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English, Education, 1 season, 40 episodes, 15 hours, 36 minutes
Hey YOU, I'm Paris James (you can call me PJ), and I decided to take the leap and start a podcast! It's going to be all about creating a conversation around living your BEST life and living the life that YOU deserve. Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut, or on a hamster wheel, and you're constantly on the go? Trust me, I feel like that too, but guess what, you don't have to! You can still be successful while still making time for self-care. We will be talking about these challenges, how we can overcome them, and how we can bring our mind and bodies into balance #lesshustlemoreflow
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Episode #39 - The one where we stress so much we forget to LIVE life

Episode #39 This episode todayy is all about worrying SO much that you forget to live in the present moment. This resonates with me so much, and I want to share some of my tips if you're going through this as well! DM me and say hi!   @theparisjames  ⁠⁠ Or  Send me an email [email protected] if you want to chat more!  Feel free to check out my other links here:  📲 Get FREE tutorials on Instagram here:  ⁠⁠ 🎉 Start practicing yoga TODAY for FREE with my APP:  ⁠⁠ 💛 Read my blog here:  ⁠⁠ 👯‍♀️Join our Mindfully Fit Community on FB here: ⁠⁠ 🛍Shop with me online here:  ⁠⁠ Talk soon, Love, Paris --- Send in a voice message:
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