds
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Inoculating Money Thoughts

There's a thought virus many of us are exposed to that can cause lack and shortage when we let it take over our focus. That thought is: “There isn't enough money.” If you’re not paying good attention, it’s easy to succumb to and begin thinking in terms of lack since so many others are thinking it, too!  Here's how to vaccinate for this money thought virus ...
1/19/20193 minutes, 57 seconds
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When It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

It doesn't always happen this way, but sometimes things get worse before they get better after you engage your manifesting power to create what you want. Don't throw in the towel! It could very well be a sign of a strong start and good reason to expect fabulous results as you continue your manifesting practice.    
1/16/201913 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Start Anywhere

For creators who have their manifesting practice on hold while  determining the best way to engage it, this is a reminder that getting it 100% right doesn't matter as much as it does that you just start! Don't get hung up on trying to get it right. Start with what you know and tweak as you go.
1/16/20196 minutes, 26 seconds
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Year End Magic with Merlin

It was like a bad experience of deja vu when my favorite cat went awol right before Christmas ... Which gave me yet another opportunity to be the vibrational leader of what I wanted rather than respond to unwanted circumstances in reality. Tune in for a short recap of how I finally gleaned the lessons my loved ones have been trying to teach me all year ...
12/29/201818 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

It's All Happening

Next time you wonder whether it's possible to manifest what you want, just remember it's already happening. Everything is. Right now.  The only question to consider is how you'll become a vibrational match to what you want ...
12/24/20188 minutes, 53 seconds
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Don't Figure It Out: Feel It Out

When you find yourself tempted to figure out a resolution to a problem or issue, pause and engage your manifesting superpowers first! Feel it out instead of just figuring it out. The actions you're inspired to after activating the vibration of what you want will serve way better than just operating from muggle mode.
12/8/201815 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why Receiving Skills Matter to Conscious Creators

Sometime we don't realize that our big manifesting obstacle in creating what we want is knowing how to let life be that good to us. That's what allowing is all about - being willing to live the good life (whatever that means for us each.) That's why having the skills to receive what you want is worth practicing!
11/8/201818 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

For Instant Results

Want an easy way to boost your vibe? Drop three tolerations today. Just find an energy drainer you'd like to be rid of, and handle it. Rinse and repeat twice for good measure. Doesn’t matter if they’re big irritations or small … you’ll feel better for eliminating what was dampening your vibe. The result is instant feel good! Or at least, instant feeling better. And that's all it takes to tip something teetering on the edge of your vortex into 3D manifested life. 
10/11/20189 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

How To Stop Making Enemies

As soon as I decide someone is doing me wrong, I'm co-creating something I don't want. That's why it's worth changing my mind when I catch myself conjuring an enemy. Magic happens when I decide we're on the same side instead.
10/9/201811 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

If You're Wondering What To Do

If you're wondering what you should be doing, that's a cue that your next move is to get focused on what you want. Because when we're dialed on our desire, inspiration naturally calls us to the next step on that path. If you're not feeling inspired, that's when it's time to remind yourself what you want. And then do whatever calls you most strongly after that!
10/9/20186 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

When Things Look Bad

Next time you think things are going wrong, it might be worth changing your mind before you get too far down that road. We get what we think. So things can turn out much better when we decide it's all working out perfectly. Here's a helpful reminder about the power of remembering that everything is coming together and all is well.
10/9/201811 minutes, 27 seconds
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10 Things I Learned from Studying Successful Manifestors

As a full time manifesting coach for over 13 years and a leader of a robust law of attraction membership site, I have a unique insight into the practices of thousands of fellow creators. Here's what I learned after studying those who are exceptionally successful at manifesting what they want ...
9/22/201813 minutes, 58 seconds
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Bad Thought Remedy

We all experience it at one time or another ... something unwanted gets our attention in a way where we get stuck in a bad thought loop. Even though we know this is where we're supposed to redirect our focus, sometimes that seems easier said than done. This is what to do when that happens ...
9/16/201817 minutes, 30 seconds
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Following Your Highest Joy

Bashar's instruction to "follow your highest excitement" sometimes is easier to say than to practice. But it really is a powerful vibrational setup for success when we lead with whatever we find most joyful. It puts us in the vibrational range of everything we ever wanted! Which is why it's a routine worth getting good at. If you've found it tricky to trust whatever sounds fun next, let me introduce you to Harvey, who is a master at following his highest joy moment to moment ...
9/4/20188 minutes, 8 seconds
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Today Instead of Someday

Do you have a habit of thinking about your big dreams as something that might happen "someday"?  They're probably more ready for you today than you realize. Meet your dreams in the present moment by saying yes to them now ...
9/1/20189 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Making Peace with the Unthinkable

You know how what we resist persists? And you know how action can't override a dominant vibration? Basic stuff for conscious creators. We all know this. And yet, there I was apparently intending to avoid any more loss in my near future by inviting a puppy into my world. "Forget these seniors who are dropping like flies - it's time for a puppy!" Here's what happened when I realized my resistance to losing another dog might very well be costing me my newest one ...
8/17/201816 minutes, 5 seconds
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Practice the End First

When you're trying to decide what to do next, that's a sign inner guidance isn't in charge. Because when inner guidance leads the way, we feel pulled by inspiration to joyfully engage whatever it's pointing us toward. So if the next action to take isn't obvious, that's time to practice the end better. Plug in to the pictures and feelings of your desired end result in order to give guidance a chance to point the best way there.
8/17/201812 minutes, 9 seconds
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Bless It Real Good

Could magical change be as simple as focusing your mind in the red hot moment? Turns out it's not magic after all - it's the technology we all have within. Tune in for a reminder about how you can engage your focusing power to create minor and major improvements throughout your day ...
8/6/201811 minutes, 46 seconds
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Playing with Thor's Hammer

What if you had a tool that gave you the kind of leverage that could move mountains and manifest miracles? I had a new tool made recently that looked like Thor's hammer and made me feel like I could do anything!  That's when I realized it was a child's toy compared to the tool we've all been gifted ... This is your invitation to engage your manifesting tools the way they were meant to be used.
8/2/20186 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Right Under Your Nose?

What if it turned out your greatest dream come true was already manifested right under your nose? Sounds ridiculous, I know. Of course we'd see it if it were here! But it happened to me, and it happened recently. So it might be worth considering you're not as far away from what you want as you think ...
7/25/201811 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Little Tweak That Makes Big Difference

What's driving your latest desire? If it's coming from an attempt to escape what you don't want, you're operating with a vibrational handicap. When we’re trying to manifest something from a focus of what we don't want, results are slow and unsatisfying.   But when we create from a place of connection to the true desire, that’s a cleaner instruction for Universe to play with. 
7/22/201812 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Treating It Like Good News

Once I realized I was stuck in a loop of resistance, I transformed that unhelpful vibe by choosing to say yes to what was happening instead of pushing against it. The results already are making me a big fan of the process of welcoming whatever shows up instead of trying to micromanage results.
7/5/201813 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

If At First You Don't Succeed, Practice ...

To aspiring creators who have felt discouraged when their first manifesting attempts didn't turn out as intended, don't let that deter you from the practice. Because it is a practice, just like anything else. It's okay not to feel confident and it's okay to study up and it's okay to pace yourself as you acclimate to new creation skills.
7/4/20185 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Choosing a New Forte

As we think, so shall it be.  That's why I recently decided to be good at something I haven't excelled at before. Instead of waiting for the evidence to declare myself a master at romantic relationships, I'm choosing it now.  May this example inspire you to decide you're really good at whatever you're ready to be, too. :)
7/4/201812 minutes, 11 seconds
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Ultimate Desire or Next Step?

download this episode Conscious creators sometimes wonder whether their manifesting efforts are better focused on their ultimate desired end result, or whether it's more effective to dial on the next obvious step. The answer is completely personal, depending on where you get the most juice, but there's another element worth taking into consideration before you solidify your alignment practice. Tune in for my tips on whether it's better to manifest in baby steps or big leaps, based on years of personal experience as well as with manifesting clients. As always, remember to listen for your own best answer within ...
5/29/201811 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

You're Always Doing It

download this episode Sometimes fellow creators report that they "suspended their manifesting practice" for one reason or another, or that they got distracted and "fell off the LOA wagon." The thing to remember is that if you gave up your manifesting process in favor of something that you enjoyed even more, you're still doing it! You're still practicing effective vibration management, even when you stop visualizing or affirming and start playing and enjoying. And we all know that law of attraction isn't something we turn on or off - it's always working, always in effect, whether we're being deliberate about our focus or not.
5/29/201813 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

My Resistance Persistance

download this episode It's so easy to see in others, yet when it was my turn I didn't pause to shift the vibe ... Which is why I could easily invite a reader to focus on what she wanted (when she wondered about her boyfriend's "bad" behavior), but I rolled right along with thoughts about how I never wanted to visit this emergency animal center again. (After picking up my deceased dog's ashes.) Within 24 hours I was in their lobby again, this time with a foster cat whose spay went awry. The thing about resistance - it's a powerful magnet to attract more of the very thing we don't want. I know it, you know it, and yet we still do it. Here's to learning to use our power for good!
5/8/20189 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

You're Saying It Wrong

download this episode Same words, totally different vibration. That's what happens when you change how you're saying it. Might not work on everything, but it's effective enough to play with now and again. You might just find this is the secret spell that leads you into new vibrational territory once and for all ...
5/4/201812 minutes, 6 seconds
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April Q&A: Psychic Says, Fix Family Split

download this episode This month's Q&A episode includes the following questions from listeners: "How did I manifest that?" When wondering how you were a match to an outcome you didn't want, this is one way to approach the question. The psychic told me something I didn't like hearing. What to do with that intel? Finding the better feeling thoughts is really hard when I'm tired and down. What can I do in those situations? Is it possible to see results from affirmations in just a day or two? How can I remedy the split between family members or among friends? If anything here catches your fancy, you're invited to tune in for my short and sweet thoughts.
4/19/201824 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

You Don't Know the Answer Till You Do This

download this episode When life calls for us to make a major decision, it's easy to let our LOA knowledge fly out the window as our muggle training takes over. We weigh pros and cons, we research and question, analyze and strategize ... When all the while we're missing the one thing that guarantees we make the best decision for our success. That's to align. To activate the vibration of our success in order to be best guided in how to proceed. Read at the blog.
4/17/201816 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Manifesting Story You Won't Hear Me Tell

download this episode There are three words that don't leave my lips in reference to what I want to manifest. Those words are: "It didn't happen." Or, "It isn't working." Or, "What went wrong?" Because the only way it doesn't happen is if I give that instruction. So I keep the door open by knowing that it's happening right now and I'm expecting it soon. As we speak, the thing I've been wanting is unfolding into my reality in this very moment. Even if I can't see it. Even if it's taken a while. It's happening now. I have no story to tell you about the time it didn't work. (Read at the blog.)
4/8/20189 minutes, 53 seconds
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First Time Manifestor Creates $500k Windfall

download this episode One of my favorite manifesting stories is from a client who was not only new to law of attraction, but was skeptical of it. Tune in to hear what happened when he opened himself to his creative powers by activating the "Big Winner" vibration before heading to the casino with friends for the weekend. We can all glean tips from this manifesting maestro, including non-attachment to results, releasing the how, as well as shaking off a contrary reality. (Read here.)
4/8/201811 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Like There Was a Reward For It

download this episode Zig Ziglar said, "Some people find fault like there was a reward for it." I'll be the first to admit there are times I can be gifted in pointing out the problem, when it's just as easy to point out the possibility. You are invited to join me in my intention and commitment to find the silver lining like I was getting paid for it ... because the truth is we are. Since like attracts like it is always worthwhile to land on what's going right instead of what's gone wrong.
3/23/201811 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

When It Seems Tractionless

download this episode Often when we're not seeing progress toward our big dream, it's because we aren't actually aligning to it or because we misinterpret signs of success. But that isn't always the case. Sometimes we conclude nothing's happening even though we're aligned and taking inspired actions. Here are my two favorite remedies for what to do when it seems like we're not getting traction in manifesting what we want ...
3/15/201818 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Single Most Underrated Manifesting Method

Can you guess the hands down most overlooked, underrated, dismissed manifesting method known by conscious creators? It's not visualizing, or affirming, or scripting of any sort. Even the savviest of creators sometimes forget the power of this one. But you won't after tuning in for this episode, where you will be reminded of the single most underrated way to get what you want once and for all ...
3/13/20188 minutes, 30 seconds
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March Q&A: Negative Nellies, Eliminating Doubt, Success Guilt

download this episode You're the star of today's episode ... at least, a handful of you who recently emailed questions. :) I gave short and sweet answers to questions including: What to do about anxiety that I should be doing something? What to do about the negative nellies in my life? How do I eliminate doubt about getting what I want? How to handle survivor's/success guilt? This is the first time I published a Q&A episode, so let me know if this is a format that helps or not.
3/8/201812 minutes, 35 seconds
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Change Your Signature; Change Your Life

Is it possible to change your bank account by changing your signature? Or your love life? Or your professional success? This episode is my argument for why it might worth playing around with it ... Whether your signature changes or not, as long as your vibration does, it can't help but affect the circumstances of your life.
3/8/201810 minutes, 40 seconds
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What's On Your Wall?

download this episode If you asked, I'd have told you I don't use vision boards. Just never been lit up to create one. (Words are more my thing.) But the truth is we all probably have more than one vision board at work in our lives ... I'm talking about the things we look at on our walls day in, day out. You might not consider your monthly calendar photo or the pics on your fridge to be a "vision board," but whatever we look at regularly serves as an instruction to Universe to manifest. Whatever we vision long enough, it's coming ... (Read at the blog.)
2/23/20188 minutes, 13 seconds
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You Already Won the Lottery

2/22/201813 minutes, 1 second
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Living What Matters

download this episode What makes you YOU? Being in our highest alignment calls for us to not only know the answer to that question, and but also to live it. When you know what matters to you most and you prioritize that in life (whatever it is), you are living in the vibrational sweet spot which makes all your manifesting efforts more effective. Tune in for tips on why this question matters even more to conscious creators - and how to discover your personal answers.
2/14/201810 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Power of Trained Perception

download this episode What lens have you practiced seeing life through? When we learn to adjust our perception, our reality follows suit. That's what I experienced after engaging a self-love practice that led me to read hate mail in a completely different tone. While it's an entertaining example of what's possible when we tune ourselves into a particular vibration, it also reveals the power of being deliberate about how we view the world. This is your invitation to get deliberate about choosing the lens you see life through.
2/14/201814 minutes, 38 seconds
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Having What You Want

download this episode Here's a little manifesting technique to suspend habits of striving and yearning for what you desire, and instead activate the vibration of having it. Experiment with this I Am spell when you notice alignment to your desire is coming up short, and see if it helps you claim what you want in a more confident way. As always, use your own guidance to customize it in a way that works best for you. Read the post here.
2/4/201815 minutes, 49 seconds
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You Don't Need Patience When You Have Alignment

download this episode When you're wondering how to keep holding the faith that your desire will manifest, that's your cue to stop waiting and start aligning. Because when we're in alignment to what we want, we don't ask, "Where is it?" We're too busy enjoying ourselves and having a good time. So if it seems like your dream is requiring a lot of patience to manifest, this episode is designed to help you see the gap in your alignment so you can become a better match to what you want. (Read at the blog.)
1/30/20185 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Question for Masterful Focus

download this episode We know how easy it is for our attention to be drawn in ways that don’t serve us … whether we're dialed on current reality or letting gremlins entertain us with fears and regrets. That’s why it’s important to develop the discipline of harnessing our focus in favor of what we want. Here's one simple question that can help you do exactly that when you put it to work for you ...
1/22/20186 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Art of Sticking to Your Story

download this episode It's a savvy creator who can stick to their story of a dream come true when it looks like it’s over. Lots of folks collapse that dream when reality contradicts it. But when we refuse to be swayed by external circumstances; when we know how to stick to the dream even when it looks like it’s falling apart; when we remember that we call the shots around here, and we’re willing to call those shots how we want them even when no one or nothing else agrees with our version – magic can happen.
1/19/201812 minutes, 57 seconds
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3 Tips from the Master

download this episode I recently interviewed my mentor, Jeanna Gabellini, who is a Master Business Coach and the expert at leveraging law of attraction for biz success. Here are three of my favorite takeaways from her inspiring talk: #1, it takes a lot of trust to only do what you want to do. To muggles that sounds easy, and it does get easier with practice - but in the beginning, it takes strong awareness to even know what it is and then tremendous courage to follow your joy! #2, let go of scarcity decision making. When we make decisions out of believing there isn’t enough (not enough men, not enough money, not enough time, not enough support, not enough clients, etc.) then that’s what we manifest. #3, hoping it works is a sign you don't fully believe. It means you haven’t yet decided to have what you want. You’re still trying to get there, instead of coming from that place, as Neville might say. (Read at the blog.)
1/15/20187 minutes, 17 seconds
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Use This Move to Release Resistance

download this episode Here's a tip for the next time you're feeling weighed down with resistance ... either because you're attached to a particular outcome or you're disappointed at one that already unfolded. It's a move that engages your physical body, and it's one you already know. But you've been doing it after the vibration shifts, when you could actually be using it to effect the shift. Tune in or read here for more ...
1/14/20186 minutes, 56 seconds
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How Much (Alignment) Work Required

download this episode For any conscious creator who wondered how many times to repeat an affirmation, how much visualizing to engage, or how much alignment work is required in general, this is my take on finding the sweet spot of your manifesting success. Some desires unfold with no effort or thought whatsoever, while others seem to remain in the future no matter how much work we invest in manifesting them. Here's why and how to know how much alignment work will serve you.  
12/23/201727 minutes, 14 seconds
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What I'm Doing Different This New Year

One of my new year traditions has been reviewing progress from the prior year and setting bigger targets for the new year. But this year I'm playing it different. Instead of picking new goals for what I want to create in 2018, I'm focusing on extracting the most joy possible from my current reality. Not needing things to change in order to get even happier. No doubt as I rely on myself to find more appreciation and satisfaction, rather than depend on manifesting a new reality for those feelings, I'll achieve the kind of alignment that requires life to get even better across the board.
12/19/201722 minutes, 33 seconds
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For the Joy

download this episode When we find ourselves doing something to get the payoff at the end, it's worth remembering that the best payoff is the process itself. Because if we aren't enjoying the way there, we aren't likely to enjoy where it ends. So if you don't already love what you're doing right now, this is your invitation to rethink it - and re-choose in favor of whatever feels better.  
12/19/201710 minutes, 7 seconds
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Manifesting Wins All Around

download this episode What happens when conscious creators are manifesting different things? Like when each athlete wants to win the competition? Or when each job candidate wants to get the offer? Here's what to remember when it seems we're in manifesting "competition" with each other: everyone can have what they want when they stay focused on their desire and they believe it's possible. It's only believing in losses and limitations that makes it so.
12/6/201710 minutes, 21 seconds
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Pretend It REAL Good

download this episode When we say something we don't really mean or might not even want, if we pretend it with enough feeling and emotion in it, it's coming to fruition. In some form or fashion, our words become our reality. Which is what I learned after accidentally speaking big love to a friend for a day after losing a bet. This is the story of how speaking words of love quickly fueled real love without even meaning to ... (Read at the blog.)
11/29/201710 minutes, 46 seconds
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When the Bad Thing Comes

download this episode When it looks like the bad thing is coming for you and there's nothing you can do, that's a good time to remember that you call the shots. Rather than succumb to fear, you can embrace your creative power by keeping in mind just exactly who you are and what you're capable of. Bosses, creditors, diagnoses, aliens - they got nothin' on you!
11/25/20179 minutes, 59 seconds
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Worth Remembering

download this episode In a recent close encounter of the higher kind, I was reminded of just who we are and what we're capable of. Passing that reminder along here, so we can better embrace the truth - and the possibilities - of being a conscious creator. You've likely heard these spiritual truths before, but if you haven't yet taken it in fully, this is your invitation to do so.
11/25/20176 minutes, 54 seconds
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It's Not About the Podcast

download this episode Sometimes we fool ourselves about where success comes from ... It's easy to attribute manifested results to the actions that preceded, but savvy creators know that's not where success really comes from. This episode is a reminder not to get caught up in thinking that it's the diet, the dating site, the investment vehicle, etc. that makes the difference. It's the vibration. Which is why we don't all get the same results after taking the same actions.
11/15/201715 minutes, 10 seconds
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Manifesting Easy Money

download this episode Manifesting money for nothing can be tricky, but conscious creators know we can have whatever we're willing to vibrate. Which means that manifesting free money is simply a matter of knowing its vibrational frequency. And you know what free money feels like, right? If not, this is a fun one to learn!
11/12/201712 minutes, 31 seconds
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When the Manifestation Matters

download this episode When it feels like a big deal, that's a good time to pull out our best manifesting mojo and make sure we're doing our best job of aligning to a successful outcome. These are the three things I do before every "big deal" manifestation: Remind myself I'll be okay without it. Appreciate present reality. Remember not to think I know "how" it'll happen. Those three steps set me up for better success when it really matters. Read and comment at the blog.  
11/6/20178 minutes, 30 seconds
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What To Do When You Don't Know

download this episode When you don't know whether to spend the money, or quit the job, or say "I do," or follow the doc's advice, or whatever life decisions are required that you aren't sure about, this is your LOA primer for knowing the sure path in any situation. As soon as you hear it you'll know exactly how powerful it is; you'll feel the of-courseness of it; and then will likely forget it next time you're in a decision-making quandary. So keep this episode handy for best results. :)
11/2/201711 minutes, 2 seconds
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Making Peace with Pain

download this episode "How can you feel better when you feel terrible?" is the question some fellow creators ask when dealing with physical pain. I'm no expert, but I do have experience with dropping resistance when the body is in a great deal of pain. It's the same thing we do with any kind of resistance ... You may not be able to shift the physical sensations in your body in this red hot minute, but you really can shift your story about it.
10/31/201721 minutes, 1 second
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3 Tips To Eliminate Debt the LOA Way

download this episode For any conscious creator in the mood to reduce or eliminate their debt load, this one's for you. It covers three tips for dropping your credit balances - that you won't likely hear from muggle money experts. Engaging even just one of these practices can help your financial situation improve leaps and bounds, But don't take my word for it. Put it to the test yourself ...
10/21/201712 minutes, 57 seconds
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For Bigger Magic, Drop This Habit

download this episode There’s one thing in particular we can all do to allow more magic in our lives. Changing this habit will create sweeter successes and make for more enjoyable manifestations that come faster and easier than ever – That is to stop trying to connect the dots or plot your path on your own, and let higher power figure it out on your behalf ...
10/20/201714 minutes, 38 seconds
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3 Overlooked LOA Skills

download this episode You want to know the three most common missing manifesting skills that keep clients coming for help? I thought you might - because master even just one of these can skyrocket your manifesting success. Tune in as I share the three practices that don't get a lot of air time from LOA teachers but totally should ...
10/18/201715 minutes, 15 seconds
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Vibration Activation: House Sold

download this episode If you're looking to manifest the sale of your home, this vibration activation script can help. It's designed to help you find the frequency of what it feels like to have sold your house to a perfect buyer. Tune in if you need a boost finding the feeling of success in selling your home. You can also find more vibration activation scripts here.
10/17/20172 minutes, 12 seconds
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Vibration Activation: Thriving Business

download this episode For anyone wanting a boost in activating a thriving business, this script is designed to do just that. Whether you're a new entrepreneur just getting started, a sales rep due for more closes, or a long term biz owner ready to inject new excitement into your results, tune in to this episode when it's time to feel the feelings of a successful, booming business. Once you've got a feel for the vibe of biz success, you'll find it easier to tweak the words and phrases to make it your own. Find more vibration activation scripts here at the blog.
10/17/20173 minutes, 48 seconds
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Vibration Activation: Paid In Full!

download this episode Vibration activation scripts are designed to help us find the feeling of what we want when we might not know the words for it ourselves yet. This script is recorded with the intention to help you align to the feeling of having all debt paid in full! Zero debt, no creditors, financial freedom is here! Tweak the words or phrases as needed to help you enjoy the vibration of "paid in full" even more. And find more vibration activation scripts at Good Vibe Blog.
10/17/20172 minutes, 40 seconds
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Become a Manifesting Regular

download this episode Instead of only turning to law of attraction as a last resort when nothing else works, become a regular conscious creator by engaging your manifesting powers on a day in, day out basis. Some of us only use our reality-creating skills when the pressure is on, but it works much better when we make it a habit to train our focus in a way that builds the reality we prefer. If you tend to wait until the situation is dire before you turn to your focusing powers, this is your invitation to become a manifesting regular. Read the post here.
10/2/20176 minutes, 58 seconds
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The Magic of Dropping Resistance

download this episode Whenever a fellow creator says they can't make peace with their present circumstances, I share this story as inspiration to try again. Because crazy cool magic happens when we learn to stop pushing against what we don't want, and instead love life as it is. That's what happened to me when I learned to stop hating the weight I couldn't unload. May it inspire you to make some peace in your life with whatever you've been battling ...
10/2/201713 minutes, 8 seconds
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Yes, You Did That

download this episode It happens to even the savviest of creators ... Where you successfully engage your manifesting powers ... and then after your desire unfolds in such a way that it seems obvious it would have happened regardless, you wonder whether you really manifested that. This is your reminder that yes, you really manifested that. You're manifesting all of it. Without exception. So even when it seems like it would have happened anyway, you still get credit for creating it.
10/2/20175 minutes, 7 seconds
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Time for a Story Makeover?

When we know that anything we focus on comes true, it invites a review of the stories we tell ... Are your current stories taking you where you want to go, or are they just creating more of the same? Sometimes more of the same is what we want! But when it's not - when we're in the mood for change - it's worth paying attention to the way we speak our world into being. Tune in for a no-nonsense take on the power of telling it the way you want it, along with an invitation to edit your most important stories for highest manifestation success ...
9/14/201714 minutes, 10 seconds
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Activating the Vibration

download this episode What does it take to get what you want? Just a little vibration activation, that's all. Once you can feel what you want as if it were already done, the wheels start turning to make it so. Here's a reminder of just how easy it is to put our conscious creation powers to work in favor of all our favorite dreams come true ...
8/23/201711 minutes, 41 seconds
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Obstacles Are Not for Overcoming

download this episode Instead of thinking of obstacles as something to be overcome, savvy creators know those blocks serve as signposts saying, "Not this way." As Abraham says, everything we want is downstream, not upstream. Which means obstructions and hurdles are our friends in that they can trigger us to realign to what we want rather than proceed on the path where we won't find fulfillment. That's why overcoming obstacles is overrated. Read more at the blog.  
8/23/201715 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Dreaded LOA Question

download this episode It's challenging enough ignoring present reality while creating our preferred one without everyone asking us how it's going. They're well intentioned, of course, but don't realize that asking us to say how things are isn't the best way to manifest what we want next. That's why you'll appreciate these five simple ways to navigate this LOA spoiler of a question. Keep them in mind next time you're struggling to keep your focus intact while conversing with someone who wants a progress report on the state of things right now ... (Post comments at the blog.)
8/4/20178 minutes, 7 seconds
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Top 5 Self Love Practices

download this episode Conscious creators know that loving ourselves is a potent way to align to what we want. It's the heart of good vibes. But not everyone knows how to practice it. Here are my five favorite ways to engage self-love for manifesting success ... would love to hear yours over at the blog.
8/1/201713 minutes, 16 seconds
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Busting the Joy Myth

download this episode Some people come to the inaccurate and unhelpful conclusion that leveraging law of attraction means achieving a state of perpetual joy and happiness. That's just not so. In this episode we bust the myth that successful manifesting requires you to feel good. Share with anyone who tells you that manifesting what you want means you can't feel bad or think a "negative" thought.
8/1/20177 minutes, 33 seconds
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Feel Fabulous or Skip It

download this episode Instead of putting our health and fitness focus on what we eat and how we exercise, it's worth putting attention on what really matters: how we feel about it. Long story short: if it doesn't feel fabulous, it isn't helping. If you can't enjoy that healthy meal, it isn't serving you. And if you can feel great about having that dessert, you're home free! This episode is in conjunction with this post, where you can share comments and questions.
7/20/20179 minutes, 1 second
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5 Things Master Manifestors Do Different

What's the difference between conscious creators who swiftly manifest what they want versus those who take the long road? After years of coaching clients who are often working on the same goals, I've taken notes on what the master manifestors do different. Tune in to glean a tip or two for your own manifesting success ...
7/17/201716 minutes, 25 seconds
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Championing Lazy

download this episode For anyone who still suffers from guilt for taking time off or relaxing when there is much to do, this one's for you. It's a reminder and celebration that laziness, slacking, and goofing off in general is good for our manifesting success, contrary to popular muggle beliefs. So if you'd like a little more relaxing and enjoying for your summer days, tune in and get inspired to stop doing so much ...
7/7/201712 minutes, 51 seconds
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Turning Trickles Into Floods

download this episode Sometimes we get frustrated when we manifest minuscule results that represent just a fraction of what we really want ... Like losing 2 pounds when we're shooting for 20, or winning $10 on a scratch off ticket when we're intending the big lottery win. Here's how to turn small results into big wins using your law of attraction skills ...
6/26/20177 minutes, 4 seconds
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Who Do You Think You Are?

download this episode When plagued with inner doubt about whether you're worthy of your big dream, this is one recommended answer to the gremlin question, "Who do you think you are?" That's a great time to remember that you are an eternal divine being capable of creating whatever you put your mind to, automatically worthy of whatever desires you conjure through your earthly adventure. That's who you are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
6/26/20176 minutes, 16 seconds
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Contrast Is Not a Failure

download this episode Since we know we create our entire reality, manifestors sometimes feel they've done something wrong when we experience what we don't want. This episode reminds that contrast is not a failure; rather, it's an essential part of the process that is equally worthy of celebration we understand its role in the expansion of our good life. Tune in for a reality check about what it really means when life isn't going as we prefer it to ...
6/26/201710 minutes, 11 seconds
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Just for the Joy

download this episode There's a thing that even savvy creators sometimes do ... When we let our attachment to results spoil the fun of whatever we were engaging out of inspiration. This is a gentle reminder of how the system really works, and what your role is in it. Even though we know this, it's sometimes easy to forget in day in day out life ...
6/20/201711 minutes, 2 seconds
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How Soon To Expect Results

download this episode If you ever told yourself to be more patient in expecting results from your manifesting process, you'd have good company. Lots of us think we have to give the magic time to work before we can expect anything to change. But that's a myth. Here's why you not only can - but should - expect immediate results from whatever alignment practice you engage ...
6/20/201710 minutes, 26 seconds
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How Easy Manifesting Is

download this episode It's so easy to create what we want that this episode is super short ... Do you know the vibration of having your desire? Pre-experience what you want, in your mind's eye, to manifest it. Whatever you desire, practicing having it in order to learn the vibration of it. That's how you focus your preferred reality into existence. It really isn't rocket science.
6/3/20175 minutes, 49 seconds
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It Might Already Be

download this episode What if I said you already have what you've been wanting to manifest? The power of that question, besides that it inspires us to acknowledge the overlooked manifestations, is that it also trains us to look for what we want (rather than what is). Since we get whatever we look for, it's a question worth considering. The results may surprise you. Read a related post here.
5/29/201715 minutes, 6 seconds
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Post Vacation Re-Integration

download this episode When it's depressing to return to daily life after a great vacation, here's how conscious creators can reintegrate without giving up the joys of time away. It all boils down to deciding you don't have to give up the essence of what you loved about recreating. Put your powers of intention to good use, and you'll find regular life gets a pleasant upgrade. (Also applies to Sunday night blues and returning from amazing retreats.)  
5/28/201711 minutes, 19 seconds
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Reversing a Downward Spiral

download this episode Everyone's had that experience of noticing things are going from bad to worse. What to do when it seems like things are spiraling out of control in the downward direction? Here are three tips to help halt and even reverse the downward spiral, along with recent real life examples of each ...  
5/27/201716 minutes, 39 seconds
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Making Tough Decisions

Should I stay or should I go? Spend the money or skip the purchase? Get the treatment or go without? Making big decisions can be tricky business, but there's a way conscious creators can ensure alignment either way. Here's how to navigate the territory of tough choices in a law of attraction savvy way.
5/5/201710 minutes, 29 seconds
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Till It Doesn't Feel Like Practice

download this episode Manifesting what we want is a matter of learning the vibration of it. When that new desire is something we're unfamiliar with, it can take a bit of practice to get the hang of that vibe. Practicing (the feeling of it) until it doesn't feel like practice any more is how we master that vibration. After that, the 3D manifestation of it is sure to follow ...
4/24/201715 minutes, 57 seconds
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Releasing the Charge

download this episode You know how that thing that really bothers you keeps happening? To you in particular? (Maybe not even to the person standing right next to you, but it always seems to make its way to you?) That's a sure sign you've got an energetic charge on something that may not be serving your highest enjoyment of life. Here's how to spot whether you've got a charge that's spoiling your party, and what to do about it ...
4/13/201712 minutes, 38 seconds
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3 Remedies to Shift LOA Limbo

download this episode For those times when it seems like we're not making any headway and we just want to get back in our LOA groove, here are three suggestions that work wonders for me. They're such easy forms of vibration management that we often overlook them. But after listening to this episode, you'll be excited to get back in your manifesting sweet spot, too ...
4/13/20179 minutes, 58 seconds
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Who's Training Who?

download this episode Are you leading the way to reality, or is reality leading you? Even savvy creators can find themselves letting their observations of the world train them into a focus that doesn't allow new desires to manifest. This is your reminder to be the powerful creator you are by training reality how it is for you.
3/30/201714 minutes, 11 seconds
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Celebrating Extra Time

download this episode When the thing you want doesn't seem to be happening as quickly as you'd like, it's easy to feel frustrated or impatient. But it's very likely that this gift of extra time gives us a chance to reach better alignment with the results we want. So rather than wish it would happen sooner, we can leverage the occasion to make sure we're well-lined up with our desire ...
3/21/20176 minutes, 58 seconds
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Making Contrast Your BFF

download this episode Some creators think of contrast as an unwanted and unnecessary experience to be avoided whenever possible. But what if you could make it your BFF? Your secret agent for success? What if you welcomed contrast as the ticket to an even better life? That's what I did when I found myself overrun with gremlin thoughts of fear and failure. Here's how to make the "unwanted" things in life work for you instead of against you ...
3/8/20175 minutes, 36 seconds
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Instant Manifestation

download this episode Yes, some things that we want happen later rather than sooner. But we've all had the experience of instant manifestation. It is a thing, and you can do it, too, under the right circumstances. Here are my stories of instant manifestation, with thoughts on what it takes to make the "big" things happen fast ...
3/7/20179 minutes, 26 seconds
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5 Tips to My LOA Newbie Self

download this episode My manifesting learning curve has been the shortest one, but in hindsight I can see what would have made the difference had I known then what I know now. Here are the five things I'd love to have told my newbie self as I started playing with the principles of conscious creation. It's interesting that most of these tips are still helpful for me to remember all these years later! Hope you enjoy them, too ...
2/27/20174 minutes, 16 seconds
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13 Guiding Money Principles

download this episode After working with people and their money for a quarter century, as well as studying conscious creation for nearly two decades, these are some of the tips I've gathered along the way. From "plenty for everyone" to "it's not all that," these easily forgotten money truths can help us be better manifestors of it. Enjoy these 13 guiding principles designed to help conscious creators come into abundance with financial alignment when we embrace them in daily life ... (Or read here if you prefer.)
2/25/201711 minutes, 28 seconds
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Boring Practice, Sexy Results

download this episode One little thing every day doesn't seem like much. But it's a habit that can change everything when you're willing to go slow and keep it easy. Here's your inspiration to engage one teeny manifesting practice that has the potential to add up to huge transformation when you stick with it. For those who'd rather read than listen, you'll find the Sexy Results blog post here.
2/20/20178 minutes, 6 seconds
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How To Keep Your LOA Head During Contrast

download this episode How do conscious creators conduct themselves during times of turmoil in the world? This is a reminder of seven principles that lay the foundation for seven best practices for LOA savvy folks. Here's how to keep your LOA head and manifest responsibly while others work at cross-purposes of their desires ...
2/19/201721 minutes, 3 seconds
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About Your Alignment Practice ...

download this episode Knowing about law of attraction and reading Neville and listening to Abraham doesn't actually make us conscious creators. It's putting the knowledge into practice that defines us as deliberate creators. There are many ways to do that, and getting clear about what your alignment practice is can be a good start.
2/6/20178 minutes, 50 seconds
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Time to Ditch a Bad Vibe?

download this episode Sometimes our manifesting practices are thwarted by a habit of negative emotion ... It could be a pattern of worry, fear, or anger that makes our vibrational management practice more difficult and less effective. Here are the signs of whether you might be operating under an emotional addiction, and how to kick that habit once and for all ...
2/5/201714 minutes, 47 seconds
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Tell Me What You Want

download this episode I almost wrote off the first LOA coach I ever hired because I thought she was forgetful and needed to take better notes. Turns out she was just employing a stealthy strategy to shift my focus. Here's how Jeanna Gabellini changed my life more in three months of working together than I'd managed in three years of working law of attraction on my own. Note: Jeanna is doing her magic with business owners this week and next in her private facebook group. Get a free invite to her party by signing up at  
1/31/20178 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Power of Giving Up

download this episode Who else has been confounded by having their desire manifest after throwing in the towel out of frustration? Whereas you might think Universe is playing "Opposite Day," what's more likely happening is you found an accidental way to alignment. Understanding what's in play at times like this can help create easier future successes  ...  
1/12/20176 minutes, 6 seconds
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Creating a Powerful Word

download this episode What's one thing you can do in daily life that directly enhances your manifesting powers? Mean what you say. Because when you use your word with integrity, you train yourself (and Universe) that what you say matters. Your instructions aren't ignored, dismissed or taken lightly - because your word means something. You can read or post comments on this topic here.
1/8/20175 minutes, 9 seconds
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The Art of the True Target

download this episode The reason why you don't really want that big bank account, the job promotion or a committed relationship. One of the true arts in conscious creation is getting clear about what we really want so our vibration management plan is more effective. Here's how to make sure you're working with a true target for your latest manifesting project.  
1/5/20178 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Unorthodox Tip for Good Cheer

download this episode Someone emailed asking how I got to be so cheerful, and how she could do the same. My answer might surprise some, but it's the path I took to embracing more happiness and joy in daily life. Maybe it'll work for you, too. :)
12/27/201610 minutes, 39 seconds
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Acclimating to Your Desire

download this episode Sometimes we're so used to wanting something that we don't realize we haven't learned the vibration of having it. There's a big vibrational difference between yearning for what we want and enjoying it. Acclimating to the desire - which just means getting used to the idea of having it - is a powerful way to speed up the manifestation of it. Read and/or comment here.
12/7/20167 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

When Self-Love Feels Selfish

download this episode For those who feel conflicted in practicing self-love because it seems selfish, this is for you. Most of us have been trained to feel that we either put ourselves first or we put others first. As if they didn't go hand in hand. This is intended to help get straight about what it means to be selfish and to be good to ourselves. Read and comment here.
12/6/201610 minutes, 28 seconds
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Too Soon to Feel Better?

download this episode Some of my fellow creators have expressed reluctance to join in better feeling thoughts about recent political developments here in the states, saying it's too soon to find thoughts that feel better. To believe that is to misunderstand what a better feeling thought is, and when it's the right time for one. Read and/or comment at the blog.  
12/6/20165 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Our Changeable Past

download this episode For anyone in the mood to choose an alternate unfolding of your past, here are a couple helpful hints. This isn't something I play with a lot, but each time I have, the results have been impressive. Which just goes to show our manifesting playground is probably bigger than we truly realize. If you prefer to read, check out these two posts.
10/16/20166 minutes, 11 seconds
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That Persistent Resistance ...

download this episode Lest we forget, this is my friendly reminder about how futile it is to try to action our way to what we want without addressing a contrary vibe. Complete with a real time example waving her tail in my face throughout the recording. But yeah, next time I think I can avoid divorce attorneys by simply not getting married, someone cue this recording for me.
10/14/20166 minutes, 30 seconds
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How Long Does It Take?

download this episode For anyone wondering how long to expect results from their manifesting practice, this one's for you. While some manifestations occur in seconds, others can be years in the works. It all depends on your rate of acclimation to what you want. It's also worth noting how to measure results, as well as the importance of not waiting on them. Tune in to get a good handle on how long it takes to manifest the dream ...
9/21/20167 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Transcending When-Then

download this episode A basic principle of conscious creation is that we don't depend on external circumstances for how we feel. Instead, we lead the way vibrationally by feeling now how we want to feel then, and let Universe deliver everything that matches those good vibes. But living it can be easier said than done, as I can attest. This is a reminder that if you don’t enjoy where you’re at, you’re not going to like it when you get there either.
9/21/201612 minutes, 46 seconds
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It's My Contrast and I'll Cry If I Want To

download this episode If contrast is as important as conscious creators are taught, why are we so quick to coach loved ones out of it when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan? Since we know the essential role it plays in creating happily-ever-afters, wouldn't a more appropriate response be to offer a high five or a congratulatory thumbs up? Is it really possible to be excited about things going wrong? This is an invitation to rethink our approach when we see someone we love in struggle or strife. (Including ourselves!) Read more on the subject here.
8/30/20168 minutes, 33 seconds
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Overlooked Keys to My Favorite Successes

download this episode When I share about how one episode of scripting created a miraculous outcome, and how one entry in my pray rain journal led to a huge win just hours later, some people think the magic is in the scripting and the journaling. No doubt those are key components, but don't overlook the other essential factors to this success. This is what you might be missing in your own manifesting practice ... (Read here if you prefer the blog version.)
8/15/20169 minutes, 9 seconds
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You Are the Casting Director

download this episode If we're creating all of it (which we are), it's worth checking how you're creating others to be. Is your cast of characters supporting your success, or are they obstacles to it? Are they enhancing your good time, or spoiling it? You can create anew if you find you've got room for improvement in how your people are showing up on your life stage ... (If you'd rather read than listen, here's your link.)
8/8/20169 minutes, 14 seconds
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Eyes for the Gifts

download this episode A Gladinator is one trained to see the positive in any situation. It's a superpower for conscious creators. If you don't already have eyes open to the gifts, let this inspire you to cultivate this potent manifesting skill so you can count the blessings just as easily in challenging times as prosperous ones. (Comment and/or read at the blog.)  
8/2/20167 minutes, 32 seconds
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Your Happily-Ever-After Story

download this episode Once I realized I'd been practicing problems more than my preferences, I knew it was time for a different story. Here's a reminder to tell our happily-ever-after stories so well and so regularly that they live at the tip of our tongue. And if your happily ever after story feels elusive, you're invited to plagiarize and/or build from this one!
7/23/20167 minutes, 45 seconds
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Better Days Ahead

When it seems like life is going to hell in a handbasket, and a happy ending seems impossible, here's what to do: Not much. Just ride this out, lay low if you can, and know that better days are coming. If you need someone to tell you it's going to be okay, I can tell you with confidence: it's going to be okay.
7/18/20166 minutes, 56 seconds
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How I Learned It's All Good

download this episode Once upon a time I read a book written by a witch that included a spell that changed my life forever. This is the story of that spell-induced dream, and how it taught me that it really truly is all good. May it bring you comfort when you're troubled, and peace when you're in fear. If nothing else, maybe you'll get a laugh about the ring-throwing incident.
7/8/201613 minutes, 31 seconds
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Game of Thrones Knows Manifesting

download this episode If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you probably heard Littlefinger's manifesting secret in the season 6 finale .. He shares exactly how he's creating the outcome he wants - and it's a very LOA savvy process. Conscious creators could learn from his example: "Every time I'm faced with a decision I close my eyes and see the same picture. Whenever I consider an action I ask myself, 'Will this action help to make this picture a reality? Pull it out of my mind and into the world?' And I only act if the answer is yes." This guy doesn't act capriciously or make decisions on a whim. He doesn't leave things to chance. He's creating his dream come true one aligned decision at a time, as he holds his ultimate vision in mind ... (Share comments at the blog here.)
7/1/20166 minutes, 21 seconds
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Lazy Manifesting: Drafting for Alignment

download this episode Interested in knowing how you can get someone else to manifest what you want for you? It's easier than you think. This is the manifesting technique called drafting, where you leverage someone else's vibe for your own benefit. Here's the thing - you're probably already doing it, so let's make sure it's working for your success!
6/28/20167 minutes, 32 seconds
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From Struggle to Success - On A Dime

download this episode What to do when what you're working on isn't working? Conscious creators know pausing to practice the vibration of success can turn things around on a dime. Although it can be tricky recognizing your cue to employ this manifesting magic, it's a powerful way to create the "got what I wanted" experience!
6/24/20165 minutes, 22 seconds
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Secret Instructions to Dreams Come True

download this episode This one's all about your personalized instructions for identifying the best path from where you are to where you want to be. If you've ever wondered the optimal way to get what you want (how to quickly arrive there most efficiently), this will help you clearly see that journey. It's not for the faint of heart, but it does promise a good time!
6/21/20166 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Manifesting Strategy I'm Banking On This Year

download this episode What's a covert way to make everything better? This one might surprise you as a stealth manifesting strategy, but once you put it into practice, you'll know how effective it is. And it's the one I'm banking on above all others this year to lead me to my next dreams come true ...
6/18/201611 minutes, 22 seconds
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Rehearsing for Rich

download this episode On a recent post I talked about how our mental rehearsals contribute to our vibration (and thus our reality), and promised to share how to rehearse for a new money reality. This episode contains some of the practices I engaged to rehearse being rich, including switching up the self-talk, evolving my $$ relationship, and drafting off others. My intention is that you'll find renewed inspiration to pay attention to your own vibrational rehearsals, no matter what it is you want to create in life.
6/13/201619 minutes, 29 seconds
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5 Myths That Mess Up Manifesting

download this episode Some folks who are new to law of attraction throw in the towel because of common misunderstandings about what conscious creation is. And sometimes even savvy creators miss the mark about what their manifesting game is all about. Here we clear up five common law of attraction myths that can mess up your manifesting game if you aren't privy to the real deal ...
6/10/201612 minutes, 58 seconds
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Accepting the Unacceptable

download this episode Conscious creators are well aware that resisting what we don't want just makes us stronger magnets for attracting it. (What we resist persists.) That's why when my favorite cat took a serious turn for the worse, I knew I needed to make some peace - or at the very least, distract myself from it. Neither of which I was successful at, until it looked too late. Here's the miracle that unfolded once I got okay with the thing I wanted least.
6/7/20168 minutes, 8 seconds
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7 Tips for How To Decide

download this episode For anyone who's ever been stuck in a cycle of indecision - not sure what to do, spinning wheels while considering every possible angle, trying to suss out the best option - this one's for you. Here are seven tips for making decisions the LOA way ... So when you're ready for clarity and want to trust the choices you make, use any one of these tips to help you get exactly where you want to be.
6/3/201617 minutes, 40 seconds
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Pruning & Vibration Management

download this episode What do pruning and vibration management have in common? They're both totally unsexy Both can be challenging at first (especially in creating a good groove to work with), Both are important practices, and Both can be tremendously fun (when you let it be)! So don't give up when it feels awkward or uncomfortable at first, and maybe even doesn't seem to be going well. It gets easier the more you do it! And there's nothing more rewarding than watching reality conform to your vibrational practice!
6/1/201611 minutes, 40 seconds
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Life Stages of a Dream

download this episode They can start out so innocently, sometimes just a lighthearted whim to entertain us in leisure moments. Other times they demand nothing less than full attention, taking over our entire existence. They inspire us to passion and excitement; and can be the source of defeat and despair. This short examination of the evolving stages of a dream can help us navigate them more masterfully. Because dreams really are for full enjoyment! :)
5/28/20167 minutes, 59 seconds
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My Favorite Crackhead Neighbor

download this episode If you've got a difficult person in your life, listen to this for inspiration about how to effectively manifest change. It includes three key law of attraction principles at work in real life: the power of contrast, just how well like attracts like, and learning to rise above circumstances for how we feel. Hope you enjoy hearing one of my top manifesting achievements!
5/25/201619 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Power of Pre-Paving

download this episode Check out my "before" and "after" of bringing law of attraction to dating life ... Although it took a minute of high end contrast and a nudge from a helpful friend to remember to bring creative powers to bear, once I did engage some manifesting magic in my romantic world, it made all the difference. My intention is that this story will inspire you to engage your own pre-paving magic!
5/20/20169 minutes, 25 seconds
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3 Traits of Great Manifestors

download this episode What do great manifestors have in common? That's what I set out to discover for this episode ... Which includes my surprise findings about what wasn't on the list, along with a handful of manifesting success stories that I drew from for the research. Hope you enjoy these three traits that powerful conscious creators have in common. (Share your thoughts & comments on this subject here.)
5/16/20168 minutes, 8 seconds
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Scripting Skeptic

download this episode This is the story of my very first experience with conscious creation - from complete skeptic to true law of attraction believer in one fell swoop. And it just goes to show that this stuff works whether you believe in it or not! Also proves you don't need to study this inside and out before using it to your advantage. The art of conscious creation really is quite simple!
5/12/201618 minutes, 21 seconds
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How To Recognize & Release Attachment

download this episode The vibration of attachment can spoil a lot of manifesting parties. (Because when our signal is filled with "need," that's what we get more of.) Here's how to know if attachment to results is holding up your success, and if so, what to do about it.
5/9/20165 minutes, 44 seconds
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Becoming a Better Receiver

download this episode Are you a better giver than you are a receiver? Learn how that may be exactly what's holding up your highest manifesting success. In this episode we explore why - and how - to become a better receiver.
5/1/20167 minutes, 18 seconds
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3 Tips You Never Hear That Will Totally Supercharge Your Manifesting

Here are three tips you never hear from traditional law of attraction teachers about how to get better manifesting results. If you're in the mood for something unconventional to supercharge your conscious creation practice, tune in for this episode ...
4/30/20168 minutes, 53 seconds
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Get In Front Of It

download this episode One of the most powerful concepts to grasp in conscious creation is learning to lead the way to what you want. Instead of waiting for Universe to bring the goods, you've got to get out in front and show it what you want it to do. This is how to feel it before it's real ...
4/30/20166 minutes, 40 seconds
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Pocket Litter Manifesting

What does it mean to create what you want via your pocket litter? It's all about the things you keep around you that confirm who you are. Learn how to use this spy technique for adopting a new identity to your manifesting advantage ...
4/30/20167 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Good Vibe Manifesto

download this episode Let's launch this podcast party with powerful intentions! My commitment is to deliver you Fun, Upliftment, Inspiration, and Empowerment. Beyond the basics, I'd love for these podcast episodes to help you: - Know your true powers, and be inspired to use them. - Become a savvy creator who manifests miracles for the fun of it! - Sidestep victim traps and feel your authority as a divine creator. - Love your life, live your dreams, bring joy to the world. I also share the Good Vibe Manifesto and 10 principles of conscious creation. Enjoy!
4/30/20167 minutes, 28 seconds
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Pray Rain Magic

download this episode This is the manifesting technique that got me invited onto Oprah for her Law of Attraction Special. In this episode, I share how I hack the pray rain journal process for my personal highest success. I hope it inspires you to engage some manifesting magic in your own life.
4/30/201613 minutes, 45 seconds