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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 2 seasons, 31 episodes, 19 hours 42 minutes
Living in Fullness believes everyone has a story and every story has a purpose. Our unique life experiences are not by coincidence. It's when you own your story, your voice and your journey that it's able to impact others. Naki engages with various guests in conversations that are authentic and relatable through sharing their life experiences and lessons.
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S2:E11 Beyond Expectations | Redefining Gender Roles & Identity | "My Wife Earns More Than Me" ~ Mogale & Nduluma

In this episode, we sit down with two extraordinary men who exemplify fatherhood and have walked inspiring journeys with Christ. Join us as we explore their stories, experiences, and insights. Don't miss this heart-to-heart, vulnerable conversation that goes beyond stereotypes and dives deep into the essence of true masculinity, marriage, identity and mental well-being. Hit the subscribe button to be part of our community committed to learning, healing, growing, and finding real peace.
23/11/202354 minutes 4 seconds
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S2:E10 From Pain to Purpose | Productivity in Pain | I have struggled to catch up with the belief that I am healed - Lucy Balimba

In this Episode we explore Lucy's remarkable journey including her experiences with abuse, trauma and ultimately finding the strength to heal and forgive. We also delve into how this journey has impacted her life, relationships, and her faith. Don't miss out on this powerful and enlightening episode. Join us as Lucy shares her touching story and newfound sense of purpose. This Episode will tug at your heartstrings.
08/11/202355 minutes 9 seconds
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S2:E8 Mastering Work-Life Balance: Insights from an Executive ~ Maunga Kwenda | Auditor to Insurance Expert

Join us for a deep dive into the world of work-life balance and career success with Maunga Kwenda, an accomplished executive with an inspiring journey from auditor to insurance expert. In this enlightening episode, we explore the lessons he inherited from his father - the values of hard work, teamwork, and client relationships. Discover how Maunga mastered the intricacies of insurance and developed his leadership style. If you're looking at growing your career, be it in corporate or as an entrepreneur, executive, or simply looking for insights on achieving balance, this is a must-watch. Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and hit the like button to support our content! About Maunga: A highly accomplished executive with over 12 years of experience in the insurance industry. Currently serving as the Director of Strategic Initiatives, they've held pivotal roles throughout their career.
11/10/202345 minutes 5 seconds
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S2:E7 Davina Mavuwa | Empowering Women & Defying Stereotypes | My Cosmetic Surgery Journey

A co-host on The Buzz Show, a captivating talkshow on Honey Africa Tv. Prepare for an extraordinary episode on the 'Living in Fullness' podcast as we sit down with the remarkable Davina Mavuwa. This conversation takes you on a journey from her captivating childhood memories to her eye-opening international experiences and her pivotal role in 'The Buzz' talk show. Davina's insights on empowerment, feminism, and maintaining balanced relationships are not to be missed. But that's not all – we also dive into her recent transformative cosmetic procedures, delving into her motivations, her unwavering faith, and her remarkable transparency throughout the journey. Discover how Davina's strong support system helped her navigate through her recovery process and potential judgment. As a loving mother, she also shares her secrets to instilling self-confidence in her two daughters. Don't miss this inspiring, real, and empowering episode – subscribe, like,
28/09/202359 minutes 45 seconds
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S2:E6 Finding Grace in Unexpected Journeys | CJ's Story of Faith and Healing | My Husband Reveals He is Gay

In this heartfelt episode, join us as we sit down with CJ (Christie), a remarkable woman whose life took an unexpected turn when her husband of 13 years revealed his sexual orientation to her. Despite the pain and confusion, CJ's unwavering faith in God guided her through this challenging journey of divorce and self-discovery. We delve deep into CJ's story, exploring the emotional rollercoaster she experienced upon learning her husband's truth, the impact on her relationship with God, friends, and family, and the transformative process of healing and rediscovery. CJ shares her insights, coping strategies, and valuable lessons learned along the way, shedding light on authentic communication, acceptance, and the power of resilience.  
22/09/202358 minutes 47 seconds
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S2:E5 Sihle Dube's Life Journey | Harmonizing Faith & Fame | Love, Loss and God's Grace

Join us on a soulful journey with Sihle Dube as we explore his music & acting careers, his ( Bishop Benjamin Dube) father's legendary influence, and the path to finding his own identity in gospel music. Dive into the melodies of faith, hope, and gratitude that define his music and discover the inspiration behind his unwavering commitment to his Christian values. Don't miss this intimate conversation on "Living in Fullness with Naki.Oh yes! We also spoke about dating and past relationships!!! Have fun as we learn about life from Sihle's lens.
15/09/202353 minutes 8 seconds
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In-depth Conversation: Healing, Authenticity & Beauty Insights w/ Yolenda Jawe

Join us for an in-depth interview as Yolenda Jawe a content creator, award winning Youtuber, founder of Yolz Beauty, (her list goes on) generously shares her profound insights on healing (forgiveness) , authenticity, and her commendable journey in the beauty industry with Yolz Beauty. Be prepared to uncover her personal experiences from family to friendships and priceless business wisdom.  This engaging conversation is a must-watch for those seeking inspiration, guidance, healing in friendships, marriage or family in general, and even a touch of laughter. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion!
06/09/202350 minutes 58 seconds
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The Benefits of Holistic Wellness: The Art of Work-Life Mastery

In a world where being successful is often linked to overworking, finding balance can be challenging. Join us in this episode as we unveil the secrets I have mastered and have seen people I look up to master in achieving the delicate dance of work-life balance. Get ready for practical tips, inspiring practical examples, and a blueprint for excelling in your careee and in your total well-being.
02/09/202315 minutes 10 seconds
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S2:E3 Breaking Down 'Black Tax' with Mapalo Makhu: Transforming Your Relationship with Money | Building Generational Wealth

Join us in a thought-provoking conversation with the incredible Mapalo Makhu, founder of Woman & Finance, an author and finance expert. Discover how "black tax" can be transformed from a financial challenge into a powerful tool for community support when done right. Let's change the narrative and empower ourselves to make a positive impact on our families and communities from a place of love, not obligation. Discover how to shift the perspective on "black tax" from obligation to family responsibility. Tune in now for insights on reshaping your financial future!
25/08/202336 minutes 15 seconds
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S2:E2 Balancing Life's Canvas | Mental Matters, Period Education & Motherhood | w/ Dr Khanyile

Dive into Episode 2 and meet the radiant Dr. Nokukhanya Khanyile: a medical doctor, change maker, and co-author of 'Tidi Talks periods.' Join us as we explore her journey through medicine, motherhood, and mastering life's diverse facets. From illuminating inspiration to heartwarming laughter, this episode is a symphony of light bulb moments that will leave you inspired and enlightened. Tune in as we unravel her captivating story. She does not only excel in her profession but also radiates her light on everyone around her.
18/08/202335 minutes 47 seconds
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Say "No" Right | Let Your Yes be Yes | The Power of Truth and Integrity | Matthew 5:37

How many times have you found yourself saying yes when you don’t want to or you can't, canceling on people last minute, regretting taking up an offer or ghosting people? In this video, we look at why it is important to keep to our word, how it can get challenging, and how we can learn to say yes when we actually mean Yes
29/06/202315 minutes 40 seconds
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A Toast to Excellence with Ntsiki Biyela | Breaking Barriers | Remote Conversations

In this captivating episode of the Living in Fullness podcast, host Naki engages in an insightful interview with the remarkable Ntsiki Biyela. Ntsiki, an inspiring South African winemaker, shares her extraordinary journey from humble beginnings to becoming the country's first black female winemaker
12/05/202352 minutes 6 seconds
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He Sent You, He Will Equip You

In this episode we discuss how we can face resistance when following what we thought God sent us to do. Resistance does not mean we have failed, at times it is a moment of learning and growing our faith. He sent us, he will equip us. We will go through troubles; our meaning and purpose is still in the troubles we are going through. He will not give us more than we can handle.
09/05/202312 minutes 19 seconds
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Friendships & Purpose | Is Your Friendship Still Serving You | Relationship Advice

"A friendship should be Reciprocal and not Transactional" ~ Naki Hlomayi - Muteto In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the concept of friendship and explore the question of whether our friendships are still serving us in our current lives. As we navigate the complexities of adulting, changing priorities, and personal growth, it's natural to reflect on the relationships that have shaped us and consider if they are still aligned with who we are and who we aspire to be. Friendships are not only about having fun or being able to list your friends. It is also about growth, depth, and being able to correct each other. Signs of Draining Friendships: 1. Emotional Dependency 2. Negativity & Drama 3. Unbalanced Sharing 4. Lack of Reciprocity 5. Constant Demands on time and Energy
19/04/202318 minutes 59 seconds
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Going Through The Most with God

In this episode, we will explore some of the reasons why Christians go through pain and how we can find meaning in the midst of all the pain we are going through. I believe pain and suffering are an inevitable consequence of living in a fallen world but God still stands with us through it all. Here are 3 reasons why you can go through pain and believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.
12/04/202313 minutes 7 seconds
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Forgiving the "Unforgivable"

In this episode, we will explore the topic of forgiving the unforgivable. As Christians, we are called to forgive others, even when it seems impossible or when we have been deeply hurt. Unforgiveness hinders us from fully experiencing God. But, what does this mean in practice, and how can we find the strength to forgive? We will begin by looking at what forgiveness actually means, and why it is so important for our spiritual and emotional wellbeing. We will then delve into some practical tips and strategies for forgiving those who have wronged us, no matter how severe the offense. Matthew 18: 15 - 17 Ephesians 4: 31 - 32 2 Corinthians 5: 21 Romans 6: 23
29/03/202311 minutes 6 seconds
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A Thought: Social Media and Purpose

I believe so much in the fact that we each have a purpose and God has placed desires on our hearts to give us motivation to pursue our purpose. We at times get discouraged when we see others seeming to be on top of their purpose whilst we are still trying to discover who we are. Social media being a great platform for growth, it has also become some people's benchmark to success. In this audio, I give my thoughts to anyone who has been feeling everyone else seems to "have it together" but them.
13/03/20232 minutes 24 seconds
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