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It's everything you're curious about in pop culture but don't feel like digging into yourself. Join Lily Maslia in her getting to the bottom of mindless news and listening to her thoughts, grievances and bewilderment with navigating early (ok fine, mid)- twenties.
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40. I WENT ON A GAME SHOW [video]

oh wow this is a special one!!!! seven months ago, I finished filming season 1 of a celebrity guessing game show. it was the most whirlwind, life-changing experience I could have hoped for. I'm so excited to share my experience with you all. I talk about what prompted me to apply to be a contestant, the casting process, the show itself, my Suge Knight moment and some funny memories of filming the show. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed filming it! *this episode is not affiliated with Fox or any other entity*
5/10/20241 hour, 37 minutes, 41 seconds
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39. dad and I discuss OJ Simpson and Taylor Swift (no relation)

my dad joins Literally Heinous to give a crash course on OJ Simpson for all of us who were too young to remember or not born during the scandal. the OJ scandal to my dad is what Taylor vs Kim is to me. in the second half of the episode, we give our thoughts on Taylor Swift's new album, Tortured Poets Department, and I give my dad some background on some of the songs' meanings. enjoy!!! (00:00 - 29:45) - OJ Simpson (29:45 - 46:45) - Taylor Swift
4/24/202447 minutes, 5 seconds
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38. OSCARS RECAP: movie reviews and celebrity blind items

Taylor Peterson and Madeline Schneider are certified girly pop film bros and joining Lit Hein to give their thoughts on the 2024 Oscars and the films nominated. We discuss the Lily Gladstone/Emma Stone race, Cillian Murphy being adorable all the time, the pity party of Bradley Cooper and some celebrity blind items at the event you may not have heard.
3/12/20241 hour, 7 minutes, 30 seconds
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37. Ariana Grande "eternal sunshine" album review and backstory

Lit Hein favorite Duke Puterbaugh is back on the pod and we are deep diving on our #1 girl, Ariana Grande. Duke and I are die hard Stans and Ariana historians, so you're going to want to learn from us. We go back in time and talk about Ariana's climb to fame and the relationships and drama that set up her 7th album, Eternal Sunshine. We talk about why we love her and give pieces of Ariana lore that make her her. We give background on the context of the album: why, when and how it was made. We go track by track and talk about what each songs mean and which ones our are favorite. You don't want to miss this one. Listen to the album and let us know what you think!
3/10/20241 hour, 17 minutes, 56 seconds
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36. Interview w/ Rita Rae Roxx: Queen of 80s rock 'n' roll and conquerer of rockstars

Rita Rae Roxx invented "it girl" behavior. Have you ever been to a concert and seen the cool, pretty girl in one-of-a-kind clothing who the artists can't take their eyes off of? That was and is Rita. Well, at the beginning of her night -- before she got invited backstage, and then back to the hotel, duh. As a teen in Omaha, she made it her life's mission to go to every concert she could and hang out (and sometimes more *wink*) with rockstars. For decades, Rita has built relationships with rockstars that wrote classics, and she has the stories and pictures to back it up. Rita and I met on our gameshow, and I knew I needed her to come on Lit Hein and tell her juicy and hilarious stories. Check out her book, Once Upon a Rockstar, but reach out to me or Rita to buy a copy directly from her! Support your local rock goddess ;)
2/26/202436 minutes, 22 seconds
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35. overcoming loneliness by being your own best friend (and meeting a Succession star)

*or at least that's what i'm convincing myself i'm doing today, i'm talking about how i filled 8 days of being alone in NYC while my boyfriend was out of state. i *hate* being alone. it's a recipe for death spiraling, doom scrolling, self sabotaging tendencies, especially being so new to the city and not knowing anyone. here is how i filled my 8 days of loneliness and was able to talk myself off several very tall somethings. in this episode, i talk about my strict rules about week night, post-work activities, the difficulty of being "new in town" and the most INSANE, DIABOLICAL off-Broadway play. spoilers for Job the Play (21:23) - (25:34)
2/19/202432 minutes, 2 seconds
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34. GRAMMYS 2024: Miley Cyrus stole the night from Taylor Swift

Lit Hein bestie Maeve Conway joins the podcast today to debrief the Grammys! We talk about Miley Cyrus and her epic wins and performance. I give my uncut thoughts on Taylor Swifts wins and album announcement (please don't come for me). We finish the conversation with our favorite topic, Barbie, and the realizations we've had about the movie now that we're six months away from it. Enjoy!
2/6/202444 minutes, 36 seconds
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33. living in NYC update + candid thoughts on Ariana Grande and Spongebob [VIDEO]

I am back with a solo episode providing a two month update on living in NYC! A lot of changes and realizations happened since my first NYC episode, and I'm here with a full update on what life has been like since moving here. I also talk about Ariana Grande and her homewrecking allegations, a topic I've put off discussing for awhile. I compare it to other recent celebrity scandals and explain why I'm still loyal to my girl.
1/29/202450 minutes, 6 seconds
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32. morning debrief: bottle service at The Box and getting home at 10 a.m.

This episode was recorded right after my bestie girl Taylor and I woke up from one of the craziest nights (and mornings) of our lives. Although we were in no condition to read classic literature or operate heavy machinery, we needed to update the Lit Hein listeners on our night. The caveat is that I messed up the audio... we can't be pretty, funny, smart AND good at AV?! So bear in mind that the quality is 7/10 but the content is 100000/10. The night before NYE, Taylor and I hit the town with one goal: go to The Box -- a notorious s*x club in NYC famous for exclusivity and debaucherous live performances. Before that, we gallivanted around town, collecting funny stories like horcruxes, all to bring back to the Heinous Listeners. Enjoy--and don't tell our parents!
1/6/202439 minutes, 27 seconds
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31. i moved to new york city [VIDEO]

I'm sorry that I've been sooooo mysterious lately. Like where even *am* I? That's because I was in the middle of moving to New Yawk baBY. This episode is strictly business, okay?! I have a lot of 'splaining to do, and it's all laid out for you. In this episode, I detail EVERYTHING about the move. From what spawned the move, to how I found the apartment, to physically moving my things, to how I picked my neighborhood, how much my rent costs, how I'm furnishing the place, EVERYTHING. I talk about my biggest misconceptions about NYC and what has surprised me the most, good and bad. I've been here for approx. 3 weeks, so take all of this with a grain of salt. This is just *my* experience in the short time I've been here. Although this episode is strictly administrative, it's crucial to set the context for the episodes that follow it.
12/27/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 20 seconds
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30. Britney Spears memoir recap and discussion

It's Britney B*TCH! Duke Puterbaugh, certified Britney historian and retired Stan Twitter celeb, joins Literally Heinous to discuss Britney Spears' memoir. We summarize the stories and read excerpts of the most important parts. Duke gives insight into her experience as a Britney Stan and how she went to her residency--peak conservatorship--and was seated next to Paris Hilton and got pictures with Britney herself. Enjoy!
11/9/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 5 seconds
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29. Poppers vs. whippets and other unfiltered, non-PC thoughts

I'm back from a brief hiatus (signed an NDA--wish I could say more!) and have a lot to share with you. I invited Zoe to come on Literally Heinous and talk about her activism in the queer community and what it's like being an ally at Pride. We discuss how to ask your nail tech for a design, weird kinks and the social implications of doing whippets versus poppers. We talk celebrity crushes and determine what celebrities are red flags for your boyfriend to be obsessed with. Proceed with caution: this is the most uncut episode of Lit Hein to date!
10/23/202353 minutes, 10 seconds
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28. Influencer drama catch up: scandalous kissing and cats gone missing

Maeve Conway from Gals Getting Rich is back on Literally Heinous with Lily Maslia to catch up on recent influencer drama. (00:00 - 03:49) - Catch up (03:49 - 18:35) - Alix Earle (19:02 - 50:50) - Ken Eurich (50:50 - 01:00:43) - Kit Keenan (01:00:43 - 01:07:29) - Audrey Peters
9/5/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 32 seconds
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27. Defending celebrities that the internet hates

This week, Lily Maslia (@lilymaslia) is talking about four celebrities that most people find cringe, entitled, talentless or rude--none of which are crimes, BTW! (00:00 - 09:55) - Life catch up, more thoughts on Barbie, etc. (09:55 - 23:13) - Ben Platt (25:13 - 44:53) - Madison Beer (44:53 - 50:00) - Doja Cat (55:00 - 52:06) - Hailey Bieber
8/21/202352 minutes, 48 seconds
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26. Spiraling about body image and moving in with my boyfriend

It's catch up time. After tragedy struck, I had to move out of my beloved, pre-war home I shared with my best friend and move into my boyfriend's 475-square-foot studio. I'm also struggling with some of the most intense body image issues I've ever faced (tw: everything). But, I can't stay too down, because I come bearing a plethora of weird, wacky incidents and funny stories that I share today. Enjoy! (00:00 - 08:19) - Moving (08:19 - 11:17) - Moving in WITH A MAN (my bf) (11:17 - 13:03) - Thoughts on Barbie (13:03 - 25:54) - Body image (tw: body dysmorphia; disordered eating; unfiltered, non-PC thoughts) (23:54 - 26:19) - Bizarre experience at the tailor (26:20 - 35:19) - Is karma real? Two bizarre stories that suggest otherwise
8/8/202335 minutes, 34 seconds
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25. Everything you want to know about Ozempic and Wegovy ft. interview w/ Dr. Galambos

Gastroenterologist Dr. Michael Galambos joins Literally Heinous to answer all of your burning questions about Ozempic and Wegovy, the elusive "miracle" weight loss drug that (seems like) all celebrities are on. We talk about the science behind it, how it works, what it does, what happens when you come off of it and the associated shortage. Enjoy! (00:00 - 06:14) - Celebrities rumored to be on it (06:14 - 35:15) - Interview with Dr. Galambos
7/24/202335 minutes, 17 seconds
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24. Mom Talk: My mom's psychedelic trip on toad venom and shrooms

What do Mike Tyson, Robin Williams and Jeremy Allen White (AKA The Bear) have in common? They all came to my mom through her recent psychedelic experience taking Bufo (toad venom) and psilocybin (magic mushrooms). My mom recently went on a psychedelic retreat with like-minded people around the country to embark on a journey of opening their minds through plant-based medicine. She talks about the person she was before and after the trip and how she found her way back to traditional therapy, despite her initial negative experiences. Timestamps: (00:00:00 - 00:09:12) Context setting and traditional therapy vs. energy therapy (00:09:12 - 00:14:50) Initial interest in psychedelics and discovering Jenny Schlitz (00:14:50 - 00:23:34) Getting to the retreat, pre-tripping (00:23:34 - 01:13:50) Bufo and shrooms experience (01:13:50 - 01:20:00) Advice for someone who is interested in plant-based medicine
7/11/20231 hour, 20 minutes, 3 seconds
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23. Deep Dive into Sam Levinson and The Idol

Women's Gender and Sexuality master's student, Ali Alkalifa, joins Literally Heinous for a discussion on the salacious and explicit teen dramas, Euphoria and The Idol, created by Sam Levinson. We delve into Sam's background and explore the cultural influence of Euphoria. Ali enlightens us about the significance of gender identity and representation, emphasizing the importance of accurate portrayal. Our conversation also delves into the inception of The Idol and the underlying reasons behind the ensuing controversy.
6/12/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 19 seconds
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22. Speaking my truth about my Eras Tour experience...

Kicking off season 2 with an episode that I did NOT envision recording... I've been a Taylor Swift fan since I was 10 and I have been looking forward to this moment for the last 2.5 years... so why was it so hard to get through? UGH!
6/1/202346 minutes, 35 seconds
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21. Met Gala deep dive: Outfit reviews, Karl Lagerfeld controversies and the state of fashion today

Sidney Szerlip, fashion PR pro from Manhattan, joins Literally Heinous to discuss the Met Gala! We have an expert's opinions on the looks, designers, celebrities and stylists, so you don't want to miss this insight. We discuss the controversies of Karl Lagerfeld and other prominent fashion figures and whether the fashion industry can ever become a safe space. Sidney also provides tips to curate your closet so you never feel like you have nothing to wear.
5/3/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 58 seconds
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20. All things influencers: Coachella, Sofia Richie's wedding and Reddit snark

Maeve Conway from Gals Getting Rich podcast joins me to discuss the landscape of influencing today. We talk about what makes influencers successful and what makes their downfall. We discuss the Reddit snark pages and what kind of commentary is and isn't warranted. We recap Coachella and who was in what house and who was left out. Then, we cover Sofia Richie's wedding. Video available on YouTube!
4/23/20231 hour, 37 minutes, 29 seconds
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19. How to make your group trip leave the group chat + Taylor and Joe breakup

A topic that I am VERY passionate about: group trips. In this episode, I lay out all my tips on corralling your friends to go on a trip, the best time to start planning, managing finances and stacking your itinerary to make it perfectly balanced. I reference some of my recent trips (New Orleans, Cabo, LA, NYC, Miami) and what I learned during those that have made me an expert planner. I then talk about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn breaking up and walk you through her career timeline during their six year relationship. (00:00:00 - 00:05:48) Quick catch up (00:05:48 - 00:40:35) Trip planning tips (00:40:35 - 01:05:00) Taylor Swift + Joe Alwyn
4/13/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 46 seconds
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18. Love Island UK S9 FINALE | Recap and thoughts

For our FINAL recap, Zoe and I are recapping the last week and the finale of Love Island UK season 9!! We cover the rankings and the post-villa cliques and who is hanging out with who. We finish off with doing our best impressions of the Islanders... it's SOR SILLYYY
3/27/202331 minutes, 43 seconds
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17. Went viral on TikTok; now seeking psychiatric evaluation

Back to your regularly scheduled content: bizarre life experiences that cause severe introspection and unfiltered thoughts on celebrities. I talk about my recent TikTok experience and how that led me to re-evaluate my entire existence, but ultimately prompt a new mental health journey. I then give a VERY BRIEF summary (12:30) of the Selena/Hailey drama and provide my official stance on the matter. I think this would classify as a warm take. Enjoy <3
3/27/202328 minutes, 9 seconds
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16. Love Island UK S9 Weeks 6.5 | Recap and thoughts

NEW CO-HOST IN THE VILLA! Emily Gilbert, Love Island aficionado and my former college roommate, joins me to talk about week 6and half of week 7 (episodes 40-51). We cover everything that happens starting with movie night, the Casey and Claudia saga, Jessie's ALLEGED fakeness, the new bombshells, and of course Tom being the most beautiful and perfect man alive.
3/16/202344 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

15. Love Island UK S9 Week 5 | Recap and thoughts

Recapping the absolute craziest episodes of Love Island (episodes 35-39). We summarize Casa Amor and talk about the recoupling and all of the fall out that came from that. Anyways, stan Lydia!!!!
3/5/202341 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

14. Love Island UK S9 Week 4 | Recap and thoughts

Zoe and I are back with a recap and debrief of week 4 of Love Island UK season 9! We're recapping episodes 26-34. So much has happened: boy drama, heart rate game and the beginning of Casa Amor--12 new islanders!!! TW: us being absolutely feral and unhinged lolz sorry!! (not sorry).
3/1/202336 minutes, 17 seconds
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13. Love Island UK S9 Weeks 2 and 3 | Recap and thoughts

Zoe is back on Literally Heinous and we are recapping both weeks 2 and 3 (episodes 7-25). Our conflicting schedules prevented us from recording the weeks separately, but next week, we will be back to doing one at a time. We run through the current Islanders and their situations and predicaments, as well as the Islanders that have left us and what led to that. We definitely don't go easy on the Islanders, so sorry in advance if you're a Will stan ;)
2/21/202338 minutes, 41 seconds
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12. Grammys 2023 Recap

Recap the Grammys with me and my pop culture scholar bestie, Raylin! We talk about the big awards of the night, THAT Harry Styles quote, whether or not influencers should be at Hollywood events and way more. Raylin provides tons of insight into how The Academy works and some interesting Grammy factoids you can't find anywhere else. Lily also talks about her obsession with meth (learning about it) in 8th grade and how that relates to Ed Sheeran (more ways than you think). Enjoy!
2/8/202344 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

11. Love Island UK S9 Week 1 | Recap and thoughts

Join Lily and Zoe for a recap of the first week (episodes 1-6) of Love Island UK season 9. We break down the initial couplings and recouplings and our first impressions of the Islanders. We have a chat about our favorite and least favorite Islanders (*cough* farmer Will) and predict what we think will happen next week.
2/5/202333 minutes, 17 seconds
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10. Miley Cyrus theories, Vanessa Hudgens lore and why I hate Brad Pitt

Today's episode is a pop culture catch up. I talk about Miley's new song Flowers, its music video and all the Tik Tok conspiracies that go with it. I analyze her music career and why it hasn't been as successful as it should be and compare with the other two members of the Disney Holy Trinity, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Then, I talk about Austin Butler and his odd voice change and his relationship with Vanessa Hudgens and some of her best moments in recent memory. Finally, I talk about why I hate Brad Pitt. Justice for Angelina!!!!!! 00:00-02:20 - What to look forward to with Literally Heinous 02:20-17:38 - Miley Cyrus Flowers music video 17:38-20:51 - Miley, Selena and Demi career comparisons 20:51-30:55 - Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens news 30:55-41:50 - Brad Pitt 
1/30/202342 minutes, 4 seconds
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9. New Year, New Gastrointestinal System + Selena Gomez Tea

I envisioned this episode going differently. I thought I would waltz into the new year with a fresh liver (post 31-day alcohol cleanse) and exciting stories about my trip to NYC. Instead, I was blessed with food poisoning so awful that I think my digestive system clocked out and hired a replacement. Regardless, I come bearing stories about my recent dry month, travel experiences, managing food poisoning in Manhattan, my really niche New Year's resolution and my long overdue thoughts on Selena Gomez. Now that the dust has settled on kidney-gate, I feel safe enough to air my negative thoughts on the messy queen.  (00:00) - New Year's resolutions (past and current) (06:08) - Travel tips based on a recent horror story (13:19) - Dry December recap and learnings (18:34) - Food poisoning in NYC (trigger warning: mildly graphic) (29:29) - Long overdue thoughts on Selena Gomez
1/16/202342 minutes, 12 seconds
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Being the ultimate Taylor Swift fan with Sam Raudins

Journalist and Taylor Swift certified super fan Sam Raudins joins Literally Heinous to talk about how she got plucked off the internet by Taylor Swift herself and invited to her house in the summer of 2019. We talk about everything from the Tumblr post that got Taylor's attention, to the cheugy family photos in her house, to how Taylor fluffed up her hair for the picture.  (00:00:00) - Life catch up  (00:09:40) - Our impressions of Taylor (00:32:34) - The entire story of being invited to Taylor's house (01:12:05) - Secret Sessions controversy, general Taylor fan talk
1/2/20231 hour, 41 minutes
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Understanding the TikTok hype: Alix Earle

We need to get a few things straight about Tik Tok's new it girlie Alix Earle. She's what Charli D'amelio was to teeny boppers in 2019 but for older Gen Zs and millennials. Alix's recent blow up on the app has skyrocketed her to internet fame and has everyone (who isn't already clinically in love with her) wondering "who is she?" "what's the hype?" and "what makes her so special?". Dive in with me and I will walk you through where she came from and what particularly is making her so attractive as a creator. Anyways, we stan Alix Earle.
12/18/202228 minutes, 55 seconds
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The history and legacy of Seinfeld w/ my Dad

My dad joins me this episode to deep dive all things Seinfeld. Richard Maslia, Seinfeld historian and real estate icon, talks about the cast pre and post show and some behind the scenes facts you probably didn't know. We talk about our favorite bits, episodes and supporting characters, plus an analysis on whether or not Seinfeld stands the test of time. It's the airing of grievances!!! Go to Literally Heinous on Instagram and subscribe to my Substack for references made throughout the episode.
12/12/202243 minutes, 1 second
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How I got David Dobrik to come to my house

This episode details my best (and only) extended celebrity interaction. Former Viner turned YouTube Vlogfather David Dobrik visited my college and I somehow finagled a way for him and his friends to come to my house. I dive into his upbringing and how he came to be, the party at my house (read: the best night of my life) and his eventual cancellation in 2021. Earlier in the episode, I talk more about how Literally Heinous came to be and of course sprinkle in some Lindsay Lohan references, of course. Enjoy! <3
11/28/202236 minutes, 15 seconds
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Mom Talk Pt. 2: Redefining your relationship with alcohol

Welcome to Mom Talk part two on Literally Heinous. Join my mom, Sarah Galambos, and me as we finish up our discussion from part 1 and dig deeper into how we reprogram our brains and break habits. Whether it's quitting alcohol altogether or learning how to drink responsibly, you can decide what works best for you and (hopefully) we will help you do that.
11/14/202222 minutes, 57 seconds
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Mom Talk: Navigating your mid-20s in a binge drinking culture

Welcome to episode three of Literally Heinous! I am so excited to share my favorite person with the world... my mom, Sarah Galambos! We speak honestly about exploring sobriety, whether for a few weeks out of the year or a lifetime commitment, in a culture that puts alcohol above everything. Mom tells us about her experience getting sober for good, and Lily gives some tips on doing dry months and taking a break from going out culture. 
11/14/202245 minutes, 50 seconds
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Parents of TikTokers: Addison Rae v. D'amelio

So how do you parent your multi-millionaire teenager who you depend on financially? In this episode of Literally Heinous, Lily talks about the backgrounds of TikToks two (ish) biggest stars, Addison Rae and Charli (and Dixie) D'amelio and how their parents affect their careers and public facing personas. Addison grew up in a lower class family with some rocky dynamics, and the D'amelios grew up affluent and very cohesive. Listen to find out what made which fam more successful and which dad started an...Only Fans?!?!?!!? Videos referenced can be found in my Substack article.
11/3/202236 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

What is Literally Heinous? + My Night at a Satanic Ritual

Welcome to my most recent creative endeavor, Literally Heinous! Join me (Lily) as I take you through the events that led to my first creative revitalization post-pandemic that you can now bear witness to. I take you through my night at an iconic Satanic Halloween party, my experience being sober for a month and some thoughts on Taylor Swift's new album. Thank you for listening! 
11/3/202226 minutes, 37 seconds