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Living The Red Life is your ticket to learning from The King Of Ads himself, Rudy Mawer AKA “The Man in Red''. From building an unshakable business foundation (and unstoppable team), to scaling your brand to 8-figures+, Living The Red Life is the go-to podcast for entrepreneurs & online business owners who are ready to level up their business and build a lasting legacy. Each week discover lessons from Rudy to help you scale your business and expand your thinking to new levels of success.
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Larry Namer : The Man Who Revolutionised TV & The Kardashians Best Kept Secret?

Larry Namer, a veteran in the entertainment industry known for his work with E! Entertainment Television shares his journey of building a multi-billion dollar network from scratch. He highlights the challenges faced and the innovative solutions implemented to overcome financial constraints. Recounting how his team started the network with just $2.5 million, he explains how they maximized resources and leveraged high-quality content like movie trailers and popular shows such as "Talk Soup" and "Howard Stern." He emphasizes the importance of hiring people smarter than oneself and constantly reassessing business strategies to stay relevant and successful.Larry also discusses the role of the Kardashians in turning E! into a global brand, crediting Kris Jenner's strategic guidance in their rise to fame. Reflecting on broader principles of entrepreneurship, he advises listeners to balance passion with practicality, prioritize time management, and stay adaptable to changing environments. His experience extends beyond the U.S., having created successful shows in China and Russia, demonstrating that effective storytelling transcends cultural boundaries. The episode provides valuable insights into the entertainment industry and entrepreneurial wisdom from his extensive career.CHAPTER TITLES0:48 - Welcome Larry from Entertainment TelevisionIntroduction of the guest, Larry, and his background in entertainment television.1:21 - The Origins of E! EntertainmentLarry shares the story of how E! Entertainment was founded with his partner Alan.2:59 - Innovating on a Tight BudgetThe innovative strategies used to start E! Entertainment with limited funds.4:08 - The Role of Interns in Building E!How interns from UT Austin contributed to the early success of E! Entertainment.4:55 - Talk Soup and Early SuccessesThe creation of "Talk Soup" and its impact on the network's growth.5:47 - Leveraging High-Quality ContentHow E! used movie trailers and other content to attract viewers.6:26 - Global Success and Comcast AcquisitionDiscussion on E!'s growth into a global brand and its sale to Comcast.7:00 - Strategic Hiring and Talent SelectionThe importance of hiring the best hosts and how it contributed to E!'s success.9:50 - Achieving Success in the Asian MarketLarry's experience with writing and producing a sitcom in China.10:53 - Key Lessons for EntrepreneursThree crucial lessons for entrepreneurs from Larry's career.12:09 - Balancing Passion with PracticalityThe need to balance passion projects with financial viability.16:50 - The Reality of Reality TVInsights into the behind-the-scenes workings of reality television shows.18:41 - The Importance of AdaptabilityEmphasizing the need to adapt to changing business environments and technologies.Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
5/20/202429 minutes, 47 seconds
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Disruptive Billion $ Brands

In this podcast episode, i delve into the world of disruptive brands, exploring the transformative impact of billion-dollar companies on various industries. Through examples like Liquid Death's unconventional approach to selling water or the paradigm-shifting clash between Netflix and Blockbuster, the narrative unveils the power of innovation and adaptation in driving success. These stories underscore the importance of agility and foresight in navigating turbulent economic landscapes, urging entrepreneurs to seize opportunities and pivot swiftly to meet evolving consumer demands. By dissecting the strategies and philosophies behind these disruptive giants, this episode offers invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to carve their own path in an ever-changing business landscape.CHAPTERS1:33 - The Need for Speed: Staying Ahead in Disruptive Markets2:32 - Uber: A Case Study in Industry Disruption3:51 - Netflix vs. Blockbuster: The Evolution of Entertainment5:46 - Airbnb: Transforming Travel and Hospitality7:58 - Impossible Foods: Redefining the Meat Industry9:53 - Spotify: Revolutionizing the Music Business12:00 - Warby Parker: Changing the Way We Shop for Glasses13:09 - Robinhood: Democratizing Stock Trading14:56 - The Power of Disruptive Brands: Lessons for Entrepreneurs15:59 - Liquid Death and the Art of Branding Innovation16:30 - The Speed of Disruption: How Fast Is Fast Enough?17:24 - Creating a Billion-Dollar Brand: Strategies for SuccessConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
5/16/202418 minutes, 1 second
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Over 300 Million $ In Brand Deals Revealed By Famous Agent Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher, a Supermodel agent, that has represented some of the biggest stars in the industry over several decades. From Naomi Campbell to Stephanie Seymour, his roster boasts iconic names that have graced the covers of top magazines and walked the most prestigious runways. With a knack for spotting talent and brokering multi-million dollar deals, Paul's influence extends beyond the modeling world into the realm of social media, where he now navigates the landscape of influencers and celebrities.Transitioning seamlessly into the digital age, Paul recognizes the shifting dynamics in the industry, where social media metrics often hold as much weight as traditional modeling accolades. His approach emphasizes not just star power, but also the values and impact of the personalities he manages. Fisher's insights into the convergence of celebrity, brand influence, and entrepreneurial endeavors offer a unique perspective on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of fame and commerce. Buckle up, this is a juicy one!CHAPTERS1:06 - Introducing Paul Fisher, Supermodel Agent 2:32 - Navigating Celebrity Influence: Building Brands in a Changing Landscape 4:55 - The Future of Brand Deals: Strategies for Beginners 8:16 - Harnessing Celebrity Influence for Startups: Strategies for Success13:39 - The Role of Philanthropy in Branding: Creating Conscious Celebrity Partnerships 15:44 - The Impact of Influencers: Shaping the Modern Fashion Industry 18:01 - Building a Successful Business: Key Principles for Entrepreneurs 22:01 - Paul Fisher's Journey: From $10K to Over $300 Million in Deals 23:07 - The TV Show Legacy: Exploring "I Can Make You a Supermodel" 24:31 - Unveiling "Confessions of a Modeling Agent": Insider Stories from the Fashion World Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
5/13/202428 minutes, 16 seconds
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Advanced Buying & Marketing Psychology Secrets

In this podcast episode, I delve into the psychology of buying and selling, unraveling the mysteries behind pricing strategies and consumer behavior. To help you understand, I draw from parallels between the automotive industry and product pricing, emphasizing the critical role branding and perceived value play in driving consumer decisions. The importance of aligning pricing with the buyer's journey and psychological triggers, which will hopefully shift your perspective and force you to tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.Another key concept I cover is the stages of buyer awareness, from the unaware masses to the committed customers, advocating for a nuanced approach in messaging and content creation. By understanding where potential customers fall within this spectrum, businesses can craft targeted campaigns and offers that resonate with their specific needs and preferences. CHAPTERS1:08 - Understanding Pricing Psychology2:07 - Analogies from Everyday Shopping3:50 - Matching Sales Processes to Products7:05 - Simplifying the Sales Process8:13 - Tailoring Touch Points to Product Value9:50 - Webinars and High-Ticket Sales11:08 - Drop-off Rates and Sales Funnels12:09 - Matching Price to Purchase Process15:08 - Perceived Value and Branding16:30 - Elevating Product Perks and Brand Strength18:36 - Brand Effect on Price19:50 - Adding Value: Ideas and Implementation22:02 - Navigating Buyer's Awareness Stages24:20 - Tailoring Sales Approach to Buyer JourneyConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
5/9/202426 minutes, 7 seconds
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How to Maximize Your Profit & Exit as an Entrepreneur (with Jason Phillips)

This episode features my good friend "Jason Phillips". Someone who has successful built and exit multi million dollar companies time and time again. He shares his background, starting from a challenging financial situation in 2014 to rapidly growing his online coaching business to multiple seven figures. He then transitioned to building a certification institute for coaches and eventually decided to focus more on profit and happiness, leading to the decision to sell one of his companies and restructure the other for cash flow.We delve into various aspects of entrepreneurship, including the importance of understanding the market, creating separation in the marketplace, maintaining clean financial records, and building a strong team. The evolution of marketing strategies, emphasizing community-driven and connection-based approaches. We also touch on lessons learned from previous exits, such as the need for vision, understanding personal branding implications, and leveraging data-driven decision-making to maximize profitability and prepare for exit. I'm Sure you will find this episode very insightful!CHAPTERS2:08 - The Journey to Profitability: From Broke to Seven Figures3:28 - Reevaluating Success: Lessons from Backing Out of Diligence5:05 - Finding Happiness in Profit: A New Business Paradigm7:02 - The Struggle of Day-to-Day Operations: Visionaries vs. Managers9:02 - Maximizing Profit: Evolution of Business Models10:36 - Transitioning to a Leaner Model: Streamlining for Higher Profits11:19 - Ensuring Impact: Balancing Profitability with Purpose15:21 - Marketing Insights: Strategies for Growth and Differentiation20:08 - Creating Market Separation: The Key to Sustainable Growth21:07 - Preparing for Exit: Lessons in Vision and Strategy22:38 - Standing Out in a Crowded Market: The Importance of Uniqueness23:43 - Navigating Personal Branding: Balancing Asset and Liability25:09 - Planning for Transition: Integrating Personal Brand into Business Exit Strategy26:05 - The Power of Data: Leveraging Analytics for Success26:09 - The Path to Acquisition: Maximizing Value for Long-Term SuccessConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter Connect with Jason:Facebook - Jason Phillips
5/6/202431 minutes, 29 seconds
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Sharing Millionaire Secrets: The Truth About Multiple Income Streams!

In todays episode we delve into the age-old notion that millionaires typically maintain multiple streams of income. How businesses, even giants like Amazon and Apple, continuously grapple with challenges and imperfections despite their monumental success, and why the dream of passive income might not be what you think it is. From start-up inception to scaling operations, and the significance of aligning entrepreneurial aspirations with individual capabilities and market dynamics. This episode will help you understand not just if you should diversify, but more importantly when you should and shouldn't.CHAPTERS3:01 - Understanding Entrepreneurial Roles and Goals4:07 - The Skill Set and Experience Threshold 5:08 - Navigating Business Growth: From Start-Up to Scale-Up5:26 - Industry and Market Dynamics5:56 - Personal Entrepreneurial Goals and Alignments 6:29 - Choosing Between Multiple Ventures 7:39 - The Importance of Testing and Adaptation 8:04 - Transitioning from Start-Up to Million-Dollar Business8:24 - Balancing Side Hustles and Scaling Ambitions 8:34 - The Power of Diversity in Business Growth 9:02 - Diversity: Adding Support Vehicles 10:52 - The Challenge of Innovation and Focus 13:36 - Apple's Strategy: Balancing Main and Side Ventures 15:36 - The Ever-Present Entrepreneurial Battle 17:02 - Conclusion: The Journey to 10 Million Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
5/3/202419 minutes, 28 seconds
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Unleashing Authenticity: The Journey of a Viral Sensation to Motivational Maven

In today's episode I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nick Santonastasso, a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He shares insights into his journey of self-discovery and success. From his early days creating viral content on Vine to evolving into a sought-after speaker and coach, Nick's story is one of resilience and adaptation. He emphasizes the importance of embracing authenticity and staying true to oneself, even amidst the pressures of entrepreneurship. Nick's vision for the future includes expanding his impact through comedy, music, and entertainment, while continuing to empower others to share their stories and monetize their expertise.Throughout the conversation, Nick delves into the nuances of personal growth, the power of mindset, and the necessity of pivoting in the face of adversity. He highlights the importance of setting audacious goals and constantly pushing boundaries to reach new heights. From navigating the challenges of COVID-19 to redefining success on their own terms, Nick's journey serves as both inspiration and practical guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs and speakers alike. With a blend of humor, authenticity, and unwavering determination, Nick exemplifies the limitless potential of pursuing one's passions and embracing the journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment.CHAPTERS1:38 - The Evolution of Motivation2:06 - Building Success3:15 - From Humble Beginnings3:38 - Learning from Others4:26 - Pivoting During COVID5:06 - Overcoming Adversity7:27 - Personal Pricing Evolution9:03 - Setting New Goals10:05 - Vision for the Future11:15 - Pushing Boundaries17:45 - Embracing Comedy19:01 - Finding Success in Laughter19:52 - Helping Others SucceedConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
4/30/202422 minutes, 33 seconds
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How To ACTUALLY Build A Million Dollar Business : 5 Systems & Frameworks

In this podcast episode, I delve into the crucial systems and frameworks necessary for scaling a business to a million-dollar enterprise and beyond. I emphasize the significance of implementing robust systems for tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), recruitment processes, personnel management, financial monitoring, and marketing strategies. Drawing from personal experience and industry insights, the host provides detailed examples and practical advice for entrepreneurs aiming to optimize their business operations.Throughout the episode, I touch on the transformative power of structured systems and frameworks in fostering business growth and scalability. By meticulously outlining methodologies for tracking KPIs, streamlining recruitment processes, managing personnel performance, monitoring finances, and executing marketing strategies. With a focus on creating replicable systems like well known corporations such as McDonald's. This episode will serve as a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their businesses to million-dollar enterprises and beyond.CHAPTERS00:00 - Preview0:57 - Introduction2:10 - The Importance of Systems and Frameworks3:07 - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Tracking System5:36 - Recruitment Framework: Building Your Team10:11 - People and Performance Management18:38 - Financial Systems and Monitoring21:23 - Marketing, Branding, and Social Media Strategies24:27 - The Value of Building Systems and Frameworks25:26 - Lessons from McDonald's: Scaling with SystemsConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
4/25/202426 minutes
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Grilling a MILLIONAIRE : 20 Juicy Questions

In this podcast episode, my team has conjured up 20 juicy questions to ask me. I explore the significance of focus in achieving success and delves into the factors that contribute to creativity. Whether creativity can be taught and share personal experiences, including my biggest "oh sh*t" moment and scariest moment in business. The conversation transitions to advice for navigating challenges, including goal-setting best practices and deciding between paid ads and organic reach in advertising. Additionally, i emphasize the importance of building a personal brand and the benefits of working with celebrities in business. The episode concludes with insights on wealth management during market downturns, the inevitability of failure in entrepreneurship, and whether to start a new venture or refine an existing business model. Lastly, I touch on strategies to generate $1 million within 90 days, common misconceptions about marketing, and hypothetical choices if I were to have founded any company today.CHAPTERS1:37 - How important is it to be focused?1:35 - What makes you so creative?2:23 - Can you teach creativity?3:12 - What has been your biggest oh sh*t moment in business?3:56 - What has been your scariest moment in business?4:48 - When will you become a billionaire?5:28 - What advice do you have for men who feel lost?6:33 - If you were starting over, what community would you become part of?7:27 - Best Practices for Goal-Setting?8:02 - How do I choose platform to advertise on?9:19 - Prioritise paid ads or organic?9:59 - Why should I build a personal brand?10:51 - What benefits do you get from working with celebs?11:52 - How to keep wealth in a bare market?12:27 - How many times should I expect to fail until I succeed in business?13:41 - Start a new business or build upon an existing business model?14:53 - How would you make $1m in 90 days?15:38 - What is the biggest thing about marketing that people don't understand?16:04 - If you could of founded any company today, which one would you choose and why?Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
4/18/202417 minutes, 41 seconds
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Strange Lessons Learnt From High Achievers

In today's episode, I delve into the distinctive behaviors of successful individuals, focusing particularly on their morning routines. I elaborate on this to help you understand why you should craft a personalized routine tailored to your goals, without being swayed by societal norms. Drawing from interactions with high achievers across various fields, I've noticed unwavering focus on self-improvement and goal attainment, contrasting it with the common tendency to prioritize external validation.Successful Individuals invest in efficiency and effectiveness, often spending generously on tools and services that enhance their productivity. They often have unconventional spending habits, such as prioritizing premium travel options and outsourcing tasks to optimize time management. I also touch on the importance of prioritizing health and longevity, from my personal experience of how this impacts my daily life.CHAPTERS1:29 - Obsessively Focused on Yourself and Your Goals5:26 - The Importance of a Personalized Morning Routine6:47 - Intentional Use of Social Media vs. Unintentional Use8:00 - Investing in Efficiency: Spending Money Wisely10:06 - Prioritizing Health and Well-being for Success12:10 - Obsession with Health and Longevity15:08 - Building and Protecting Your Circle of Influence16:57 - Transitioning from Popularity to Selectivity18:00 - Embracing Uniqueness: Going Beyond NormalConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
4/11/202419 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Genius Behind Roc-A-Fella Records : Entertainment Mogul Dame Dash

In this episode I got the chance to sit down with the legend himself Dame Dash, a trailblazer in the hip-hop industry, to share insights from his remarkable journey as an entrepreneur. Dame reflects on his transition from a teenage drug dealer to a music manager, highlighting the pivotal moments that led him to co-found Rockefeller Records and nurture talents like Jay Z and Kanye West. He emphasizes the importance of independence and integrity in business, recounting his experiences of breaking away from traditional models to forge his own path, which ultimately led to diverse ventures in fashion, television, and music.Dame delves into his current endeavors, including initiatives in education and politics, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to making a positive impact. He shares valuable entrepreneurial advice, emphasizing the necessity of resilience, confidence, and the willingness to pivot in the face of challenges. Through candid reflections on his successes and struggles, Dame Dash offers invaluable insights into the mindset and strategies that have propelled him forward on his entrepreneurial journey, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams with determination and authenticity.CHAPTERS1:04 - From Hustler to Entrepreneur: Dame Dash's Journey2:19 - Breaking into Music: Jay Z and Rockefeller3:30 - The Middleman's Dilemma: Independence and Integrity5:38 - Collaborations and Discoveries: Kanye, Jay Z, and Kevin Hart6:39 - Diverse Ventures: Fashion, Television, and Music8:39 - Lessons Learned: Reflections from a Young Entrepreneur9:31 - Impacting Education and Politics: A New Frontier11:41 - The Future of Business: Vision and Innovation14:00 - Entrepreneurial Advice: Navigating Challenges and Pivots14:41 - Embracing Rejection: Fuel for Greatness15:57 - Confidence and Belief: Keys to Entrepreneurial Success17:26 - Working with Powerful Figures: Integrity and Consistency20:41 - Building from the Ground Up: Challenges and Wins22:17 - Managing Finances: Making and Keeping MoneyConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter Connect with Dame Dash:IG - duskopoppingtonTIKTOK - Duskopoppington
4/8/202424 minutes, 37 seconds
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EXPOSED: The Shocking Truth About Live Events & Revenue Growth You NEED to Know

Considering hosting your own live events but unsure where to start? In todays episode, I share my experiences hosting successful virtual events with over 50,000 attendees combined – all for free. However, without a substantial brand or significant ad spend, investing in ticket sales can be daunting, often resulting in disappointing turnouts.I talk about the importance of meticulous planning and promotion. In-person events typically require a longer lead time for promotion, with ticket prices varying based on tiers like general, VIP, and super VIP. Just like in virtual events, effective pitching strategies are crucial for maximizing revenue opportunities. Following a structured approach can yield substantial returns and transform your business.The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE! - - Episode Highlight00:40 - Intro00:55 - Selling from live events (virtual and in person)02:47 - Diving in to live virtual events08:26 - How to structure a live event09:18 - Speakers for live events10:24 - Planning the topic or theme12:47 - Pillars and agendas 12:56 - How to price your live event13:43 - Pricing goals for your live event 14:54 - Understanding free vs paid tickets15:44 - Attendance percentages 17:15 - How to improve show rate of your live event17:57 - How to promote your live event 18:14 - Pitching19:13 - Following up after the event19:35 - In person events overview Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
4/4/202421 minutes, 23 seconds
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From Zero to Millions on Social Media: The Untold Secrets of Hofit Golan

In this episode, we meet Hofit Golan, a social media star with a whopping 3.6 million followers on Instagram. Hofit shares her secrets to making it big in the online world, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and passion. She discusses how even the simplest and most unexpected content can go viral, urging listeners to just be themselves and have fun creating.Throughout the conversation, Hofit provides practical advice on how to navigate the world of social media, from understanding algorithms to collaborating with brands. She encourages aspiring influencers to embrace their unique skills and interests, reminding them that everyone has something valuable to share with the world. With her wealth of experience and down-to-earth approach, Hofit inspires listeners to pursue their dreams and make their mark on social media.The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE! - - Preview1:10 - Introduction2:33 - Going Viral for the Wrong Reasons4:33 - Transitioning from Traditional Media to Social Media6:54 - You Don't Need Money To Get Started8:09 - It's All About Branding11:48 - Your Indepence is the Most Powerful Tool You Can Have12:15 - Master Mask Seller During Covid13:22 - The Key Change in Media14:24 - Creating Viral Content20:03 - How Brands Should Collab with Influencers24:18 - How to Find Hofit's Content25:11 - Tip on Creating ContentConnect with Rudy Mawer:- LinkedIn - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - with Hofit Gulan:- Instagram -
4/1/202426 minutes, 1 second
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Living with A Billionaire : Key Lessons I've Learnt

So, I just wrapped up a week where I got to hang out with none other than Sir Richard Branson. You know, the legendary entrepreneur who's all about shaking things up with his bold ideas and infectious energy. Yeah, that guy. Anyway, during our time together on his Island, he shared and I observed some really cool insights into life and business that I am keen to share with you all.One of the big takeaways for me was Branson's mantra of always saying "yes" to new opportunities. I mean, the guy is all about diving headfirst into challenges and trying out new stuff, and it's very inspiring to be around. Plus, he dropped some wisdom bombs about the importance of staying healthy, bouncing back from setbacks, and fostering creativity.This is the second time I've spent a week here and everytime i come back, I have a surge of inspiration and a new level of energy that enables me to push to new levels in my life, and I'm hoping the lessons that I share here today will do the same for you. The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!  - In This Episode:Embrace saying yes more: Richard Branson's attitude of saying yes and trying new things can lead to unexpected opportunities and growth.Focus on what truly matters: Learn to prioritize what is truly important in life, such as family, health, and legacy, rather than stressing over minor details.Understand the stage of growth: Recognize the current stage of your business or life journey and focus your efforts accordingly.Identify problems in the market: Successful ventures often arise from recognizing and addressing gaps or problems in the market.Take swift action: Don't overanalyze or delay implementing new ideas; swift action can lead to quicker success.Negotiate creatively: Be open to negotiation and creative deal-making, as demonstrated by Richard Branson's purchase of an island for a fraction of its asking price.Prioritize health: Health is a crucial asset, and investing in physical and mental well-being is essential for long-term success and happiness.Question conventional wisdom: Don't be afraid to challenge norms and explore unconventional approaches in business and life.Maintain a positive attitude: Adopt a positive and open mindset, as it can lead to more opportunities and enjoyable experiences.Cultivate resilience: Learn to shrug off setbacks and focus on moving forward, as resilience is vital for overcoming obstacles.Stay adaptable: Be flexible and willing to try new things, as adaptability is key to thriving in an ever-changing world.Think long-term: Balance immediate needs with long-term goals and aspirations to ensure sustainable growth and fulfillment.Value experiences over possessions: Place importance on enriching experiences and relationships rather than material possessions.Foster a culture of fun: Create an environment where enjoyment and creativity thrive, fostering a positive workplace culture.Seek mentorship: Learn from successful individuals and seek mentorship to gain insights and guidance on your journey.Embrace failure: View failure as a learning opportunity and a stepping stone towards future success.Lead by example: Set a positive example for...
3/28/202419 minutes, 47 seconds
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Mastering Payments: Unlocking the Secrets to Sustainable Growth in Business

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of payment processing, where stability is king. Discovering that payment processors prefer steady growth over sudden spikes, emphasizing the need for consistency in business performance. Financial stability and risk management are top priorities for processors, requiring startups and ecommerce businesses to prove their financial strength to gain trust. We also discuss how useful it can be to communicate everything to you're processor, so when they see huge spikes, they will be less inclined to hold your money, and how building a reliable track record, known as "seasoning," is a key factor in earning approval. By understanding these principles, businesses can form solid partnerships with payment processors, paving the way for sustainable growth in the digital marketplace.In This Episode:Payment processors prioritize consistency over rapid growth.Rapid growth can be alarming to payment processors, as it raises questions about its origin and sustainability.The ideal growth rate for payment processors is around 5 to 8%.Sudden spikes in growth may raise concerns about financial stability.Understanding the financial capacity to support growth is essential for startups and ecommerce businessesSeasoning of the account (i.e., demonstrating a track record of consistent performance) is critical for approval by payment processors.Payment processors value transparency and communication from businesses regarding their financial status and growth plans.Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter Connect with Ruben:
3/25/202426 minutes
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Mastering the Art of High-Converting Websites and Funnels

Welcome to another transformative episode of Living the Red Life, where today we're diving into the revolutionary world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its game-changing impact on business operations. Forget about the traditional way of doing things; AI is here to revolutionize how we handle sales processes, lead generation, and much more. Inspired by a recent live event where members learned to build entire sales funnels and processes in mere hours with AI, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to streamline their business and leap into the future of efficiency.What You'll LearnThe foundational elements of a high-converting website.Key strategies for building landing pages that capture and convert.The common pitfalls to avoid when creating your online marketing funnels.Why a proactive, test-and-learn approach is crucial for success in digital marketing.HighlightsConversion-Centric Design: Understand how to structure your website and landing pages for optimal user engagement and conversion.Avoiding False Hope: Recognize the pitfalls of assuming automatic success and how this mindset can lead to stagnation and disappointment.The Path Forward: Learn the importance of continuous optimization, testing, and iteration to overcome challenges in digital marketing.If you're serious about taking your online presence to the next level and avoiding the common traps that leave many marketers frustrated, this episode is a must-listen. Subscribe to our podcast for more invaluable insights on digital marketing and start implementing these strategies today. Don't let another year pass by with unfulfilled potential—take control of your digital marketing success now.Connect with RudyYour journey to digital marketing mastery is important to us. Share your successes, challenges, or any questions you have after implementing these strategies. Reach out through our social media channels or comment below. Let's navigate the path to conversion excellence together.#HighConvertingWebsites #LandingPageDesign #DigitalMarketingTips #ConversionOptimization #OnlineFunnels #WebDesign101 #MarketingStrategy #GrowYourBusiness #LeadGeneration #WebsiteConversion #OptInStrategies #MarketingSuccessLinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
3/21/202420 minutes, 20 seconds
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Harnessing AI: Transform Your Business in Clicks, Not Days

Welcome to another transformative episode of Living the Red Life, where today we're diving into the revolutionary world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its game-changing impact on business operations. Forget about the traditional way of doing things; AI is here to revolutionize how we handle sales processes, lead generation, and much more. Inspired by a recent live event where members learned to build entire sales funnels and processes in mere hours with AI, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to streamline their business and leap into the future of efficiency.---What You'll Learn:AI in Business: An introduction to the role of AI in modern business practices.DIY Sales Processes: Step-by-step guidance on building your lead generation and sales page using AI, cutting down the time and cost significantly.Expanding AI Use: Explore broader applications of AI across different aspects of your business for enhanced productivity and creativity.---HighlightsEfficiency Revolution: Understand how AI is transforming business tasks that traditionally took days or even weeks into a matter of hours.Empowerment Through AI: Learn how even individuals with no copywriting skills can leverage AI to produce high-quality content quickly.Beyond Basics: Discover the vast potential of AI beyond just sales processes, opening up a world of possibilities for your business.---Connect with RudyEmbrace the future of business with AI and start transforming your operations today. Subscribe to Living the Red Life for more insights into leveraging technology for business growth. Have experiences or questions about using AI in your own business? Share them with us in the comments or on social media—we love hearing from our listeners!#AIBusinessRevolution #AITransformation #BusinessAutomation #EfficiencyWithAI #SalesProcessInnovation #LeadGenerationAI #TechInBusiness #FutureOfWork #DigitalTransformation #EntrepreneurshipAI #InnovateWithAI #AIForSMEs #CostSavingTech #StreamlineWithAI #LivingTheRedLifePodcastLinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/14/202420 minutes, 29 seconds
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8 Levels To Building from $0 to $100 Million

In this gripping episode of *Living the Red Life*, we delve into the business lifecycle, from the embryonic startup phase to the pinnacle of generating hundreds of millions in revenue. Whether you're laying the first stone of your enterprise or scaling to new peaks, this episode is brimming with insights and actionable strategies to steer you towards success.---What You'll Learn:Understanding Business Cycles: Unpack the various stages of business growth.From Startup to Success: Tips and tactics for evolving from a nascent startup to a thriving, lucrative business.Keys to Success: The indispensable factors that underpin success in the ever-evolving business arena.---Highlights- A primer on the dynamics of business cycles and growth stages.- Navigating the transition from startup to success: challenges and strategies.- Insights into scaling your venture and overcoming growth hurdles.- Inspirational success narratives from entrepreneurs who've journeyed to the top.- Practical advice for entrepreneurs eager to accelerate their business growth.---Aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs ready to escalate their business ventures, this episode is your guide through the tumultuous yet rewarding journey of business growth. Ensure you subscribe to *Living the Red Life* for a treasure trove of insights on entrepreneurship and achieving unparalleled success. Share with your network of aspiring moguls and become part of our community of future-forward leaders.---Connect with RudyYour insights and stories fuel our community! Share your thoughts, queries, or success tales. Connect with us on social media or drop a comment below. Together, let's forge paths to remarkable achievements.#EntrepreneurJourney #BusinessGrowth #StartupLife #ScalingSuccess #LivingTheRedLife #Entrepreneurship #BusinessCycles #StartupToMillions #SuccessMindset #InnovationLeaders #GrowthHacking #BusinessStrategies---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/7/202418 minutes, 59 seconds
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Overcoming Fears & Making Money W/ Your Private Jet

Today, tune in to the behavior change expert “Gary Coxe”. World renowned Business and Life Strategist, Bestselling Author, Transformation Expert, and Aviation Enthusiast. Featured in Dr Phil’s Show for over 3 years helping people transform their mindset and life. Now an avid entrepreneur, jet owner and has over 40 years of business experienceHe speaks to hundreds of thousands of people and countless organizations about improving their professional and personal lives. We discuss why owning a private jet isn't just about showing off wealth, but can actually be a smart business move. Gary shares his experiences and insights, showing how passion fuels successful businesses and why it's important to change how we think to reach our goals.During the conversation, we cover a range of interesting topics, from the lessons learned from rich mentors to why watching too much news might actually be good for us? The importance of getting help and using what we know to get things done. And whether or not our feelings are a good indicator on whether we should pursue something and stick with it.The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!  - In This Episode:Owning a private jet is an asset, not a liability.A glimpse inside a successful jet businessSuccessful business ventures often start from passionWe are limited by our understanding of realityLessons learnt from a billionaire mentorWatching the news all the time is a good thing?If you want it done right, DON’T do it yourselfReprogramming the way we thinkWe are valued based on our knowledge and how we implement itYou cant change what you dont acknowledgeUnderstanding the patterns that stop us from growingMaking moves when you’re not readyWhen your feelings are not in harmony with your goals, ignore them.And more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/4/202425 minutes, 36 seconds
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Crafting Winning Ads - 7 Simple Examples

In this podcast episode, we're delving into the world of advertising and social media, where we'll uncover 7 key strategies to make posting and advertising easy. Discover methods from my $200k daily ad budget and 10 years of experience. I’ll be touching on the power of storytelling in ads and the all-too-common content creation pitfalls. I’ll be sharing some inspiring real-life storytelling examples and nifty tricks for gathering testimonials that will have a profound impact on your ad performance and ROI.Learn the art of crafting offers that your audience can't resist, including some unconventional lessons we can learn from figures like Donald Trump. Plus, i'll be breaking down the buyer's journey to help you understand where your audience may be when you approach them.If you’ve ever wanted to run ads or currently run ads and want a real strategy behind ad copy and creative don’t miss this! The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!  - In This Episode:7 best types of ads (anyone can make)Lessons learnt from spending over $200k per day on adsWhy story based ads are so impactfulThe mistakes people make when creating contentExamples of storytelling that you can use in your adsIdeas for getting testimonials for your product or businessHow to craft an irresistible offerLessons learnt from donald trump to help us create better adsUnderstanding the buyers journeyWhat non established brands need to be doingEducate your audience before you sellWhat is your big promise to your audienceAnd more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/29/202422 minutes, 45 seconds
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Mastering Leadership: Crafting the Perfect Team for 2024

Embark on a journey with us in this episode of Living the Red Life, where we delve deep into the essence of transformative leadership and the art of assembling a powerhouse team for the year 2024. Drawing from a meticulously crafted ten-stage framework, we reveal the strategies and insights that have shaped our leadership teams and departments, setting the stage for unparalleled success. Whether you're at the helm of a startup or leading a team within a Fortune 500 company, this episode is packed with wisdom to elevate your team-building skills to new heights.---What You'll Learn:The Ten-Stage Framework: An exclusive blueprint for cultivating a successful team, covering everything from recruitment to culture building.Leadership Insights: Critical leadership qualities for the modern age and how to apply them effectively within your team.Strategic Team Building: Techniques for assembling a team that balances skill, personality, and innovation.Cultivating Success: Practical advice for creating an environment where your team can thrive and achieve their full potential.---Key Takeaways:Leadership is not just about direction but about inspiration.The right team composition can make or break your success.A positive culture is the bedrock of team performance.Empowerment and clear goals drive team achievement.---If today's dive into leadership and team dynamics resonated with you, don't let the conversation end here. Subscribe to Living the Red Life for more insights into making every aspect of your life as rich and fulfilling as your ambitions. Have thoughts, questions, or your own successes to share? Drop us a comment or connect with us on social media. Your journey to leadership excellence starts now.#LeadershipExcellence #TeamBuilding2024 #SuccessCulture #EmpoweringTeams #InnovativeLeadership #BusinessGrowthStrategies #EntrepreneurialJourney #LeadershipMindset #PeakPerformance #StrategicLeadership---Stay engaged and be on the lookout for our upcoming episodes, where we'll continue to explore the pathways to success in leadership, innovation, and personal development. Join our community of forward-thinkers and change-makers who are reshaping the world one team at a time.---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/22/202423 minutes, 20 seconds
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Unlocking Success: Beyond Intelligence with Shawn Meaike

Join us in this eye-opening episode of "Living the Red Life" as we dive into an inspiring conversation with Shawn Meaike, a serial entrepreneur and the mastermind behind multiple successful business ventures. Shawn shares his journey from a state worker focused on child welfare to becoming a multi-millionaire by embracing risk, action, and a unique perspective on intelligence and success.---Key Topics Covered:Redefining Intelligence: Shawn’s observation on how over-analysis and risk aversion often hold back highly intelligent people from achieving financial success. The advantage of action over analysis in the entrepreneurial journey.Shawn Meaike's Background: An overview of Shawn's diverse career, from social work to founding and selling multiple companies in real estate, waste management, and life insurance.Creating Opportunities for Others: Shawn's passion for empowering others to achieve financial success, creating more six and seven-figure earners than any company he’s worked with.The Blend of Confidence and Continuous Learning: How maintaining a balance between confidence and the willingness to learn and adapt can propel individuals toward success.Launching with Momentum: Shawn’s philosophy on the power of launching ideas quickly and refining them on the go, despite operational challenges.---Key Takeaways:From Social Work to Serial Entrepreneurship: Shawn shares his unique journey and the lessons learned from transitioning between vastly different career paths.Intelligence vs. Action: A discussion on how sometimes, taking bold actions without overthinking can lead to greater success than cautious analysis.Empowering Financial Success: Shawn’s most rewarding achievement - helping others build their own successful businesses under his mentorship.Momentum Over Perfection: The contagious energy of launching projects quickly and the impact of momentum on brand and team dynamics.---Join us in this episode of "Living the Red Life" as Shawn Meaike reveals the unconventional wisdom behind his success and how he uses his achievements to inspire and uplift others. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or someone seeking motivation to take action, Shawn’s insights offer valuable lessons on the path to financial freedom and success.---Don’t miss out on more inspiring episodes. Subscribe now and share your thoughts on Shawn Meaike’s entrepreneurial philosophy in the comments below!#LivingTheRedLife #Entrepreneurship #SuccessMindset #FinancialFreedom #ShawnMeaike---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/19/202419 minutes, 54 seconds
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Celebrating 100 Episodes: Wisdom from Titans of Industry

Join us for a landmark 100th episode of The Red Life Podcast, where we've brought together an unparalleled lineup of friends, business partners, celebrities, and billionaires to share their unique insights and wisdom.This special episode is packed with powerful clips from ten incredible guests, each offering valuable lessons on success, patience, leveraging, passion, and more. Whether you're seeking inspiration, looking to level up in life, or just a fan of absorbing knowledge from the best in the business, this episode is a treasure trove of advice from some of the most influential figures today.--Key Topics Covered:Grant Cardone: Discusses the importance of leaving places and people to level up in your life.Floyd Mayweather: Shares why patience is a superpower in achieving greatness.Les Brown: Talks about how success leaves clues and the importance of rituals in becoming the person you aspire to be.Kevin Harrington: Highlights the strategy of leveraging other people's brands to amplify your success.Gary Cardone: Emphasizes how passion sells and the impact it has on your pursuits.Elena Cardone: Advises on clarifying your roles within your relationships and business for better alignment and success.Darren Prince: Reminds us that people do business with those they like; it's crucial to build relationships beyond business transactions.Bas Rutten: States that you don't have to like everything you do; the key is to just do it and move forward.Ryan Pineda: Advocates for having a niche but being broad enough to attract and engage a wider audience.Vince Del Monte: Encourages owning where you are, including the mistakes you make, as a path to genuine growth and success.---Key Takeaways:"A Century of Insights": A celebration of The Red Life Podcast's journey to its 100th episode, featuring a compilation of wisdom from ten extraordinary guests."Lessons from the Legends": Each guest shares a piece of advice that has significantly influenced their success, offering listeners a roadmap to personal and professional growth."Diverse Perspectives on Success": From patience and passion to relationships and leveraging brands, this episode covers a wide range of topics, providing valuable insights for anyone at any stage of their journey.---Celebrate the 100th episode of The Red Life Podcast with us as we delve into the minds of ten industry titans. Their shared wisdom is not just advice but a call to action for anyone looking to level up in life. This episode is a testament to the power of learning from those who've walked the path of success.---Don’t forget to subscribe for more episodes filled with insights and inspiration. Share your favorite piece of advice from this episode in the comments below and let us know how it has impacted your journey!#TheRedLifePodcast #100Episodes #SuccessWisdom #IndustryTitans #LevelUpYourLife---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/15/202423 minutes, 15 seconds
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Empowering Change with David Meltzer

In this inspiring episode of "Living the Red Life," we welcome David Meltzer, a renowned figure in the world of business and personal development, known for his profound impact on communities and individuals alike. Join us as David shares his journey from facing financial challenges to becoming a millionaire, his philosophy on wealth, happiness, and empowering others, and insights on achieving success.---Key Topics Covered:Introduction to David Meltzer: Dave's background and how he's made a significant impact through his work and social outreach.The Role of Expectations in Success: David emphasizes the importance of setting the right expectations in business, teamwork, and personal life.Overcoming Financial Distress: David personal story of becoming rich to overcome financial distress and the lessons learned from his journey through financial highs and lows.Empowerment Through Values and Execution: How David has dedicated his life to empowering others using his unique values, practices, and execution model.The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Success: David discusses the power of being around people who embody the success you aspire to achieve and how it shapes your journey.Breaking Through Self-Image Limitations: Insights into overcoming the limitations set by one's self-image to achieve what seems impossible to others.---Key Takeaways:David Meltzer's Transformative Journey: From his early struggles to achieving financial success and facing bankruptcy, to rising again with a mission to empower others.The Power of Expectations: David shares why mastering the art of setting and managing expectations is crucial for success.Financial Freedom and Happiness: How David's pursuit of wealth shifted from personal gain to empowering communities and spreading happiness.Learning from the Best: David stresses the importance of learning from those who've achieved the success you desire, sharing his experiences with figures like Richard Branson.---Join us in this episode of "Living the Red Life" as David Meltzer shares his invaluable experiences and wisdom on overcoming life's challenges, the essence of true wealth, and the journey to empowering oneself and others.---Don’t forget to subscribe for more enriching episodes and share your takeaways from David Meltzer’s inspiring journey in the comments below!#LivingTheRedLife #DaveMeltzer #Empowerment #SuccessJourney #FinancialFreedom #PersonalDevelopment---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/12/202426 minutes, 50 seconds
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Apple's Mastery: Strategies Behind a $3 Trillion Empire

Dive deep into the strategic prowess that catapulted Apple to a $2 trillion valuation. This episode reveals how Apple's blend of innovation, market differentiation, and powerful branding eclipses competition and captures hearts worldwide. Join us as we uncover the lessons entrepreneurs can draw from Apple's playbook to elevate their businesses.---Key Topics Covered:Innovation as a Differentiator: Examining how Apple's commitment to innovation sets it apart in a saturated market. Insights into Apple's groundbreaking product designs that redefine consumer expectations.Achieving Luxury Accessibility: Strategies behind Apple's balancing act of maintaining premium status while appealing to the mass market. The allure of luxury within reach and its psychological impact on consumer behavior.Strategic Market Expansion: Apple's methodical approach to diversifying into new markets and product categories. The importance of foresight and agility in sustaining growth and relevance.Cultivating Lifetime Customer Value: How Apple's business model focuses on long-term customer relationships over immediate profits. Techniques for building a customer journey that maximizes lifetime value.The Power of Branding: Unpacking the elements that contribute to Apple's iconic brand status. The role of effective branding in building a loyal customer base and commanding premium prices.---Key Takeaways:The Blueprint of a Tech Titan: A closer look at how Apple's strategies can serve as a blueprint for aspiring businesses aiming for longevity and market leadership.Beyond Products: Building Experiences: Understanding how Apple's focus on creating unparalleled user experiences contributes to its success.The Psychological Genius of Apple’s Marketing: Analyzing the masterful marketing techniques Apple employs to become an aspirational brand.---This episode offers a comprehensive analysis of the strategic genius behind Apple's ascent to a $3 trillion empire. For entrepreneurs and business leaders, Apple's journey is a master class in innovation, market differentiation, customer value, and branding excellence. Discover actionable insights to apply Apple's winning strategies to your business.---Don’t miss out on more episodes that dissect the success formulas of industry giants. Subscribe now and join the conversation in the comments below. How will you integrate Apple's strategies into your business model?---#TechGiants #AppleInsights #StrategicInnovation #BrandBuilding #MarketLeadershipConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/8/202419 minutes, 12 seconds
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Email Mastery: Dr. Michelle's $8 Million Strategy

In this insightful episode of "Living the Red Life," Rudy Mawer sits down with Dr. Michelle Sands to explore the lucrative world of affiliate marketing and email monetization. Dr. Michelle, the force behind Glow Natural Wellness, shares her strategies on building a massive email list and turning it into a multimillion-dollar revenue stream.---Key Topics Covered:Introduction to Dr. Michelle and Glow Natural Wellness: Dr. Michelle discusses her brand, which focuses on natural women's wellness, and her journey in the industry.Building a Massive Email List: Insights into how Dr. Michelle grew her email list to 400,000 subscribers and her approach to engaging this audience effectively.Monetizing Email Marketing: Strategies and tactics used by Dr. Michelle to generate approximately $8 million a year through email marketing.Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Dr. Michelle talks about reaching out to influential figures and overcoming fears and self-doubt in the early stages of her career.The Power of Starting: Emphasizing the importance of taking the first step, despite initial fears, and how it has led to her current success.Evolution of Interview Skills: Reflecting on the growth and improvement in her interviewing skills over time, contributing to her brand’s growth.Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Dr. Michelle shares tips for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their own email lists and engage in effective affiliate marketing.---Key Takeaways:Leveraging Email Marketing: Understanding the potential of email marketing as a significant revenue source.Importance of Audience Building: Strategies for building and nurturing a large and engaged email list.Growth Mindset: The journey from initial nervousness to becoming proficient in conducting interviews and business communications.Starting Despite Fear: The value of starting and learning from early experiences, no matter how daunting it seems initially.---Join Rudy Mawer and Dr. Michelle Sands in this episode of "Living the Red Life" for an enlightening discussion on mastering email marketing and turning it into a successful business model.---Subscribe for more episodes and share your thoughts on Dr. Michelle’s email marketing strategies in the comments below!#LivingTheRedLife #EmailMarketing #RudyMawerPodcast #AffiliateMarketing #Entrepreneurship #DigitalMarketingStrategies---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/5/202423 minutes, 35 seconds
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Expectations Will RULE or RUIN Your Life - Listen Carefully!

In this insightful episode of "Living the Red Life," we delve into the crucial topic of setting the right expectations in various aspects of life. Whether it's about achieving your dream life, running your business, managing your team, or improving your personal well-being, understanding and managing expectations is pivotal. Join us as we explore why expectations are the number one skill in life for success and happiness.---Key Topics Covered:The Importance of Setting Expectations: Understanding why setting the right expectations is essential for success in business, team management, and personal achievements.Expectations and Money: A candid discussion on the role of financial expectations in achieving a richer and more fulfilling life.Expectations as a Life Skill: Exploring how mastering the art of setting expectations can be one of the most valuable skills in life.Clarity and Alignment: Strategies for ensuring clarity and alignment in expectations between individuals, whether in professional or personal contexts.Common Misunderstandings: Addressing the frequent issue of miscommunication and how unclear expectations can lead to challenges in business and personal relationships.Practical Tips: Offering practical advice on how to effectively set, communicate, and manage expectations in various scenarios.---Key Takeaways:Why Expectations Matter: An in-depth look at how setting clear expectations can dramatically improve your business and personal life.Miscommunication and Misunderstandings: Discussing how unclear expectations are often the root cause of many issues and how to avoid them.Expectations and Success: Linking the ability to manage expectations effectively with achieving higher levels of success and satisfaction.---Join us in this episode of "Living the Red Life" as we unpack the power of setting the right expectations, a skill that can lead to being healthier, happier, and more successful. Whether it's in your personal life, your business, or your team, learn how to align expectations for optimal outcomes.---Don’t forget to subscribe for more insightful episodes and share your experiences with setting expectations in the comments below!#LivingTheRedLife #SuccessMindset #Expectations #BusinessStrategy #PersonalGrowth #TeamManagementConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/1/202422 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Fairy Godmother of Skin: Jacine Greenwood

In this inspiring episode of "Living the Red Life," Rudy Mawer welcomes Jacine Greenwood, the ‘Fairy Godmother of Skin,’ all the way from Australia. Jacine shares her visionary journey in the skincare industry, her pursuit of global domination, and her personal battles with confidence and imposter syndrome.---Key Topics Covered:Vision for Global Domination: Jacine discusses her ambitious goals for her skincare brand and the importance of mastering digital strategies and paid advertising to achieve global presence.The Fairy Godmother of Skin: Introduction to Jacine Greenwood and her unique moniker, exploring her influence and impact in the skincare industry.Self-Taught to Industry Leader: Jacine's story of teaching herself cosmetic chemistry, eventually formalizing her education, and the challenges and successes along the way.Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Jacine opens up about her struggles with imposter syndrome and how she overcame her doubts to enter and excel in prestigious industry awards.Power of Recognition and Awards: The strategic move of entering awards for recognition, third-party endorsement, and credibility, including her experience with the Australian Financial Review Fast 100.Inspirational Takeaways: Jacine’s journey serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs, emphasizing the power of self-belief, perseverance, and strategic thinking in business.---Key Takeaways:Dreaming Big: Jacine's story is a testament to the power of having a global vision and the determination to realize it.Self-Education and Growth: The importance of continual learning and self-improvement in one's field.Battling Self-Doubt: Insights into overcoming imposter syndrome and building confidence.Recognition as a Growth Strategy: How industry recognition and awards can elevate a brand's status and credibility.---Join Rudy Mawer and Jacine Greenwood in this episode of "Living the Red Life" for an enlightening conversation about ambition, self-discovery, and making a global impact in the skincare industry.---Subscribe for more insightful episodes and join our community for ongoing discussions and updates!#LivingTheRedLife #FairyGodmotherOfSkin #RudyMawerPodcast #GlobalDomination #Entrepreneurship #SkincareIndustry #SelfDiscovery---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/29/202419 minutes, 18 seconds
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Stupid Ways I Save Time: An Obsession with Efficiency

In this engaging and somewhat unconventional episode of "Living the Red Life," Rudy Mawer takes listeners on a journey through his personal time-saving methods, which might seem silly at first but are surprisingly effective. The episode is a candid reflection of Rudy's obsession with maximizing every moment of his day.---Key Topics Covered:Introduction to Time Optimization: Rudy discusses the critical importance of time management and his journey toward maximizing efficiency.Rudy's Unique Time-Saving Hacks: A humorous exploration of Rudy's seemingly 'stupid' but practical ways of saving time.Time: The Ultimate Adversary: Rudy shares his perspective on why time, not competition or internal struggles, is the biggest enemy in achieving success.Rudy's Time Management Experiences: Personal anecdotes from Rudy, highlighting both his effective strategies and areas for potential improvement in time management.Finding the Right Balance: Insights into striking a balance between extreme time-saving measures and practicality.Engaging with Listeners: Rudy encourages the audience to share their quirky time-saving methods, creating a relatable and interactive episode.---Key Takeaways:Innovative Time Management: Rudy's approach shows that unconventional methods can be surprisingly effective in saving time.Time as a Resource: Understanding time as a crucial factor in personal and professional success.Learning from Rudy's Experience: Gaining insights from Rudy's own trials and successes in managing time efficiently.The Importance of Balance: Finding a middle ground between saving time and maintaining practicality in everyday life.---Join Rudy Mawer in this episode of "Living the Red Life" as he provides essential insights and actionable strategies to overhaul your marketing approach, turning it from a point of frustration to one of your greatest business assets.---Subscribe for more insightful episodes and join our community for ongoing discussions and updates!#LivingTheRedLife #TimeManagement #RudyMawer #EfficiencyObsession #ProductivityHacksConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/25/202419 minutes, 26 seconds
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Unlocking Billionaire Mindsets with Brian Dalmaso

In this enlightening episode of "Living the Red Life," host Rudy Mawer invites mindset guru and expert Brian Dalmaso, a mentee of Bob Proctor, to discuss the transformative power of mindset in achieving unprecedented success.Brian, known for his extensive knowledge in metaphysics and quantum mechanics, shares his insights on how anyone can learn to think and act like the top 1%.---Key Topics Covered:Brian's Journey: Starting in real estate and evolving into a mindset expert under the mentorship of Bob Proctor.The Science Behind Success: An exploration of metaphysics and quantum mechanics as the foundations of successful thinking.Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Understanding that anyone can emulate the success mindset of figures like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs.The Power of Unconscious Competence: Discussing how innate abilities and learned skills combine to create a success-oriented mindset.Reprogramming for Success: The concept of being a 'blank slate' at birth and how environmental stimuli, like growing up in a billionaire's household, can shape one's mindset.Building a New Paradigm: Encouraging listeners to consciously choose and build their belief systems for success.Practical Tips for Aspiring Millionaires: Brian offers actionable advice on working on mindset, understanding universal laws, and balancing spiritual, intellectual, and physical development.Commonalities Among Successful People: A discussion on the shared traits of successful individuals across various fields.---Key Takeaways:Mindset is Key: The way you think can profoundly impact your journey to success.Learning from the Best: Emulating the thought processes and actions of successful people can lead to significant personal growth.Holistic Development: Success requires a balance of spiritual, intellectual, and physical efforts.Universal Laws Apply: Understanding and applying universal laws can guide your path to success.Actionable Steps: Practical advice for those aspiring to elevate their financial and personal achievements.---Join Rudy Mawer and Brian Dalmaso in this episode of "Living the Red Life" as they delve into the nuances of cultivating a mindset that breeds success, offering insights and actionable steps for listeners aiming for transformational growth.---Subscribe for more insightful episodes and join our community for ongoing discussions and updates!#LivingTheRedLife #MindsetMastery #RudyMawerPodcast #BrianDalmaso #SuccessMindset #Entrepreneurship #PersonalGrowth---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/22/202426 minutes, 9 seconds
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Why Hobbies & Dead Time Are Killing Your Goals

In this thought-provoking episode of "Living the Red Life," Rudy Mawer tackles a rarely discussed yet crucial topic: the impact of hobbies on financial success and productivity.Rudy delves into how successful entrepreneurs manage their hobbies and dead time, contrasting this with the habits of less successful individuals. This episode is a deep dive into balancing work, fun, and the importance of structuring your day to align with your life goals.---Key Topics Covered:The Productivity Paradigm: Understanding the importance of maximizing every minute, and how 'dead time' can hinder life progress.Hobbies vs. Success: Exploring the relationship between the hobbies one chooses and their level of success, particularly financial freedom.Entrepreneurial Time Management: Insights into how successful entrepreneurs structure their day, focusing on minimizing dead space and maximizing productivity.The Trap of Mundane Tasks: Discussion on how mundane tasks and unstructured time can consume a significant portion of one’s life.Reevaluating Hobbies: The importance of choosing hobbies that serve your goals and how they fit into a successful lifestyle.Time Management Strategies: Practical advice on structuring your day, prioritizing tasks, and aligning activities with your life and financial goals.Intentional Living: Emphasizing the need for intentional living and structured time management for long-term success.---Key Takeaways:Value Your Time: Recognizing the importance of how you spend each minute is crucial for success.Quality Over Quantity: It’s not about having no hobbies, but choosing those that align with and support your goals.Structure is Key: Successful people structure their time intentionally, including work, hobbies, and relaxation.Avoid Dead Space: Identifying and minimizing unproductive dead space can lead to significant improvements in productivity and success.Intentional Hobbies: Hobbies should be purposeful and in moderation to support rather than detract from your goals.---Join Rudy Mawer in this episode of "Living the Red Life" as he provides insights and actionable advice on managing time effectively, choosing the right hobbies, and structuring your day for maximum productivity and success.---Subscribe for more insightful episodes and join our community for ongoing discussions and updates!#LivingTheRedLife #TimeManagement #Productivity #RudyMawerPodcast #Entrepreneurship #SuccessMindset #HobbiesAndSuccess---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/18/202414 minutes, 14 seconds
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Buying Businesses for Zero $ w/ Roland Fraiser

In this captivating episode of "Living the Red Life," host Rudy Mawer is joined by Roland Fraiser, a luminary in the field of business growth and development.Roland shares his extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, providing listeners with valuable insights into how acquiring and merging companies can be a game-changer for business growth.---Key Topics Covered:Roland’s Journey: Starting from real estate at 18, moving into raising capital, securities, and finally mastering mergers and acquisitions.Mindset Shift in Business: Rudy and Roland discuss the importance of mindset in business, emphasizing how a strategic shift can lead to significant growth and success.Growth through Mergers and Acquisitions: An exploration of how companies like Tesla, Apple, and Google have grown by acquiring other businesses, acquiring new capabilities, and expanding their product lines.Simplifying Business Challenges: Understanding how acquiring a working business can eliminate the challenges of starting from scratch, such as finding customers, building systems, and assembling a team.Advice for Entrepreneurs: Roland provides practical advice for those tired of working as employees or contractors, suggesting they acquire profitable businesses instead of starting new ones.Financing Acquisitions: Insights into financing the acquisition of businesses without personal capital or credit.Learning from Experience: Rudy shares his journey, including the complexities and lessons learned from his initial business ventures, leading to the development of a more streamlined approach to deals.---Key Takeaways:Leverage Acquisitions for Growth: Acquiring existing businesses can be more efficient and less risky than starting new ones.Mindset Matters: A strategic mindset shift can significantly impact your business's growth trajectory.Creative Financing: There are numerous ways to finance business acquisitions without personal investment or risk.Experience is Invaluable: Learning from early business experiences can lead to more effective and simplified business strategies.---Join Rudy Mawer and Roland Fraiser in this episode of "Living the Red Life" as they delve into the nuances of business growth through mergers and acquisitions, offering actionable insights for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to scale their operations.---Subscribe for more insightful episodes and join our community for ongoing discussions and updates!#LivingTheRedLife #BusinessGrowth #MergersAndAcquisitions #RudyMawerPodcast #RolandFraiser #Entrepreneurship #BusinessStrategy---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/15/202427 minutes, 49 seconds
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Why Your Marketing Sucks! (& How To Fix It!)

In this dynamic episode of "Living the Red Life," host Rudy Mawer dives into a critical aspect of business success: marketing.Rudy shares his expertise in social media and direct response marketing, addressing why many marketing strategies fail and how to turn them around. With over a decade of experience and having helped thousands of clients, Rudy aims to transform your marketing from a point of frustration to a powerful tool for business growth.---Key Topics Covered:The Reality of Marketing: Understanding why marketing often fails and the frustration it can cause for businesses.Rudy's Marketing Expertise: Drawing from Rudy's ten-plus years as a leading expert in social media and direct response marketing.Building an Expert Audience: Insights into how Rudy built his marketing expertise by helping thousands of clients.Turning Marketing Tides: Strategies for transforming ineffective marketing into a significant, influential aspect of your business.Marketing as a Powerful Skill: Emphasizing the importance of marketing as a skill set and its impact on business growth.---Key Takeaways:Mastering Marketing: Recognize that effective marketing is a skill that can be developed and refined over time.Understanding Failures: Learn to identify why certain marketing strategies don't work and how to pivot for success.Influence of Marketing: Realize the immense potential marketing holds in influencing business success.Long-Term Growth: Discover how long-term dedication to developing marketing skills can lead to sustained business growth.Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from Rudy’s extensive experience and success in the marketing field.---Join Rudy Mawer in this episode of "Living the Red Life" as he provides essential insights and actionable strategies to overhaul your marketing approach, turning it from a point of frustration to one of your greatest business assets.---Subscribe for more insightful episodes and join our community for ongoing discussions and updates!#LivingTheRedLife #MarketingSuccess #RudyMawerPodcast #SocialMediaMarketing #DirectResponse #BusinessGrowth #MarketingStrategies---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/11/202423 minutes, 31 seconds
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Mastering Team Growth with Guest: Cameron Herald

In this insightful episode of "Living the Red Life," host Rudy Mawer welcomes Cameron Herald, an esteemed expert in team operations and growth. Cameron brings his wealth of experience to the table, offering invaluable advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders, especially those in the crucial phase of scaling their teams from small to medium size.Key Topics CoveredThe Value of an Executive Assistant: Cameron emphasizes the importance of delegating low-value tasks, especially for business leaders in small companies, to focus on high-impact activities.Operational Insights from a Pro: Rudy expresses his admiration for Cameron's expertise in operations and team management, setting the stage for a deep dive into these crucial aspects.Leadership Challenges Across Company Sizes: Cameron discusses the evolving challenges leaders face as their companies grow, referencing his experience coaching top executives like the CEO of Sprint.Personal Evolution Alongside Business Growth: The conversation touches on the necessity of personal development for business leaders as their companies expand and change.Scaling Teams in Growing Companies: Cameron offers insights on the skillsets needed as a company grows, highlighting situational leadership, coaching, delegation, and handling conflict.Hiring for Growth Phases: Advice on hiring strategies for different stages of business growth, emphasizing the need for versatile team members who can manage ambiguity and rapid change.Key TakeawaysDelegation is Key: Outsourcing low-level tasks is crucial for leaders to focus on high-impact decisions.Adaptable Leadership: Leaders must evolve personally as their business grows, adapting their leadership style to the company's changing needs.Skill Development for Scaling: Developing 'soft skills' like coaching, delegation, and conflict resolution is vital as businesses grow.Strategic Hiring: In early growth stages, hire versatile individuals who can handle multiple roles and quickly adapt to changes.Navigating Business Evolution: Understand that the strategies and team structures that work at one stage may need to be reevaluated as the company grows.---Join Rudy Mawer and Cameron Herald in this episode of "Living the Red Life" as they delve into the nuances of building and scaling effective teams, offering actionable insights for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their business operations.---Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/8/202427 minutes, 28 seconds
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Your Success Circle - Key to Growth?

In this thought-provoking episode of "Living the Red Life," host Rudy Moore delves deep into the concept of building and nurturing your personal and professional circles for success. Rudy emphasizes the impact of the people around you on your life, goals, and overall well-being, drawing parallels with maintaining a balanced diet for a healthy body.Key Segments:Rudy Moore introduces the theme of the episode and invites listeners to join him in transforming their approach to life and success.Rudy discusses the significance of your circle of influence, comparing it to a sports team where each member plays a crucial role in your journey.Exploring the 80/20 rule as it applies to lifestyle and relationships, Rudy highlights the importance of having a predominantly positive and supportive circle.Rudy addresses the reality of negative or neutral influences and how to balance them without compromising your goals.A deeper reflection on how your circle extends beyond professional life, touching upon family and personal relationships and their impact on your life.Rudy wraps up with actionable advice on evaluating and nurturing your personal and professional circles, emphasizing the long-term benefits of doing so.Featured Topics:Building a Supportive NetworkThe Impact of Social Influence on SuccessBalancing Positive and Negative RelationshipsThe Significance of Personal and Professional CirclesReflective Strategies for Personal GrowthListener Takeaways:Techniques to assess and improve your circle of influence.Strategies for maintaining a healthy balance of relationships.Tips on nurturing beneficial connections.Insights into the long-term effects of your social circle on personal and professional growth.This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone looking to enhance their life through strategic relationship building. Join Rudy Moore in "Living the Red Life" as he guides you through the nuances of creating a circle that not only supports but propels you towards your goals.#LivingTheRedLife #SuccessCircle #RudyMoorePodcast #Entrepreneurship #PersonalGrowthDon't forget to subscribe for more insightful episodes and join our community discussionConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/4/202421 minutes, 1 second
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How to Win in 2024: Skills, Discipline, and Strategies

In today’s episode of "Living the Red Life," host Rudy Mawer delves into the essential strategies for achieving success in the year 2024. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming year with confidence and skill.Key Topics CoveredDefining Success for 2024Rudy starts by exploring what success means in the modern context and how to tailor your goals to fit this new era.Essential Skills for the YearDiscover the key skills that are crucial for thriving in 2024. From technological proficiency to adaptive thinking, learn what competencies will set you apart.Mastering DisciplineRudy emphasizes the importance of discipline in achieving long-term goals. He shares practical tips on how to cultivate a disciplined mindset and lifestyle.Motivation in Changing TimesUnderstand the art of staying motivated even when faced with uncertainty and rapid change. Rudy provides insights into maintaining focus and drive throughout the year.Tactics and StrategiesDive into specific tactics and strategies that can help you navigate 2024 successfully. Whether it's in your career, personal development, or relationships, these tactics are designed to give you an edge.Building Valuable PartnershipsLearn about the power of partnerships in the modern world. Rudy discusses how to identify and nurture partnerships that can lead to mutual success.Actionable AdviceAs always, Rudy wraps up the episode with actionable advice that listeners can start implementing immediately to gear up for a successful year."In 2024, the secret to winning isn't just in having goals or dreams; it's about arming yourself with the right skills, embracing unwavering discipline, and strategically navigating through the tides of change. Remember, success in this new era isn't about the resources you have, but about being resourceful with what you have. Let's make this year not just about surviving, but thriving in every aspect of our lives."- Rudy Mawer, Host of "Living the Red Life" Podcast.Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
12/28/202320 minutes, 16 seconds
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4 Deadly Sins Of Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

What are the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make? Fresh from a course where our Man in Red has been teaching entrepreneurs how to get their young businesses to hit the million-dollar mark, Rudy Mawer is serving up his financial and marketing insights to us on a platter in an episode of Living The Red Life that you're not going to want to miss!For every mistake that entrepreneurs make, there's a lesson to be learned. From shifting to mindset to knowing where to focus your time and energy, and from spending on sales, marketing, and promotion to fuelling your hunger so that you stop playing small, Rudy's breaking it down for us so that we don't need to break down ourselves before hitting that million dollar milestone. Ask yourself: do you have a way to make money off your customer after that first sale? If the answer is NO, then you need to tune into this episode right now and learn what mistake you're making. Rudy ain't messing around no more. Entrepreneurship is tough and takes a lot of sacrifices to succeed. The doors to Wonderland are open, but it's you who has to run the 4-minute mile to get inside! Please join us. "Shift your mindset on what you do when you wake up. Shift your mindset on what you think about and obsess about all day, every day. Sales. Marketing. Promotion." ~ Rudy Mawer In This Episode:The scary statistics of entrepreneurial successThe importance of investing in sales and marketingIs your focus in the wrong place?Lessons from the 4-minute mileWhy you need more than one product (understanding the ascension model)Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
12/21/202318 minutes, 33 seconds
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Winning In The Game of Business with Sean Castrina

In this enlightening episode of "Living the Red Life," host Rudy Moore welcomes Sean Castrina, a renowned entrepreneur and business strategist, to share his valuable insights on growth and hiring strategies.The Expensive HireSean Castrina delves into the idea that significant growth often requires making expensive, yet game-changing hires. He emphasizes the impact of these strategic decisions on the overall trajectory of a business.Strategic LeadershipThe conversation highlights the importance of the roles within a business, drawing an analogy with chess. Rudy and Sean discuss how, just like in chess where the king is crucial, a business leader is central to success. However, the queen, symbolizing a strategic hire or a key team member, can often be the game-changer in this dynamic.Sean's ExperienceSean shares personal anecdotes and experiences from his journey, providing listeners with practical advice and real-world examples of how making bold hiring decisions can propel a business forward.Tips for EntrepreneursThe episode is packed with tips and strategies for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses. Sean provides actionable insights on identifying when and whom to hire to make a significant impact."Sean Castrina brilliantly reminds us that the cornerstone of transformative growth in business often lies in making bold, strategic hires. It's not just about being the king in the game of entrepreneurship, but recognizing the queen - that pivotal hire who changes the entire game. This is a game-changer for any entrepreneur aiming for the next level of success." - Rudy Mawer, Host of "Living the Red Life" Podcast.Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
12/18/202323 minutes, 1 second
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How To Crush Your Goals

What does it take to crush your goals? We're talking about setting better goals, and having the discipline to actually stick to them? Having a vision for your business, and then setting goals according to that vision, and then measuring the success of those goals from a KPI standpoint are all fundamentally important. As Rudy explains, every morning he and his team have a 'Level Up' meeting where they address their goals and provide each other updates. Rudy is also outlining his personal goals for next year, and you wouldn't bet against our Man in Red being on bigger stages, on TV, and with more celebrity partnerships to his name! So we can learn from the best as Rudy shows us just how to create your own deliverable plan with actionable steps.What are your goals? What will happen if you achieve your goals? And what is needed to achieve these goals? With 2024 just around the corner, it's time for a wake-up call from Wonderland! Let's get to work crushing our goals! You got this. Keep Living the Red Life!"2024 can be an amazing year. But it's going to take discipline, it's going to take a year of focus. It's an interesting year, so I wish you the best of luck. But make sure you have clear goals and a clear plan to achieve it and bring it to life." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Understanding the 2 types of goal settingWriting down your goals to solidify themWhat is needed to achieve your goals?Creating quarterly plans for each goal (and making those plans visible)Sharing your goals with the people that make an impact on your goalsCreating your own deliverable plan to achieve your goals Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
12/14/202319 minutes, 41 seconds
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Is Perfectionist Syndrome Killing Your Business?

Is Perfectionist Syndrome keeping YOU broke? Many entrepreneurs are unsuccessful because they try to get everything done perfectly. As a coach to thousands of businesses, our Man in Red sees the problems associated with Perfectionist Syndrome rear their ugly heads time and again. And today Rudy is helping us do something about it!When you’re cooking up your next business idea are you agonizing over every piece of spaghetti, or are you throwing that spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks? Rudy is reminding us that done is better than perfect – if you stall for too long deciding on each piece of spaghetti, you’re never gonna eat!Where are you over-obsessing? How is your Perfectionist Syndrome hiding behind a limiting belief? And what can you do, today, to get your Minimum Viable Product to launch?You need eyeballs, clicks, sales, and traction before you iterate on your idea, improve your brand, and beef up your product offering. Rudy is kicking us out the door, telling us that it’s time to get a move on. Otherwise, we’re just killing time. Wonderland will be here when you’re done. Come and get it. “How do I get that correct blend, that correct balance, between good products and good marketing? Versus obsession around a product that may never even see the light of day.” ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Why experts/industry leaders fall victim to Perfectionist SyndromeWill your market even notice the small edits you obsess over?How to create your Minimum Viable Product (and start impacting lives)Where are you over-obsessing? What are your limiting beliefs?Creating a personal sense of urgency to get things doneRudy’s t-shirt example to unpack your perfectionism as an entrepreneur Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
12/7/202319 minutes, 22 seconds
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Are You A Hamster On The Hamster Wheel Of Biz?

Are you stuck in the hamster wheel? Or are you creating the hamster wheel? Fresh off a successful event in Miami, Rudy is coming in red hot with advice on how successful entrepreneurs should be creating new hamster wheels – machines that people can run for them.Are you working ON your business or are you working IN it? And how can you learn to tell the difference in your daily tasks? Join the Man in Red as he encourages you to really look at what you're doing and where you're spending your time. Tear down the wheel if you have to. Build a new wheel. Hire someone smarter than you and learn the power of automation in your business. If you run on your own hamster wheel too fast for too long, chances are you'll crash and your business will suffer. Rudy's ruthless approach to evaluating your own time spend is a game changer. Please join us in Wonderland."The key to building a successful business is building a machine that continues to run, that's efficiently run, and then finding people to run it for a continued, prolonged period of time." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Understanding the business skill of creating your own hamster wheelsHow to work ON your business and not IN itAre you optimizing your own time in terms of ROI?Automation: how to outsource what you do when screening new clientsWhy you need a good mentor to support you as you critique yourself Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
11/30/202323 minutes, 56 seconds
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Joe Foster, The Founder of Rebook, Reveals His Life Lessons

Only a Handful Of Companies Make It To The 1 Billion $ Mark. Rudy believes that one of the best ways to learn is to study Billion $ Brands, the outliers, and reserve engineer how they did it.In today's episode, Rudy does exactly this, the incredible story of a world-leading apparel brand - Reebok. Join its founders Joe Foster and Rudy as they dive into the story and how they once conquered Nike and Adidas to race to the top. Learn the lessons going from 9 million to 900 million in just 4 years, how they expanded globally, and the failures along the way.During this episode, Rudy breaks down practical lessons Joe and Reebok experienced you can apply to any new or small business, and, the lessons that kept Reebok on track over several decades before Joe's exit. Just a few gems you'll learn in this episode include:The growth from 9 million to 900 million in 4 years (crazy!)The ups and downs of a global, billion-dollar $ brand.The BIG breaks, and big setbacks during Reebok's journey,Everyday lessons you can take from the giants, and apply to your business or start-up.What's happening now for Reebok?What's next for Joe, the founder, and what he's working on right now (Maybe you can help with?!)Grab your favorite Reebok swag and take a seat, this episode is a sprint to the top! (Literally!)Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
11/27/202334 minutes, 59 seconds
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Lesson from my Celebrity Clients

What can we learn from our favorite celebrity influencers? Our Man in Red Rudy Mawer gets to rub shoulders and work with some of the major industry players, from sports stars to entrepreneurs and everyone famous in between. And today he's sharing what he's learned from being in the same room as these game-changers with us!What are the traits that a celebrity marketer like Rudy is able to identify in A-list influencers? People like Richard Branson, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Hulk Hogan, and Les Brown? Rudy has identified the 5 key things that all his celebrity friends share. Learn how to live the character 24/7 if you really want to live the dream. Double down on that with an obsession showing you're passionate about your work. Always keep the 'deal flow' flowing, even if not every business opportunity works out. And value your time. Right now there's no smarter way to value your time than by listening to today's red hot episode, also filled with some personal insights on Rudy's move to Miami and how he separates success from what it means to 'be a good person'. This one's a cracker! Come on in, Wonderland is waiting for you. "One of the biggest traits that I see in all of the celebrities I work with is an obsession around what they do." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Understanding WHY you need to be OBSESSEDLiving the Character, Living the DreamWhat does your Lifestyle of Success involve?How to Value Your Time (Becoming Disciplined)Appreciating Deal FlowConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
11/23/202319 minutes, 34 seconds
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How To Learn from Trump's Controversy

Are you ready to keep an open mind and learn from one of the greatest personal branding experts alive? Trigger warning! It's Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, if you've watched his documentary or spent any time understanding his journey as an entrepreneur, you'll have to admit that the way he's built his personal brand has been pretty fascinating, from The Apprentice and "You're Fired" all the way to The White House and President of the United States.Having a strong personal brand can open lots of doors for you, from business partnerships to product endorsements, and from podcasts to TV and affiliate deals. So how are you thinking about growing your personal brand so that it can lead to greater business opportunities?For Donald Trump, fixing the ice rink in New York's Central Park wasn't about making money. It was a chance to enhance his reputation with New Yorkers and in turn, Americans. When you have an air of success and ambition about you, good people will be drawn to you and want to work with you. Learn how to create the perfect narrative for your brand in this controversial and coherently argued episode of Living The Red Life that proves yet again why Rudy Mawer's analytical marketing mind is one that we are lucky to have access to. It's the Red Pill, it's Wonderland. It's all here, come and get it!"What will I invest in myself to grow my brand and personal brand, even if it doesn't have a direct ROI?" ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Why you need a personal brandHow Trump reverse engineered his personal brand growth (using controversy)Rudy's personal approach to taking his personal brand to the next levelHow to be intentional about the projects you choose to grow your reputationHow Donald Trump used to leak stories to the pressHow do you create the perfect narrative for your brand?Understanding how to monetize your fame and controversy Being more controversial and polarizing in your messagesThe importance of playing big and going 'all in'Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
11/16/202319 minutes, 27 seconds
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How To Find The Perfect Coach

How do you find the perfect coach? Where do you get the right consultants to help your business get some major wins with a killer marketing strategy?Eric and Seth are the leaders of Rudy's marketing and coaching teams, working with all of Rudy's clients from the agency side to the legacy and mastermind programs. Coming live from Rudy's castle, the 'three musketeers' of marketing are giving us some stellar advice as we look ahead to how we can grow our brands in 2024.There's strategy, which is about your big picture. There's psychology, which is about how you're enticing clients with the right offer, word for word. And then there's the maths, which is the data you need to be analyzing to course correct your strategy as you get to where you want to go. We're headed to Wonderland baby, and a future where we understand the basics of good marketing so that we can hire the right people to assist. Learn from Eric, Seth, and Rudy in this impactful and informative episode of Living The Red Life at its very best. "You've got to have a strong mechanism or hook because people want to buy into something." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Understanding split testing as a marketing strategyThe power of the right marketing mindsetBuilding the right marketing system (and then improving it with each iteration)How DMs and direct calls are working well right nowHow to structure your email offer so that someone is hooked by itWhat questions should you ask when looking for a coach or marketing mentor?Know your numbers! How are you analyzing your data?Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
11/13/202319 minutes, 9 seconds
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Big Picture Thinking (from Rudy’s Castle!)

Have you heard about Rudy's castle? Or better yet, been lucky enough to get invited? Rudy is coming to us live today from the place where he hosts his inner circle and executive retreats. This is where the million-dollar-plus ideas are born, this is where the magic happens.It took some pretty big 'Big Picture Thinking' for Rudy to get to where he is today, in front of his castle. And, so what better time for the rest of us to learn that skill ourselves? The Man in Red is taking us through some of the exercises that he does with his executive team, as well as for clients who'll pay $150K just to be in the right room. Well, today some of those lessons are free!Learn how to get out of your day-to-day, how to put your Elon hat on, and how to envisage a blueprint for success by imagining yourself as a $100 million dollar company. You already have what it takes to get to where you want to go. Now it's time to draw the line between your dreams and your daily hustle so that you can get a castle of your own. It's Wonderland, baby!"You have the mindset, and the skills, and the knowledge to think way bigger." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Why you need to get outside of your day-to-dayAsk yourself: What Would Elon Do?You have the mindset, knowledge, and skills to think way biggerHow to brainstorm new ideas How to narrow down your ideasEnvisaging your $100M CompanyConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
11/9/202315 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Secret to Webinar Success with Jason Fladlien

How do webinars work, exactly? Rudy is going straight to the top to find out! Please meet the man on the webinar throne, 'The Webinar King', Jason Fladlien.Today Jason is giving advice that is worth its weight in gold on how to structure your webinar so that you lead with value, show authenticity, and then make those big sales.Jason Fladlien has recently helped Alex Hormozi, been brought in to train ZOOM employees on their own software, and he's been in the information, coaching, affiliate, and software space since 2008 when he first understood the novelty factor of live on-screen interaction.From the nuts and bolts of how to price your webinar and target the serious 20% of customers willing to spend money on your offer, to what you do before the webinar airs (and then most importantly what you do after), this is a veritable masterclass on how to engage with your ideal customer, make money, and grow your brand.&nbsp;There's a fascinating psychological framework that underpins the success of a good webinar and Rudy is smart to access Jason's thoughts on how best to get your webinar clients to commit to the offer. Learn what you can from 'The Webinar King' - this is Red Life content at its royal best!"That's how I always look at my webinars Rudy: my goal is to help you make the decision that is best for you." ~ Jason FladlienIn This Episode:Welcome to The Webinar King's Journey to SuccessThe power of webinars to engage with your customer (and build your brand)How webinars work (and where you can make your money)Using the webinar replay to lure and lock in your new clientWho do webinars work for?How should you price your webinar?Why 'done is better than better'Connect with Jason Fladlien:Buy Jason’s book - One to Many: The Secret to Webinar Success: Fladlien, Jason: 9781544500621: BooksWebsite - Jason FladlienYouTube - Jason Fladlien - YouTubeConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
11/6/202331 minutes, 15 seconds
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Creating Urgency around your Live Event with Bill Hauser

How do you get into live events? Bill Hauser is a brilliant marketer himself (all dressed in blue!) who built his company to over $30 million in recurring revenue, with a $70 million plus valuation!&nbsp;He started making sales for Yellow Pages online (before it went bankrupt) and was quick to learn the value of an irresistible offer in the right niche. He's been able to transform legal businesses with his law firm coaching and marketing company, SMB Team.Bill Hauser clearly has Rudy's respect and in this back-and-forth interview, it's clear to see why. Even though Rudy is living the Red Life, there are lessons to be learned from Blue as Bill shows us how he goes about creating culture in his company and how he prioritizes setting his company vision above all else.&nbsp;There's advice on where to start if you're looking to get into live events, the power of paid advertising, and how to create urgency with your webinar. Learning how to sell and then learning how to scale starts here. Join us in Wonderland - once you've taken the Red Pill!"Most of the success we've seen is because this is a business transformation offer." ~ Bill HauserIn This Episode:The importance of learning how to sell + having a great offerHow Bill got good at selling to lawyers with a business transformation offerThe power of live events with the right celebrity speakersAre in-person or virtual events a better way to go?&nbsp;How to get into live events with a multi-day webinarCreating urgency around your live eventHow do you create and measure event anticipation?&nbsp;The power of paid advertising&nbsp;Team building lessons (why talent is a risk)Why your culture is your biggest asset&nbsp;Connect with Bill Hauser:Instagram - Bill Hauser (@billhauserbiz) • Instagram photos and videosYouTube - Bill Hauser - YouTubeConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
10/30/202321 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Future of Money with Gary Cardone

What does the future of money look like? We don't need to look into a magic crystal ball when we have someone as financially astute as Gary Cardone in studio!&nbsp;Today Gary is sharing his wealth of wisdom with Rudy and the rest of us lucky to be living the Red Life! Look around and you'll see that the brightest young business minds are forging careers in biogen, crypto, and AI.And with a BlackRock Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) likely to soon be approved, if you are holding on to crypto, Gary is asking you to consider how you are protecting it.The advice for the entrepreneur out there is that it's not just about earning in digital currency, it's about investing wisely too. Remembering to focus on the "boring stuff" as you scale in a shifting market is advice that is worth its weight in gold. Or rather, worth its weight in crypto!&nbsp;Please join us on an exhilarating look into the future functionality of money with a man with a vision and understanding of how financial systems work he may as well have a crystal ball.&nbsp;&nbsp;There's a lot of money and, more importantly, intellectual capital, moving into the (crypto) space." ~ Gary CardoneIn This Episode:Where are the smartest minds and money all going?Are we still too early for Bitcoin?Unpacking BlackRock's allocation of BitcoinWhat's next for Gary Cardone?How do you leave $1 million in Bitcoin in inheritance without the tax man taking it all?The importance of getting a good report on your crypto position (how Gary can help you)Resources:Contact Gary (if you’re holding lots of crypto) - [email protected] with Gary Cardone:X - Gary Cardone (@GaryCardone) / XInstagram - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
10/23/202332 minutes, 48 seconds
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6 Hidden Psychological Triggers To Sell ANYTHING!

How can you 10X your sales game? Whether you're selling online, over the phone, or even door-to-door, you need to understand the psychology of marketing to empower you as a salesperson.&nbsp;And today our man in red is offering us 6 Hidden Psychological Triggers To Sell ANYTHING!How do you understand your customer's pains and desires so that you can ease their pain and fuel their desire? How much thought have you given to understanding their belief system before hitting them with the hard sell?There's a lot of work to do to understand your customer if you want to 10X your sales and services. From creating influence to understanding where they are in their buyer's journey, Rudy is laying it down for us with his 6 pillars that are absolute genius in establishing a strong foundation from which you can start marketing. The hard work has already been done.&nbsp;Ethical persuasion and increased sales are yours to be had. It all starts here, this side of Wonderland, where the pillars are made of marble granite and we are winning with marketing industry secrets that we're giving away for our Red Life rockstars. Please join us.&nbsp;"First thing is understanding where the people are at." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:What is the belief system of your customer?What is your customer's intent? Where are they in their buyer's journey?What is your customer's mindset around making a purchasing decision?How are you influencing a buyer's behavior?How are you creating an identity that they want to fall into to sell your products easier?How well do you understand your customer's pains and desires?Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
10/19/202325 minutes, 3 seconds
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Don't Be A Victim

Extreme Ownership! What does it look like and mean to you? Or rather, in what ways do you still consider yourself to be a victim?Rudy Mawer is red hot today, pointing out the pitfalls of the victim mentality that has crept into our modern society, imploring us to overcome our limiting beliefs as we take extreme ownership of our lives.&nbsp;This starts with a philosophical appreciation that life is happening FOR us, not TO us, and that there is always opportunity in crisis. Learn how the sharpest entrepreneurial minds have been able to train their staff to take extreme ownership of their tasks as your company moves towards a common goal.If it's good for the Navy Seals, chances are that it's good for you and your business too. The world needs positive thinking. Ditch the victims around you and surround yourself with the people who will push you to greatness.&nbsp;Learn how you can up your game in this inspiring episode of Living The Red Life, this side of Wonderland. Please join us.&nbsp;"Understanding and training your staff to have this extreme ownership is gonna be one of the best core traits and core values you can have in your company." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:What is extreme ownership?How can I spot the victim mentality that pervades our modern society?How to embrace extreme ownership for increased success (for you and your staff)Getting your team to understand (and then own) the missionLearning that Life is happening FOR you, not TO youAppreciating that things are never quite as bad as they seemResources:Book - Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and WinConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
10/12/202317 minutes, 42 seconds
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How To Build Your Dream Team with Kevin Harrington

"If you don't make the pitch, you don't get the shark!" These are the inspirational words of entrepreneur Kevin Harrington as he dares you to play outside of your comfort zone as a hustler yourself.&nbsp;Kevin was one of the original panel members and investors ("Sharks") on the hit TV show Shark Tank and so he knows a thing or two about spotting a good opportunity and then grabbing it with both hands!Kevin has teamed up with Rudy today and an audience of Red Life's inner circle to share his insights on how he was able to build a business empire with only $25K to begin with.&nbsp;This is the American Dream writ large as he becomes the "As Seen on TV" guy when he spots an opportunity to own 8 hours of dead airtime on the Discovery Channel and start producing infomercials.Rudy is drawing parallels with the early days of TV marketing and now, where the LifeTime Value of a customer is more important than ever! Having an online following on your social media account is something that you too can leverage as you test new products and services and grow your own empire!Discover what Kevin looks for in a partner, what mistakes he's made as a young entrepreneur, and share in the approach that he takes to bringing together his 'dream team' that will leave you inspired and ready for money-making action. Entrepreneurial enlightenment awaits! Please join us.&nbsp;"This is what I love to do. Get in on the ground floor, exercise my opportunities and relationships, and bring what I call a 'dream team' to the table." ~ Kevin HarringtonIn This Episode:How Kevin got started in ‘deal flow’ with small businesses as a young entrepreneurHow to test your products in the market without overextending yourself&nbsp;What mistakes did Kevin learn as a young entrepreneur?“If you don't make the pitch, you don't get the shark!”: how to get in the roomHow does Kevin prioritize his focus as an investor and partner?Advice on if you're just starting out as an entrepreneurConnect with Kevin Harrington:Website - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
10/9/202342 minutes, 43 seconds
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Money Loves Speed - The SuperPower To Get Ahead!

Why does money love speed? And why do we need to move faster? Rudy is a fast-moving entrepreneur – he thinks about something and then takes action. And while it may sometimes drive his team crazy, it is a big formula for his success.&nbsp;Many billionaires share the common traits of decisiveness followed by swift action. And today Rudy is reminding us that our greatest competitor isn’t necessarily other entrepreneurs — it’s Father Time. We’re all on a countdown, all on a clock.&nbsp;So join the Man in Red as he dares you to take a big-picture look at your life and what you want to achieve with your time on Earth – and set some personal challenges accordingly!&nbsp;This starts with asking someone ‘Why not?’ when you ask for something to be done quickly and they’re not willing to push themselves to get you what you want instantly. And it continues with how you encourage your team to keep up with you as you create business alignment with your network.&nbsp;&nbsp;Hurry, hurry, hurry! Hustle, hustle, hustle! Learn from one of the fastest moving, sharpest marketing and entrepreneurial minds around as Rudy Mawer teaches us how to train the reflex of acting fast and decisively as if it were a muscle we need to train.&nbsp;Collapse time, make money fast, and leave a lasting legacy. It’s all achievable, just this side of Wonderland. Red life living at full throttle! Come and get it.&nbsp;“Our greatest competitor isn’t the other brands in our space. It’s death, it’s time. We’re all on a clock.” ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Appreciating the skillset of moving with speedLearning to ask “Why Not?”Why having a hustle mentality will help you to collapse timeBeware the ‘anti-hustle’!Realizing that you can have everything you want, faster10Xing your productivity with a ‘can do’ attitudeHow to set some personal challenges for yourself to move fasterConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
10/5/202321 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Secret Mindset Hack of The GOATs In The World - The Alter Ego Effect with Todd Herman

Stop whatever you're doing right now and listen to a massive mindset hack from the man who helped Kobe Bryant develop his Black Mamba persona! Today Rudy is chatting alter-egos with "Mr. Alter Ego" himself, Todd Herman.&nbsp;Todd Herman is an award-winning performance expert and author of 'The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life". Todd has helped Rudy as part of his inspiration behind his Red Life branding and also happens to be one of his oldest American entrepreneur buddies from when he first moved to the US from England.So, why do you need an alter ego? Well, for Kobe Bryant it was a tool that could help him separate his on-life persona (where everybody feared him) from his off-field life.&nbsp;An alter ego is like a superhero outfit or Ironman suit that everyday entrepreneurs can put on and then, after a while, the suit starts blending into your skin.Learn all about the advantages of developing your own alter ego as you set your goals and work towards meeting a future version of yourself that is good at all the things that you perhaps now struggle with.&nbsp;Todd's expertise and psychological insights into the power of being curious about the work you do, the congruency between your work life and the person who goes home to a more private life, and the success that adopting a radical mindset shift is an absolute game-changer.&nbsp;If it worked for Kobe on the basketball court (may he Rest In Peace), then it can surely work for you on the frontlines of business too. Red life living just went into overtime, baby. Beat the buzzer and download this episode now!"Would it ever cost you anything to be a powerful communicator?" ~ Todd HermanIn This Episode:What is an alter ego?Why should you develop an alter ego?Why do naturally gifted athletes even need to develop an alter ego?What happens when your alter ego takes over completely?Did you create your own persona or have you allowed your identity to be shaped by others?How to close the feedback loop and create a better mindset for yourselfConnect with Todd Herman:Website - - The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life eBookConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
10/2/202334 minutes, 24 seconds
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How To Charge 10x More (& Why You MUST!) - Premium Prices 101

Pricing! How do you work out what the right amount to charge your customer is? How can you charge more? Why should you? Charging a premium for your products or services has been a life-changing lesson for Rudy in business, and today he's spilling the tea on WHY.Charging premium prices will transform the way you do business. Over time Rudy has learned that the best paying clients are the ones that are investing the most. And that it's just as much effort to sell a $10K product as it is to sell a $500 one - so you do the math on how you want to spend your time and energy!Do you want one thousand $500 headaches to make $50K, or do you want to deal with maybe ten $10K challenges to net the same amount? Do you want to have offers that are resilient in the face of a recession?Rudy is giving us the answers to these questions (and more) as he breaks down how to take someone who doesn't even know about you to become a raving fan and repeat buyer. Understand the ascension model and how to create pricing tiers for your products or services.&nbsp;Get your mindset right as you step through into the gates of Wonderland where Red Life Living and charging what you are worth awaits!"There's so many benefits of upping your prices and having higher ticket offers within your brand." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Why you get the worst complaints if you sell cheap stuffWhy premium brands with premium offers are recession-proofUnderstanding the ascension model that works for youWhat are Rudy's Four Tiers of Ascension model marketing?Understanding ‘done by you’, ‘done with you’, and ‘done for you’ offersHow to get your mindset right so that you can charge moreDo you have a clear distinction between your products?How to do your market research to see what else is working in parallel industriesConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
9/28/202325 minutes, 44 seconds
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Entrepreneur 101 Legal Basics w/ My Attorney

How is your business set up from a legal perspective? As an entrepreneur are you too focused on making money, and not spending enough time protecting it? What legal hassles could you avoid if you were just a little bit more proactive?Rudy sets out to answer these questions for us today by drawing on the experience of his attorney, Greg Christiansen. Greg has been an attorney for decades now, and has seen his fair share of problems arise over the years with online marketing, disgruntled clients, and contractual disputes.As we've come to appreciate with Rudy, he's heading off those problems at the pass for us by letting us ride shotgun with his legal eagle while he picks his brain on how to structure your business and protect your assets.&nbsp;Together they're also offering priceless insights on employee contracts, when you should worry about the FTC, and how not to be intimated by the law when you're just starting out.&nbsp;Maverick businessmen need their legal eagle wingman and it's great to be privy to some of Greg's wisdom in today's awesome episode of Living The Red Life.&nbsp;Contracts, if they're good, set expectations and provide clarity! Thank you Rudy, thank you Greg. Come and get it guys!“The best advice I can give to anybody out there: have integrity in your marketing practices.” ~ Greg ChristiansenIn This Episode:How to get a good legal 'base' and the right foundation for your business structureThe importance of fulfilling your promise from a marketing perspectiveWhy entrepreneurs get initimated by the law early on&nbsp;Are you too small for the FTC to worry about you?&nbsp;Why 'happy clients make your world go round'Red hot legal advice for staff hiring&nbsp;The value of a good, clear dispute resolution processUnderstanding asset protection through holding companiesConnect with Greg Christiansen:Website - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
9/25/202327 minutes, 38 seconds
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Hacks To Blow Up Your Social Media

How do you grow your social media following? And what are the smartest hacks to do that?&nbsp;Rudy is flying solo today in Miami, sharing his insights into the future of social media and what you need to do to take control of your online destiny.Own your platforms, own your digital space, and shape your online ecosystem so that you put the best version of yourself and your brand front and center.&nbsp;Start by deciding which platform is best for your business needs, and then work on a content rollout plan that will see you consistently delivering quality content over a sustained period of time.Going viral, making those online connections, and getting internet traction so that you too can become a billionaire YouTube celebrity who gets invited onto super yachts takes innovative thinking, hard work, and a Red Life imagination to envisage a bigger and better life for yourself.Thanks to Rudy solidifying the thinking around how to practically go about applying some of the smarter hacks out there to grow your online audience, your imagination can be sparked by downloading this episode and joining us on this side of Wonderland. This way to the super yacht!"If you own a business or you want to make money online, you have to be into social media. It is the future." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:What is the best social media platform to be on?How we build out a content plan for our chosen platformWhy your content will determine if you go viralCreating "splinters" of content ideas that pertain to one "root" themeUnpacking the power of affiliations and partnerships&nbsp;How the algorithm will reward your production consistencyAssessing the start of your content in order to go viralWhat is your video's Call To Action?Thumbnails and the first 5 seconds: making or breaking your video!Where are you on the spectrum of controversiality and extremism?Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
9/21/202323 minutes, 22 seconds
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PR Secrets & Owning Your Online Reputation with Cesar Hernandez

How do you build brand credibility and online authority as you grow your business in new areas? And how can you do this using PR?&nbsp;Cesar Hernandez is the CEO of the top tech PR and Lobbying firm in the US, Omni Public, and he's been opening doors for Rudy recently in the Tampa Bay area.Does it actually matter what people say and think about you online these days, or can you just run ads and sell products? How do we not just control our own narrative, but amplify it too for maximum effect in a sea of SEO content? Are you Googling yourself to see what's out there about you?Cesar is a PR powerhouse, elucidating the importance of building media relationships that you can then leverage for the right story, rather than just pushing out press releases and expecting to gain traction.&nbsp;The importance of shaping your story, and accumulating what is effectively an online resume, cannot be underestimated in the face of a media outlet that might choose to harp on one bad review.Learn how to control your digital assets, create organic content that includes a Call To Action, and try your own PR campaign by offering yourself up as the expert in your field in this fascinating episode of Living The Red Life that will help you open doors you never thought possible. It's Wonderland baby, come on in!&nbsp;"Your brand is gonna consistently follow you. And if you don't tell that narrative, the media will dominate that narrative for you, because of the SEO juice (high domain rankings)." ~ Cesar HernandezIn This Episode:The power of owning your narrative online (in the face of traditional media)How to develop relationships with journalists (rather than pitching stories)Are you Googling yourself? Generating a good reputation online over timeHow to command and control your digital assetsOffering yourself up as the expert in your field when generating local PRWhat is the step you need to take to break into national media?&nbsp;How do you choose the right PR agency to work with?&nbsp;Connect with Cesar Hernandez:Website - - Cesar R. Hernandez | LinkedInInstagram - Cesar R. Hernandez (@cesarhernandezprime) • Instagram photos and videosConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
9/18/202327 minutes, 48 seconds
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10 Rules To Win In Your Space & Become #1

If you knew that more than half of your business ideas and products would fail, what would you do differently? That's an intriguing question that our Man In Red is asking us today as he educates us on how to grow, adapt, and THRIVE online.&nbsp;Today Rudy is diving into the world of online influence, sharing his Ten Rules for Adapting in a Modern Age Business.&nbsp;This is the advice that he charges his top-tier clients thousands of dollars for and he's out here today giving it to us for free! So grab a pen and take notes, because this is Living The Red Life Fast and Furious!In an action-packed episode, you can learn everything from how to start niche and then go big to how Grant Cardone started his billion-dollar real estate fund.&nbsp;You can discover the true power of marketing, branding, and sales, and the time you should be spending on that in your business, and learn how to grow your confidence to improve your credibility as you build your online tribe!&nbsp;Plus many, many more red-hot business tips from an online entrepreneur at the peak of his powers.&nbsp;Don't just play the game, win the game too. Join us in Wonderland, it's well worth it!&nbsp;"Start niche... and then go BIG." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:How to prioritize the time you spend on marketing, branding, and salesAppreciating that more than half of your products and ideas WON'T be successfulWhy billion-dollar brands don't take forever to launchHow social media is the new media sourceWorking to own the avatar in your industryAre you the 'go-to authority' in your field?Do I have a visibility problem?Which is better: organic or paid marketing?How am I building a loyal tribe and community?&nbsp;Invest in social media like real estateHow to increase your confidence to improve your credibilityConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
9/14/202326 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Future Of Marketing

What does the future of marketing look like? As we approach Q4 of '23, it's certainly been an interesting year for online entrepreneurs!&nbsp;With a bit of hindsight and forward-thinking, Rudy is well-positioned at the cutting edge of what's cool in the digital marketing space to offer us a glimpse into his crystal ball.&nbsp;Sales funnels, ad spend, social media campaigns, and celebrity partnerships... what does it look like from Rudy's bird's eye view of where we need to be headed?&nbsp;Today our Man In Red is giving us his Top 5 Future marketing insights that can help you get ahead of the game!&nbsp;How can you get paid to grow your email list? How are you building out your sales call process? How can you incorporate AI into your business? And how are you going all in on your personal brand and growing your tribe?Not everything Rudy is teaching us today is breaking news. Some of his tips may just be a timely reminder to assess your workforce and see where AI can be your newest team member.&nbsp;Or to put a spin on a virtual event and try something with a partnership collaboration that sees you exchange email lists and expose you to a new audience.&nbsp;Get an advantage and learn from Rudy's future insights based on all his agency experience and the people he's rubbing shoulders with in Wonderland. Come on in, the future's looking fine!"If you can be one of the first then you're always gonna have lower costs, higher ROI, better results, and it's gonna be easier for you." ~ Rudy Mawer&nbsp;In This Episode:How new sales strategies and funnel systems emerge (and become well-known)Creating a cascade effort with your momentum that you can compound into another projectAppreciating YouTube as the new TVHow 1000 loyal fans will help you build any business you needHow can you incorporate AI into your business?The power of live events and live virtual eventsWhy 'the phone' is never going away (appreciating human conversation and interaction)Creating Joint Venture opportunities within relationshipsConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
9/7/202327 minutes, 18 seconds
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Be The Authentic, Extreme You For Success!

What does it mean to play in your extremes? Rudy is opening our eyes to reveal how our extremes are what makes us truly unique and that going there to work, to play, and to express yourself can be a really good thing.Becoming more ‘authentically you’ will result in you becoming a better business person. And so if that means playing to your strengths that lie at the edges of your personality you should cultivate that side of you rather than letting society suppress it so that you can fit in.&nbsp;Our Man in Red is sharing how everything from the consistent messaging that you put out on social media to the staff that you choose actually depends on you articulating your unique worldview.&nbsp;This in turn will allow your tribe to find you, as people resonate with your message and gravitate towards your offering.&nbsp;Learn why polarization isn't necessarily a bad thing and how to build your confidence through consistently showing up as your authentic self.&nbsp;Playing in your extremes requires working on yourself and fighting a bit against the mainstream in order to stand out. With Rudy's insights, Wonderland has never looked more appealing. Please join us.&nbsp;"Your extremes is where you can be the most successful, where you can be the most authentic you." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Why most successful people you know are extremeWhy it's okay that not everyone resonates with your messageBuilding a tribe around your unique brandEmpowering the authentic YOUWhy people want to buy into YOUR story&nbsp;Building your confidence through consistent, authentic messagingDon't be afraid of polarizationWhat it looks like when you know that you are on the right track!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
8/31/202322 minutes, 37 seconds
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Crafting Your Story: Lessons in Motivation from Les Brown

"Always struggle to get on top in life – because the bottom is overcrowded!" These are the parting words of motivational speaker Les Brown in an episode of Living The Red Life that will leave you gasping for breath!Put down whatever it is that you're busy with and listen to the story of a twin born in an abandoned building in the poor section of Miami Florida, Liberty City, and grew up being labeled "DT" (Dumb Twin).&nbsp;The liberty Les Brown did find was freedom from not letting that story of how other people perceived him come to define him. A former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, Les is extremely well-read and has used his thirst for knowledge to empower other people to share their stories.Packed with inspiring wisdom from some of life's greatest philosophers, Les is sharing how to go from 'brick and mortar to click and order' and reveling with Rudy in the joys of having a strong work ethic and mindset.&nbsp;"People don't buy from you, they buy into you." Well said, Les Brown. More pearls of wisdom this side of Wonderland. Please join us.&nbsp;"I believe that you're never too old to learn. And you're never too young to teach." ~ Les BrownIn This Episode:Is it nature or is it nurture? Les's insights on learning optimismHow do you raise a child to be prepared in today's world?&nbsp;The value of being unreasonable in a world too full of reason'A man's life is to supersede his grasp or what are the heavens for' ~ SocratesHow does someone stay motivated? Unpacking the power of ritualHow to build routine to show commitment and really succeedIf you don't have an agenda for your life, then you are part of someone else's agendaIs our collective work ethic getting better or worse?How does Les train speakers to live out of their imagination rather than their 'story'?Mindset and mastery: amplifying your story to speak to the massesWhat relationships do you need to walk away from?&nbsp;How to show up in the 'distraction economy'Connect with Les Brown:Website - - Les Brown - YouTubeConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - -<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
8/28/202334 minutes, 3 seconds
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#1 Lifehack to Happiness (Having Hard Conversations)

How can you be a better leader, communicator, partner, and boss – and get more results out of everyone around you?&nbsp;Having hard conversations is one of the core values that Rudy ascribes to as an entrepreneur who's always looking to improve. Welcome to 'Real Talk With Rudy'!Rudy is giving us his #1 Hack to Happiness with the rationale you need to kick things up a notch by making healthy confrontation part of your habit and routine.&nbsp;Whether it's with the missus or your staff, sometimes you need to clear the air, get an idea of each others' expectations, and work out a healthy compromise from there.It's part of our evolutionary process to do better and to be better.&nbsp;And with Rudy's instructive formula on the 'How To' of having hard conversations, hopefully, you too can think of those people in your life that you need to sit down with, and hash it out with them in a healthy way, and grow from there.&nbsp;Show someone you care by having that hard conversation. Welcome to Wonderland.&nbsp;"I really do believe that one of the best things you can do for people is have hard conversations." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Why conflict is important&nbsp;Understanding that it's part of our evolutionary process to be betterWhy having that hard conversation is a way of showing that you careHow society has turned constructive criticism into a bad thingHow to pick what's urgent and affecting your quality of life to challengeWhat happens when you have that Hard ConversationGetting into the habit and routine of having hard conversationsWhy it's okay to have different expectationsGetting rid of 'the trash': a Call To ActionConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
8/24/202324 minutes, 30 seconds
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Creating a Legacy Using AI with Manuel Suarez

What is your definition of legacy? Manuel Suarez jokingly refers to himself as the Latin American version of Rudy Mawer. Like Rudy, Manuel has a big agency (The AGM Marketing Agency) working with top influencers and entrepreneurs.And for Manuel, legacy means living a life that is worth leaving behind. A life that goes beyond your life. Rudy and Manuel are going toe to toe on some of the big themes of the day as they look at what AI can mean for your legacy as you create a voice and a personal brand that can live long after you're gone.&nbsp;&nbsp;Manuel has built a $100 Million dollar company with over 50 million subscribers and he's sharing his Top 3 Steps to help you grow your personal brand in this highly informative and entertaining episode of Living The Red Life.&nbsp;Learn how to stay committed to your message, then work on the quality of your content, and then work on improving the quantity as your hard work and preparation will meet with the right opportunity. That powerful opportunity is right here, this side of Wonderland. Please join us.&nbsp;Get involved early on! Check out Rudy’s AI Event and be dazzled by an AI Rudy that teases just some of the things you can expect to learn about if you tune into Rudy's live AI demonstration. Things are about to get next level in Wonderland. Upping your AI game starts here and now!&nbsp;"Your brand is solving people's problems. So you gotta have that commitment to your message." ~ Manuel SuarezIn This Episode:How Manuel built Natural Slim with his fatherThe Birth of Attention Grabbing MediaThe power of entrepreneurial impact&nbsp;AI as a self-learning tool&nbsp;Considering how to use AI to your advantageStaying Committed to Your Message with actionable stepsWorking on the quality of your messageMoving from quality to quantity (once your quality is in place)Resources:Rudy’s AI Event Connect with Manuel Suarez:Instagram - - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - <a href="" rel="noopener...
8/22/202328 minutes, 15 seconds
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7 Crazy Ways I'm Using AI With Amazing Results!

How can you leverage AI for your business? Today Rudy is bringing his own personal brand of astute Human Intelligence to the fascinating subject of Artificial Intelligence as he looks at the future of AI, marketing as we know it, and how to embrace AI successfully so that you and your business can thrive, Red Life Style.There’s a new and different way for you to write high-converting Facebook ads (without being a copywriter). And that is ChatGPT. After hours of experimenting with the platform, Rudy can now confidently offer us seven super-slick ways that you should be using ChatGPT to grow your business faster and smarter.Learn about how to generate content creation, product, and funnel ideas, and how to clean up your production process as well! Did a mic not work properly in an important live recording with a guest? No worries, there's AI software that can sort that out!Get involved early on! Check out Rudy’s AI Event and be dazzled by an AI Rudy that teases just some of the things you can expect to learn about if you tune into Rudy's live AI demonstration. Things are about to get next level in Wonderland. Upping your AI game starts here and now!&nbsp;"Brick and mortar companies think like brick and mortar. And digital think like digital. But what they fail to realize is that nobody's going to see me better and faster than if I have a digital presence. Because I can attract and attach myself to anybody, anywhere, right now." ~ Jeff Fenster&nbsp;In This Episode:Understanding the cascading effect of ChatGPT&nbsp;Why it's important to be an early adopter of AIAppreciating AI as a self-learning machineHow Rudy is using AIUsing ChatGPT for business meeting brainstorming&nbsp;Are you using ChatGPT to publish your content?&nbsp;Rudy creates an AI video that fools his teamUsing AI to clean up sound (and other post-production hacks)How AI is growing so fast with its intuitive adaptionsResources:Rudy’s AI Event - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
8/17/202320 minutes, 42 seconds
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Selling 400 Stores, 3 Exits & The Power of Branding w/ Jeff Fenster

Why would you go 'all-in' on your personal brand when you're already a millionaire? Well, doesn't 100Xing your opportunities by staying connected to your tribe sound better than a 10X sales funnel side hustle?&nbsp;Jeff Fenster is the founder of the health food chain Everbowl and he's in conversation with Rudy Mawer in what is hands down one of THE BEST Red Life episodes to date!&nbsp;&nbsp;Learn from these two entrepreneurs at the very peak of their powers as they discuss how your personal brand allows you to teach, educate, and achieve a level of storytelling that ensures your community remains your biggest support network.&nbsp;Jeff's origin story illustrates what a shrewd salesman he naturally is, and he's here selling us on the power of vertical integration in your company as a fast and reliable way to expand.&nbsp;Seeing supply challenges that can be overcome by owning those parts of the business that you can then turn into your strength (and even outsource to competitors) is all expertly unpacked by Jeff and Rudy as they discuss the perfect balance between a digital and physical presence.&nbsp;Stop what you're doing now! Download this valuable episode and tune into some of the smartest business advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to grow their brands and their business.&nbsp;This episode of Living The Red Life perfectly articulates just what Rudy is offering us all, this side of Wonderland.&nbsp;"Brick and mortar companies think like brick and mortar. And digital think like digital. But what they fail to realize is that nobody's going to see me better and faster than if I have a digital presence. Because I can attract and attach myself to anybody, anywhere, right now." ~ Jeff Fenster&nbsp;In This Episode:How Jeff built his vertical integration empire&nbsp;Understanding the successful integration of digital and physical presenceHow do you measure the ROI of creating an in-house brand experience?The value of the vertical integration franchise modelWhy do most restaurants fail? Understanding the power of brandingGoing 'all-in' on your personal brandAppreciating your tribe as your extended support groupHow your sphere of influence keeps you growing and winning&nbsp;You never know who you're talking to – keep making those friends in the Red LifeConnect with Jeff Fenster:Website - - Jeff Fenster (@fensterjeff) • Instagram photos and videosRelationship Bank Account (Jeff’s book) - Relationship Bank Account: How to Make Friends, Have Fun, and Attract Lifelong...
8/14/202332 minutes, 58 seconds
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How To Build the Perfect Daily Routine

What does the perfect daily routine look like for you? How do you optimize brain function, sleep function, increased productivity, and balance so that you can become an entrepreneurial superstar?&nbsp;Rudy is assisting us with building the perfect routine to start (and then continue) crushing it for years to come. There's a lot of great direction and guidance from our Man in Red, along with some of his sports science education being thrown into the mix.&nbsp;The good news is that your routine is your routine. So it's not all about cramming in ice bath cold plunges and long morning meditations while it's still dark. The best routine is the one that YOU can stick to. What Rudy is demanding of us though – if we want that success – is to remain consistent and disciplined.&nbsp;If we do that, the results will come and we can start to live a more high-functioning lifestyle where we make those hours of productivity count.&nbsp;From morning caffeine and lots of water to sunshine, some basketball, daily work huddles, and biohacking suggestions, this episode will give you some great ideas to learn from one of the best at being productive.&nbsp;Amp up your ambition with this aspirational episode of Living The Red Life. Welcome to Wonderland, baby."That's what I want you guys to achieve: build an aggressive routine that will get you the best results, but something that you also love, you enjoy, and have some sort of a balance." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Why your routine is YOUR routine'Get up and Go': What does Rudy do to get his day started?&nbsp;Do you need to adopt the latest biohacking trend?&nbsp;Rudy walks us through a day in the life&nbsp;How can you improve your cognitive function?&nbsp;It's okay to adapt and pivot - just remain critical'Slow and steady wins the race': the importance of sustainabilityConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
8/10/202326 minutes, 3 seconds
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Power Couples and Prosperity: Elena Cardone's Success Secrets

Are you prepared to sit down with your right-hand man, woman, COO, or even your spouse… THAT person… and plan your next week together? That’s what Rudy is asking of us as he shares his takeaways from spending time with the 10X Ladies and his wife in Miami – and reflecting on his interview with Elena Cardone. How Elena works with Grant to build their empire is truly inspiring and if you want to create an empire, you also need to build a life around that that is in sync with your plans. And for that, you need a partner who is the yin to your yang!Appreciating the core principles of communication is the super relevant theme of this week’s episode as we listen again to Rudy’s interview with Elena Cardone and learn that a big part of working hard is sitting down with your spouse and having those hard conversations. Once you get your finances in order you realize that to be ultra, ultra successful (Rudy is talking about the top 0.01%), it’s all about your energy and your environment. And your spouse makes up a big part of that. So get her, or whomever that person is for you, and dial into this illuminating interview together with our Man in Red and 10X’s Elena Cardone! Red Life living large, as always. Please join us. “People are too afraid to bring business principles into personal life because they don’t want it to sound like a business. But that’s a limiting belief.” ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:Rudy shares on the importance of energy and environment to be ultra-successfulHow the 2008 financial crisis turned into an opportunity for Elena and Grant CardoneThe importance of being aligned with your spouse/partnerWhat a strong support group can do for your successWhat does a “golden force field” look like? Connect with Elena Cardone:Website - Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
8/7/202315 minutes, 1 second
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How To Build A Signature Brand

How do you position your products so that you can make millions online? How do you build a signature brand that goes viral and gets you raving fans all over the internet?&nbsp;When you're as cool as Rudy the sun shines 24/7, and so he's coming to us today from behind his rose-tinted red lenses to tell us that it's all good, and there is hope for us too to crush it online with our own products and services – we just might need to up our brand identity game a little bit!&nbsp;Do you want to be Walmart water that sells for a few pennies? Or a more aspirational signature bottled brand of water that sells for 10X that amount? Why are people prepared to pay more for what is (arguably) the same product?&nbsp;Rudy is astutely making the case that your brand matters. So, what does your brand stand for?If you want in on the Matrix and a world where you sell your product or service online, being a part of the right online community matters. So how are you positioning your signature brand to find your tribe?When last did you Google yourself or ask your customers WHY they love your product?&nbsp;Have you assessed and critiqued your own online avatar and considered partnering with industry leaders (or even celebrities) to give your brand identity the boost that it needs?&nbsp;Building a signature brand – and creating real wealth online – has never been easy with Rudy's kickass advice for all internet entrepreneurs out there who are living the Red Life and looking to turn up the heat a bit. Please join us!"It's okay to suck because it's easier to get better." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:How do the big brands get so much free advertising?What does your brand stand for?&nbsp;How can some brands get away with charging so much more? Understanding statusHow does your brand make someone feel?What is the perfect brand identity?&nbsp;The art of assessing your own avatar and online presenceWhat actionable steps are you taking to boost your business identity?Being ahead of the curve with the right brand identityConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
8/3/202322 minutes, 46 seconds
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How To Build Your Business with Strong Credit Foundations

How should you use your credit card to fund your business growth? Rudy is flying solo in the hot seat today, offering us all the smart business advice we need to leverage our credit to get where we want to go with our business.&nbsp;As a Brit in America, Rudy's entrepreneurial game has always been strong. But he reckons he lost six to nine months of time scaling his business as fast as his ambitions because he was hampered by financial things beyond his control.&nbsp;The life lesson he's sharing with us all today is that you must establish credit as you grow your business to be super prepared for the day when that big deal comes through.&nbsp;Our Man in Red shares his backstory on how his Facebook marketing business was pushing so much money through his online bank accounts that the banks froze his account!&nbsp;And now that he's set up with credit for those cashflow rainy days, it's all good. And he doesn't want the rest of us seeking the Red Life to make that same mistake.&nbsp;So let's swipe that credit card smartly before stepping into Wonderland!"Most big companies are built off debt." ~ Rudy MawerIn This Episode:How most big companies are built off of debt&nbsp;Rudy shares on scaling so fast that he caused the banks to freeze!The best investments come at the wrong time - so prepare for thatHow establishing a line of credit line will get you a better interest rate&nbsp;Why doing the 'boring stuff' matters&nbsp;Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
7/27/202317 minutes, 31 seconds
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Money and Motivation with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Step into the ring with Living The Red Life, as our host Rudy Mawer engages in an unfiltered conversation with none other than the legendary Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr.&nbsp;Brace yourself for a no-holds-barred episode, where Mayweather shares invaluable insights on self-belief in the face of adversity and breaking through the billion-dollar barrier with his personal brand.The Man in Red, Rudy Mawer, has his audience at the forefront of his mind. For those seeking guidance to kickstart their legacy-building journey today, and for those who find themselves battling the odds, feeling like the underdog – this one's for you.&nbsp;Prepare to be inspired as Mayweather graciously opens up about the profound impact of his parents, a source of unwavering inspiration that speaks volumes.In this scorching edition of Living The Red Life, you'll also gain priceless advice on effective team management, the art of keeping some secrets close to your chest, and the essential virtue of patience in building your empire. The heat is on, and this is Living The Red Life at its fiery best!AWESOME NEWS JUST IN: &nbsp;In just a week or two's time, the 7 Day Money Challenge is launching. You heard it here first!&nbsp;How has Floyd Mayweather Jr. been able to generate a billion dollars plus from his boxing career? What exactly is he doing that is so on point and so far ahead of other professional sporting celebrities out there?&nbsp;If you've ever wanted to learn how to tie in a personal brand with making crazy amounts of money and living a crazy lifestyle, then Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the man to go to.&nbsp;Learn about the way he thinks and structures his deals in the internet entrepreneurial playground by RSVPing to join the 7 Day Money Challenge which will also include a bunch of other knockout content, courses, and experiences with Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Jr!&nbsp;Get the Early Access RSVP link here:“There’s nothing like betting on yourself.” ~ Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr.In This Episode:Floyd’s hot take on the best way to get started in real estate&nbsp;Understanding leverage in business through the eyes of Floyd MayweatherWhat it takes to bet on yourself when starting your own business&nbsp;Facing up to the fact that its time to cut a member from your teamWhat inspires boxing’s biggest brand?&nbsp;Resources:&nbsp;If you want to RSVP and join Floyd, Rudy, along with other A-listers, or join the 7-Day Money Challenge, visit with Floyd Mayweather Jr.:Instagram - <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
7/24/202315 minutes, 47 seconds
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Marketing Your Way to a Million Dollar Launch Weekend

It's the Million Dollar Weekend, baby! Today Rudy is breaking it down for us: how he built a million-dollar launch for a famous client of his. From building a product to creating excitement around it, Rudy is spilling the tea on everything that goes into a successful weekend of this scale and stature.Billion dollar brands are playing this game – so why aren't you? Why go to all the trouble of creating a new product or service, only for it to sit on your website without anyone knowing about it?&nbsp;Thinking big allows you to gain momentum through pre-sales and generating social proof with the right influencers on board.&nbsp;From giveaways to 'the teaser', and from getting affiliate buy-in to the merits of a subscription model, our Man in Red is offering the insights that can get our new business on the board in the most stylish and effective way possible.&nbsp;This is a marketing masterclass from one of the sharpest social media marketing minds around. Living The Red Life is offering you VIP access to a Million Dollar Weekend. Let's see how things get done around here.&nbsp;"There's always levels to the game and no matter where you're at, for you right now, you might make twenty grand in a month or you could do that in a weekend with this launch model." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:The Importance of a successful launchWhy the world's biggest brands do launchesUnderstanding the pre-launch teaser&nbsp;How to generate social proofCreating pre-sale FOMOThinking like a billion-dollar brandHow to incorporate a subscription into your offering&nbsp;Going the extra mile with affiliatesAnd so much more!Resources:Launch (the book Rudy mentions) - Launch: An Internet Millionaire's Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams: Walker, JeffConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
7/20/202325 minutes, 37 seconds
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Transforming Women's Health Virtually with Social Media Marketing

What does taking the red pill and applying some Red Life thinking to your wellness business look like? Dr. Shweta Patel is the founder of Gaya Wellness – a telemedicine platform exclusively for female needs – and she is chatting with our man in red, Rudy Mawer, about how she is transforming women's health through the power of virtual consultation, social media, and online marketing.&nbsp;Dr. Patel has years of medical and military experience but has no business training in either of those fields. So when the time came to pivot away from the traditional corporate medical world and offer her bespoke virtual medicine for women (offering weight loss programs, fertility services, and behavioral programs), she needed the Red Life team's help to evaluate her offering, crunch the data, and better position her product.This episode is a 'roll up your sleeves and let's look under the hood' insight into what it takes to live in Wonderland, where having the best idea isn't enough – it's also about how you market your business and survive to thrive in the cutting edge world of wellness and medicine in modern-day America.&nbsp;There’s a fascinating conversation between Rudy and Dr. Patel about what’s wrong with our healthcare system, and how Gaya Wellness is playing its small part to try and fix it.&nbsp;Rudy has helped Gaya Wellness, which is helping the world of women. This is why we call it Wonderland. Please join us.&nbsp;"Because the (virtual consultation) operations are so lean, we can focus on giving more time. And we can focus on making it more affordable." ~ Dr. Shweta PatelThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Dr. Shweta Patel shares her journey from physician to wellness entrepreneurUnderstanding how to position women's health as a 'product' in mediaWhat are some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today?&nbsp;What is an affordable healthcare solution for the average American?The benefits of a virtual consultation - giving your clients data immediately&nbsp;How virtual technology is changing the healthcare gameHow Rudy and his team have helped Dr. Patel value their dataAnd so much more!Connect with Dr. Shweta Patel:Gaya Wellness - - - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn -<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
7/17/202325 minutes, 55 seconds
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Debunking the Myth of Work/Life Balance

Bienvenido a Miami! Our Man in Red is coming to you live from his new Miami office – and things are popping off if you’re Living The Red Life. Today host Rudy Mawer is talking about how to achieve a Work/Life balance – which can be challenging at the best of times!Rudy is challenging the blanket assertion that a 40-hour work week is what is best for you.&nbsp;If it’s doing a job you don’t enjoy just to pay the bills, then what you have is a fulfillment issue rather than a work/life balance one – and you need to find ways to follow your passion and work on something where the hours won’t matter.&nbsp;Input equals output, and we can’t always look at the 40-hour work week in isolation. Rudy is opening our eyes to the bigger picture of what else we need to consider before letting other people tell us what is healthy in terms of a work/life balance.&nbsp;What do you need to do right now for the season of business that you’re in — in relation to the goals that you have set for yourself? Game-changing advice and insights are just inside the doors of Wonderland. Come on in and join us!“I’m always against blanket statements because they don’t account for individual variability, right? And they don’t account for – probably like you – individual passion.” ~ Rudy Mawer&nbsp;The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:How do we define work/life balance?&nbsp;Is working 25% of your time a fair amount?Addressing the fulfillment problem of doing something you loveAppreciating how input equals output&nbsp;Understanding diminishing returns if we work for too longWhat we can learn from the GOATs in sportHow to tune out negative opinions&nbsp;Being dynamic and flexible with your working weekWhat does a work season look like for Rudy?And so much more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
7/13/202321 minutes, 45 seconds
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Using the Just Sell Method™ to Scale Your Agency Fast

How do you strike the right balance between selling (and growing) your business – and handling the backend of fulfillment? Rudy reckons that Brittany and Michael of 51 Blocks might just have found the solution!Learn about the incredible Just Sell Method™ and the ‘white label agency in a box’ approach of 51 Blocks that allows you to sell – and for them to do the rest.&nbsp;Everything from onboarding, client management, housekeeping, and more can all be outsourced to 51 Blocks, allowing you to (you guessed it), just sell.&nbsp;If you are looking to scale your digital marketing agency, focus on sales, and not have to worry about managing every aspect of fulfilment, operations, and client relations, then the insight and approach of 51 Blocks will blow you away. As Rudy mentions, he wishes he’d known about them years ago!This is Living The Red Life doing what it does best: bring enormous value to its Wonderland entrepreneurs with an interview that cuts right to the heart of learning to focus on what you do best – and learning to outsource those areas that you struggle with.&nbsp;If you’re looking to scale your agency faster (or even if you’re an influencer looking to leverage your following), this episode is an absolute banger. Please join us.&nbsp;“It really is just as simple as signing up, and getting out there, and selling our products.” ~ Brittany“If you do one thing, you do it really well.” ~ MichaelThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Unpacking the unique Just Sell MethodPlacing an emphasis on the client experienceHow does the 51 Blocks pricing work?&nbsp;What services do 51 Blocks offer?&nbsp;How to get started with 51 Blocks if you’re an influencer looking to sellAnd so much more!Connect with Michael and Brittany:51 Blocks - WP - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
7/10/202325 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Best Investments

What are the best investments to make – regardless of where you are at in terms of your earning potential? Rudy is sharing the best investments he’s made over the past ten years – financially as well as in terms of time, energy, and effort.&nbsp;And not all of Rudy’s investments are multi-million dollar property deals. Rather, it starts with investing in yourself, investing in your team, and investing in your home and work environment. Our Man in Red is proving once again that with the right mindset and application, you too can make savvy investment decisions.The Red Life is all about providing you with the valuable, hard-earned insights that Rudy has acquired from his years of experience in business.&nbsp;This is an invitation for you to join him in Wonderland and learn about how everything from the mattress you sleep on to the person you share that mattress with needs to be seen as an investment that is aligned with your business vision. Please join us.&nbsp;“One of the best investments I’ve ever made is in myself.” ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:What is your environment like? Is it conducive to your ambitions?How are you investing in yourself?&nbsp;What does your real estate portfolio look like?The importance of investing in people and creating the right work cultureCreating the right home environment to support you long-termDoes your primary relationship support your vision and your goals?What to look for in a private dealAppreciating the value of a strong network of mentorsAnd so much more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
7/6/202324 minutes, 46 seconds
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Turning Sports Betting Skills Into a $1 Billion Real Estate Empire With Federico Aristizabal

Are you ready to take the "red pill" and wake up to the truth about turning your skills into a successful business? In this episode, we dive into the journey of Federico Aristizabal, sports bettor turned real estate investor and educator. With $15 million in profit from sports betting, he now focuses on teaching others how to thrive in the real estate market. But what is the most valuable lesson he learned along the way?Join us as we uncover the secret to his success. From transparency and long-term thinking in sports betting to building a team and scaling his real estate business, this guest speaker shares his insights on how to make it big. Discover how Google Ads played a pivotal role in their growth, and why teaching their audience to make their picks set them apart from the competition.But the most valuable lesson? It's all about mindset. Learn from influential figures like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins, and invest in personal development. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, believe in yourself, and work hard. This episode will inspire you to take risks, believe in your potential, and strive for greatness.Tune in now to unlock the secrets of success and join this guest speaker on his journey to building a $1 billion enterprise. The future is yours for the taking!."Work on your mindset first, believe in yourself, and have confidence. Without that, you won't get anywhere." ~ Federico AristizabalThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Mission and Vision for the Future: Growing his real estate company to all 50 states and making it a $1 billion business.How Google Ads helped Federico get started in real estate and the success they achieved within the first month.How they switched from giving sports picks to teaching others and implementing marketing strategies they learned in real estate.Transitioning from a one-person operation in sports betting to building a team in real estate and the importance of being a leader.Importance of mindset and self-confidence in achieving success.Connect with Federico Aristizabal:Instagram - - - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - <a...
7/3/202317 minutes, 44 seconds
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Building the Perfect Environment

What does the perfect environment look like to become a millionaire? And what exactly does it take to become successful and Live The Red Life?&nbsp;Rudy is hard at work creating his ideal work environment, so this is a great time for us to tap into his mind and see how he creates new space for his ambitions.If you want to be a great stockbroker, you're probably going to want to live in New York at some stage in your career. Likewise, if you want to break into Hollywood, you're going to go where films and TV are being produced and rub shoulders with the rich and famous.Rudy is busy relocating, growing his empire as he serves his wealthy clients, and starts shaking things up in other new and exciting industries than those that he is accustomed to.&nbsp;There's a sacrifice and discipline that is to be applauded here, and we can apply these lessons ourselves too as we understand that context is king, and that nothing happens in a vacuum.&nbsp;If we want to live in Wonderland, we must be prepared to create it for ourselves. Please join us."If you want to become a millionaire you've gotta build that right environment." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Why the right environment for our talents is so importantKnowing when to cut ties with the people who aren't serving your visionRudy shares on his big move and TV show ambitionsWhere do you sleep at night? The importance of quality sleep&nbsp;How does the energy of your environment amp up your staff?&nbsp;Appreciating the sacrifice and hard work required to bring your success to lifeAnd so much more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
6/29/202318 minutes, 37 seconds
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How to Grow a High-Ticket Sales Team With Dr. Chris Spearman

What are some of the secrets to building a highly successful, highly-functioning sales team? The Red Life team is coming out the gates strong in today's ambitious episode, as Rudy gets interviewed by Chris Spearman, a friend of Rudy's with vast experience in sales as a closer who has joined Life in Wonderland.Most big companies that earn millions have a high-ticket sales team. As you look to onboard new sales staff, are you asking to see their pay stubs and not just taking their word that they've had back-to-back bumper months at their previous job?What is their motivation for joining your team, should you hire an agency to assist with the hiring process, and how are you creating the right culture in your sales team? These are just some of the rapid-fire questions Rudy is answering from Chris as he impresses upon the importance of having high standards and that it is also a numbers game.&nbsp;For example, when it comes to sales, Rudy reckons to hire double what you need at first. Okay, more great advice to get your own 'Wolf Of Wall Street' sales-hungry wolf pack awaits inside the gates of Wonderland. Come on in."A lot of being good at sales is your personality, your hunger, and your passion." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:What should you look for in a closer?How do you find a great salesperson who isn't just doing their own thing?&nbsp;Understanding the difference between sales and marketing at a high levelHow do you create a great culture amongst your sales team?How much leeway and grace do you give a new sales member to get it right?&nbsp;When should you bring in an agency?The value of being in the right network when you're looking to hireHow Rudy built his first onboarding process for his sales teamAnd so much more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
6/26/202321 minutes, 49 seconds
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Expert Versus Influencer

Why is it that some experts are broke as entrepreneurs? And why does it seem as though a lot of stupid people are the ones getting rich? Understanding what it takes to influence and create an impact in this online world takes more than just being an expert in your field.&nbsp;It takes the ability to know when to collaborate with someone who may be smarter than you at marketing. It takes introspection to know when it's time to learn the basics of another industry so that you can apply your skills there.&nbsp;In the battle of expert versus influencer, Rudy is showing us the way forward in terms of collaboration, as well as individual pursuit, by drawing on his years of experience thinking outside the box and knowing that sometimes to get to that level of 'expert' will just take too damn long.&nbsp;Whether you are an aspiring influencer or expert, you need each other. And you, personally, always need to be looking to improve your skillset in the areas in which you aren't that strong. How you do that is today's red-hot topic. Welcome to Wonderland. Let's get busy Red Life Living!&nbsp;&nbsp;"Just being an expert, or just being excellent, sadly isn't good enough." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:What level of skills do you need to become an expert?&nbsp;How do you pivot from being an expert to a marketer?Understanding your responsibility to share your knowledgeKnowing when to collaborate as an expert or influencerWhy 'best known' beats 'best'Finding the right experts to work with long-termAnd so much more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
6/22/202318 minutes, 25 seconds
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How to be a Successful Online Coach with Dawnna St. Louis

How do I make money with my coaching skills - and impact the world? Dawna is ‘the coach's coach’ and helps people with the right knowledge, expertise, and passion translate their coaching skills to the online world where people are absolutely killing it these days.&nbsp;She built a $200 million dollar tech company and was enjoying all 30 days of her retirement before speaking engagements fast-tracked a new career for her in coaching.&nbsp;Dawnna is sharing her coaching insights with our Man in Red today and offering advice that could help you see if you have what it takes to make it in the world of online coaching.&nbsp;It's about understanding your expertise and then defining the value of that expertise.&nbsp;There's a difference between your tools, your talents, and your actual expertise and skills. Selling your talent is not a scalable business model. So understanding what is a tool and what is a talent will go a long way towards helping you market your expertise effectively.&nbsp;Turning what you do well into a methodology is what leads to a sustainable online coaching business. And that's the game changer. Let's get busy Red Life Living!&nbsp;"Your expertise is only about one-twelfth of your entire business." ~ Dawnna&nbsp;The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:How did Dawnna build a $200 million company (and then retire for 30 days)?What steps should you take if you're starting out in coaching?&nbsp;What does Dawnna's client process look like?&nbsp;What does it take to have a sustainable coaching business?What do people want most in a coach?How much can you earn as an online coach?What is your signature coaching program?&nbsp;Raising your own brand so you're of benefit to your clientsThe value of getting a coach that you want to modelOn being ‘obnoxiously omnipresent’And so much more!Connect with Dawnna:Website - FyrebrandConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
6/19/202327 minutes, 9 seconds
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How to Invest as an Entrepreneur

How do you invest the money that you make as an entrepreneur to make even more money? Rudy's talking investments today: what makes a good investment, where you should put your money, and how to keep it once you've made it.&nbsp;Making your money work for you, and watching it grow is a big part of being a successful entrepreneur, so this episode of Living The Red Life is perfectly timed for those of us living in Wonderland and now looking to start making smart money plays with what we're bringing in.&nbsp;Our Man in Red is sharing his Top 3 proven pillars on how to approach investment so that you can build a solid platform of financial wealth and get off that hamster wheel of earning cash only to spend it.&nbsp;From assessing risk and creating cash flow to determining your exit strategy for when the investment deal is up, Rudy's advice will help you create the financial freedom you need to live that Red Life of your own.&nbsp;&nbsp;"The hardest part of entrepreneurship isn't the 'making the money' part, it's the keeping and utilizing that money and having a good investment strategy so that money keeps building for you and builds wealth." ~ Rudy Mawer&nbsp;The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:The value of balancing cashflow with smart investments&nbsp;Investing in the right mastermind circlesWhat is my risk?What is my cash flow?What is your exitable incentive?Assessing the entrepreneur and the executive teamWhen does your investment pay out?&nbsp;What percentage return on your investment should you expect?&nbsp;Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
6/8/202324 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Millionaire Real Estate Coach & Investor Greg Luther

Do you want to coach people that get $15K when you make an impact for them, or do you want to coach plumbers that earn $200 when they get a new client? That's the question entrepreneur Greg Luther asked himself when he became a sales and marketing coach for real estate agents.Greg is now pulling in million-dollar months with a super high net profit margin through his 100% virtual company coaching real estate agents. Our Man in Red Rudy Mawer is pinning Greg down on the secrets of his premier avatar, and the balance between sales, marketing, and having the right product (or coaching service).&nbsp;It's an ever-expanding triangle as Rudy points out. But that's how you get richer, and how feeling busy still feels fun when your vision is aligned with your day-to-day hustle.&nbsp;Greg's insights into his virtual operation are super valuable, as is Rudy's business acumen in elucidating exactly what Greg is getting right to bring in the big money months – so the rest of us can hopefully follow suit. This is Wonderland, come on in!"I want to enjoy my life, whatever I'm making." ~ Greg Luther&nbsp;The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Making a million a month, all remotely&nbsp;Getting busier, but keeping things aligned with your visionChoosing the right product and overcoming brand obscurityStaying congruent with your messaging to your audienceHow does the money show up?What's the first step toward building a re-occurring business model?&nbsp;How to market a webinarThe value of good sales copyHow do you make your customers stay?Connect with Greg Luther:Website - Greg Luther CoachingInstagram - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
6/6/202316 minutes, 2 seconds
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How to Make your First Million Dollars

Making your first million dollars is the hardest million to make. Even if you've made that first Megabuck and (like our Man in Red) are on your way to Gigabuck status like Rudy (that's a billion dollars), then today's episode will provide areas of focus that you can optimize.&nbsp;There are plenty of millionaires out there already (google it!) and they're not as smart as you. But they do probably employ some of the strategies Rudy is discussing in today's ambitious episode of Living The Red Life that will help you get your hustle up.What does your product ecosystem look like and what are your secondary ways of making revenue? What about your data and financial tracking or your paid acquisition strategy? If you don't know the answers to these questions then best you tune in to turn it up a notch. Welcome to Wonderland, baby.&nbsp;"A million is not hard guys. A million shouldn't seem so daunting and far away." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Why the first million dollars is the hardestAsk yourself: how many millionaires are out there?&nbsp;Finding the right product or irresistible offerCreating a 'product ecosystem'How are you selling your product?What is your paid acquisition strategy?&nbsp;How strong is your mindset?What is your logistics setup?&nbsp;Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
6/1/202320 minutes, 11 seconds
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Pay Less Taxes and Earn More $$$? with Tom Wheelwright

Taxes! How do we make them fun and not so scary? Our Man in Red, Rudy, met Tom Wheelbrook on Richard Branson's Necker Island and struck up a like-minded rapport for making more money and paying less tax!Tom has 40 years of quality experience in the tax business and runs a network of 65 CPA firms around the US. He’s one of the top tax minds around, and today he's sharing his sexy tax strategies on this penny-pinching episode of Living The Red Life.&nbsp;Rudy and Tom are showing us how to see the tax system as a series of incentives that can work for both you and the government if you play the game right. Going with the biggest tax firm is not necessarily the best, but paying top dollar for the right financial advice is totally worth it.&nbsp;The advice here today is free though. Everything from leasing electric cars to renting out your house tax-free is offered up to all our hungry Red Life entrepreneurs out there. Turn those small pennies into big dollars and come join us in Wonderland!"Your best return on investment, for sure, is going to be your tax advisor. By far." ~ Tom WheelwrightThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Why is having the right tax advisor so important?What are some of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with taxes?What are the best ways to build wealth while paying less tax?What is the secret to dealing with an audit?Having the right mindset to deal with your tax?Sexy tax strategiesWhat is the Augusta Rule?How can you get started on Tax-Free Wealth?Learning not to be afraid of your financesConnect with Tom Wheelwright:Website - Ability - Tom Wheelwright, CPA | WealthAbilityTax-Free Wealth - Tax-Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes eBook : Wheelwright, Tom: Kindle StoreInstagram - Tom Wheelwright ® (@tom_wheelwright) • Instagram photos and videosConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
5/29/202332 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Art of Negotiation

Negotiation is a skill that everyone should possess. Some would say it's an art. Rudy Mawer believes that being able to negotiate is as important as being able to communicate. It's a key part of life that will make you better in your business and personal life.&nbsp;Rudy has the skill of negotiation hardwired into his mindset, from being a child and asking for more from his parents, to buying and selling at school. And he still negotiates successfully in business every day. So he's well positioned to advise us on how we can overcome that uncomfortable feeling we get when we are asked to persuade someone about seeing things from another point of view.&nbsp;Negotiation can lead to new perspectives. It can mean that you bring in better staff to your business and that you have more harmony on the home front. Join the Man in Red as he lays it down for us: negotiation is indeed an art, and by harnessing its power, we can become better in business. Let's crush it.&nbsp;"It's going to give you this better structure in your life by simply unlocking this one skill." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Understanding negotiation as a key part of persuasionWhy is negotiation uncomfortable for us?&nbsp;Appreciating FBI negotiations and the art of de-escalating situations&nbsp;What is up for grabs when you negotiate? Costs and payment termsNegotiating trade exchanges&nbsp;Real-life examples of negotiation from Rudy's workplaceConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
5/25/202320 minutes, 37 seconds
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Behind The Scenes Of My Success w/ My COO Mike Wisner

What are the successful traits of an entrepreneur? And how can we reverse engineer the answers to that question? How about a reverse interview? Rudy Mawer, AKA The Man in Red, is joined in the studio today by his right-hand man and long-time friend and colleague Mike,&nbsp; who is answering the questions that Rudy wants to be asked!&nbsp;This is a fascinating look under the hood of Rudy's company, as well as an insight into the mind and methodology of one of the sharpest entrepreneurs around today. Learn how growth equals change, and how Rudy is setting up his staff to achieve high levels of success.From clear communication at the start of a brief through to setting the right standard of expectation, and from marketing that irresistible offer to ‘dancing in the rain’, this is behind the scenes at Living The Red Life that will give every hungry entrepreneur out there some clues for their own future success. Please join us!"I've got used to enjoying dancing in the rain. It's gonna rain, it's gonna pour... and when there's a storm, it comes together." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:What did Mike see in Rudy when they met in the UK?How Rudy clearly articulates what he demands of his staff'Dancing in the rain' - when it all comes together under pressureUnpacking Rudy's competitivenessSetting staff up to succeed when you’re the CEOMike's hot take on Rudy's killer marketing strategies&nbsp;&nbsp;Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
5/22/202322 minutes, 17 seconds
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Secret Of The Rich - Synergies, Partnerships + Leverage

How can you exponentially grow your business by leveraging partnerships? Rudy is flying solo today, spilling the tea on a secret of the rich: synergies and partnerships.From licensing to affiliation partnerships, Rudy is making it all super understandable for us. Even Rudy wishes he'd gotten a jump on this earlier in his career!&nbsp;Because as entrepreneurs we want to do it all ourselves, but it's important to know when to bring in a partner so you can cut yourself a bigger slice of a future pie.&nbsp;From understanding selling valuations for a company, to how you get there by growing your personal brand, developing affiliate relationships, and growing the right partnership to ensure long-term success, Rudy's red-hot take will help you realize that it's not about owning 100% of your business and doing it all yourself. These are words to live by. Please join us!&nbsp;"I think it's really important that as early on in your career as you can, you can give up this ego thing around owning 100%." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:The value of your network, your connections, and developing personal brandsUnderstanding selling valuationsHow to grow your company through affiliate relationshipsWhy people love affiliates&nbsp;Understanding how expansion is quicker through partnershipKnowing when to franchise: having a strong brand and a proven model&nbsp;What is a JV?&nbsp;&nbsp;Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
5/18/202324 minutes, 13 seconds
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Millionaire Mindset Mastery With Brian Dalmaso

You might have the right business strategy to achieve greatness, but do you have the right mindset? Brian Dalmaso is the CEO of Matrix Success International. And if you know our host Rudy Mawer, you know that Living The Red Life is inspired by taking the red pill in The Matrix and living a life less ordinary.&nbsp;Brian is a Lifestyle Enhancement Mentor and mindset coach that Rudy regularly engages with. Rudy was born with a positive mindset, Brian acquired one through mentorship and reading up on the subject.&nbsp;Together they are combining to provide us with the tools we need to up our entrepreneurial game as we learn how to act on our unconscious competence, build mental programs that support our ambitions, and maintain a positive approach to life.&nbsp;The key attributes of success, from not caring about what other people think, to having the desire to achieve, are shared as mindset tips from two Red Life mentors who are offering it up, for free, on this red-hot episode of Living The Red Life. Please join us!"Elon Musk is not reading the news. He's creating the news." ~ Brian Dalmaso&nbsp;&nbsp;The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Understanding the value of mentorship and having a mindset roadmapWhat is unconscious competence?Learning not to worry about what other people are thinkingThe entrepreneurial path: learning what not to doWhere do entrepreneurs get their positive approach from?&nbsp;Who are you listening to and who are you taking advice from?Changing relativity and perspective when faced with business challengesIs your spouse supporting you in what you do?Unpacking The Wheel of Life – a lifestyle audit from Brian DalmasoConnect with Brian Dalmaso:Website - - Tree - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - -<a href=""...
5/15/202331 minutes, 16 seconds
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What I Would Do if I Had to Start Over Again = If I Lost It All - What to Do From Zero!

What does starting over feel like? Rudy has been there before, knowing when to pivot and move on when the universe provides you with a ‘kick out the front door scenario’.&nbsp;These pivotal sliding door moments can alter your life trajectory in a big way, and in this philosophical episode of Living The Red Life, Rudy is contemplating what he would do differently if he had to start over again.&nbsp;From paying attention to online trends and knowing how to test your next big idea, to telling your story in a positive way, Rudy’s red-hot business acumen shines through with pragmatic steps and tools that we can all apply to our lives and our businesses as we grow and shine in Wonderland.&nbsp;Whether it’s embracing AI or having an ice bath, the future is here and Rudy’s wisely telling us how to pay attention to what it’s bringing. The Red Life has never felt more inviting.“The beauty of life is you can define your story.” ~ Rudy Mawer&nbsp;&nbsp;The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:How to push through negative moments to tell your story in a positive wayWhat is hot right now, and what are you passionate about?&nbsp;What can you sell, what are you good at, and what is scalable?What current trends are you seeing online and on social media?What is your Unique Selling Point so that you stand out with your new idea?&nbsp;How do you test your idea? Failing fastKnowing when to pivot and when to stackConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
5/11/202325 minutes, 1 second
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Super Agent of Hope - From Addiction To A-List Hollywood with Darren Prince

What is the life of a celebrity agent like? Somebody who has rubbed shoulders and worked with Chevy Chase, Muhammad Ali, Carmen Electra, Magic Johnson... the list is endless.&nbsp;Darren Prince is that somebody, CEO and President of Prince Marketing Group, a celebrity agent who's been crushing for a good few decades now. He’s also the author of ‘Aiming High: How a Prominent Sports and Celebrity Agent Hit Bottom at the Top’.Life hasn't always been rosy for Darren, and in this heart-to-heart with the Man in Red Rudy Mawer, Darren is sharing on his struggles with addiction and how hollow his success felt at times when he was addicted to opioids.&nbsp;From white light moments and facing one's demons, to what it takes to be successful in all aspects of your life, Darren and Rudy will have you hanging on their every word as they share the secrets of their entrepreneurial success, as well as Darren's message of hope and recovery.&nbsp;(on addiction) "Ask for help. No one's going to judge you." ~ Darren Prince&nbsp;The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Darren Prince shares on working with some of the world’s best superstarsHaving a 'white light' moment - turning your back on addictionThe value of balance and surrounding yourself with likeminded people&nbsp;Why it's not always all about the business - having conversations that will ultimately lead to businessHow to appreciate creativity and treat talent rightWhat are the common denominators amongst the most influential people on the planet?How do you achieve success in all aspects of your life?&nbsp;Connect with Darren Prince:&nbsp;Website - - Darren Prince (@agent_dp) • Instagram photos and videosPrince Marketing Group - Prince Marketing GroupDarren’s Book - Aiming High: How a Prominent Sports and Celebrity Agent Hit Bottom at the Top (Audible Audio Edition): Darren Prince, Kristen McGuinessConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn -...
5/8/202345 minutes, 39 seconds
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Why Change Can be Good = Embrace Change, To Transform Your Life!

Are you ready for change? Not just any change, but actually creating that change in your business, your life, your marketing, your relationship, and your finances. As the Man in Red is laying it down for us, it's never too late to change.&nbsp;Most people are scared of change, there's a generational fear of doing things too differently. But if we look at successful artists, movie stars, sports stars, and entrepreneurs, they all change. Learning how to make that mindset shift, embrace change, and start Living The Red Life is what Rudy is supporting us in understanding today.&nbsp;The more we grow, the more we change our environment. There's lots to learn and lots to do. Let's unpack our limiting beliefs and learn from other successful entrepreneurs like Rudy so we can do something that is wildly different, something that is going to take us out of our comfort zone. Because in the red zone is where you need to be. Welcome to Wonderland.&nbsp;"Change is Good." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:How to approach change – a generational mindset shiftWhat will the next generation of children be born into?Appreciating how artists, entrepreneurs, movie and sports stars all changeWhat limiting belief is preventing you from making a change?What can we learn from entrepreneurs like Richard Branson?What small change can you make today?Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
5/4/202315 minutes, 45 seconds
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Mindset of Success - From 14 People to 14,000 Person Live Events! with Him500

What does it take to host an event with 14000 people? What mindset does it take to fill an arena? Him500 is a public figure, thinking about his audience, educating his community – and filling arenas and masterminding events as he goes and grows.&nbsp;Him500 (AKA Marcus Barney) is a business mentor who got his real estate license when he was 19 and learned the principles of leveraging credit which are some of the skills he’d one day pass on to others in his community. He also went to a live event and told his moms that one day he’d be packing out arenas.&nbsp;And now he’s filling Madison Square Gardens, combining an appreciation of in-person community with teaching those that dare to dream that your credit score is your financial superpower.&nbsp;Him500’s story of ambition and determination earns Rudy’s respect. For those of us Living The Red Life, we can take a leaf out of the book of this business mentor that’s blowing up – and making others rich alongside him. Check @Him500 out now, this guy is the real deal.“Mindset-wise is looking at: where is my audience? What would make them come? I know they watch me, but what is the extra whipped cream on top? What is the extra sauce that I can put to where they get more for their time?” ~ Him500The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:How Him500 went from organizing his first 14-person event to a mastermind with 14 000!Why Community is Everything - how Marcus Barney blew up explaining how to leverage creditThe value of having a mindset coach&nbsp;What are the small decisions that led to the big places that HIM500 has gotten to today?&nbsp;How to structure events when you only get paid a week afterwardWhat to expect at Madison Square GardensConnect with Him500:Instagram - Marcus Barney (@him500) on InstagramLnk.Bio - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - - <a href="" rel="noopener...
5/1/202333 minutes, 57 seconds
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Hustling to Become Millionaires with Vince Del Monte

What does stewardship mean to you? For Vince Del Monte, it's about taking care of his God-given talents and making the most of this one short life that he's been given. Vince knows that fear is the path to freedom and that the entrepreneurial journey that he walks is lined with challenges.&nbsp;&nbsp;Rudy met Vince Del Monte when he'd just moved to Florida, and they've been growing together as entrepreneurs along similar paths for a good few years now. Both were working as gym instructors, doing one-on-one coaching, and cleaning gym equipment back in the day.Both got exposed to online marketing, selling ebooks, and earning passive income instead of having a JOB. This is a conversation between two friends who are now both Living The Red Life,&nbsp; having built big coaching programs with multi-million dollar fitness campaigns.&nbsp;Neither are satisfied to rest. Both are ambitious for ‘new levels with new devils’ – challenges to be overcome, rather than problems that can't be solved. Join Rudy and Vince in a conversation that will whet your appetite for ambition and red life living. It’s time to face your fear and start Living The Red Life.&nbsp;"You always have an opportunity to decide how you reframe a challenge or a circumstance. And I think that's an empowering message, one that gives a lot of people hope." ~ Vince Del MonteThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Vince's journey from gym guy to Internet millionaireUnderstanding Responsibility – and how to reframe a challenge"With new levels come new devils"Are you rich in relationships?Why there has to be an element of fear in what you doA thought experiment: running the negative waterfallGratitude as a mental lubricant: understanding you don't deserve anything‘What you appreciate, appreciates’The value of creating a great product to sell&nbsp;Finding staff who have great ambition: asking the right questions'70% of marketing is just knowing who you're talking to'Why being humble in defeat is a great character traitConnect with Vince Del Monte:Instagram - Worlds #1 Fitness Business Coach (@vincedelmonte) • Instagram photos and videosYouTube - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn -<a...
4/24/202336 minutes, 59 seconds
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Creating a Celebrity Brand

Are you ready to influence? The Man in Red is large and in charge today, giving us a glimpse of a future where you are building a strong, celebrity brand for yourself – one that’s a household name, one that’s going to help you build partnerships, and generate real wealth.&nbsp;Why? Because the endorsement landscape is changing. Why pay someone to endorse or sell your products and services when you can be doing it for yourself? Become an expert in your niche industry, get involved in brand collaborations with other well-known people in your space, and build a funnel that sees more direct sales coming your way.&nbsp;The influencer world is different now. Those that wield power and make money know how to influence. What are your pillars for creating your own celebrity brand? Rudy’s not talking about becoming a celebrity in the sense that people will come up to you while you’re eating at restaurants.&nbsp;Rather, it’s about sticking your neck out, articulating your passion, inspiring others, and then playing a long game to reap the rewards. It’s the Red Life approach and Rudy Mawer explains why in this wake-up call to all serious entrepreneurs. Come and get it.&nbsp;“I really do believe the future of wealth is building that brand. Building that personal brand and becoming more of an influencer.” ~ Rudy Mawer&nbsp;The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:How the influencer game is changing&nbsp;Becoming an influencer yourselfWhat defines a celebrity brand?Why Rudy is building the Red Life brandUnderstanding the lay of the land firstMaking the decision to become well knownExpressing your passion and what you are capable of sharing on&nbsp;How do you increase your celebrity reach? Getting more eyeballsHow do you build your authority and credibilityThe value of Facebook ads for creating more leadsUnderstanding the importance of collaborationsBuilding a tribe: creating movements around causes and interests&nbsp;What are your pillars for creating your own celebrity brand?Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - <a href=""...
4/20/202320 minutes, 11 seconds
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From 100k Student Debt to 100K Weekend! With Javier and Marissa

Welcome to Wonderland and a trip down memory lane for Rudy with a chat about one of his favorite pastimes: health and wellness! Rudy is joined in studio by Javier and Marissa, who started (just like the Man in Red did himself) with a passion to help people in the health space.Over time they grew disillusioned with traditional healthcare and working in hospitals as health professionals, where they were spending only 10% of their time with patients and 90% of their time documenting stuff. There had to be a better way, and entrepreneurship was that way. They now run The Practice Revolution, encouraging other professionals in the wellness space to become masters of their own destinies, by building their own businesses. Javier and Marissa have been working with Rudy and his team for the past year to really take their business to the next level. They share their insights on how to hone in on what's working, the importance of knowing your numbers, and the value of live events and online challenges. Rudy is encouraging them, and other power business couples like them, to set even bigger financial goals as they Live The Red Life."We want to be able to, like you said, help the people who help the people." ~ Javier The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE! - In This Episode:Javier and Marissa's journey from hospitals to entrepreneurshipThe value of organic versus paid marketing: when to shake the tree and when to plant new treesLearning to take off your ‘health pro hat’ and put on your marketing hatReducing your marketing to a message that's clear and conciseWhat are the challenges of running an online healthcare business? Why live events and challenges are the best ways to bring in high-ticket salesCan dietitians make $10K - $30K on a live challenge?Why Rudy reckons there is SO MUCH MORE scope for growth for health pros onlineAnd more!Connect with Javier and Marissa:Website - - - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
4/17/202325 minutes, 16 seconds
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Expanding Your Vision to 10x Your Life

Are you ready to build a life for yourself in Wonderland? How big is your house? How big is your dream? Now that you're on your entrepreneurial journey, are you thinking big enough?Rudy is opening our minds today with his ideas of expansive vision. True genius never reckoned with the word 'reasonable'. And if you are going to be putting in all the hard work to build something, why not make all the effort really worth it? Why not add another zero to your ambitions in the money column?&nbsp;Living The Red Life means leveling up. And as we level up, we look around at the room that we're in and learn to ask ourselves: am I thinking beyond these four walls?&nbsp;Rudy is daring you to dream, see, think, and act bigger. And when you need a strategist to help you with your business blueprint (or should that be red print?), you know who to call.&nbsp;"I battle with myself: am I even doing the right thing in the right business where I'm trying to do $100K days? Not running a business where I'm doing $100K hours, right?" ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:How to see a ‘bigger room’Can you achieve greatness, faster?&nbsp;Be Unreasonable – have unreasonable expectationsWhat are the strategy and actionable steps you can follow?&nbsp;If you're going through the pain anyway, make sure the reward is worth itAnd more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
4/13/202323 minutes, 31 seconds
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Building a $30 Million $ “Boring” Business w/ Jason Macek

Are you in e-commerce and looking to learn from someone who's a little bit further down the road? Jason Macek started a fulfillment company, with his wife, from a garage, in 2005 – charging $1 per box to ship your product.Jason is now so far down the road his garage has moved to a warehouse, and his company, Dollar Fulfillment, is shipping up to 25000 packages a day.Rudy is getting the best out of Jason as he shares on the business challenges he's faced over the years, the value of having a good team, and the importance of strong company culture.&nbsp;Don't let someone else's trademark infringement get the best of you! Learn how to reinvest in your company and grow your own e-commerce business one dollar and one package at a time. Outsource whatever consumes too much of your valuable time and start Living The Red Life today!"Find something that you're interested in or passionate about, because it makes it a lot easier coming to work every day when you're dealing with something that you like." ~ Jason MacekThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:What is the difference between dropshipping and fulfillment?Why outsourcing your shipping is a no-brainerAppreciating Jason's mindset after receiving an Attorney General's letterPreparing for the inevitable shock that is really just a business challengeWhy Jason believes in people over profits&nbsp;And more!Connect with Jason Macek:Website - with Rudy Mawer:LinkedIn - - - -
4/10/202321 minutes, 50 seconds
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How We Make Millions on Instagram

Are you looking for a social media platform that delivers organic growth that you can monetize? Look no further than Instagram, where you can create a tribe, post regular content in a sustainable manner, and then look to monetize, in time, with high-ticket items or product endorsements.Rudy is in studio, perched on his Red Lips sofa, preaching to those of us still playing around with everything from Facebook to TikTok. He's sharing why Instagram covers the widest audience, how it allows for organic growth, and what you can do to make money off of the platform somewhere down the line.&nbsp;As always, Rudy is reverse-engineering the problem: he's looking at his money-making goals, and then looking at ways to spend money to make it back. He's rubbing shoulders with all the major players and influencers out there who, while they may be telling you they're just doing it for the fans, are shrewdly building an audience (their tribe) so that monetization opportunities will follow in due course.&nbsp;Insights this smart should come with a premium subscription fee. Come and get involved while it's here for free. Living The Red Life with Rudy Mawer starts now!"Overall, for organic growth, Instagram is my favorite." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:Why Instagram is Rudy's favorite social media platformHow to reverse engineer your money-making goals&nbsp;Using Instagram to showcase what your business is up toAppreciating the sustainability factor of InstagramWhat structure and strategy should you apply on Instagram to form a tribe?What is a high-ticket item that you can sell on Instagram?What is your next step? Creating content and sourcing ideasHow do you grow your Instagram audience?&nbsp;Why planning on going viral is like buying a lottery ticketAnd more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
4/8/202326 minutes
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Unleashing Creativity: Tips and Insights from Ryan Pineda on Crafting Organic Content

Are you looking for the signs and are you prepared to go all-in on your dreams of Living The Red Life? What does it take to succeed as an influencer and leave a legacy of impactful change?&nbsp;Ryan Pineda is a former baseball star turned real estate and content creator consultant who has organically grown his business to tens of millions of dollars with his unique approach to creating content and learning about the social media platforms he publishes on.&nbsp;Ryan’s journey from flipping couches to flipping houses, and looking at the short-form content landscape during COVID, combined with his hardened mindset from his years of playing baseball has made him an entrepreneurial achiever of note — and a close personal friend of our man in red, Rudy Mawer.&nbsp;Rudy is asking all the right questions of Ryan today, as they unpack Ryan’s past while looking forward to a bright red future. Go ‘all in’ yourself, right now, in this present moment, and learn all you can from these two master influencers.“So many entrepreneurs and real estate people ask me every day, ‘Dude, what should I do? How should I start doing this? We’re looking for ways to drive leads to our business.’ And I’m like, dude, organic is best.” ~ Ryan PinedaThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- How Ryan got to $10 million, organically- The merits of growing your business organically- The value in catching onto new trends quickly- Getting maximum value from each piece of content- Being known for a particular niche while being broad enough to draw people in- Adapting to new social media spaces- Why attention is the most valuable, limited commodity- Starting with short-form content as the gateway to your brand- How do you figure out your ‘thing’- How baseball developed Ryan’s strong winning mindsetAnd more!Connect with Ryan Pineda:WebsiteInstagramLinkedInYouTubeConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebook<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
4/3/202336 minutes, 42 seconds
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Life Lessons From Living With a Billionaire for a Week

Rudy Mawer and Richard Branson share a few things in common: both are British, and both are passionate entrepreneurs intent on creating an impact and leaving a lasting legacy.&nbsp;‘Life lessons from living with a billionaire for a week’ is the subject of today’s episode of Living The Red Life as Rudy was fortunate to spend a week with Sir Richard Branson on his private island.We, the Red Life Tribe, are fortunate to learn from Rudy today as he shares some of Richard Branson’s insights and applies them to our current business situation today. In between playing chess with the Virgin boss and successfully swimming around Necker Island, Rudy was able to glean so much wisdom from one of the world’s greatest businessmen alive.&nbsp;He’s generously sharing his insights so that we too can innovate and grow and empower ourselves with the right mindset as we go full throttle on Living The Red Life. It’s all here, and it’s all good.&nbsp; “Understand that, hey, it’s about bringing in the right people and trusting them and not trying to do everything yourself.” ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- Circumnavigating Necker Island, chess with the Virgin Boss, and other crazy stories- How Richard Branson made travel amazing – innovation born out of frustration- Innovating in an industry you want to disrupt- Seeing failures as lessons — learning not to dwell on disappointment&nbsp;- Hiring the right people around — especially when you don’t know the industry&nbsp;- Having the mindset of knowing when to move on and not be a victimAnd more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/30/202320 minutes, 53 seconds
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Unlocking the Secrets of Marketing Celebrities Made Easy with Chris "Vo" Volo

Do you remember when NBA superstar Dennis Rodman met North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un? Who do you think put that together? Chris 'Vo' Volo, that's who. Today on Living The Red Life, Rudy Mawer, the Man in Red, is chatting to Vo from the Prince Marketing Group.&nbsp;Vo is a celebrity agent, and his client list includes Dennis Rodman, Hulk Hogan, and Charlie Sheen – to name a few. He shares how he got started by knocking on doors at age 27 and how fear of failure can lead to regret later in life if you don't get started at all.&nbsp;There's a wealth of wisdom and insight from Vo and Rudy in this inspiring conversation for all those hungry entrepreneurs out there that are looking to grow their personal brands. Let's knock down some doors and play into our extremes! Find out how Vo's celebrity clients and the top 1% take those chances to level up their life. This is Living The Red Life at its finest!&nbsp;"I shouldn't be embarrassed about asking for something. I shouldn't be embarrassed about going after something." ~ Vo VoloThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; - In This Episode:- How Hulk has survived in the ring for so long- Making your mark in life when you have nothing at age 27- How the fear of failure turns into regret later on- Be that person until that person becomes you- Creating a character from your own personality- Dennis Rodman as a pioneer of personal branding- What are the common traits that the top 1% share?- Play into your extremes- How Rudy solved his Red Life riddle- Advice for people needing to knock on that door of opportunityAnd more!Connect with Vo Volo:Instagram Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/27/202327 minutes, 38 seconds
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Million Dollar Network

Are you looking for the right people, the right rooms, and the right connections? The Man in Red is encouraging you to focus on your growth — and the connections you have — as you go full throttle on your red life. Do what you need to get into those rooms, and you won’t regret it. Maybe that means paying for time with a celebrity at dinner, or maybe that means investing in a mastermind course that sees you benefit in areas of your life where you know that you need to grow.The beauty in this episode is how candid Rudy is with regard to what he’s prepared to spend money on, and why. He’s always asking ‘who’ not ‘how’, and calling in the right expert to advise him on things that he doesn’t fully understand, or skill sets that he’s looking to hone.And so he’s here, as your Red Life expert, giving away the gold on how to build those relationships and take your business to the next level, one smart move at a time. Would you leave a European holiday with your family to attend a mastermind? What if you had the chance to make $200K by attending? That, and more, inside this episode of Living The Red Life with Rudy Mawer. Come and get it!“Would you spend a million dollars to hopefully make five million dollars back?” ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- Which ‘life departments’ do you want to get really good at?- Investing in yourself for the best ROI- Spending $10K for a 10-hour YouTube crash course from an expert- Building the right board if you want a big box business- Why context is critical when you’re asking for advice- Using your contacts to collapse time and fast-track your success- Why it’s your responsibility to make things happen when you invest in a mastermind- Find the right rooms, find the right people, make the right connections!And more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/23/202318 minutes, 31 seconds
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Miss Florida, Lindsay Bettis’ "Overnight" Success

Lindsay Bettis is Miss Florida 2022 and she's bringing her style, grace, and beauty to Rudy's Living The Red Life studio. Her victory story and perceived ‘overnight success’ is one of struggle. She competed in beauty pageants for many, many years until she finally won Miss Florida - with a torn hamstring!&nbsp;She's openly sharing about her family's struggle with addiction, her own struggles being OCD, and the triumph of turning insecurity and a desire to be loved and recognized into a superpower by getting up on stage, championing important social causes (like addiction treatment), and remaining steadfast in her determination to be authentic.&nbsp;Rudy expertly engages Lindsay on her recipe for success, the importance of influence as we try to create impact, and the wins we create from our failure. Please join us.&nbsp;"Being flexible and adaptable is a big part of success." ~ Lindsay Bettis, Miss Florida 2022The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; - This Episode:- Winning Miss Florida with a torn hamstring!- Developing your self-confidence by getting up on stage- What are they looking for in a Miss Florida pageant?- How Lindsay is helping get people into treatment for addiction- How has influence helped Miss Florida with her career?- The feeling of being in front of a judging panel and how to prepare- What are the key attributes of other successful people that Miss Florida surrounds herself with?&nbsp;- Defining your brand in unique and authentic ways in the pageant industry- Coming from a family with a history of addiction- Creating wins from failure- Embracing your differences so you can help more people- Why does Lindsay really want to win?&nbsp;Connect with Lindsay Bettis:WebsiteInstagramConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/20/202333 minutes, 7 seconds
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Red Life Side Hustles

Turning your half-baked idea into something that is completely cooked as a side hustle could be your pathway to millions! On this offbeat episode of Living The Red Life, our host Rudy Mawer (AKA the Man in Red) is sharing the news that he’s working on a TV show about stupid side hustles — and so he’s been suitably inspired by some of the ideas that he’s come across.From flipping couches to installing ATMs at locations needing cash, and from the similarities of OnlyFans to the coaching modality, Rudy has seen it all lately — and he’s sharing all he’s learned with us.Internet money provides freedom, and there’s a plethora of ways for you to start something on the side and turn it into something big somewhere down the line. Or really soon if your idea is red hot.This is where to start to understand the psychology of buying patterns and the psyche of Red Life Living. Earning money the smart way is a life hack that will make you way happier. Come and get involved.“How do you bridge that gap between ‘stupid idea’ and ‘million-dollar business’?” ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- Stupid Side Hustles - The TV Show- Money as a life hack and driver of happiness- Starting an ATM business as a side hustle (leasing one for $2K a month)- Getting paid to take someone’s couch away - and then flipping it- Finding a gap in the market where your passion also lies- How can you ‘add on’ to your vertical?- How OnlyFans is similar to the coaching modality- Understanding the psychology of buying patterns- Pushing yourself to that next level if you want fast growth- What makes a good side hustle?&nbsp;- How making money on the internet provides freedom- Online opportunities that exist for you to start a side hustleAnd more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/16/202322 minutes, 29 seconds
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$10K to $100 Million in Product Sales With Michael Gonzalez

How do you take your last $10K and turn it into $100 million in product sales? You start a detox tea company just when Instagram is blowing up, and you ride the red wave of success all the way to the top! Today’s guest is the GOAT of Instagram marketing, FitTea Founder (now exited) and now the Tea CEO, Michael Gonzalez.Michael is in the hot seat beside our man in red, Rudy Mawer, and they’re reflecting on the value of growing a business alongside a personal brand in this modern age of social media. A time when you can drop cash getting a celebrity endorsement and then have all sorts of eyeballs checking out your operation.Michael’s operation started small — just him and his mom packing tea — but because he was prepared to take marketing risks and develop a high-quality product to match, he was able to collapse time and scale fast! Michael’s story is a tale of living the red life for real, from dancing with Beyoncé to shots at the bar with Post Malone, it’s all here. Rudy brings his shrewd business acumen to this party too, bringing it all home for you. All you have to do is take the red pill — and jump!“I’m a believer in everything. Like radio, it didn’t matter. Put you on the moon? I’ll put you on the moon. You know what I mean? So that’s how I think about brands.”&nbsp;&nbsp;~ Michael GonzalezThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- How do you make a high-quality product that consumers are willing to pay more for?- What do you get when you combine ideas, trust, and risk?- The perfect recipe to kickstart your own business.- The Pros and Cons of building a brand on a personality.- Is the celeb shoutout still worth it?&nbsp;- Discover the secret to building a successful business!- How do you cope with anxiety as an entrepreneur?- On the phone with pirates when they intercept your cargo!- Living it up at Puff Daddy’s 50th- What is the value in getting a shoutout from Kim Kardashian?And more!Connect with Michael Gonzalez:Instagram The book Michael recommends - Hope and Help for Your NervesFit Tea Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagram<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
3/13/202337 minutes, 1 second
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10 Key Steps To Build My 10 Million $ Biz

How's that red pill tasting for you? Living The Red Life has never been sweeter, right? Rudy Mawer, AKA the Man in Red, is banging out the big ideas in this episode, showing us his Top Ten Tips that got him to $10 million in under 3 years.&nbsp;How is your business bringing in 100 new leads a day? How do you spend more money to make it back in the long run? How are you getting repeat customers? Ask yourself these and other questions, and Rudy will have you looking at your business like a jigsaw puzzle as you try to fill in the missing pieces and 10X your wealth.&nbsp;Tip number one is having multiple front-end offers, and tip number 10 is knowing every Key Performance Indicator there is. Sandwiched in between are 8 more million-dollar tips for growing your business. This is life in the red zone, and we're not messing about. Come and get it!“You have to have a way to drive consistent sales and consistent leads into your business." ~ Rudy Mawer&nbsp;The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- Creating multiple sales funnels so that consumers can access your ecosystem- Million dollar idea: charging someone $1 for the first time they use your service- Lead generation systems: the need for unlimited leads&nbsp;- Having a good phone sales team- Pick one big platform to start – then go multi-channel- Referrals, renewals, and upgrades - How do you get customers to come back?-'Who?' not 'how' – find the expert- 10Xing your goals – who is pushing you to the next level?&nbsp;- Going into the red:&nbsp;losing money to make money over time- Client success – how well are your clients doing?&nbsp;- Data and reporting: knowing every Key Performance IndicatorAnd more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/9/202324 minutes, 27 seconds
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Dan Fleyshman, Youngest Founder ever to Go Public

What is the secret to becoming the youngest founder ever to take a company public (at age 19!)? Dan Fleyshman has the answer to that, as he’s the person with that title. And the answer involves lots of hard, smart work. Dan is a social media mogul and serial entrepreneur who spends his time running a social media agency for influencers, as well as being an angel investor.On this episode of Living The Red Life with Rudy Mawer, Dan is candidly offering up the tricks and tools he uses in this exciting new world of influencer marketing. Rudy, the man in red, is also pinning Dan down on the topic of joint ventures and partnerships — how to bring on a quarterback to run your business while you stay coach.&nbsp;On top of that, Dan is offering his insights into how he is making shrewd investments in companies that have hit that magic $2 million mark in sales, helping them scale to $100 million. His advice to young, budding entrepreneurs wanting to make it big like him early on? Keep your overheads low, and don’t quit your day job – yet! More advice from the guy who trademarked the catchphrase “Who’s Your Daddy?” inside!&nbsp;“With influencers, what’s great is that you can see right away.”&nbsp; ~ Dan FleyshmanThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- Dan’s origin story involves catchphrases and online casinos- Understanding the ‘cost per 1000 eyeballs’ of an Influencer post – and the ROI- Digging for oil on social media: influencers post, and you can see the analytics the next day- Don’t quit your day job (yet!) — working weekends and 6 to 10 in the evenings- The power you have in your own hands — using your phone to run your business&nbsp;- Leveraging your influence to crowdfund: high-risk investing for high reward- The value of keeping your overheads low in your 20s and 30sAnd more!Connect with Dan Fleyshman:Instagram Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/6/202331 minutes, 37 seconds
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Influence is Everything

It's 2023 and social media is changing the way we do business. Sure, you might have a great product or service. But can you grab attention, hold attention, and influence people? Rudy Mawer, AKA the Man in Red, is laying it down for us in this hard-hitting episode of Living The Red Life. He's sharing his blueprint for ambition and success, and he wants you to swallow the red pill and come along for the ride.&nbsp;What someone reads about you on Google is going to affect your future – that much we should know already. You can control your future, though: have a stronger brand presence, build a community, and position yourself as an authority in your space. By becoming an authority on what you do and holding your audience's attention over a sustained period, you can build an engaging, loyal community. And that’s a real asset.&nbsp;Rudy's drive is infectious; his long-term vision and out the box thinking, genius. He's not shy to share his insights into a social media industry that looks set to disrupt all others. Influence is everything - how do you plan to wield it?&nbsp;"In the next five years, you're going to get overtaken by a big influencer that has a tribe and a community that comes out of nowhere." ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- People are turning to celebrities for product endorsements- Artists that are launching brands off their social influence- How the world is changing – but there is still time for you to catch up!- Creating a loyal following and building a brand community- How do you create the tribe? How do you create influence?- Disrupt everything! The community of influencers that dominate the world!- On becoming a mainstream name and public figure- Go and Google yourself!And more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
3/2/202324 minutes, 14 seconds
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Spectacular Smith’s Million Millionaires

Spectacular Smith is truly spectacular. He’s an entrepreneur, entertainer, investor, and the Founder of Spectacular Academy. He’s also Chairman and CEO at Adwizar, a company that he founded that helps celebrities monetize their social media platforms.Family, health, and wealth are what Spectacular considers to be his pillars to living a life of real success. He teaches it in his coaching curriculums, and he underscores the importance of empowering millionaires and future entrepreneurs in this legacy-focused chat with the man in red, Rudy Mawer.Rudy and Spectacular are fellow billionaires in the making, and they share the value of educating people on the ways to get rich — and what personal investment leads to. These guys have the blueprints — they’re just asking the rest of us to take action. That action starts here. Come take the red pill and see what a life less ordinary can look like for you!“I truly believe… anybody, if I told them to build a table right now and I gave them an instruction manual, they can build a table, no problem. And success is the same way. If somebody has a manual to success, they can teach you how to do it, step by step, to build your table.” ~ Spectacular SmithThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- Spectacular's Story: How Spectacular created a service-based business that helps artists monetize their talent- Noble cause: A look at Spectacular’s mission to create a million millionaires- Why you should treat your talent as a “business”- How having the "RIGHT" people to guide you can lead to success- Why reinventing yourself twice in a lifetime can lead to your ultimate success&nbsp;&nbsp;- How all-time great artists built their empires&nbsp;- The Success Roadmap: How Spectacular helps artists uncover their potential- Why “YOURSELF” is your investment priority&nbsp;- Why you should make a decision in 60 seconds or less- Highly effective tips on how to conquer fear&nbsp;- How to remove your limiter through understanding ‘Winergy’- How marketing and the belief system can fool youand more!Connect with Spectacular Smith:InstagramWeb Class with Spectacular SmithThe Social Media Income ChallengeConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/27/202339 minutes, 35 seconds
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Falling Forward: The Key to Long-Term Success

Are you ready to master failure? It sounds like a contradiction if you are hellbent on success. But it’s just a paradox, as the Man in Red Rudy Mawer so eloquently explains in this red hot, super inspirational episode of Living The Red Life.&nbsp;Of course you are going to fail — probably more times than you will succeed in business, especially when you are just starting out. But it’s HOW you adapt to that failure, the failure mindset you adopt, that will determine your success. Success lies on just the other side of your failure, and you need to see things from a wider perspective and put what you are going through right now into context.Is your health still okay? Did anyone die? No? Great! Imagine how you’ll be laughing at the staff or legal issues you’re having now in a few years’ time — when you’re going through the same stuff, most probably still — but now you have a resilient failure mindset that allows you to cope with setbacks and see them as obstacles to overcome on your journey to success.&nbsp;You’ve taken the red pill. You’re all in with Rudy now. He’s opening up and sharing the setbacks that have made him a stronger businessman for it. Download, share, like, and review&nbsp; — do what you have to do to get on board the red life jet ski (Rudy has two!), luxury yacht, or ship of success that is YOUR destiny.&nbsp;&nbsp;“If you push through what you’re going through today, I guarantee you that in five or ten years, you’ll have this problem every single day — and you’ll laugh about it.” ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- Dealing with business failures in the right way to set yourself up for long-term success- Pushing through with the right mindset — why context is key- What situations did you have in the last few years that you laugh about now?&nbsp;- Using failure as a training rep — the similarities between muscle growth and business- Shouldering responsibility — why building a dream isn’t easy- Having a better relationship with the wins and losses of life to become a better person all roundAnd more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/23/202320 minutes, 23 seconds
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Breathing Success with Bas Rutten

World champion UFC fighter Bas Rutten shares his winning mindset on how he transferred his hard work ethic as a sportsman into the business world. It’s about showing up and putting in the work — even doing the boring work and taking on the things you don’t understand until you do, and you get good at it, and you learn to monetize it.Living the Red Life is on a hot streak as host Rudy Mawer (the man in red) and Bas share their sporting backgrounds, reflecting on the difference between winners who get on with it and losers who make excuses.&nbsp;Take the red pill, breathe it all in, and you’ll be on track to absorb this awesome business advice that goes to the core of how we conduct ourselves daily to achieve more daily and start reaching for that financial freedom.&nbsp;If you’re going to become a world champion, you’re going to have to work. And you’re going to have to work hard. And I’m a guy who’s creating really good habits — and I stick to these habits.” ~ Bas RuttenThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In this episode:- Bas Rutten’s Road to Glory — From being bullied to becoming a world champion- The advent of free fighting in 1992 and how he won the UFC title in 1999- The correlation between business and sports in terms of the secret recipe to success- The benefits of consistency, hard work, and dedication- The billionaires’ mindset: How does it work?&nbsp;- How Bas Rutten was able to maintain his level of success- The true meaning of the “Winner's Mindset”&nbsp;- The birth of the Bas Rutten Respiratory Training Device- How to overcome obstacles in business with Bas Rutten’s advice- Bas Rutten’s highly effective tips for people who want to grow their businessesand more!Connect with Bas Rutten:Website - Bas RuttenConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/20/202341 minutes, 28 seconds
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One to One Hundred Employees

How do you collapse time and go from 1 to 100 employees in no time at all? Rudy Mawer – AKA The Man in Red – is packing a punch today as he time travels back to his early days with a story about an employee who almost got away with stealing his entire company by duplicating his courses!&nbsp;This episode is a lesson in getting those first hires right – whether it’s friends, family, or interns, they need to share that same hustle mentality as you when you burn the midnight oil.&nbsp;As Rudy recalls, those early days (of late nights) are some of the best times when you’re just starting out. So it helps to have a core team that shares your entrepreneurial hunger. Listen up and collapse time yourself with this practical advice on the staffing building blocks you need to achieve greatness.&nbsp;“In those early days, that hustle and drive is what’s gonna make you successful. And having that small group around you, that first couple of hires that share that hustle and drive, especially in person, it’s gonna be a game-changer, it’s gonna be motivating, it’s gonna be an amazing experience that stays with you forever.” ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- The story of how an employee almost stole Rudy’s entire company- The pros and cons of hiring friends and family- Is it worth hiring interns?&nbsp;- Where do you find good people?- Using your network to find people who share your business philosophyAnd more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/16/202330 minutes, 26 seconds
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Young and Profiting with Hala Taha

Are you ready to bow to the podcast princess and learn all there is to know about growing your business on LinkedIn? Hala Taha is that princess, or as Rudy calls her, the queen of LinkedIn advertising.&nbsp;Whatever you want to call her, Hala is coming in red hot, keeping Rudy on his toes with her razor-sharp business insights as she tricks the LinkedIn algorithm and hacks her way to podcasting and entrepreneurial success. This is Living the Red Life at its finest!&nbsp;There's no messing about: it's all industry hacks and play-by-play strategies on audience growth and sales conversions. Honestly, these business secrets and Personal Branding 101 Tips should be behind a paywall. Roll up your sleeves, grab a pen, and start taking notes. Rudy and Hala aren't slowing down anytime soon – please take the red pill and join them!&nbsp;"I realized there was a gap: you can not only stand out with your content and your visual identity on social media, but you can also stand out with your topic. And I thought: no one else is talking about podcasting. So I was just consistent every day, figured out the algorithm, experimented, and grew a community." - Hala TahaThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- How Hala spotted an opportunity on LinkedIn- Appreciating LinkedIn as a smart social media platform- The power of sharing positive messages that people can relate to- How can you strategically use LinkedIn to grow your business?- Why your feed is where you grow, and your DMs is where you sell- Where is there room to grow your brand in the podcasting universe?- What is your creative 'in' to build a flywheel of success?- How to grow your podcast when you don't have money- How Hala embraces consistency and shows up every day- Hala’s advice on taking control of your life- Don’t let the gatekeepers tell you NO!And more!Resources:Hala’s Masterclass - Use the code “RUDY” to get a 35% discount!Connect with Hala Taha:Instagram Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/13/202343 minutes, 1 second
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The 5 Key Pillars to Getting Red Life Rich

Today Rudy is sharing the 5 key pillars to being successful at making money online. Impact more people, earn more for you and your family, and let's get down to business – after all, that's why we're here!&nbsp;Red life rich means starting with the strong foundation of an irresistible offer. Then Rudy's showing us how and why we need eyeballs and traffic like restaurants need customers. After that, he's schooling us on how to convert interest into sales by streamlining our sales process. And then, to top it all off, there's marketing gold on how we can increase lifetime value as a brand, and build scalability around your goal.&nbsp;Rudy wants us to get rich and he's giving us the blueprint (should it be red print?) on how to apply common sense marketing to turn those cents that we can lose time scratching around for into the big dollars that just roll in. Please join us!"99% of marketers in the world overcomplicate everything because they want to sell you their s#!t!" ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; -;In This Episode:- Make your offer strong and irresistible- How to get more eyeballs and gain more traffic- How to set up a Facebook ad for $20 to get people to visit your website- What is your sales process to convert consumer interest into actual sales?- How do you increase lifetime value?- Considering the brands we support throughout our lifetime- Building scalability around the goalAnd more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/9/202322 minutes, 29 seconds
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From $6 Pizzas to the Million Dollar Day with Dan Henry

How do you go from earning $6 an hour selling pizzas to making a million dollars a day selling your own course on the internet? Let’s ask Dan Henry. He is the founder of and the bestselling author of Digital Millionaire Secrets. Dan is also, quite simply, one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world.There’s a fantastic meeting of the minds as he chats with our man in red, Rudy Mawer, in this inspirational episode of Living The Red Life, and they talk about all things sales and the mindset of making money on the internet.&nbsp;This episode is chock-a-block full of tips for you to get started as an entrepreneur online — even if all you have is time. Dan’s Million Dollar Day is testament to that. As these two entrepreneurs at the peak of their game agree, it’s all about being unreasonable. Take the red pill and check it out for yourself.“To me, Sales is a universal skill because you can use it to sell for other people and make commissions, or you can use it to sell your own product. And you can use it to sell your kids on eating their vegetables.” – Dan HenryThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE! In This Episode:- Why being unreasonable is one way to succeed in business&nbsp;- Dan’s origin story: From a pizza delivery guy to becoming the best salesperson.- How to take control of your life — earning money beyond the norm- What is The Morning Gun Drill?- The benefits of learning SEO for your business&nbsp;- Making your way to success through a billionaire's mindset&nbsp;- Understanding the mindset of making money on the internet- ‘Safe and Survive’ versus ‘Thrive’- The importance of mentorship&nbsp;- Why extraordinary people can only thrive in extraordinary environments&nbsp;- Dan's golden advice on how to learn from anybody else- Winners versus losers: How you should differentiate.- Dan’s top tip for achieving confidence and success- A common misconception about rewarding hard work- Dan’s Million Dollar Day ~ The StoryResources (Books Dan recommends): The 48 Laws of Power by Robert GreeneSam Walton: Made In America by Sam WaltonConnect with Dan Henry:WebsiteInstagramConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/6/202339 minutes, 41 seconds
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Don't Listen to People!

Are you ready to create your own version of the dream life — the red life? Rudy Mawer, the Man in Red, is encouraging you to take the red pill and surround yourself with lions rather than sheep. It’s about getting to a position in life where you are constantly thriving. And that starts with the small things: living in an aspirational home that inspires you to work and achieve. Knowing when to tune out negative criticism from family and friends. Positive energy is infectious. Getting in the winners’ room is a mindset. Making those millions is possible when you live the red life and challenge the status quo. Start making that change today!“You’ve got to align yourself with the people that have done it before and say: That’s so exciting. When are you going to start?” ~ Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE! - In This Episode:- What happens when YOU challenge the status quo?- Who should you listen to for business advice?- Why you should surround yourself with winners- How to focus on being in the right rooms- Why positive energy is infectious - Spending money on the things that create positive energy- Why you should get rid of your messy house- Create the energy that’s going to make you a millionaire- What does it take to get into the winner’s room?Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
2/2/202317 minutes, 45 seconds
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Coach Stormy’s ABCs of Success

Want to see what ambition looks like? Stormy Wellington is a self-made millionaire who’s been making money on the internet for over a decade. She opens up to Rudy Mawer — AKA The Man In Red — in this souped-up, super inspiring, dare-to-dream download of Living The Red Life.&nbsp;Stormy grew up with drug-dealing parents who were in and out of jail, and she decided that kind of life wasn’t for her. So at age 13, she became a stripper to pay for her water bill. Stormy was 19 and by then a mother when she decided that her child would not follow in her footprints. So what did she do?&nbsp;She changed her environment and started hanging out with the right people. She also got into multi-level marketing on the internet and soon made her first million. Life wasn’t about to get easy for Stormy, though, as she made and lost, and also battled depression.Why does she keep doing what she’s doing? Because she gets a high off of impact. Alignment, belief, and commitment are the cornerstones of Stormy’s desire to help her community with the goal of coaching 1000 millionaires. It doesn’t get better than this as a&nbsp; backstory, a vision, and a courageous commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit. Stormy’s taken the red pill — have you?&nbsp; “My goal is to continue to show up as that black girl who came from strong adversity to show that if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you.” ~ Coach Stormy WellingtonIn This Episode:- Stormy's raw, inspiring backstory- How the power of the belief in the environment can affect your success&nbsp;- How I made my first million from network marketing- Stormy’s approach to helping her community- The power of physical mastery- The goal of creating 1000 millionaires through coaching- Stormy’s ABCs of Success- What is Stormy’s #1 goal?- How to use the internet to create your freedom- How to build a strong, united, and successful tribeConnect with Coach Stormy: Instagram Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/30/202322 minutes, 5 seconds
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Is Money Good?

Is money good? That’s the question our man in red, Rudy Mawer, is asking and answering today on Living The Red Life. Rudy is preaching from the pulpit that is his personal cash pile, using sound logic and reasoning to explain how money can create freedom for YOU.&nbsp;With 30% of marriages ending in divorce because of financial stress, wouldn’t life be simpler if you had the means to ease that stress? What are the emotional triggers holding you back and preventing you from really cashing in on a future that is well-paid and financially secure?&nbsp;It all starts with severing the preconceived ideas we have around money being used for bad, and just seeing it as a tool. A tool that can collapse time, pay our bills, see us flying in first class, creating greatness, and adding value to the world. How we look at money defines how we engage with it. And how we engage with it defines our life.&nbsp;This is Living The Red Life. And it’s the gospel truth when it comes to sharpening YOUR laser focus on the things you can do to earn that financial freedom. Check it out now, and thank Rudy later.&nbsp; “Money provides freedom, right? It’s a super important part of freedom. Money also provides speed, and it helps you collapse time.” - Rudy MawerThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; In This Episode:- Stat: 30% of marriages end because of money- How money can help you collapse time- What can money give YOU?&nbsp;- How to detach from your emotional triggers around money- What is your money-making vehicle?- Knowing WHEN to pivot and change vehicles- Seeing money as a tool for your freedom- Using money to create greatness.Connect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/26/202318 minutes, 53 seconds
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Empire Building with Elena Cardone

Elena Cardone — herself once a lady in red — is chatting to the man in red, Rudy Mawer, about how your mindset around success is affected by your family and how they support you. Elena is the better-looking half of the power couple that is Grant and Elena Cardone — successfully married and building an empire.&nbsp;There are nuggets of wisdom aplenty here in this episode of Living The Red Life. The theme is balancing work and family life as we prepare for what could be a tough financial year in 2023.&nbsp;Elena recounts what happened with her and her husband in 2008 and how they doubled down on their idea of building a multi-million dollar empire in the midst of a recession. And Rudy shares his ideas about creating a golden force field of positive friends, family, and work colleagues. It’s all here, and it’s all good.&nbsp;Be sure to check out the life-changing 5-Day Challenge that Elena is hosting. Rudy will be there too, and this episode is just a taste of the financial opportunity and insights that lie ahead. Register now for the FREE 5-Day Unbreakable Challenge with Grant, Rudy &amp; other business titans this January 24-28th. Don’t miss out! RSVP for your seat: first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; We are also giving away thousands of dollars worth of amazing prizes 🤑, including AirPods and other must-have tech gadgets. Join here!“It really is strength in numbers. I’m a testament to that. It’s how we run our empire – and it’s crucial.” - Elena Cardone In This Episode:- How the 2008 financial crisis turned into an opportunity for Elena and Grant Cardone- The importance of being aligned with your spouse/partner- What a strong support group can do for your success- What does a “golden force field” look like?&nbsp;- The 5-Day Challenge — A free event that will change the way you see businessConnect with Elena Cardone:WebsiteConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/23/20239 minutes, 33 seconds
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Betting on Yourself with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is pulling no punches in this episode of Living The Red Life with Rudy Mawer. He’s telling it as it is — from how to believe in yourself when the odds are stacked against you, to how you can get started in the real estate game.&nbsp;&nbsp;The man in red, Rudy Mawer, is focused on his audience. He’s thinking of the person who doesn’t know how to start today. He’s thinking of that person who’s down on their luck and doesn’t feel like a champion. And that’s when Floyd Mayweather Jr. so graciously speaks directly to that person, giving a backstory about his parents as his source of inspiration that just about says it all!&nbsp;There’s also advice on how to manage your team, what secrets not to reveal, and understanding the role of patience as you build your own empire by taking care of the little things first. This is Living The Red Life at its hottest!&nbsp;If you want to RSVP and join Floyd, Rudy, his partners Mark and Mike and other A-lists in Vegas, or join the 7-Day Money Challenge, visit&nbsp; “Stack your money and do it yourself. There’s nothing like betting on yourself.” ~ Floyd Mayweather Jr.The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; In This Episode:- Why you should start with a duplex if you want to get into real estate- How Floyd Mayweather is making money online- Floyd explains why everything is about leverage- Why you should bet on yourself when starting your own business- Are you prepared to cut a member of your team who’s bringing bad energy?- Understanding patience in business and how it relates to investing- Appreciating Floyd’s journey to success- The how and why of believing in yourself- Floyd explains why his parents are his inspirationand many more!Connect with Floyd Mayweather Jr.:InstagramConnect with Rudy Mawer:LinkedInInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/16/202314 minutes, 35 seconds
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Grant Cardone’s Mentorship for Millionaires

Are you ready to take the red pill and 10X your life and your endgame? The one and only Grant Cardone is chatting to Rudy Mawer – AKA the man in red – today, sharing his insights, experience, and opinions on how to create that winning money mindset… and bring in those millions.&nbsp;There’s a meeting of minds between Rudy and Grant as Rudy shares his origin story and his desire to collapse time to get to that magic billion-dollar mark. Grant has been a great mentor to Rudy over the years, and Grant reflects wisely on how to have exit positions for every time you take your business to the next level.As always, on Living The Red Life, there’s an emphasis on learning. What are you spending your money on to grow and 10X your game? Who are you following, what are you learning, and how are you implementing these learnings to create a life of true financial freedom and impact for those around you?&nbsp;Grant Cardone and Rudy Mawer are here to share their pillars and perspectives on an enthralling episode of Living The Red Life. So if you’ve ever dreamed of freedom and prosperity,&nbsp;come get it!Register now for the FREE 5-Day Unbreakable challenge with Grant, Rudy &amp; other business titans this January 24-28th.&nbsp;Don’t&nbsp;miss out, RSVP for your seat at: “You made some decision to be something. And I know if I look back over my life, everything that I’ve done — good and bad — I had something to do with the creation of, like, I’m going to become that.” — Grant CardoneThe first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; We are also&nbsp;giving away thousands of dollars worth of amazing prizes&nbsp;🤑, including AirPods and other must-have tech gadgets.&nbsp;Join here!In This Episode:- What’s the real idea of being rich?&nbsp;- How to lead your destination to success- The importance of having a high-level commitment- The best way to move on from your old failure and become renewed- The impact of your environment on your success- The power of speed in implementation- How to create a life for yourself outside the norm- The importance of having an alignment of vision with your team&nbsp;- The reason why you need to do something big to get something big&nbsp;- How having a strong mindset can lead you to your ultimate goal- Grant’s 5 Pillars- How does Grant see 2023?- The 5-Day Challenge — a free event that will teach you how to create generational wealthAnd more!Connect with Grant Cardone:WebsiteConnect with Rudy...
1/16/202339 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Red Life Origin Story

The red life is not one day. It’s not one week, and it’s not one year. It’s a lifetime of commitment to excellence. In this inaugural episode of Living The Red Life with Rudy Mawer, Rudy shares the secrets of his success, and his entrepreneurial journey from a cold, gray Nottingham to the land of the free and the home of the brave. A country where Rudy felt brave enough to believe that he could become a billionaire, a country where the money he earns keeps him living a life that is free.&nbsp;This is the red life. This is the story of a street-smart entrepreneur who’s made millions in online marketing and still owns his student digs in England. Inspirational doesn’t begin to describe Rudy Mawer’s risk and sacrifice as he continues to learn and grow both his business empire and his winning mindset.&nbsp;&nbsp;As you start on this journey with Rudy Mawer, you’ll be grateful to have heard his origin story: how he came to America and how he’s rewriting the rules on ambition, paying for expertise, and selling the dream life that is the red life. Whether you want to be a world-class triathlete or actor, a world-class inventor, father, mother, or business owner — let Rudy grab your attention, and together you will become rich.&nbsp;“You need money for everything. Money is a vehicle. Money is power. Money is freedom. Money is flexibility. Money is security.” ~ Rudy Mawer&nbsp;The first 1000 to click here and send the promo code from the podcast can claim one of my courses for FREE!&nbsp; We are&nbsp;giving away thousands of dollars worth of amazing prizes&nbsp;🤑, including AirPods and other must-have tech gadgets.&nbsp;Join here!In This Episode:- How to develop skills as a marketer, promoter, and copywriter?- What did it take for Rudy to build his real estate empire?- Why you should take professional courses to improve your education- What does it mean to be a student before you become a teacher?- Rudy shows us the value of developing a strong work ethic.- Why you should pay for the right expertise?- How you can foster your commitment to excellence- Coming to America! Rudy’s amazing journey begins.- Understanding the power of freedom that money can give you.- Learn how Rudy built his first million-dollar business.- How to become an expert in online marketing.- Why risk and sacrifice lead to compounding success?- Getting the right vision from the right mentorship- Do you have the desire to become a billionaire?- Rudy’s advice: don’t quit or pivot too much.- Why we’re living in an era of capturing attention to generate wealth?And more!Connect with Rudy Mawer:Linked InInstagramFacebookTwitter
1/16/202335 minutes, 47 seconds