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Living from the Soul with Sam Torode

English, Religion, 1 seasons, 27 episodes, 1 day 58 minutes
How do you create a life filled with passion and purpose? How do you navigate through challenging times? This ad-free podcast features conversations with artists, thinkers, healers, and seekers of all sorts. "Living from the soul means thinking, speaking, and acting in accordance with your truth. When you connect with the soul and allow it to shine through all that you say and do, you’ll become fully and truly yourself" (from the book "Living from the Soul" by Sam Torode).
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Bonus Episode — The Revolutionary Vision of Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is a video created in celebration of Ralph Waldo Emerson's birthday, May 25th, for the online magazine IMAGINE.  My aim is to show why Emerson's philosophy is as relevant as ever, and inspire people to take a deeper look into his works. I emphasize Emerson's social and political views because they address issues of race and gender that still reverberate today.  Interspersed with my words are Emerson quotes paraphrased in contemporary language from my books "Everyday Emerson," "Living from the Soul," and "Secrets of the Mind" (available at  If your podcast app is audio-only, the video can be watched on IMAGINE or YouTube.
25/05/202210 minutes 55 seconds