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Living Your Best Life - Episode 38 | Creating Artists with Kylie Love Day

On this episode we wanted to introduce to you Kylie Love Day, Kylie has worked as a professional actor in TV, film, and voice overs for the last 10 years. With a huge passion for working on set in the film and TV industry, her passion and experience also extends to educating and supporting actors whilst they work on developing their craft and artistry when preparing for the big jobs.    We know that it is not always all glitz and glamour behind the camera, but in such a competitive industry how does one move towards their best life behind the movie lens? With so much growth taking place in this country for film and TV we loved hearing about the potential opportunities this will bring to many aspiring performers, and if this is you… we will tell you more about how you can get that movie star career started!    This lady is a powerhouse when it comes to inspiring the next generation of performers and we love that we made the ti
10/08/202128 minutes 30 seconds
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Living Your Best Life - Episode 37 | 70 Years of Balmy Goodness with Sammy Leo

This episode encapsulates what it means to create meaningful work through family legacy with love.   Sammy Leo is founder of the incredible and popular Breeze Balm. If you are not familiar with this product - Breeze Balm is a unique, effective and multi purpose lip and skincare product that has taken the social media world by storm. This brand has such a unique story as it has been built upon a family legacy that has been passed down for three generations.    We got to chat with this incredible business entrepreneur on how she turned her family lip balm recipe to a successful household brand. Proving that when passion and purpose align, success and meaningful work can follow.    We felt so inspired from this episode and we can't wait to share it with you all!     To Follow Sammy Leo Instragram: sammyleo  Breeze Balm: breeze.balm  Head to our HQ: _livingy
03/08/202119 minutes 33 seconds
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Living Your Best Life - Episode 36 | Capturing beauty behind the lens with Jacqueline Mitchel

On this episode we got to meet the creative behind the lens of Australia’s Everline Imagery, Jacqueline Mitchell. Jacqueline with her background in the performing arts has a strong eye for aesthetics and movement which led to her founding Everline, a movement and photography business focussing on capturing the beauty of movement behind the camera.  We got to chat through the process of how Everline was created, the importance of social media when promoting and connecting with your audience and how to stay motivated during the more trying times.    We absolutely loved this chat!    If you are wanting some inspiration on how to get that passion project or business off the ground then this episode is for you.    To stay connected with Jacqueline: Instagram: everlineimagery  Follow us at HQ: _livingyourbestlife
27/07/202122 minutes 25 seconds
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Living Your Best Life - Episode 35 | Why money is not a dirty word

Whether we are aware of it or not, we ALL have a relationship with money. For many of us, that relationship is fraught with inherited beliefs that there’s “not enough” of it and that  money is “hard to come by” On this episode we challenge you to look at your own narrative and beliefs around money and how this could be impacting our ability to create prosperity in our lives, do good on the world and achieve our ‘Best Life’.    We hope this episode helps you unlock some of the invisible programming we all carry around wealth.    Follow our journey on instagram: _livingyourbestlife
20/07/202115 minutes 1 second
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Living Your Best Life - Episode 34 | Trusting the body with Jacqui Kingswell

Imagine the online business of your dreams, is it possible? Been able to fulfil your purpose of been of service to others through an incredible online community.   This podcast episode covers the inside scoop of how the Pilates queen herself, Jacqui Kingswell a former dancer for Beyonce became the co-founder of the online and fitness platform, The Pilates Class. To help us answer all of the questions on how she made all this possible we are joined today with this incredible and insightful woman on how she created the platform which has touched the lives of so many people.   Covering all topics on health, well-being, been a successful business owner, navigating career transitions and the most important of all - how to tune in and listen to your own body! This episode has it all.   We are so excited to share this episode with you all,   To follow Jacqui: Instagram jacquikingswell Website: <a href='http://www.thepilatesclas
13/07/202126 minutes 14 seconds
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Living Your Best Life - Episode 33 | On and off the field with Jordan Kahu

Jordan Kahu is a New Zealand professional rugby league footballer who last played as a fullback, centre and winger for the Brisbane Broncos in the NRL and New Zealand at international level. Kahu has played for the Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys in the NRL, as well as the <a href='https://en.wikipedia.o
06/07/202119 minutes 50 seconds
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Living Your Best Life - Episode 20 | How to move past fear that’s blocking your success

How to move past fear that’s blocking your success   Do you let fear hold you back when pursuing your best life?   We hear from so many of our clients that what is holding them back the most is fear. Fear can come to us in many different ways, anxiety, imposter syndrome, doubting ourselves, negative self-talk and the lack of confidence to strive towards our dreams.   In this episode we discuss this important issue and ways we have had success with working with clients and young people to help shift their perspective on fear. We encourage you to move fear out of the driver’s seat and into the back seat of the car.   This episode has tips on how to move towards fear in a healthy way and unlock some hidden blocks you may have that may be impacting your road to success.   ENJOY     Head to our Instagram  _livingyourbestlife   Head to: <a href=''
12/11/202019 minutes 48 seconds
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Living Your Best Life - Episode 19 | How to develop and grow your brand

Wanting to start and grow your business and brand but unsure of where to get started?    In this episode, we go into a conversation about everything branding and how effective branding can have a positive impact on the overall success of a business. Rik Conti the Co-Founder and Managing Director of MAAKE, an award-winning creative marketing agency, discusses with us the most crucial steps in what it takes to set up and create an epic brand that people will recognise and love.    We will also discuss the importance of how to align your brand alongside your personal core values to assist in designing the life of your dreams. ENJOY    Head to our Instagram @_livingyourbestlife  Head to: Head to: 
05/11/202019 minutes 59 seconds
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Living Your Best Life - Episode 18 | Mastering Your Inner Boss Babe

We are so excited to finally announce the launch of our new online course, Mastering Your Inner Boss Babe. After working with thousands of performers, industry professionals and business owners, we’ve combined our years of experience to design you a course to help you become the best version of yourself and finally start living the life you have always dreamt of.    To celebrate the launch of our new course we take to the mic to discuss the purpose and dream behind the creation of this epic program and how our passion for seeing people live out their dreams lead to the creation of this incredible program…. And it is accessible to all!    We can’t wait to share this exciting news to you all. ENJOY  Abbe and Erin    ​ Head to our Instagram  _livingyourbestlife    Head to:
28/10/202012 minutes 47 seconds
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Living Your Best Life - Episode 17 | Secrets to achieving success as a creative artist

What’s the best way to access support as an artist? If you are wondering what the role of an agent is or how you can maximise opportunities for yourself and for your career, then this episode has it all. Cindy Wilson has not only had great success as an entertainer but who is also the head booker and casting consultant for one of Australia’s busiest commercial dance and talent agencies Evolution and Emerge Agency.    Join us for this incredible conversation with Cindy as we loved hearing her thoughts and advice around achieving success in the showbiz world. This young lady unleashes some secrets of what happens behind the curtain and glamour in landing that dream job. 
22/10/202019 minutes 55 seconds